Best Kids Cookbook

Best Kids Cookbook

The Betty Crocker Cookbook

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First edition
General Mills

Original title
Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book
Country United States
Language English
Subject Culinary arts
John Wiley and Sons
Publication date
1950 (original), 2016 (12th edition)
Media type book
Pages 576



(10th edition)


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TX714 .C7515 2005

best kids cookbook

These are the Best Cookbooks for Kids

Books that will inspire children to get into the kitchen and cook.

Credit… Tony Cenicola/The New York Times. Margaux Laskey. They don’t really require cookbooks specifically written for them. They can get the information they need right at their fingertips, just like children do for hundreds and thousands of years.

The best way to let your child experience ownership of the kitchen is through cookbooks. And for those adults who may not naturally involve their children in the kitchen, or who don’t spend much time there themselves, handing your kid a cookbook of his or her very own can provide a nudge in that direction.

Many kids cookbooks are fun, too.

As the number of books for kids is growing, I began to look at some of the most popular. There are some classics that have been around since long time. Other books are fresher, but I am impressed with their design. They also have recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone, even adults.

Ask seasoned cooks about their favorite cookbooks for children, and Mollie Katzen’s name is bound to come up. The Moosewood Cookbook was the best-selling cookbook by Mollie Katzen. She also wrote three more.

Make Soup, Other Real Recipes, A Cookbook For Preschoolers and Up”. This book was written with Ann Henderson (a teacher) and published in 1994 by Tricycle.

best kids cookbook

This is the list of 11 top cookbooks for children in 2021

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Amazon Top Picks. Recipes like avocado toast and blueberry pancakes will have young chefs eager to cook.

Children will be more engaged with step-by-step photographs and bonus features such as perforated labels or recipe cards.

You will find everything you need, right from breakfast to dessert.

For young chefs, make French classics like croque monsieurs and profiteroles accessible.

This book is thoughtfully designed to include mouthwatering photographs with fun illustrations and fonts.

This book emphasizes superfoods like avocados or walnuts. There are also delicious ways to include them in cooking.

best kids cookbook

A Dietitian’s 7 Favorite Cookbooks for Children in 2021

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Scholastic Book Fairs at elementary schools bring back memories of childhood with cookbooks and children’s literature. There was no shortage of books, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches back then. It can be difficult to find the right books for young readers or eaters with all of the information available.

Research has shown that children are more likely to eat healthy foods if they have the opportunity.

Baking and cooking together with children can have a positive impact on their vegetable choices, their attitude toward cooking, their confidence and skills, as well as their ability to cook.

Following a recipe can help children improve their reading comprehension. While measuring ingredients, they practice math. The children are engaged in science experiments when mixing ingredients and cooking. It’s fun to think of cooking as a science and the kitchen as our lab. So put on your laboratory goggles, it’s time to chop some onions (safely)!

We have the most popular cookbooks and recipes for kids.

Our Top Picks The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs at Amazon Known for their rigorously tested recipes, America’s Test Kitchen is the perfect place to start for any culinary novice.

best kids cookbook

Top 10 Cookbooks Designed for Kids

The best cookbooks to inspire budding chefs.

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Schools have been closed for several weeks in many areas due to the coronavirus. This is a perfect time to show kids how to cook. There are many ways you can teach kids how to cook, including fun methods of teaching math, science, and baking. But here, we will be highlighting the most popular cookbooks that kids love, so there’s always something for them to choose from. Maybe they will start cooking for you every day. Kids have endless culinary ideas. From glossy, photo-packed oeuvres to time-tested classics, we rounded up some of the best kids’ cookbooks for budding chefs.

When I was in second grade, my aunt gifted me a copy of “The Fisher Price Fun with Food Cookbook” by Lisa Demauro . On the cover was an illustration of a black and white dog wearing a chef’s hat; mixing bowl in hand. My first love was cookbooks.

Prior to this, food was not something I enjoyed. Three decades later, little has changed. This cookbook has helped me remain obsessed with food.

Below is a selection of top children’s cookbooks.


best kids cookbook

The Best Cookbooks For Kids

In the kitchen, there are so many learning opportunities!

The best time to teach your children to cook is now, when schools are closing and you have the family at home. They will use this skill throughout their lives. Kids learn so much when they cook, from math and science to reading. It is sometimes difficult to find the right way to cook. You can start by checking out our favorite cookbooks.

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America’s Test Kitchen offers this treasure trove of American recipes. This book includes detailed photos, tips and techniques as well as over 100 kid-tested, approved recipes. This book is our favorite choice for cooking education.

Now that they love the show, get the 100-page book. It includes tips, techniques and advice, as well as recipes from all the original contestants. Seared scallops, anyone?

This is the simplest option and best for children aged 6-12. Recipes for quick favorites like French toast, applesauce, and pizza are what you’re seeing.

This 1957 cookbook, full of colorful illustrations and photos was loved by an entire generation. This classic is beloved for good reason.

best kids cookbook

Here are 2021’s Top Kids Cookbooks

These are the top children’s books for 2018, including new ones…

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The Gruffalo Cookbook by Ella’s Kitchen and The Red One By Ella’s Kitchen are only a few examples of some great books for children that we’ve included here.

Parents often face a challenge in getting their little ones to eat what they make. A great way to inspire your child to eat well is to involve them in the food preparation process. It will increase their interest in food and make them more passionate about it.

Choosing to start this journey with a cookbook specifically for kids is a great choice. The book can be used as a visual guide to help you choose recipes and keep you going back for more.

Below is a collection of some of our favorite cookbooks, both classics as well as new and exciting releases. You’ll find plenty of options, such as easy recipes to make for breakfast, or for baking, and we can help you learn new skills.

This children’s cookbook features 50 recipes that are easy to follow, and Cooking Step-by-Step is the ideal book for those who wish to teach their children to cook with confidence.

best kids cookbook


About the book: The Ultimate Cookbook – 100+ easy-tofollow, amazing recipes to suit every occasion. Also, helpful tips and tricks for young cooks. Throughout young chefs will learn basic skills, like how to make the gooey grilled cheese (the secret: use a waffle iron!) You can upgrade the quality of your store-bought chicken nuggets. Woohoo!). Chapters include recipes for breakfast (Banana Split Oatmeal! ), snacks (Cool Ranch Chickpeas! We can provide lunches as well as dinners such as Hot Dog Cubanos and Chorizo Tacos. Party food. There are two chapters that include copycat restaurant recipes, desserts and snack ideas inspired by popular pop culture figures.

English Muffin Pizzas and Spaghetti Lo Mein. Edible Cookie Dough. Chili Cheese Dog Casserole. Zucchini Tots. Mini Boston Cream Pies. BBQ Chicken Pizza. Mango Lassi Smoothie. Perfect Fudgy Chocolate Brownies. Holiday Cookie Pops.

The equipment needed to prepare a recipe is listed in the instructions. It also shows how difficult or easy it can be. Easy instructions, step-by–step photos and useful tips provide clear explanations of methods and techniques. Plus, color photographs, fun facts about the cultural history of dishes and special family recipes contributed by grandmas across the country make this book the ultimate gift.

Reviews Quotes: “This book is so simple to use, and the recipes are great. Although I have made five recipes from the book, I still want to learn more. I’ll probably make everything from the Sweet chapter.” Jo Saltz’s 7-year-old Everett is a great example of a girl who loves to cook. My top three must-try recipes are FamousChocolate Chip Cookies and the Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl. I also want the Perfect Pizza, Captain’s Cookie Cake, and the Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl. Everything looks so good I want to eat the book!

–Jonah, Age 5 Yes! I’d like to see my mom make more of this. Fill the gaps with tomato soup for the Waffleiron Grilled Chicken Cheese. So I believe I’m capable of making the Edible Cookie Dough all on my own. Sugar Cookie Truffles would be a great gift for Santa. Milo, 9 years old. The Leprechaun Shake is way better than my green smoothies, and the Perfect Pizza has a lot of cheese.

–Elliot, Age 7 SOUR. PATCH. GRAPES. ‘Mom, we just need some sugar and we’re gonna make this today.’ (Sigh.

–Viola, 8 years old FRUITY PEBBLES The Fruity Pebbles French Toast with whipped cream looks so delicious. The Banana Split Oatmeal French Toast looks so delicious. Because we have to make the Banana Split Oatmeal, we will need all of the ingredients! OMG! Chocolate Chip Muffins…yesyesyesyes!

best kids cookbook


About the book America’s Test Kitchen applies its scientific knowledge, rigorous testing and hands-on learning techniques to this children’s cookbook. It includes more than 100 recipes, including desserts, breakfasts, snacks and dinners. There are also step-by-step photographs of helpful tips and techniques. Full color.

Book Synopsis This is The #1 New York Times Bestseller

IACP Award Winner: Want to make the best cupcakes ever? Surprise your family on Sunday with delicious breakfast tacos Need a snack for after-school? You might be looking for something to eat at a sleepover, or if you just want to grab something quick after school. This is it. Cook like a pro – it’s much easier than you may think.

America’s Test Kitchen brings their scientific expertise, rigorous testing, hands-on teaching to KIDS IN THE KIT!

America’s Test Kitchen provides the perfect cookbook to have in your kitchen. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs is a great cookbook for anyone who loves to cook, whether it’s for their friends or for themselves.

To ensure that the recipes are perfect for everyone, more than 750 children tried them out.

These step-by-step photographs of techniques and tips will make young chefs feel confident in the kitchen

best kids cookbook

Top Cookbooks for Children

This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Here is our disclosure policy Help get the kids in the kitchen with these affordable picks for the best cookbooks for kids. There are options for preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary and middle-schoolers. These books make great gifts and cookbooks that can be used again and again.

The purchase of a cookbook is a wonderful milestone.

These are listed by age and stage. You can begin with toddler/preschooler, add books as your children reach middle school.

TIP: These books are for kids to actually get cooking in the kitchen, not recipes to make for the kids. This website contains recipes for children!

Best Toddler and Preschool Cookbook:

Little Hands Busy Food Play:

Activities for Preschoolers This is my book! While it is geared for children aged 5 and up, the book also has simple activities that are suitable for preschoolers aged 1 through 2. While each recipe isn’t actually cooking, they are simple enough for kids to mix and put together.

.Best Kids Cookbook

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