Best Kids Hiking Boots

Best Kids Hiking Boots

best kids hiking boots

The best trail running shoes and light hiking shoes to wear with kids

This is the most common category I choose to purchase shoes for my children. For them, heavy hiking boots are uncomfortable so they prefer light shoes for hiking or running. They are not as durable as tradition hiking boots, but they get way more use out of them since they wear them all the time.

Salomon Pro 3D Trail runners : Excellent grip and durability. I have an older model that my daughters had, which is why they are still in use by me and my two sons. It is very flexible and easy to lacing. Salomon’s lacing system has a thick, strong material that is more resilient than elastic. My children have used over-strained elastic lacing system several times.

These shoes offer great grip and lug pattern. Children’s hiking shoes don’t provide enough traction. This frustrates me often. The last I want when hiking up a granite ledge is to have my son or daughter start sliding off just because their shoes aren’t well built. The Salomon Trail Runners have the perfect grip to handle most conditions.

These shoes can withstand multiple seasons and are durable. For this mom, win!

Merrell Altralight low – Fantastic Traction and Durability. We are big fans of these shoes when we go on summer hikes. They have excellent traction and breathe well. They are excellent for running up and down rocks, according to my kids. Downside? They’re not waterproof and tie-sole shoes. They are great for dry conditions.

Merrell Moab Kid’s Hiking Shoes: These shoes are multipurpose and perfect for children hiking. They were an essential part of our family’s wardrobe for many years. These shoes have a flexible sole, strong laces and sufficient traction to handle most terrain. While they aren’t ideal for running distances, my children have run or played soccer comfortably in them.

It was nice that these laces were made from real shoeslaces. The elastic ones tend to break or wear faster than those with better quality. Also, the shoes’ uppers could withstand repeated use.

best kids hiking boots

Kinder’s waterproof hiking shoes

Today’s kids hike shoes are often waterproof. This can both be a positive and negative thing. They keep their feet dry, which is a great thing. Waterproof shoes can’t breath as well. Think about the kind of terrain and features you need before buying waterproof hiking shoes. If you live in an especially wet climate, kids waterproof hiking boots are a must.

There isn’t one best hiking shoe that will suit every child.

Every kid is different, and so the best fit will be different for each person. There are some kids who have bigger feet and need more cushioning. Most people order at least two or three pairs. Then they return the one that doesn’t fit.

Unfortunately, few stores carry children’s shoes. Instead, you will find the best selection online. Below we are sharing the 15 best hiking boots and hiking shoes for kids – most of them we’ve tried (and loved) personally, and others came highly recommended to us by other adventurous families.

How to choose hiking shoes that are suitable for your child’s feet:

Best Hiking Boot For Kids Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Kids Hiking Boots Overall Best Hiking Shoe for Kids Salomon Xa Pro 3D Waterproof Trail Running Shoes for Kids Best Hiking Shoes For Teens + Older Kids La Sportiva Jynx Merrell Kids Altalight Low Hiking Shoes Columbia Kids Newton Ridge Boot Keen Kids’ Targhee Sport Vent Salomon Speedcross Kids Hiking Shoe Vasque Breeze WP Columbia Kids Redmond Waterproof Hiking Shoe Merrell Kids Chameleon Teva Kids Arrowood Best Toddler Hiking Shoes Keen Chandler CNX Toddler Hiking Shoes Merrell Kids Trail Chaser

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best kids hiking boots

Best Toddler Hiking Shoes

It’s a smart investment to invest in a quality pair of toddler hiking footwear if you are going to go hiking with your toddler. Even though toddler hiking boots may be adorable, they can provide extra stability and grip, making it much easier to get out there.

These are our favorite hiking shoes for toddlers. They are very lightweight, and they have the best flexibility of any toddler hiking shoe we’ve ever seen. These shoes can be easily slipped on or off little feet with the help of a velcro strap. Quick drying mesh makes it easy to remove your child from a puddle. This pair of toddler hiking shoes is great for toddlers. They also have the best traction. With multiple color options, these are great hiking shoes for girls or hiking shoes for boys.

Check Prices at Amazon Merrell Kids Trail Chaser

The Merrell Trail Chaser is an excellent choice if you are looking for toddler hiking shoes or shoes that can be used for younger children. Because toddlers have trouble walking in high boots, the best toddler hiking footwear is better than those with taller feet, I believe.

They have a velcro closing so toddlers can take them off and put them back on. And the sole gives great traction. Even though these hiking shoes are not waterproof, they provide a more stable option to a normal tennis shoe when it comes to hiking with toddlers.

Amazon : trail runner

This should assist you in choosing the most suitable hiking shoes. Keep in mind that kids have different foot types, and hiking styles. So make sure you test out as many pairs of shoes for your kids before you decide on one pair.

best kids hiking boots

Here are the best kids’ hiking boots and shoes

These hiking boots provide the comfort and stability you need for your child, no matter if they’re going to the Himalayas.

Nothing is better than family walks, but you need to ensure your little one has the right footwear to be able to hike further. Whether you’re headed deep into the wilderness in a trailer or around the neighborhood park’s gravel loop, the best kids hiking shoes will let your youth safely wander and roam over uncertain terrain.

First, consider how the shoes and boots will be used. Does your child like to jump between the two of you and see what’s next? Do you find your toddler is more likely to be by your side than the other? The former is best for a quick trail shoe. While the latter may suit a more solid and waterproof boot. You should also consider the rough terrain and how much precipitation you can expect. If you have more than one of these things, an older-built boot would be better. However, lighter runners will still work well if you only have one. Also fit the shoe a little long from a half- to a full thumbnail’s width between the end of the toes to the end of the shoe, or a half to a full size longer than their normal length to reduce the possibility of blisters. Do not forget your kids socks. They are able to wick moisture away, and can help you avoid blisters. You must take your child with you to the mountains and paths and trails.

best kids hiking boots

Tip 3: Don’t Wear Laces

You need to make a decision about whether hiking shoes for children should be equipped with tie laces. Cosmos is just four years old. Therefore, shoes should have toggles, bungee and velcro laces.

Hiking shoes with velcro are quick and easy to put on and you aren’t going to constantly be re-tying them.

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Personally, however, not wearing laces is more convenient and much safer. As your kiddos hike their next trail, there is no risk of undone laces to be trapped by a rock or a tree branch, tripping them over.

Best kids hiking shoes are laces-free and have velcro instead.

Rubber toes are a common feature on hiking shoes for children. This is what I refer to as bumptoe. The toe area of the foot is worn super fast because kids love to jump on things and drag their feet.

But aside from needing to buy new kids hiking shoes due to wear and tear, a shoe with bumptoes prevents us from needing to buy new toes for my son! My son will not get injured if he kicks anything or falls on his feet from a large rock. Safety is what’s most important when hiking. Best hiking shoes for kids have rubber toes and bumptoes.

Except for summer sandals or waterproof hiking shoes, all of the footwear we purchased for Cosmos was water-resistant. The British Columbia rainforest is water-prone, so we often hike in any weather, rain or shine. We have many waterproof shoes for kids and rainboots for children with folding gaiters. Even if they weren’t paying attention, they would jump in every puddle.

best kids hiking boots

9 Top Kids Hiking Boots and Shoes. Footwear That Will Take A Beat

The Beast is the ideal person to question about the top kids hiking boots. Well, since “The Beast” is just shy of her 6th birthday, I had to go ahead and ask her mom. Juniper Netterburg has been given “The Beast”, the trail name.

Juniper has just completed 2,193 mile of the Appalachian Trail at 4 (Yes, 4! alongside her mom, dad, and 3 older siblings. “The Beast’s” mom Danae, was kind enough to give me the rundown on how their hiking footwear performed on the trail and their shoes of choice.

Let’s take a closer look at some things to consider before you buy your children new hiking shoes and boots.

This 25-Kid Backpacking Tips is for the more experienced hikers. These 8 toddler hiking tips are for those who are just starting out.

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best kids hiking boots

The Things You Should Consider when Buying Hiking Boots for Your Kid

Wandering is good for your soul.

It’s possible to get your children interested in hiking and set them up for a happy life. All the wonderful memories that you will create together.

Shoes that aren’t right for you can result in discomfort, blisters, slippage or worse. You can’t say it enough! “HECK NO! WE WON’T GIVE !!!”.!”

Consider these things when you’re looking for hiking shoes and boots that your children will enjoy safely in the wild.




best kids hiking boots


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Proper footwear is essential if you intend to spend much time hiking. It is not difficult to find the best hiking boot. Although there has been much written about this topic, it remains a hot debate among the hiker community. While the criteria for choosing hiking boots for children are different than those used for adults, they do have some common factors. The purpose of this guide is to make it easier for you to choose the best footwear or boots for your child.

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Guides like these aren’t meant to be used as a replacement for stopping by a local outdoor gear retailer and having your child try some of their selections. If your children are anything like ours then minimizing your visit is a good idea. If we hang out in REI for more than 15 minutes, someone is going to get stuck in a display tent, start a hide and seek, or start a wrestling match on the camp mattresses. All of these things may occur.

You will be able to get in as fast as possible if you know how to prepare for your arrival.

A few of the brands will be covered, but we first want to give some more details so you can narrow down your options.

best kids hiking boots

How to Select the Best Children’s Hiking Boots

There are several key considerations to make when searching for kids’ hiking boots.

Sizing: “Don’t be tempted to size up to get more wear out of kids walking boots,” says Mark Tucker, Senior Equipment Project Manager at Regatta Great Outdoors. The child could experience blisters and pain. Shoes that are too small can cause circulation problems, which could prevent the feet from properly forming. The safety of children’s shoes is a top priority. We recommend that you try them out in store to make sure they fit correctly. Consider bringing thick socks with you if your child plans to hike in heavy footwear.

Style: You can choose from two types of children hiking boots: high-tops or low-tops. Which one you choose will likely depend on the age of your little one, and the type of terrain you’ll be tackling. “A true walking boot will give a lot more support for the ankle,” advises Mark. Conversely, shoes have more versatility and lighter weight and can be used for longer distances over flat surfaces and steep inclines.

Material: The best children’s hiking boots made with durable fabrics will last a lifetime. For walking in unpredictable, wet, and snowy weather, you will need a pair that has a waterproof coating. The tapered seams also prevent water from slipping through. Breathable fabrics come into their own during long journeys and warmer weather, keeping feet cool and comfortable.

Mark explains that age is a personal decision. While small feet shouldn’t be restricted, this all depends on the age at which they are taking to hiking. If your child can walk for long distances, they should be wearing something more sturdy than a shoe. Your child might not be able to tie his or her own shoes yet.

These boots come in blue or burgundy and are a bright option for anyone who is looking to make a splash. The toe protection protects your feet from any hidden roots or stones.

VIEW NOW – PS59.99 | Trespass 2. Regatta Kids Samaris V Mid Waterproof Walking Boots

What’s the Best Boot for Kids to Hike?

  1. Merrell Unisex Trail Shoes
  2. UOVO Boys Hiking Shoes.
  3. JMFCHI Kids Hikingboots
  4. KEEN Unisex Targhee
  5. Merrell Unisex M Moab
  6. Adidas Unisex Terrex Hiking Boots.
  7. Salomon Unisex Alphacross Trail Running Shoes.
  8. Hawkwell Outdoors

Are Hiking boots suitable for children?

Important: Hiking Shoes Proper Fit Feel their toe – it should NOT touch the end of the shoe. Ask specifically if your toe is touching the heel. Your child can walk half an hour at home in new hiking sneakers. May 11, 2020

.Best Kids Hiking Boots