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best kids laptop


Read Our Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review The question of whether (and when) to buy your son or daughter a smartphone is fraught with concerns over responsibility, online safety, and much more. The same goes for buying a laptop , except for one very important difference: Many elementary and middle schools consider them essential educational tools, and equip classrooms with machines for their students. Other schools require parents to purchase laptops, offering a selection of recommended models.

The upshot is that your kid might need to use a laptop at school or for school whether you like it or not, especially in these uncertain times that may mandate distance learning. You can be sure that they’ll want to have a computer at their home too. They might use it for entertainment (chatting with friends, viewing videos, playing Fortnite) or homework (looking up data, creating book reports).

Kids being kids, the list of factors to consider doesn’t end there. Don’t forget about parental controls, durable plastic, and water-resistant keyboards. You don’t have worry about how much it will cost. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a laptop for kids. Our recommended models start at less than $700. Most are also well below $500. But, just because the model is inexpensive does not mean they are slow or poor quality.

Here, we are focused on children younger than 8. You can check our list of best laptops to buy for college students, if you have a child who is studying at university. You’ll also find more options in our comprehensive roundup of budget laptops. Our top Chromebooks recommendations for kids will provide more details on Chrome OS, education issues, and other aspects of Chromebooks.

best kids laptop

Which Operating System Is The Best?

Before you begin to evaluate features, you’ll start with the essential question that has plagued PC shoppers for decades: Which operating system should I choose?

This is not the Mac vs. Windows debate of old. Apple laptops can’t be purchased for under $500. Apple’s most affordable notebook is the MacBook Air. It starts at $999, but it still seems expensive for elementary and middle school students. Apple is a huge fan, so if your daughter or son are also Apple-lovers, it’s a good idea to hand them one and then buy yourself a MacBook Pro.

Most parents won’t choose Chrome OS or Windows, even though they may have used Macs. Chrome OS has the ability to use web apps through the Chrome browser. It can also be used with apps from Google Play, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets. The Chromebook is a compromise option if you don’t want to get a smartphone, but your kids insist that they play mobile games.

best kids laptop

What specs should my laptop for my child have?

The third consideration is how the kids will use their laptop. This affects what processor, storage configurations and memory settings you need. Writing notes and making PowerPoint slides requires little effort. An Intel Celeron processor or Pentium processor is sufficient. However, a handful of budget Chromebook models also have AMD or MediaTek mobile processors. This is the lowest performing budget laptop tier. AMD Ryzen C-series chips from AMD are much faster and more specifically built for Chromebooks. You should look into the Intel Core i3 if your children’s teachers allow them to stream videos online. An Intel Core i5 or i7 is all but impossible to find on a laptop or Chromebook that costs about $300.

You might consider purchasing a 2 in 1 convertible laptop or detachable notebook if you want your children to stream video. Although hybrids and convertibles tend to be more costly than those we have discussed, you will still find some high-quality options for under $500. Because these computers are more durable than regular laptops, they are recommended for older children and middle school-aged kids.

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best kids laptop


(Image credit: Future) The best laptop for kids may not sound crucial at first if they use a hand-me-down tablet smartphone that might feel good enough for their digital needs. However, as we move towards the back-to-school season, computers are part of the curriculum for virtually every age group and familiarity with a laptop can be a real advantage.

Kids need to take care of their laptops, and they have basic needs. That caused us to weigh durability a little more heavily than for most and ideally, it won’t be too expensive in case anything happens to it. These laptops are not relevant to children who are slightly older or more careful.

No matter your child’s requirements, after spending hours researching these laptops and looking through them carefully, we can guarantee that you will make the best choice after making one major decision.

Best gaming laptops best laptop deals

The operating system is the most important decision. In most cases you will choose Chrome OS. Google’s OS has been a popular choice for schools and is very easy to learn. Chromebooks that are modern and compatible with Android apps (including the one we chose) have touchscreens. It expands the functionality of Chromebooks and makes it more convenient for kids.

There are certainly some limitations to Chrome OS, for example, high-end gaming and video production are two categories that aren’t well served, still, a Chromebook is a great fit for most kids.

best kids laptop

Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday 2021 is November 26, and there will be plenty of great deals on the most sought-after tech. Black Friday 2021 is a great time to save money. For younger kids, these operating systems will typically be more than they need, but for older kids or teenagers who have started to explore these topics in school already, it can be worth it. As there isn’t a macOS model that can be afforded, Windows 10 would win in most cases. Aside from app development for iOS/macOS, nothing is impossible on either OS.

After you’ve determined the OS that is best for your child, it is time to get started. We have reviewed these laptops and they are all great options for your kid.

best kids laptop

The 9 Best Laptops For Kids Of 2021

Our editors test and independently recommend only the most effective products. Read more to learn about how our editors do this. Our chosen links might earn us commissions.

A laptop is now more important than pencils and paper. Your child may be just beginning school, or learning online, but there will always come a moment in his/her academic life where a laptop is helpful.

There is a wide range of laptops available on the marketplace. You may find it difficult to choose the best one that suits your needs and budget. To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best laptops for kids (and their families) currently on the market.

Amazon Sleek’s Top Choices Lenovo Chromebook 330. This Lenovo Chromebook is easy-to-use and light.

This keyboard is great for educational enrichment or schoolwork.

It is lightweight and portable, perfect for use on the go. It’s the right choice. Perfect for schoolwork and entertainment.

best kids laptop

Best Laptop For Kids: From Homework To After-School Gaming

Lenovo Chromebook Chromebook 340: The Best Laptop for Grade-Schoolers

Best gaming laptop Acer Nitro 5 Check Price A super-fast gaming laptop.

It’s a versatile laptop that has beautiful displays.

No longer were notebooks and pen the mainstay of back-toschool shopping, they are now notebook laptops equipped with stylus writing devices. The pandemic has made it possible to remotely learn. However, choosing the best laptop to buy for children can take a lot of work. Is it possible to predict which laptop will perform better than others? Is one better at watching movies, or for playing games? (Not that the kids could do it during their school days). This guide will help parents sort through all the different options, whether you’re looking for a Microsoft Surface Go 2 or you’re leaning toward a Google Pixelbook Go. These are the essential facts to help you find the perfect laptop for your kids.

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The best laptop for high school students is

This is the best laptop for kids who are always on-the-go:

Cheapest laptop for kids:

best kids laptop

The Best Laptops For Kids For School

Laptops have become a portal to the outside world for most children, and a tool that they depend on to fulfill many of their basic needs. The top kids laptops have been reviewed by our team to assist you in making the right purchase decision.

Editor’s note: Raising children can be difficult. Our goal is to simplify your parenting experience by offering the most up-to-date advice and products. This post may contain affiliate links. We might receive small commissions if we recommend you buy any item in the article.

Now is the time for school supplies. Because more school-age children depend on computers to complete their homework, laptops have been at the forefront of school shopping lists. The global pandemic made laptops essential as more kids needed them to get their assignments done at home. With a mix of remote and in-person learning still on the horizon, the need for laptops for kids for school has never been greater.

Laptops come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

best kids laptop

Asus Lenovo Acer Acer Hp, Acer Acer And More – Amazing Options

The reasons Pocket-lint is trusted (Pocket–lint). If you think your child might need to study at home or to view television on another screen than the family’s main TV, consider buying them a computer.

The laptop makes perfect sense for both parents and children in this setting. Their computer can be used to its full potential, whether they are working or playing at the table at home. To help you choose the right laptop for your child, here’s a review of all the available options.

We prioritize durability, affordability, performance as our top priorities. So you won’t find ultrabooks or supermacbooks. These devices are not designed to powerhouses. They’re intended for use by young users.

best kids laptop

Lenovo Creates A Fun Tech Experience for Kids

It doesn’t seem too far until school starts, but you can get started looking at the best laptops right away. Parents are searching for laptops that will last a long time and have enough power to support the learning programs their children need.

Since learning is widely based on technology, many schools, and even homeschooling requires children to have a laptop, which can make learning easier. That is why getting the right laptop device for your kids is so important. They will enjoy learning and be encouraged to take part in school more. provides a wealth of information to help parents choose the best laptop for their children.

best kids laptop

Factors To Consider When Selecting Laptops For School Children

If you want to protect your kids from information that is harmful to them while giving them a tech learning experience, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

When choosing a laptop to buy for your child’s school, the first thing to think about is what programs they need. For this, you have to look at the processor and operating system to see how much it can handle. You want your students to learn, so it’s best to stay away from laptops running heavy games.

This laptop is designed for children and should be able to run all the programs they need in school.

It’s likely that your child will drop their new tech gadget sooner than expected. There are always an option for accidents so make sure you’re prepared. A durable and sturdy laptop can withstand all kinds of bumps, including being dropped and getting food or water stained.

Lenovo offers lightweight laptop covers that provide additional protection so your device is protected throughout the day.

Also important is the cost of your kid’s laptops. You don’t want to buy something overly expensive in case it gets broken too early or offers too many functions that your child doesn’t need. The best laptops are affordable and reliable. Before you go shopping, set your budget.

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If you purchase a laptop to school for your children, keep an eye open for any discounts.

best kids laptop


It can be difficult to read the specs of your laptop. We can assure you that specs on a laptop are important to look at when you’re shopping for a computer for yourself or for your child.

Understanding what processor it’s equipped with, its display type, how much memory it has, and its connectivity options are the key to choosing the best laptop for your child. These specs shouldn’t overwhelm you. We have provided an overview to show you exactly what to look for.

The processor: It’s normal to expect that a newer CPU (processor) will offer more power and higher performance than an older one. The Intel Core series chips are more powerful than the Celeron entry-level processors, so our tech editors recommend a notebook powered by them. For basic tasks such as browsing the internet, typing words, or streaming video, this chip is ideal.

Display: You will want your child to use the computer for both play and work. Opt for a model that has a Full HD resolution, that’s 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The bigger these numbers, the more detailed the picture on the screen will be.

Memory: You should be aware of two kinds: RAM (which is basically short-term memory) and hard drive (which is the long-term memory on your computer). It contains the files you intend to use and can be accessed throughout the lifespan of the computer. Solid-state drives, also known as SSDs or solid state drives, are much more efficient and reliable than eMMC storage. As far as RAM is concerned, 4GB is the base amount that laptops for kids typically come with, but 8GB is ideal since you can more easily run multiple programs simultaneously.

Connectivity: Look for laptops for children that are compatible with the latest WiFi 6 or Bluetooth 5.0 wireless standards. They are essential because these features will futureproof your computer and allow you to seamlessly connect with the latest headphones speakers. Translation? Translation?

Besides the above, you’ll want to pay attention to the laptop’s operating system. Chromebooks are the cheapest laptops that run ChromeOS. ChromeOS is the operating system used by Chromebooks. This browser may be the one you are actually using to read this page. Chromebook purchases will allow children to access web-based apps such as Google Docs, and then store their work online. Google Chrome laptops may also be downloaded select Android applications, though they usually have less onboard storage. This explains their low price.

Which Laptop Should I Buy for My Child?”

Google. Pixelbook Go.Microsoft. Surface Go 2.Lenovo. IdeaPad Duet Chromebook.Acer. Chromebook Spin 311.HP. Chromebook 14.MacBook. Air (M1,2020)HP. Pavilion 15.Dell. G5 15 SE (2020)Nov 4, 2021

What Laptop Is Best for A Eight-Year-Old?

Acer. Chromebook C933T.Asus. Chromebook Flip C434.Lenovo. Chromebook Duet.Google. Pixelbook Go.HP. Envy x360 13 (2020)MacBook. Air (M1, 2020)Asus. Chromebook Detachable CM3.Acer. Chromebook 715.Nov 15, 2021

Which computer is the best for a 10 year old?

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 120S.
  2. Acer Chromebook R11.
  3. MacBook Air.
  4. Acer Chromebook Spin 11.
  5. Dell Chromebook 11 3180
  6. Microsoft Surface Pro 6.
  7. Acer Chromebook 15.
  8. Microsoft Surface Go. Microsoft Surface Go is a lightweight, but well-constructed laptop.

What Laptop Should I Buy For Homeschooling?

  1. Google Pixelbook. This is the best Chromebook.
  2. Microsoft Surface Go 2. Microsoft Surface Go 2. Premium design at a more reasonable price
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook. Everything that netbooks should have been.
  4. Acer Chromebook Spin 311. Study hard, play hard.
  5. HP Chromebook 14.
  6. MacBook Air M1, 2020
  7. HP Pavilion 15.
  8. Dell G5 SE (15th Edition) (2020)Nov 4, 20,21

.Best Kids Laptop

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