Best Kids Phone Watch

Best Kids Phone Watch

best kids phone watch

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Verizon GizmoWatch2 – A reliable and inexpensive smartwatch made for children.

TickTalk4 Bigger, more durable with a camera

TickTalk 4 has a built-in camera, which can take pictures and make video calls. It also allows you to have up to 50 contacts. It is sturdy, but it’s also large and heavy.

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Best performing, most expensive

Although the Apple Watch SE was the best and easiest-to-use smartwatch, it is also the most expensive. It’s only available to iPhone owners.

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best kids phone watch

Why you need to put your faith in us

While researching this guide I talked with over a dozen parents and conducted a survey via social media to get their opinions on smartwatches and cell phones. A few friends of mine, aged between 10 and 11, were also invited to give their opinion. Additionally, I interviewed representatives of several manufacturers and a technology analyst in order to understand the market. To see what’s available to the brick-and-mortar shopper, I visited my neighborhood AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy, and Target stores. Also, I read reviews online, blogs posts and reported on basic smartphones and smartwatches in children’s sizes.

As a longtime technology journalist, I have reported on mobile tech trends for the San Francisco Chronicle and Wirecutter’s guide to managing kids’ smartphones and tips on setting up tablets for them is written by me. My personal, direct interest as the parent of an 11 and 13 year-old has led me to research and pick out a device which doesn’t keep my children distracted with endless apps and games but that allows me to watch them while they explore on their feet.

best kids phone watch

Smartphones Are More Affordable Than Smartwatches for Children

It’s easy to know their exact location without getting lost.

Most parents don’t think it is possible to attach a smartwatch to their child’s wrist. A child’s average screen time is less than the recommended amount. But the best smartwatches for kids, which allow two-way communication, geofencing, tracking, and more, allow parents to forgo (or even remove) devices once thought indispensable, including smartphones and non-school-related tablets. A children’s phone watch allows you to simplify, rather than add to the chaos and static that is modern childhood. You can also use it as a digital tool to help your child gain independence, be independent, make decisions, and increase confidence. The ability to quickly react to an emergency is a key feature. The small tech that a child’s smartphone has (and its highly-respected GPS) allows for all these benefits, it is still a great compromise.

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If a dad is interested in buying his first child a smart watch, he or she should be confident that they will not lose their data. Smartphones, which have unlimited access to social media and the internet, can also cause problems for children. Wrist-mounted phones are better for kids under 5 years old, because they do away with the need to use the web and instead strap the device to small bodies. They also have GPS tracking, calling, and texting, along with a pre-approved contact list (some also include a one-touch panic button if needed, providing even more assurance). Even though some have activities included, they are still very satisfying for children. Bonus: All smartwatches are cheaper than smartphones, and upkeep is minimal with much more affordable data plans. Watches on this list are simple to use and allow children and adults alike to keep in touch. This is what the whole point of watches.

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The new Vivofit Jr.3 is available in several kid-friendly cartoons (shown below), and tracks daily activities, steps, sleep and more. It has a battery that can be replaced every year. This is a difference from the adult model. Apps can reward chores and grades as well as other metrics you design.

3 Activity Tracker by Fitbit for Children

The Ace 3’s new features include parental controls, a specially designed app and many accessories. This device is both water- and dent-resistant so they can easily handle bumps. They won’t need it to be taken off with up to eight days’ worth of juice.

best kids phone watch

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Watches for Kids with Smart Features You Must Pay Attention to

GPS Tracking

Two-way calling


Watch Round-up

Our comprehensive guide to the top smartphone watches and features that you need to consider when buying a watch for children has made it easier. It’s a common rite of passage to get a smartwatch for children in today’s digital age. Stay tuned for our top picks for GPS watches that kids can buy in 2021.

GPS Tracking

best kids phone watch

Gadgets Made by High-Quality Manufacturers

Best: Find My Kids Wearables Overview – The FindMyKids smartwatch line includes both 2G and 4-G compatible models. These watches come equipped with basic or more advanced features. Every FindMyKids smartwatch is simple and sophisticated, and entertains kids while providing parents with peace of mind.

These watches come with features such as video calling and SOS calling. They can also be geofencing or vital signs measuring. Purchases come with a Free Family License Plan that allows full integration to the FindMyKids App, so parents are always in control of their kid.

With some models reaching a battery capacity of 680 mAH, that makes FindMyKids one of the longest-lasting smartphone watches on our list.

Alters 3-12 Years



longest-lasting battery;

best kids phone watch


MeritSoar Kids’ Smart Watch For Boys and Girls is very similar to an adult smartwatch. You can play games and take photos. It also has a SIM card slot. The GPS tracker can help you locate your child and make it a phone.

These toys are perfect for young children who love role-playing and technology.

The Funntech Smart Watch for Kids stands out from the rest with its style and performance. The open design allows for the installation of a 2G GSM sim card to be used for phone calls. Short messages can also be sent and received by the phone, including seven that come prewritten. Parents love the Phone Watch Mode, but you still have the option to use Funntech in the SmartPhone Companion Mode or without a SIM.

Funntech Smart Watches have a built-in pedometer, which can be used to count steps or track your girl’s activity. This watch has a calculator. A sleep monitor can be used to measure sleep quality. For your older child, you can give them access to Facebook, Twitter, as well as a browser that allows for research and homework. This touchscreen is 1.54 inches in size and allows for easy loading of these apps via touch controls.

Funntech Smart Watches can withstand the elements. The thick silicone that was used for its design and all clasps are water-resistant makes them durable. Also, it is non-irritating and comfortable.

Touchscreen 56 inch

Multiple apps

best kids phone watch


The YENISEY Kids Smartwatch for Children is a good choice as a starter watch. It comes preloaded with fun games and an easy-to-use camera. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift, this is the one.

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Whether you want to track time, shoot and store images, or make phone calls on demand, the Kids Music Game Smart Watch is the best brand to use. This watch has both a digital camera and a silicone strap. It is also adjustable, which makes it very comfortable. You can store a large number of photos or videos on a microSD card that is 1GB.

Your child likes to listen to music in his/her free time. Kids Music Game Smart Watch includes a built-in music playback device that your child will love. Simply load the desired music to a Micro SD slot and start playing it using the app.

This watch features a digital alarm clock which is easy to use and accurate. You can set 24/12 hour clock modes or set the alarm to help your child get an early start on those school mornings. Another notable feature is its easy-to-use games that allow for play of up to 15/30/60/90 seconds. When worn throughout the day, it causes no irritation.

Fun puzzle games

Comfortable design

High Definition camera

best kids phone watch

Garmin Vivofit Junior is the best kids smartwatch with long battery life: Garmin VIVOFIT Jr.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 is more than a fitness tracker. This device is fun for social studies and PE. You can carry it around with you as a social studies/P.E. course. Children can earn games and other activities when they achieve daily activity targets. This will allow them to learn more about the world around and have fun exploring the rest of the world. My son loved the ability to visit famous locations and was captivated by the Egyptian pyramids.

Vivofit gives parents the ability to send reminders via their smartphone for chores, and other tasks. Although my son wasn’t thrilled when I looked down at him to see that it was time for the dishwasher to be unloaded, I was able to remind him that there was still work ahead.

Technical specifications: What is the battery made of? It can be used for as long as a year. Yes. It will last for one year. No chargers to misplace, no cords to tangle, no running out of juice in the middle of something. Vivofit Jr.3 has a rechargeable battery. This is just like any other watch. This activity tracker has no messaging and is connected via Bluetooth to the parent’s smartphone (Andriod/IOS).

7 of 7 Image Credits: Walmart

best kids phone watch

1. Xplora Go

The reason we love it: This waterproof, pleasant-looking watch has a camera and includes a stopwatch, a pedometer as well as an alarm clock, a timer, and an alarm clock. It can make and send calls straight from the watch, which really makes it stand out.

This should interest parents who don’t wish their child to use a smartphone but feel they need to keep in touch with them. Plus, the watch’s contact list is controlled from the app on an adult’s phone (and two parents can access this so little Tamantha won’t constantly be bothering just one of you to add grandma’s number to her device.) If you want to add a contact, you can, but they won’t be adding anyone you don’t approve of.

The call quality is actually really good; the watch has a crystal clear microphone and speaker. The watch does not have a headphone jack so private conversations cannot be done. This may or may not be a problem depending on your perspective.

You have the option to set parental controls. An app for your phone lets you set school times, such as between 8.30 and 15:30 each weekday. The watch will not display any time nor make emergency calls. You can however call it to get an update about Tamatha’s day.

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The watch also features an encrypted GPS tracker that updates constantly with your child’s location. The watch can be held down by the user for a short time to send an SOS message. Trust me when I say you won’t fail to notice. Your phone light up, volume turns full blast and sirens sound. It is possible to set safety zones, which can include a distance of 500m from the school. An alert will be sent to you if your child moves out of one these areas.

Sony and the XPLORA GO can be linked with kids’ PlayStations and they will receive rewards in-game for completing fitness goals. It is a clever and fun way to motivate them to exercise.

The previous model, the XPLORA 3S had a poor battery life, lasting only 36 hours. It was possible that it might have been forgotten to be charged by children. However, the GO comfortably lasted nearly a week before it needed to be charged. This is clearly an area that XPLORA has invested in.

best kids phone watch

Looking for the Best Smartwatches For Kids?

Parents who are looking at smartwatches to help their kids manage busy lives will find GPS the most important factor. Verizon Gizmosos, which are true smartwatches, act like cell phones. They allow parents to see a live map of their children’s locations and can text or phone them. Fitbit Ace 2 and other wearables that focus on fitness tracking may have no need for location services. They also offer the possibility of two-way communication. Not feeling like playing with apps? There are standalone smartwatches that are ready to go without any invested setup.

Although watches that track physical activity are more beneficial than others, these watch have their benefits. Smartphones are more convenient than smart watches for tracking activity. Parents who have concerns about the time they spend on their phones will find that these devices can be used to motivate kids to move. The kids can track their steps for the day and get reminders to stay up. But the best part about smart fitness trackers is the celebration when they reach a certain daily goal or meet a sleep goal. You can adjust settings in the parent app. However, it is possible for kids to set their alarms and follow their activity rules. This allows them to take responsibility.

A smartwatch might be replacing the need for a whole phone or tablet, but that doesn’t mean entertainment is completely off the table. Some watches geared toward younger children have games from math and numbers challenges to augmented reality mysteries, and a camera with funny face filters might pop up, too. The screen’s resolution is remarkable for such a small size and can keep young children entertained in lines at the shop, in the waiting area, and even in the car.

Things will go a lot smoother when your kid is in on the plan. If your family does decide to purchase a watch with GPS boundary or location tracking, it is important that they know this. This can promote mutual respect and even conflict resolution.

These are the top smartwatches in 2021 for children:

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

.Best Kids Phone Watch