Best Kids Sheets

best kids sheets

Garnet Hill Polka Dot Percale sheet set: Cotton prints for everyone

Garnet Hill Polka Dot Percale Sheet Set Cheerful, colorful dots. These sheets are our favorites for dorms. But, the fun polka dots and large sizes make them great for both kids and adults.

Garnet hill $129*

Garnet Hill’s Polka Dot Percale Sheet Set can be used in dorms because it is available in twin XL sizes all year (dorm sheet sets are usually seasonal and sell quickly) and also because they are sturdy and soft enough to last over a year. They are also so cheerful and fun that everyone can use them. If you’d like to maintain the original print and warm it up for winter, these sheets are also available in flannel. However, we have not yet tried them but will. The sheets’ densely weaved nature made them wrinkle less than some other dorm sheet options, though they didn’t feel as soft or as the top-pick L.L.Bean percale sheets. Garnet Hill’s lifetime guarantee is the most generous on our list, with the exception of their return policy.

Garnet Hill sheets in 5 color choices are available. Polka dots can go with any color and look great anywhere. Garnet Hill also sells many charming prints for every age, including turtles and roosters lemons to hot-airballs whales turtles and roosters lemons to whales. But, so far, the fabric has been tested only on the polkadot sheets. The company has many other prints that we’ll be exploring in the near future. However, if you like a particular print in another fabric, then go ahead. Garnet Hill is a great company.

best kids sheets

Pillowfort Kids Sheets: The Best Budget Sheets

Pillowfort cotton sheet set for kids in adorable prints. This affordable kids’ sheets is made from all-cotton and comes in several designs.

May be out of stock *At the time of publishing, the price was $26.

It doesn’t take a lot to find cute prints that are fun for your child’s bed. Target also offers affordable Pillowfort Cotton Sheet Sets. Twin sets cost less than $30, with many on-sale for even less. The fabric is softer than Pottery Barn Kids’ sheets. Target shoppers often give the sheets lower marks than Pottery Barn Kids. But the colors are vibrant and attractive. My sensory-sensitive child has not complained about his experience sleeping on them. Target launched its Pillowfort collection for children in 2016. Originally, the sheets were made from all-microfiber material before Target introduced 100% cotton. The company still sells more prints in microfiber ( for about $20 a set ) than cotton, but microfiber use contributes to water pollution , and those sheets have felt much cheaper and unpleasant to parents on staff who have bought them (although our kids haven’t seemed to care as much). While I prefer all-cotton, we recognize that a more fun design can win over any fabric with children. My microfiber pillows have been the softest among the Pillowforts, although they have worn a bit and thinned over the years.

Target currently lists 10 design options on its website for Pillowfort sheet cotton. Target has confirmed that the sheets will not be discontinued. Target is most likely making room for more stock as companies change their printed sheets all year. This can make it difficult to shop because every design is located on a different page. It’s also easy to miss the Pillowfort Sheets in the cotton and microfiber blends. Be sure to specify cotton in your product names if you choose cotton.

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best kids sheets

Here are 11 of the Best Bedding Sets for Kids to Buy in 2021

Bedding sets that are both comfortable and stylish for boys and daughters, in fun patterns and colours.

The centerpiece of your bedroom, regardless of whether it’s being renovated or replaced with a brand new one, is undoubtedly the bedding. Children’s bedding must look great, be cozy and comfortable, and make your child happy to get into their new bed.

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Our Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab Lab Director Lexie Sachs and Emma Seymour, our product analyst, lead testing hundreds of bedding products each year, including crib sheets, kid’s mattresses, as well as finding the best bedding options for both adults, as well as the most suitable bedding. When we evaluate bedding for boys and girls, we test factors such as fabric strength, shrinkage, softness, pilling as well as review feedback from a real consumer panel. Our picks below are kids’ versions of top-tested items, recommendations based on our testing expertise, personal favorite places to buy or those that are highly rated and reviewed. Below are 2021’s best bedding sets for kids:

Highest Quality Overall Children’s Bedding Set:

Best Value Children’s Bedding Set:

Best Character Kids’ Bedding Set:

The Best Basic Children’s Bedding Set:

best kids sheets

The 11 Best Places To Buy Kids Bedding Online In 2021

Each of our editors tests, reviews, and makes recommendations about the top products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce/Chloe Jeong: Our Top Picks at The Company Store Pottery Barn Kids: “A must-visit retailer for quality bedding featuring the favorite characters of your child.” Crate & Kids Bed Bath & Beyond is a great place to shop for name-brand bedding. West Elm “The store stocks whimsical, playful styles that even adults can’t resist.” Brooklinen “The renowned brand provides chic, soft bedding for children in vintage-inspired prints. Modern Nursery offers a wide range of bedding options for children, babies and toddlers. Garnet Hill “Flannel-loving, Garnet Hill has the best selection of kids bedding. Amazon “The one-stop-shop that has everything for kids’ bedding needs.” Macy’s “The only place you should go to for name-brand bedding deals.” Target “You’ll discover cool, simple, and inexpensive bedding both online and at stores.” You can find the perfect bedding for children and teens, no matter their age. Comfort, durability, and color are the most important factors. There are many options for bedding online. You have the option to purchase a variety of styles and prices. You can choose from affordable bedding options like duvet covers and solid sheets, as well as fun throw pillows featuring the characters of your choice. We’ve researched online retailers that offer kid’s styles, giving you comfy and colorful options to help babies, kids, and teens cuddle up in the room of their dreams.

Discover the top places to purchase kids bedding you and your children will enjoy.

Order on

Lots of adorable animal prints High-quality fabrics What We Don’t Like A bit pricey for kids’ bedding Dogs and llamas and elephants, oh my! The Company Store’s selection of children bedding is our favorite. We love the adorable animal prints. The Company Store percale bedding will bring the fun to any bedding or decor.

Get on

Bedding features characters from Disney, Harry Potter, and more Wide range of bedding for babies and kids in fun colors and prints What We Don’t Like You might be jealous of your kid’s bedding Sure, Pottery Barn Kids will have all the classic, crisp children’s bedding you’d expect from the brand, but what we especially love for kids are their sheet sets featuring beautiful (subtle!) Crate & Kids offers a variety of bedtime options for kids, including sheets that feature illustrations from popular books and films such as Harry Potter. The range of sheets, duvet inserts, quilts, and blankets includes playful prints as well easy-to-mix and match solids. You will have sweet dreams thanks to these bedding sets.

best kids sheets

Organic Cotton is better for the environment and your kids.

Traditional methods of producing cotton require large amounts of insecticides, pesticides and herbicides in comparison to other agricultural products.

As chemicals are used to grow cotton, the soil can become contaminated with them and they may be harmful to surrounding areas. Consider that the US is the world’s biggest cotton producer. It can have a negative impact on the environment and other nations.

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Workers in the cotton field can become exposed and could develop health complications.

When you choose organic cotton bedding, it means that the cotton was not grown using harmful or environmentally destructive chemicals. It also means that the cotton did not come from genetically modified plants. The bed of your kid should be a peaceful haven. We think it is important to keep it free from chemicals.

The bottom line: We’ll never use polyester sheets. We wouldn’t let our children sleep on them. But, between the softness, durability and breathability, you can see why 100% organic cotton kids sheets and crib sheets are the perfect option for a nursery or child’s bedroom. Organic crib bedding is available in a variety of colors. This ensures that babies are able to sleep peacefully and healthy. To make it easier for older children, there are toddler sheets as well. Organic duvets/quilts will also be available. The goal of our company is to give you and your children the finest organic sheets so that everyone can have a good night’s sleep knowing they are helping the environment and their health. Send us your comments at #CrateKidsStyle

Shop Kids Sheet Sets and Shams

best kids sheets

Get the best extra-warm sheets

Eddie Bauer These thick and cuddly, flannel sheets from the Eddie Bauer Twin Flannel Sheet Set will keep your child warm during winter as well as summer when you need to turn on the AC.

Eddie Bauer Twin Flannel Sheet Set may not be designed for children. However, there are adorable patterns like the bear, penguin and deer. These sheets are also very well-made, even considering the price.

Eddie Bauer Twin Flannel Sheet Sets will last for years, no matter how often they are used. These sheets are 100% cotton, are very soft and retain warmth. Tip: If the sheets are too warm, swap out a non-flannel top sheet but leave the flannel fitted sheet; it’s the best of both worlds.

The bottom sheet is held in place by deep corner pockets that are reinforced with elastic. While the top sheet provides ample coverage, it can be used on any thick mattress.

These sheets are subject to an 8-step brushing procedure that minimizes pilling. They also come pre-washed, so they don’t shrink after cleaning. If you want your child to be warm and cozy in bed, then these are great sheets to consider.

Cons: Softer sheets and a lower price. Con: Pilling problems, seams that separate. Amazon $33.20

best kids sheets

A collection of adorable kids sheets that will keep your child warm all night

pmc-editorial-manager View All

It can either be an arduous task to make bedtime a success, or it can become a hassle trying to get the child in bed. Many parenting experts believe the secret to bedtime success is the use of a book, cuddles, and a story. The key to their cooperation, however, lies in the right sets of children sheets. You also have to choose carefully for the aesthetic of the bedroom. You can also choose the fabric of your sheets. For example, do you like microfiber, cotton, or jersey fabrics. The prints you choose (do your baby prefer cartoon characters, solid colors or vibrant patterns? It is important to consider the size of your child and how you will care for it.

Additionally, kids sheets should be able to grow with your child. They may not cost a lot, but they do take up space. Your child deserves to have comfortable, personalized sheets. Below are our top picks.

SheKnows exists to inspire, empower and support women. Therefore we feature only products that we believe you will love. You should note that clicking on any link within this article may result in us receiving a small commission.

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best kids sheets

These are the 10 best bed sheets for kids in 2021

Comfortable sheets are essential to a restful night of sleep for both children and adults. Although they might not have the ability to specify exactly what they desire in bed sheets, they still want many of those same quality qualities as adults.

The best bed sheets for children should not be too stiff or slippery.

Kids who tend to sleep hot often will benefit from light, breathable fabrics in summer. Otherwise, you will find your child sweaty and uncomfortably awake in the middle if the night.

But there are some other elements that children care more about than they do adults. Bright colors, fun themes and patterns that include bright colors can help make naptime for kids more enjoyable. Many kids have sensitive skin, so it’s often a good idea to search for bedding sets that avoid harsh chemicals and allergens.

It is important to consider all factors before choosing bedding.

Is the sheet set hypoallergenic?

Is the fabric comfortable and has it enough softness, silkiness, and breathability to make you feel at ease?

best kids sheets

Best Kids Duvet Covers

The Blessliving Comforter Set, 3-Piece Pastel Rainbow Marmalade Comforter Set is Groovy! You can add color and fun to your kids’ room with this marble rainbow print, even if you’re just a tween. Amazon’s high-rated set features a comforter, 2 matching pillow shams, as well as a comfortable, fluffy, soft cover. All of this, plus a great price, makes it the ideal bedding set to match any child’s colorful personality. This bedding set is available in bed sizes from twin to king.

Garnet Hill Glowin the Dark Rocket Bed Set

Was it someone that said, “Glow In the Dark?” The best selling vintage rocket ship bedsheet is out of this planet. This bedding is more of an art piece than a material and makes a statement in any kid’s room. We like the combination of retro rockets, planets, and other spacecraft. The glowing design will amaze your aspiring astronaut and make them want to sleep, read, play, and even sleep (hopefully). The duvet cover is made from soft cotton flannel, making it more comfortable. It has inner ties that hold everything together. It’s made in Portugal and is OEKO-TEX certified for the highest quality sleep for your little one. The price range for this bed is $29 to $99.

The Company Store Puppy Photos Organic Cotton Kids Duvet Cover

Is there an organic cotton comforter that is as soft as it feels? Yes, please. Although this one is an investment, it can be a long-lasting one. Although your baby will enjoy the adorable print with puppy pictures against a pastel background, it’s modern enough to fit on a child’s bed. The softness of the duvet and its crisp, cool feel is a result of using percale. (Ever had percale sheets? That’s what you know. You know the feeling. Available in queen size.


What thread count works best for your kids?

A thread count of 180-200 is considered a good quality sheet. Any thread count higher than that is considered to be of better quality. Sheets with a thread count of 250-300 will feel silkier and when you get to the 300-400 thread count, you will have the premium or luxurious sheets.

What are the best bed sheets for kids?

Make sure you choose high-quality fabrics. You should remember that children are delicate with sensitive skin. Therefore, make sure you choose bed clothes that feel soft. Dec 13, 2018

What is the Best Quality Sheet?

The thread count of a sheet is a measure of its softness. It will last longer and wear better. The range of good sheets is 200-800, with the exception of a few that exceed 1,000.

.Best Kids Sheets

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