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Best Smartwatches For Kids Who Don’T Need A Smartphone Just Yet

Perfect gift idea for your techie friend or teenager.

Kids smartwatches can be less powerful than the regular ones and are also more affordable. They’re specifically made for children younger than ten years old. You can load them with games and apps, while some smartwatches even include cameras to snap selfies. Other communication tools support texting, phone calls, and tracking GPS.

Most smartwatches for kids don’t rely on a data connection, but for teens, we’ve listed a handful of smartwatches in this guide that do sync with smartphones or have an independent data connection so that your child can send messages with their loved ones.

The smartwatch makes a perfect middle ground solution for those kids who are constantly asking for their smartphone. The smartwatches we chose don’t have unlimited internet access, but they are not as expensive. Even better, they’re much cheaper than smartphones. Get the top smartwatches and watches for children right away!

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx2, Pink

It has a stylish, kid-friendly design, secure splash proof wristband and motion sensor that make it perfect for active play challenges. The Monster Detector game creates an AR experience where you capture monsters in the real world by moving your arm around; motion sensor included for active play challenges. Take quality videos, pictures and selfies, customize them with funny filters and make them into watch faces to share with family or friends! Stylish, kid-friendly design; secure, splash proof wristband is perfectly sized for kids’ wrists. Take quality videos, pictures and selfies, customize them with funny filters and make them into watch faces.

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is the perfect choice for stylish and tech-savvy kids.
With its secure, splash proof wristband and quality camera, this smartwatch is perfect for taking pictures, videos and selfies.
Fun filters and watch faces let kids customize their look, while the Monster Detector game creates an augmented reality experience where you capture monsters in the real world.
Motion sensor included challenges kids to be active, while pedometer and sound effects add to the fun.
The secure, splash-proof wristband is durable and kid-friendly, while the camera takes high-quality videos and pictures as well as selfies.
Fun filters and watch faces can be customized to make every picture and video unique, and the Monster Detector game creates an augmented reality experience where you capture monsters in the real world.
With motion sensor challenges, pedometer readings and sound effects, this smartwatch is packed with fun features for active kids.
Parents can safely share photos and videos with their children at their discretion by uploading them to a computer, and there are free games, watch faces and

Smart Watch For Kids, Aluminum Case With Black Sport Band 16 Games, Pedometer Music Video Recorder Player Camera Flashlight Alarm Clock And More, Smartwatch For Age 3-12 Boys Girls Gifts

This smartwatch for kids has a pedometer, calorie counter, video camera and 16 games to keep your children entertained. 【Easy to use/No extra cost】:In the US, 2G services may not be available as carriers retire/shut down 2G frequencies. There are no 2G or GSM module, extra charge or APP in the smartwatch. It’s easier to use.

Looking for a smartwatch that’s easy to use and perfect for kids?
Look no further than our Smart Watch for Kids!
It features 16 games, motion sensors to track steps and calories, and video and magic cameras.
Looking for a smartwatch that’s easy to use and perfect for your little one?
Look no further than our Smart Watch for Kids!
This watch comes with 16 games, a pedometer, and a motion sensor to track steps and calories.

Willowwind Kids Smart Watch For Boys Girls – Children’S Smartwatch With 14 Games Music Mp3 Player Alarms Calculator For Students 4-12 Years Old Birthday Gift (Blue)

This smart watch for kids is a good helper for your children to learn time, have fun and get familiar with the digital world. Meanwhile, they can also listen music while playing games on this smart watch. What’s more, it has a basic HD camera in front of the watch so that you can take photos of your children wherever you are together with them. This watch is really a good choice!

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This smart watch for kids includes 14 games that will keep them entertained for hours on end. It also has a music player and basic HD camera, making it the perfect choice for children of all ages.

Why you should trust us

As part of my research, I talked with over a dozen parents, as well as surveyed another dozen through social media about the smartwatches/cell phones their kids use. My daughter’s friend, who was between 10 and 11 years old at that time, also participated in the research. To get an idea of the market and to interview representatives from various device makers, I also interviewed a technology analyst. In order to see the options available to brick-and-mortar shoppers, I visited Target and Verizon stores. Online reviews and blog posts as well as reports about basic and smartwatches for kids were all available.

As a longtime technology journalist, I have reported on mobile tech trends for the San Francisco Chronicle and Wirecutter is my guide to best apps for managing a child’s smartphone. I also provide advice about how to set up tablets for children. My personal interest as the parent of an 11 and 13-year old is to find a device which doesn’t keep them distracted with endless apps or games but that allows me monitor them and keeps them safe as they venture off on their journeys.

Benefits Of Smartwatches For Kids

You know the benefits of smartwatches. They’re a great alternative to smartphones, especially for young children.

Young children often don’t want a phone and are often too young or not mature enough to afford one. Smartwatches can attach to kids’ wrists securely and allow them to access restricted content.

Numerous smartwatches made for kids have SOS, GPS, educational and GPS trackers. These smartwatches will help you track your child while they are at school and with their friends. Some will even allow for two-way calls, enabling you to stay in contact.

Also, they are great for older child. Smartwatches are great for children aged 6-12. They have fitness trackers, calendars and timers.

If you feel that a smartwatch would distract your child, then it probably isn’t the best investment at this point. You should at the very least not allow them to wear it to school.

If your child spends most of their time at home alone, then a smartwatch is not necessary.

best kids smart watch


Image credit to Fitbit. Last update Smartwatches are not just for the elderly. There is a wide range of smartwatches on the market today that appeal to younger audiences, including models offering learning and games, making them a compelling reason to get some smartwatch tech to use on the move.

These are the best smartwatches for kids, with some smart fitness trackers thrown in too.

You want your child to get active over the summer holidays. Perhaps they can also be creative using the best camera to kids.

Looking for the best smartwatch deals? We have some great news: Black Friday is coming at the end November. Expect some big discounts. To find the most amazing Black Friday deals, be sure to check out our Black Friday deals portal.

best kids smart watch

Best Smartwatch For Kids: Info To Help You Make A Wise Choice

A TEACHER PET Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch Check Price A handy learning tool disguised as a digital pet.

This smartwatch is a great buy because it offers fun features at a low price.

A stylish activity monitor that counts sheep, strides, and strokes.

Smartwatches are smart and smarter than you might think. Smartwatches are great for encouraging healthy lifestyles by keeping track of your steps. They can teach children the responsibility of owning a cool gadget. They can provide parental peace of mind, acting as a GPS tracker for kids to monitor your child’s location (with the kid’s knowledge, of course). You can even make your child smile by reminding him or her that sometimes their parents are quite cool. But picking the right one isn’t as simple as grabbing a Fitbit or Apple Watch. Outfitting a youngin comes with its own set of considerations: Do you need GPS or a step tracker? What makes kid-specific watches more appealing than the larger, older models for adults? This is how you can pick the right smartwatch for your child.

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best kids smart watch

What are The Top Smartwatches for Teens And Kids?

Let’s take a look at what you need to know when looking for the best smartwatches that teens and young people can afford.

Capabilities. Smartwatches designed for children vary in their abilities. Some have built-in GPS, Google Maps/GPS, steps counters, flashlights, Google Maps/GPS, and other features. Others include music storage and speaker.

Batteries: These smartwatches for kids can generally last between 7-10 days on one charge depending on how much they are used. The battery itself is also in it for the long haul, and is usually designed to last at least a year or more.

Durability: Watches that are IPX or waterproof can resist liquid damage. Some watches also have a sealed case to protect against dirt and sand. You can protect your face with a scratch-resistant finish.

Band: Kids can be fussy about the colors and comfort of their watch, even though they don’t have direct control. A lot of brands provide a range of options to select from. This allows you to make sure they are happy with the color or pattern. A wristband that is adjustable and snug enough to fit your child’s wrist is important. As their wrist sizes change, it will need to be flexible.

Age Range: Teens may need different features that kids. For example, contactless payment, calendars for yoga, meditation, exercise, sleep tracking and hydration, temperature monitoring (for meditation and exercising), and storage of photos. Buy this gift for teenagers or teens that has the right interface and capabilities to suit their lives.

The watch can be attached to your phone so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

How to Choose a Smartwatch for a Kid

Parents who are looking at smartwatches to help their kids manage busy lives will find GPS the most important factor. True smartwatches (like the Verizon Gizmo) act more like a cell phone in the sense that parents have a live tab of a kid’s location and the ability to text and call. Wearables focused more on fitness tracking (like the Fitbit Ace 2) may skip location services altogether, as well as the option for any two-way communication. Don’t feel like messing with an app at all? There are smartwatches available that can run on their own without the need for an app.

However, watches that focus on exercise do have some advantages. Parents worried about screen time will appreciate the way that smart fitness trackers are not only a less web-based device than a smartphone, but that they actually encourage kids to get up and moving. While kids may be able to check their daily step count or receive a reminder that they need to sit up, what’s most exciting is seeing the screen celebrate when they have met their sleep goals or reached their daily activity goal. You can adjust settings in the parent app. However, it is possible for kids to set their alarms and follow their activity rules. This allows them to take responsibility.

A smartwatch might be replacing the need for a whole phone or tablet, but that doesn’t mean entertainment is completely off the table. Some smartwatches targeted at younger kids have games that range from mathematics and number challenges to augmented reality mysteries. There might also be a funny-face filter camera. It is small in size, but the screen resolution is impressive and enough to entertain children in lines at the shop, in waiting rooms, and in cars.

Things will go a lot smoother when your kid is in on the plan. If you do end up opting for a watch with location tracking or GPS boundaries, letting them know that you can see their location can foster mutual respect even if that respect is unspoken and initially met with opposition.

best kids smart watch

Smartwatches: What Your Kid Should Do

Although it may appear like an unnecessary luxury, rather than something you need, this is not true. The smartwatch can connect you with your child, help track their activities, or give you peace of head.

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It’s important to remember that children can’t handle mobile phones well outdoors. A smartwatch that is easy to use and keeps it safe from accidental drops or damage while playing with it can be a better choice than a phone that they drop.

Now let’s look at the smartwatch that is the most affordable for children.

best kids smart watch

This Smartwatch is the best for kids. It tracks your GPS and sends you messages.

WIRED recommends top-rated smartwatches to kids with activity monitors and games. If you are looking for the best smartwatches in the market for your child, the only thing that will matter is the time. Many of the latest models come in attractive fascias with colourful straps. They also have silly or unnecessary interactive settings that will keep your child entertained. With a variety of technology options such as camera, fitness tracker, and games available, it may not be easy to find the ideal design.

The list below features the best and most innovative smartwatches. They were evaluated on ease-of-use, ergonomics and, most importantly, fun and engaging functions. So if you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that the children – and all their gadgets – are the future, take a moment to browse through the WIRED edit of smartwatches for kids here to find a design that will work for your child.

best kids smart watch

How do you choose the best smartwatch for kids in 2021

Our number one pick for best kids smartwatch is the Xplora X5 Play, (PS150). This smartwatch is great for older children.

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Tobi Robot Smartwatch (PS37.50), is an excellent choice for kids. The robot’s adorable animation mimics that of a child, moving its arms and legs. It also laughs and sulks. You can keep your little one entertained with its cute animations, and the camera and games that it offers will make them more curious about their device.

best kids smart watch

Kids Smartwatches With Gps

GizmoWatch allows you to monitor where your kid is at all times. You can use a GPS locator to locate GizmoWatch and the child it’s attached too. It is possible to set boundaries so that you are notified when the child moves outside these limits. There are Quick Dial and Auto Answer features for when you need to get in contact with your kid quickly, and you can add up to 10 approved contacts. This watch is also useful for kids as it can serve both as a fitness and watch. It has the ability to set alarms and reminds. It’s also available in two colors (pink and blue).

For a way to reach your kids without actually giving them a phone, this TickTalk smartwatch is the next best thing. It is compatible with the majority of phone carriers, can make video calls and messages, as well track your location. TickTalk watches are compatible with the watch and can be connected via WiFi. This allows you to send text messages and emojis. The app is available on iOS and Android and can be used by parents to set reminders and disable features as well as preset contacts.

The watch has been described as “absolutely incredible” by the customer. The watch has everything I wanted, from the high-quality product to its ease of use on my iPhone, and it is my favorite purchase. My daughter is now at the age when we need to stay in touch, but don’t want to lose our cellphones. Just the idea that I can connect if I’m running late to pick her up from school is a huge plus. The firewall that blocks telemarketers and allows us to track our location is a great feature. 4G is working great!

Our Kids Gear section has more suggestions for great products. While we do recommend items we absolutely love, there is a possibility that our site may make us a commission from any purchases we direct to our store.

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