Best Kids Snow Gloves

best kids snow gloves

Check out these Test Results for the Best Waterproof Mittens and Gloves for Kids

We may use affiliate links to help you earn money from your qualifying purchases. Our Amazon Associates status allows us to earn from eligible purchases. You can find out more by reading our disclosure. One parent shared some wisdom: Make sure you have enough gloves to protect your child’s hands.

In truth, it is tempting to buy a couple of adorable $20 gloves at Costco and your local sporting goods retailer in fall. Trust me. I know what it feels like to be there. And I still have the unused gloves. Thankfully, after 14 years of parenting, I finally learned my lesson and don’t buy cheap gloves anymore.

You see, I’ve never had a pair of $20 gloves for my kids make it through an entire season, still waterproof and warm. Therefore, in February when all winter gear has been removed from stores, I must find new gloves for my kids. These usually last only a couple of months.

Instead of $20 for gloves, which seemed great in the fall but cost me $40. Also, they were only good for one season. These gloves would have been great for years if I had paid the same amount. (PS. these were the amazing mittens, I was talking of) It’s true that gloves cheaply made for kids with cold hands or wet hands aren’t worth the investment.

The flipside is that I have the exact same pair of mittens as my college days. The $60 mitts cost me a lot, and I still have them 15 years after.

So why in the world was I blowing $40 a year on crappy gloves for my kids when if I spent that amount upfront, I could get great gloves that would last year after year?

You can learn from my mistakes. My kids helped me test the top 10 gloves/mittens of the most respected brands for kids. No, these are not just the best deals or top-rated gloves on Amazon (because I’ve tried several top-rated gloves and been disappointed).

best kids snow gloves

Children Should Wear Mittens Or Gloves ?

Are children allowed to wear gloves or mittens in their hands? It’s been a debate in our household for years. Zwei of my children insist on gloves. Two of mine always wear mittens.

In truth, my children’s hands feel significantly warmer when they wear mittens. Factually, mittens are always warmer than mittens (though not because your fingers are closer together). Mittens are warmer than gloves because they have less surface area, which means less area to get COLD.

For warmth and if your children are learning how to ski, mittens might be the best choice. Gloves will be your best choice for activities that require manual dexterity and a lot of grasping, such as snowball fighting or playing with snow toys.

Swany Toaster adult gloves are my favorite choice if you can’t choose. These gloves have an inner glove liner. The entire side can be opened to let your fingers stick out.

best kids snow gloves

What to Look For in Kids Gloves?

Whether your kids are wearing mittens or gloves, there are a few key features that you need to look for BEFORE you buy, and these are the main criteria that we are evaluating each pair of gloves on.

Waterproof gloves are the best for children. It’s not enough to be water-resistant. Your kids will get it wet. Younger children will get it done faster than you think, since they’ll likely be digging through the snow and eventually grab something from a puddle.

It is not possible to waterproof everything equally, as our testing quickly revealed. For waterproof gloves or mittens, we tested them by placing them in warm water. We checked for leaks after 1 and 5 minutes. Some pairs failed to make it past one minute, others struggled a lot at the five-minute mark.

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Read on to learn which gloves were waterproof. Since children use their hands more when exploring than adults, and are often wetter than adults, kids’ waterproof gloves are preferred.

Warmth: Cold fingers will instantly ruin any kids’ day, so choosing a warm glove or warm mitten is really important. Children should have gloves or mittens to keep their hands from freezing during recess. However, they must be warm enough for four hours of skiing or snowshoeing with their friends.

After spending a winter testing gloves and mitts on children, we are now able to share what the best gloves and mittens for them are. Because we spend so much time on the snow, and the kids wear their ski gloves, the most important thing we search for is the best children’s gloves.

All of these kids mittens and gloves have been thoroughly used (and abused) by our kids and we are so excited to be able to help you find the absolute best kids mittens and the best kids gloves so that your kids stay warm and dry this winter.

best kids snow gloves

Here are 11 of the Best Winter Gloves to Buy for Kids 2021

Children love to spend time outside, no matter the weather. When they are engaged in winter activities such as snowball fights and building snowmen, it is important to have a pair on.

They keep their hands and fingers warm during winter by providing warmth. They give the proper insulation, comfort, and some also have unique features, like reflective straps, and touchscreen-compatibility.

Let’s take a look at our list of top-rated winter gloves that kids can order online.

Zelda Matilda Thinsulate Winter Weatherproof Gloves 11 The Zelda Matilda winter gloves are mitten-style and provide warmth for the hands. Made of Thinsulate, taslon, and high quality fleece linings inside the gloves. These gloves can be used for snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. You can find them in sizes that fit from one to eight year olds. These are available in 15 eye-catching colors.


Lock-and loop closure for tight and sealed fit

Extra-long cuff prevents cold air and snow from getting inside

best kids snow gloves

How can you choose the best winter gloves for your child?

Winter gloves come in many styles and designs. The best way to ensure you make the right purchase is by making an informed decision. Here are some key factors to consider when buying winter gloves that kids will love.

Activity: Consider the winter activities that your child is interested in. You should choose waterproof gloves for children who like to make snowmen and forts in the winter. If they spend a lot of time outside in cold weather, get insulated gloves that can keep them warm for extended periods. You should purchase gloves designed for specific winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing.

Size is determined by the child’s age. Some companies have extensive charts that include hand measurements, which will assist you in determining the right size.

Warmth: Winter gloves either feature special 3M Thinsulate insulation or polar fleece lining. They keep you warm in winter conditions.

Adjustability: Consider adjustable gloves at the wrist region as they give the best fit and protection. For a customized fit, opt for one with an elastic, Velcro, buckle or wristband.

Durability. Winter gloves need to provide excellent protection. They should also last a long time. Kids’ gloves may be prone to wear and tear, especially when the child is active. Look at reviews and specifications to find out if you can get durable gloves.

best kids snow gloves

These are the Top 5 Best Kids Gloves

Sizes from 2-14. Comfortable, waterproof, durable, and reasonable $49 (use the code BRINGKIDS15 to receive 15% discount) Swany XChange Junior:

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Super durable, waterproof, rugged, MSRP $85 Should my kids wear Gloves or Mittens?

Do children need to wear gloves? An interesting question based largely on preference, just like two of my kids prefer wearing child gloves, and the other two prefer wearing kids snow mittens.

For me, it’s clear that my children wear mittens more often than they do when wearing snow gloves. Based on the facts, mittens will always be warmer than gloves. Kinder mittens/mittens generally have smaller surfaces, so they can be less cold.

If your child is learning to ski or doing other activities that require handgrips, they should use children’s ski mittens. However, winter gloves are best for small hands. The warmest winter gloves, according to my kids, are actually the mittens. My kids also prefer to wear gloves while playing with their snow toys, which gives them more dexterity.

These are some of the things to keep in mind as you shop for the best gloves and mittens for kids.

Waterproof: Kids gloves that are water-resistant will always be the best. You shouldn’t buy winter gloves made of water-resistant material for your children as they will get soaked! You will need waterproof gloves for children younger than 5 years old. They’ll be digging through the snow and end up in the nearest puddle, which is not what you want.

best kids snow gloves

Reima Taktu Overallbest Kids Gloves

Reima Tartu offers a warm, waterproof wrist closure. It’s a pretty basic glove that does a great job of keeping kids warm, dry, and wanting to be outside in the winter.

This glove is our favorite, and it’s the one we use every winter.

It’s important to me as a mom that I choose gear with great quality, but also affordable. This $49 price is why these are my top picks for kids gloves. Use our code BRINGKIDS15 to get a discount of $42 on these gloves, making them the best-priced gloves for children.

As the top gloves for little ones, we highly recommend them!

Runner Up Best Kids Ski Gloves:

Swany X Change Jr Glove


best kids snow gloves

Hestra All Mountain Czone Jr Glove Review

Hestra All Mountain CZone Jr Glove Pros *Durable for harsh weather

The gloves are lightweight and easy to use. These leather gloves, for both girls and boys, are 70% leather-and-30% polyester. They provide the perfect combination of fabric and warmth to give my son the ultimate comfort and versatility. The waterproof gloves for kids have an adjustable, tightening sleeve.

This small pocket can be used on the back to trap heat in the gloves and provide warmth for your child on cold days. These snow gloves for kids are lined with polyester, which keeps your hands insulated and still breathable to allow comfort. Multilayered gloves ensure reliable, waterproof gloves that are windproof and water-resistant.

best kids snow gloves

Hestra Kids Czone Primaloft Jr.

Hestra Kids’ Czone Primaloft Jr.


It is waterproof, super soft, and warm enough for those who tend to get cold easily.

Best for ages 3-10 Check Prices on Hestra Czone Mittens These Hestra kids ski mittens are some of the softest mittens that I’ve ever touched. Amazingly, the mittens were great for kids to feel and perform great. These Mittens are made with a mixture of multiple types of material to ensure you get the best of all features.

They will protect your hands from the cold and keep them warm during winter. These gloves are built to last. They also have a very large range of colors, which makes it easier for your child to choose from as well.

best kids snow gloves

Swany Junior Softy Mitts

The Swany Junior Softy mitts Pros: *Easy use *Better grip

*Pretty practical.

They aren’t waterproof. There is no way to secure them on the wrist.

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For children 6-13 years old, these kids mittens will be the best. It was my desire to love them as I had fallen in love with my own mittens. However, this wasn’t possible.

Combining a pair of gloves and a Mitten, you get a wonderful combination of warmth and comfort. Mittens tend to be more warm than gloves. But these are a combination of the two making them both warm and practical. To make them a mitten, you can zip the zipper and unzip your gloves. They can also be used to connect with your mobile phones screens. This leather-based palm is great for playing with.

In our kids mitten reviews, we discovered that it is impossible to adjust the mittens so they fit around your wrists like I can with the adult model. The mittens are not adjustable so snow can move around. We don’t recommend these mittens, even though they look fantastic!

best kids snow gloves

The Best Kids Waterproof Gloves

Let’s start with what is a major consideration for a kids’ winter glove. They must be waterproof. Kids do so much playing in the snow that a waterproof glove is basically a necessity to get through the winter months. When they are wet, nothing makes their hands feel colder.

N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate glove – For kids who are playing outside in snow, it is important that they don’t let the wet, cold snow get inside of their gloves or jackets. Their gloves must be both waterproof and warm. N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Gloves are perfect for protecting your children’s hands. Amazon’s #1 bestseller, the insulated glove can be found in ten color options and seven sizes. To keep snow out, the Thinsulate fabric is warm and cozy. The knitted cuff can be tucked into the jacket sleeves. These jackets can also be easily adjusted and are super simple to put on.

Tough Outdoors Snow & Ski Gloves: If you have kids who are passionate about winter sports, such as snowboarding and skiing, then they will need protection. The Tough Outdoors Kids Snow Gloves is a good choice. These gloves are super tough, waterproof and windproof. They are made from nylon shell fabric with a synthetic leather palm that makes gripping easy and keeps hands warm. Tough Outdoors provides a 1-year guarantee without questions if the gloves do not protect your child’s hands. The gloves come in five sizes and are available in blue, pink, or black. Waterproof protection at its best!

Which are the Best Winter Gloves for Kids?

  1. Zelda matilda Thinsulate Winter waterproof gloves
  2. N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Camo Print Winter Gloves.
  3. Magarrow Kids Winter Warm, Windproof Outdoor Sport Gloves
  4. Amyipo Kids Winter Snow Ski Gloves.
  5. YR.
  6. Vbiger Kids Fleece Touchscreen Gloves.
  7. These are tough outdoor gloves for kids.

What Gloves for Kids Are the Best?

Swany Softy Jr Mitt, with Toaster construction Review.Hestra CZone Primaloft Jr Mitten Review.Outdoor Research Adrenaline Mittens for Kids Review.Veyo Kids Mittyz Thumbless Mitten Review.Stonz Mitts Toddler Mitten Review.Stonz Mitts Baby Mitten Review.More items…

Which are the Warmest Kids Ski Gloves

Reima Ote Kids Mittens. Our children have been wearing Reima Ote Mittens since they were born. We quickly discovered that these mittens work well for them. They’re extremely strong, durable, water-resistant and warm.

Children Should Ski With Gloves Or Mittens

You have to decide what you want. Start by thinking about your children’s outdoor activities. Go for gloves if they’ll be skiing downhill, which doesn’t require a lot more hand dexterity. For all-around use, especially if your child will be dealing with boot buckles, heavy zippers, and snowball making, gloves are the way to go.Aug 22, 2019

.Best Kids Snow Gloves

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