Best Kids Tablets

best kids tablets

What are the Best Tablets for Kids?

Amazon Kids Tablets are the best. Amazon doesn’t blame you if you don’t trust your drop-prone child with a pricey, high-end tablet. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. This edition comes as an upgrade to its flagship Amazon Fire HD 10. Amazon’s newest tablet has extensive parental controls, much like the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition as well as Fire 7 Kids Edition. It also comes with a two-year warranty that covers accidental and inevitable damages.

Apple iPad can be a fantastic tablet choice for kids. A speedy A10 Fusion chip is included, along with support for Apple Pencil. You also get access to immersive augmented reality apps. You also get more than 10 hours battery life and a new iWork suite, making the iPad a useful productivity tool. Apple’s updated tablet may be more appealing to niche users than an affordable PC.

The Amazon Fire 7 is a great option for those who just want a tablet at a very affordable price. Amazon’s best-selling tablet, the Fire 7, has been updated with two small upgrades. Double the internal storage you have (from 8GB to 16GB) and Alexa is just one shout away. You can also trigger Alexa from other rooms. Even if this tablet does become damaged it will not cost you much.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is the most durable tablet for kids thanks to its robust design and parental controls.

best kids tablets

Tablets That Are Best for Kids

Tablets and children are often a contentious topic. If you are going to give your kids a tablet this is what you should do and the reasons you should.

My Children’s Favorite tablet can be used as a flat rock. You can launch toy cars or hop-skip-jump across a lake with the right tablet.

WIRED is my reviewer so I am familiar with the many different digital tablets that are available in my home. After years of testing, we’ve tried almost every kid-focused tablet out there. These are our favorite picks.

You can still find great ideas for teaching kids about STEM subjects by checking out these kid-friendly podcasts.

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best kids tablets

What Tablets are Best For Kids?

We recommend the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablets as the best tablet for children aged 3-12 years old. Amazon Fire OS is the operating system. All Fire HD 10 Kids tablets come with a 1 year Amazon Kids+ subscription. Fire HD 10 Kids Pro includes a colorful kickstand and an unrestricted 2-year warranty for accidental damage. Each tablet costs $199 and they’re both effectively identical to the $150 Fire HD 10 — the only difference is they’ve been packaged to appeal to parents. The HD 10 Kids tablets are aimed at children 3-7 years, while the Pro tablets are geared towards older children between 6-12.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you could give the kid a more powerful iPad or Android tablet, which both offer access to a bigger app store (and thus a broader variety of games and apps) than Amazon tablets. Since the Apple base iPad (at $300) is the least expensive Apple tablet, it still has the premium build quality of the iPad and offers the complete iPad experience. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, which starts at $229, is an excellent choice for kids who want to get Android tablets. It’s versatile and well-built with a long battery life.

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Amazon Fire HD 7/Fire HD 8 will save you $50 to $100 and provide a fantastic tablet for children. The Fire HD 7 and Fire HD 8 are both smaller, less powerful and better than their Fire HD 10 counterparts. However they provide the same solid parental controls and media consumption as the Fire HD 10.

best kids tablets


Amazon Fire 7 (left), iPad 10.2 (2121), and Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. Images credit: Apple. The best tablet to use for your kids isn’t the same as finding one that works well for you. To be able to use the iPad Pro with all its features, an Amazon tablet or Samsung dedicated for children is better than one that can handle them.

Tablets designed for children are often more durable than tablets made for adults. They also tend to cost less because of the use of older processors. The specs of tablets designed for children are not as high-end, but they’re still great for listening to music and watching movies.

Even better, these tablets tend to come at a fraction of the price of a modern smartphone working out as a better deal for your little one. This tablet also offers parental controls, making them ideal for children. This tablet should be able to keep kids happy whether they’re indoors all day or are on long trips.

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best kids tablets

What To Consider

When shopping for tablets for kids, hardware specs like a fast processor or several gigabytes of RAM aren’t the most important qualities to consider. Durability, parental controls and a lengthy warranty are better features to consider. It’s important to consider the tablet’s size, total storage space, and expected battery life. Pre-installed and downloaded content for children is essential.

An iPad with 32GB storage capacity is best for children who use apps to stream and download videos. A larger hard drive is recommended if you are planning to store a large amount of video, music, or apps to make it easier to navigate on long road trips.

Ready to discover exactly which tablet is best for keeping your child and your wallet happy? Find out more about the top tablets, which are kid-friendly and also parent-approved.

best kids tablets

We have key specs

Screen Size: 7.9inches Storage: 64 or 265 Gb Battery Life: 10hrs The iPad mini boasts a 7-inch high-resolution display and a superior operating system. It can store up to 10 hours on a single charge, has an excellent battery life of 10 hours, and possesses ten hours of battery-life. The iPad mini feels sturdy but is not too heavy. There are many rugged cases that will keep your device in place if it gets dropped by your child. Most importantly, Apple’s App Store has the widest selection of apps, games, and educational content in the business.

Even with all these features, an iPad doesn’t seem to be the right tablet for your child. You can set the iPad mini up to limit access to explicit content, and even prevent you from making in-app purchases. However, it is more difficult for parents to manage their parental control settings than Amazon’s. Additionally, iPads do not allow for multiple user accounts. This makes sharing iPad mini between sibling and adult users more difficult.

best kids tablets


Amazon. Image credit. The Black Friday 2018 deals won’t have a good tablet deal for children so we will eat an Apple iPad.

There are many options for kids tablets, including a variety of sizes and brands such as Amazon, Samsung and Lenovo. You might also be unfamiliar with some brands because they are limited to devices designed for children.

We have compiled a list of the top kids tablets available in 2021. This includes Amazon’s Fire tablet, Apple iPads, and other platforms. The best tablets for kids include budget and high-end options. They also have tablets running Android (or Amazon’s version) and tablets that offer first-class parental control.

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These are our top 3 recommended tablets for kids 2021.

The best tablet for kids overall is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (2020). Amazon Fire HD8 Kids Edition 2020 has an 8 inch screen and strong hardware. It also features Amazon’s most comprehensive app/content library. The tablet comes with an included bumper case that protects it from accidental drops, great parental controls and a 2-year guarantee “if it breaks it gets fixed.”

For older children the best premium tablet for kids is the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (2021). The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (2021) is Amazon’s most popular children’s tablet. It features a 10-inch display, powerful internals, and a long-lasting battery. Amazon offers a 2-year no-questions-asked replacement warranty, along with a bumper case, protective cover, and parental control.

Finally, the best budget tablet for kids is the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition. The screen and hardware aren’t as strong as the HD 8 or HD 10 tablets from Amazon on this slate, but its a slick operator and, due to its compact 7-inch screen, is great for younger children or one-hand operation. The Amazon Fire OS ecosystem is great, too, and each Fire 7 comes with a bumper case and two-year guarantee.

best kids tablets

How to choose the best tablet for kids

You should be aware of these things when purchasing a tablet to use with children…

Amazon. Image credit. You need to think about many issues when choosing the best tablet for children. First and foremost, protection. Little hands are prone to accidents. We can’t all be the sole parents who need to talk with local screen repairers. Most tablets are designed for children and come with protective covers. If yours doesn’t have one, you should get one.

Also, screen size matters. If the screen is too small, it can become difficult to read certain content. However, if it’s too large, then your tablet may be too heavy for you. Some tablets are equipped with keyboards. Others have Bluetooth connectivity.

A key feature of most tablets for children is the parental control and filtering program. You can use this software to stop your child from accessing unsuitable content. While such software is very effective, you should be aware that not all information can be filtered by it. Apple’s AppStore is extremely well-regulated, and we have found that some free ads contain advertisements that are inappropriate for the audience the app targets. For parents who are concerned about this, tablets allow you to block children from installing apps and games.

What you are looking for when buying a tablet for your child is different than what you would look for if you were buying it for yourself. It doesn’t really matter how powerful the tablet is, but what it needs to be safe and reliable?

Additionally, we recommend that you think about what your child might want in the next year. If they are happy to watch Peppa Pig clips right now, then it is possible for them to become proficient platform gamers months later. It is wise to purchase a tablet that will suit the needs of your child in two to three years.

If the circumstances are very special, a foldable phone may work best for your child. Folding phones can work well for teenagers who are able to rely on the phone not breaking easily. You can kill two birds by buying one.

best kids tablets

Which Tablet Is Best for Kids?

Answering this simple question is very easy. The best tablet for kids maker is Amazon. Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition range of tablets not only boasts excellent parental controls that make it super easy for a parent to lock down every aspect of the slate, but they also come with a suite of excellent kids software and a protective casing, too.

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets also don’t cost anywhere near as much as, say, an Apple iPad, and also boast strong battery lives as well, which is great as you don’t really want children messing around with power supplies and sockets frequently.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets have some limitations. First, they do not offer access to Android and iPhone app stores. Fire tablets (again, as you might conclude), are very closely tied to Amazon’s ecosystem.

We would recommend either Apple, which has a large selection of iPads, or Samsung for kids tablets. They both have affordable Android tablets.

best kids tablets

Best Tablet For Kids: Extra Information

If you don’t know much about technology, it’s okay. The best tablets to buy for children will tell you what features are most important, which features you shouldn’t cut corners and how simple it is to set up parental control. We’ll also help you to find the lowest tablet prices. We are confident that you will be pleased with how cheap the most affordable tablets for kids can actually be.

We’ll be looking at tablets that are best for children. This includes tablets meant for preschoolers, schoolchildren, and younger teens. For young adults and grown-ups, check out T3’s comprehensive best tablets guide; if you know you want an iPad but don’t know which one to go for, we have a best iPad feature with everything you need to know. You might also be interested in our top Kindle purchasing guide if your primary purpose is to read.

Black Friday is approaching so you need to make sure that you check out the top Black Friday deals. Kids tablets get big discounts in the Black Friday sale event. Amazon tends take enormous savings on its Kindle tablets. Black Friday is the best time of year to save money and buy the perfect tablet.

best kids tablets

The Test of Tablets for Children

In terms of priority, testing the best tablet for kids is slightly different from rating slates to adults. Security of both the child as well the tablet is crucial. As such, factors such parental controls and tablet robustness have a great deal of weight.

Amazon’s kids tablets are best-in-class right now because of their superb parental controls, which allow guardians to really lock down exactly when they can be used and what the child can access.

They also have a great reputation for robustness. Amazon provides a thick rubberized case and a 2-year warranty. If the tablet is broken by a child, they will replace it.

We are not only looking at features and specifications, but also a solid core functionality that works with tablets for children, parental controls that work well, and a quality build that makes it unlikely that the tablet will be destroyed before the first drop.

After these basic information is established, we will now examine the user interface of the app and the ecosystem in which the child will live. We will rate slates higher if they have plenty of child-friendly content and apps. This is again something Amazon Kids+ does well.

Raw hardware specs are at the bottom, but battery life is something that we consider as kids don’t always remember to charge their gadgets. What happens if your kids’ tablet doesn’t charge for days? We will find out.

These factors will be taken into account before we give the tablet a star. T3 will then enter the tablet into its best tablets for kids buying list.

.Best Kids Tablets

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