Best Kids Tracker

Best Kids Tracker

best kids tracker


GPS trackers that are best for children are essential to back-to-school technology. After all, with students heading back to classrooms after more than a year of remote learning, a good GPS tracker can give nervous parents peace of mind about whether their kids made it safely to campus.

These trackers are simple to attach to backpacks or slip onto wrists. The best GPS trackers can send you alerts in the event of trouble.

Best parental control apps

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We consider all these factors to find the best GPS trackers. You can use these devices to track an older relative, but not one of your children. These are the results of our research for the best GPS tracking device for children.

best kids tracker

Which GPS Tracker Is Best for Kids?

Jiobit has been the best GPS tracker for kids, thanks to a kid-proof design that can withstand the elements, though the company has started taken orders on a new version. The original Jiobit worked seamlessly with the smartphones you or a caregiver might carry around, so you not only knew the location of your child but who they’re with a valuable feature if you rely on a nanny or babysitter and want to check in on how everyone is doing.

Lil Tracker allows you to have a smartwatch instead of a clip on tracker. However, the interface is confusing and it isn’t as comfortable to use for children. Although the Apple Watch SE may not be a traditional child tracker, it is interesting because of Apple’s Family Setup feature. This allows for the tracking of whereabouts of anyone wearing an LTE enabled smartwatch. Given the Apple Watch’s cost, though, we’d only recommend it for older kids or aging parents.

It’s possible to consider other options, such as a regular GPS tracker or one that is specifically designed for children. However we caution you against this. GPS trackers designed for children are made to be used by them. Spot Gen3 is a very precise GPS tracker that can prove difficult for children to use.

We also advise you to avoid using Apple’s AirTag for tracking anything else than objects. That tracker’s use of Ultra Wideband may make it tempting to use with kids or pets, but the range isn’t as good as a dedicated people tracker; what’s more, Apple discourages that kind of use case.

best kids tracker

Why You Should Avoid These Things

Apple’s new Apple Watch could be available as early as next week. But don’t ignore the Apple Watch SE, which can still be a great GPS tracker for kids at an affordable price. Apple’s Family Setup features lets you control an Apple Watch on behalf of another person, like a child or an elderly parent. And rather than being overkill, should you grab a cheaper option like the Apple Watch SE , you can monitor locations from afar.

Apple Watch SE is available in sizes 40mm and 44mm. It comes with an aluminum case that has silver, space gray and gold finishes. As the Apple Watch Series 6, the SE model has an accelerometer and gyroscope. Fall detection, noise monitoring is available, as well international emergency calls and SOS. This version of the Apple Watch 3 costs less than its more affordable counterpart. Parents will find this last feature particularly attractive if they are considering the Apple Watch SE for tracking purposes.

LTE is required to enable location tracking on the Apple Watch. The LTE version costs $329 (40mm) and $359 (44″). This includes additional monthly charges from your carrier. Family Setup is available to allow you to locate an Apple Watch SE that’s LTE-connected. Through Family Setup, you can set goals for fitness and send money. You also have the option to limit certain features at school.

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The Apple Watch SE can’t match other dedicated GPS trackers for kids in terms of battery life, as Apple only promises 18 hours of use. This means that the Apple Watch SE will need to be charged every night. The Apple Watch SE offers much more than just a kid tracker. It has activity tracking and a Fitness app.

(Image credit Tom’s Gose) Although the Apple Watch SE can be used for simple tracking, it is not the perfect solution. Apple Watch SE is the perfect solution for older teens who dislike the look of more advanced trackers or parents who want to keep an eye on their older child, and it offers both fashion and functionality.

Apple will likely announce new Apple Watches in September. Even though the Apple Watch 7 will not be sufficient to keep track of a kid’s movements, it is possible that we might see new SE models or pricing cuts for other Apple Watch options.

best kids tracker

How to Choose the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Below are the main criteria that we use to choose the best GPS device for your child.

Other than tracking your child’s location, GPS devices often offer numerous features such as two-way calling or geofenced zones to alert you when your child moves out of a given area. Let’s take a look at what features have been added to the devices and how these were done.

Performance: GPS Trackers should display the person’s exact location with regular updates when they move. How accurately each device located our position was taken into account. We have found that most trackers function better in open places, and less accurately in densely-populated urban areas.

Design: We looked at the GPS tracker’s dimensions and whether the device was easy to carry. We looked into durability. Can it handle rough-and–tumble visits to the playground?

Ease of use: We wanted to find devices that were easy enough for a small child to use, certainly, but also ones that wouldn’t give mom or dad fits during the setup and activation process. This is a universal tip. Don’t activate your GPS tracker inside a structure. Trackers hate being enclosed, especially at the beginning.

The price: You will need to pay a fee for each month. The monthly cost of each GPS tracker was considered, as well as whether you need to sign a contract. GPS trackers are often included in the price of their service, as an example of a free first year.

Security: Be sure to check the security protocols of your GPS tracker. And when setting up the device, make sure to change any default passwords or user names.

best kids tracker

Here’s how we test GPS trackers for kids

In the past few years, we’ve tested a half-dozen kid-friendly GPS trackers; initially we also tested alongside a trio of generic GPS trackers. The kid trackers were not available at the time, and they used AT&T 2G. Therefore we have removed their reviews from the guide. The trackers were used to monitor young children from both afar as well as to spot them amongst others.

For a better understanding of the tracker features we activate all push notifications. Voice capabilities are not tested except those which would cause 911 to be triggered. Also, as we move from spot to spot, we keep track of how well the battery life on each device.

Each companion app for each tracker is examined. We also research the monthly service cost for each tracker we review.

best kids tracker

Does this Gps tracking device for children also work well for senior citizens and pets?

You may not want to lose track of just your kids. GPS trackers are a good way to monitor seniors and your pets. The best GPS trackers are not only for kids, but also for seniors and pets.

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Jiobit makes both the Jiobit Next version of their tracker. Because it is so neutral that children or grandchildren can use it, Jiobit charges the same amount for each device. Jiobit offers a service plan that includes both a tracker and a fabric pouch. This can be attached to a collar for pets.

Lil Tracker watches for senior citizens come in a less conservative black and are slightly more expensive than those for kids, at least the 2G model. Seniors and children can both purchase 4G Lil Tracker watches for $129. There is a version for pets that the company makes, but it’s not currently available.

Apple Watch SE’s stylish design appeals to seniors. And, the LTE version is the same price no matter which smartwatch you are wearing.

PetsRadar’s sister site PetsRadar features reviews on pet-specific products.

best kids tracker

Angelsense Kids’ Gps Tracker

The AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker has been rated the top GPS tracker for children. This GPS tracker for kids is intended to be used to find children who have Autism and Dementia. It can also be used to easily locate anyone, thanks to its intelligent features and real-time location bells.

AngelSense’s powerful feature is its two-way voice calling. This allows you to reach your child anytime, anywhere. No need for complicated button presses. This exclusive device is called the Diary Lock and registers data for 30 seconds every time it is synchronized.

This GPS child device has a lot of options and is high-end. Plans start at about $30 per month. There are always installment options. These plans have key features such as voice communication and constant location updates, bonding alerts, voice communication and voice communication. It is the ideal virtual guardian of your child. You can trust your instincts with it.


Two-way calling exclusive

Regular Location Alerts

best kids tracker

Check out the best GPS trackers for kids

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to find a missing phone, locate a lost car in the parking lot, and even track packages and food deliveries. How do you keep up with your children? Now, more than ever, parents want to be able to stay in touch with their children throughout the day and be able to verify that their children arrived safely at school, made it home okay in the afternoon and are safe while they’re out playing and visiting new places. Many parents hesitate to grant their children access on a phone. GPS tracking devices can be the next best thing.

GPS trackers are a great way for parents to check on the location of their kids, be notified about important events and communication with them. You can find a wide range of GPS trackers available, but each one works differently. We are breaking down some of the most popular GPS trackers for kids, and sharing the characteristics that set them apart.

best kids tracker

Best Overall: Tracki Mini

Source: Tracki

The Tracki Mini works in real-time, offering unlimited distance tracking around the world. You can easily track kids around the globe if you add the international SIM card. It also tracks luggage, keys, and valuables. Tracki Mini is so impressive that I have also given it high marks in my list of best vehicle GPS trackers.

The Tracki Mini is small and lightweight, making it ideal for attaching to kids’ belts, tossing in a backpack, or sliding on a lanyard. Monitored in realtime, battery life lasts two to three days. A battery that is checked less frequently can last one month. There’s a service fee with this model. Tracki Mini users who are only using it for vacation purposes will have to pay slightly more than those who commit to long-term plans. The Tracki Mini is tiny, accurate, syncs to your smartphone, and works perfectly inside and outside.

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Realtime tracking

Can be attached to a lanyard

Keeps track of everything

best kids tracker

Ticktalk 3, the Best Smartwatch

Source TickTalk

Children younger than 10 years old will enjoy having their smartwatch. The TickTalk 3 blends the best of adult smartwatches with the GPS tracking features of non-wearables. One of the best ways to guarantee your child keeps their GPS tracker on is by strapping it to his/her wrist.

TickTalk 3 features 4G LTE and Wi-Fi calling as well as smart messaging. It also has excellent location tracking. While it works just like a regular smartphone, this one is intended for younger children (under 12). The TickTalk can be powered by your current cell line, or you may pay a fee per month for RedPocket’s prepaid service.

The TickTalk 3 comes with a replaceable nylon sport band. Both the band and watch are IP67 waterproof, making them safe for swimming in rainy areas or near pools. With the included locator app, parents can check in with children via video call. It has a short life span. TickTalk3 lasts for approximately one day. If you’re OK with plugging this smartwatch in nightly , this is one of the best kids’ GPS trackers.

GPS Accurate

Fun smartwatch look

2-way Video calling

best kids tracker

Data Includes: Invoxia Gps tracker

Source Invoxia

This looks like a tiny thumb drive but is one of the most useful GPS trackers for kids. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker has 4G-LTE connectivity and can work anywhere in the United States.

This is a standalone device that takes one hour to charge. The battery can be charged once it has been fully charged. It will last for up to 4 months. The app is free and allows you to track your children, vehicles, or other valuables as they move from one place to another.

Get alerts by email or SMS when your child leaves an area such as your backyard or playground. Invoxia integrates with IFTTT to allow you to set up custom alerts on multiple devices. The only problem with the Invoxia is its wrist lanyard, which doesn’t fit well for children. You can make a neck lanyard or place the included string around a belt or backpack loop. It’s not difficult, but you’ll need to be a little creative with attaching this unit to anyone or anything.

3 months of tracking per recharge

Data for 2 years


Which Kid Tracker App Is Best?

ESET Parental Control for Android.Glympse.Family Locator – GPS Tracker.Find My Kids – Child Locator.Family Locator with GPS Tracker.Kaspersky SafeKids.MMGuardian Parental Control.SecureTeen Parental Control.More items…

What’s the best way for me to keep track of my child?

Navigate to the Family Link app. Choose your child. On the “Location card”, tap Set Up. It may take some time before your child finds their location.

Are there Trackers for Children?

Trackers are easy to carry, clipping on to a backpack or slipping easily onto a wrist, and they let you know your kids’ location. Some GPS trackers that are best for children can also send out alerts to other caregivers and you if the situation becomes serious.

Can You Track Your Child With A Fitbit?

Fitbit Ace 3 monitors kids’ active minutes, sleep, and steps. Parents can view all this information in the parent’s companion app. Fitbit added Family Face Off challenges to allow siblings and parents to compete for active time.

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