Best Kids Trampoline

best kids trampoline

This is the list of 10 top trampolines that kids can use in 2021

While trampolines are a danger to your children’s safety you realize that they can be dangerous for their health. You will supervise them and ensure safety. After careful consideration you have decided to invest in trampolines for the benefit of your family.

You can find a variety of trampoline models and brands. Here are the details and specifications to help you make an informed and sensible decision. Skywalker Trampoline has the best value. This trampoline is great fun. I love the safety features which help lower injury risks.

The Full Size Skywalker Trampoline for children over six years of age is the right choice. It is solidly built and available in several sizes. I especially like the patented enclosure design.

There are round trampolines in sizes 10, 12, 14, 14 or 15 feet. Square and rectangular trampolines also available. The patented button hole feature, which attaches the enclosure net to the jumping surface to form a stay-put interlocking system to the trampoline’s jumping mat, allows the fence to be secured to the jumper.

Skywalker Mini Trampoline is worth the investment if your child is younger than 6. This trampoline is both fun and has extra safety features. Please keep in mind that it is intended only to be used indoors.

It can be used until age 7, or up to 100lbs. It has a 360° padding handle bar to help stabilize children when they jump. Jump mat is secured with an enclosure net that’s sewn to it. For little hands, you can use stretch bands to replace springs. Jumping mat for lilies that promotes animal identification and number recognition. Home indoor use only.

Continue reading to learn more about Skywalker trampolines and see other recommendations.

best kids trampoline

My Criteria

To decide which trampolines would be best for little ones, I looked at the following:

Size: Whether you’re buying an indoor or outdoor trampoline, you’ve likely got some space constraints. You can expect me to share some information on the size of your trampoline so you know what you have.

Age appropriateness. Based on the ages and interests of my children, I can help you make wise decisions. Although you may be searching for the right trampoline to fit your child’s needs, I also believe it should work well with your other children as they grow.

Assembled quickly: If you are averse to complicated set-ups, I feel this is an important factor. Every trampoline that I saw required assembly. Many require more than one person and some strength. Some models can be more difficult than others.

Safety Features: The safety features I mention can reduce the chance of injuries. There is no substitute to adult supervision when kids are jumping. However, certain trampoline features might help your kids stay safe.

Durability: You want some assurance that your trampoline will withstand the challenge of regular and frequent use by active, enthusiastic kids.

Pricing: What person doesn’t love to pay more for less? It is important to consider the price when selecting the trampoline that will best suit your needs.

best kids trampoline

Trampolines For Younger Kids: 3-6 Years Old

The list below is for the youngest set. This includes children aged 3-6 years. This list does not recommend trampolines for younger children. All of these trampolines can be used indoors.

Skywalker Mini trampolines are a very popular choice. They feature a mesh enclosure which prevents children from falling off of the jumping surface.

Size options available for sizes 40, 48, and 60 inches. Maximum weight limit: 100 lbs Warranty: One year warranty on the steel frame. All other parts are covered for 90 days after the original date of purchase.

What I enjoy: This trampoline’s bounce comes from 25 durable stretch chords. There are no metal springs in the system, which could cause injury to toddlers’ feet. A grip bar is included around the mesh enclosure so that children have something to hold onto if they are having trouble maintaining balance. Small children and pets can benefit from a safety net in the lower part of the enclosure. When others jump, prevent them from climbing under the mat.

Note: Children can injure themselves if the safety mesh is damaged or the foam that covers it becomes too fragile. Assembly can be tedious and difficult for some consumers.

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Skywalker, which is basically a mini trampoline, has extra safety and features.

My first trampoline

best kids trampoline

We have compiled the top 10 most popular trampolines to make bouncy fun.

The entire family will jump at these high-quality, safe trampolines.

All of us need more exercise. But getting children to take down their phones and walk instead is not an easy task. You can make exercise fun by using backyard trampolines.

The trampolines are a great cardio tool that helps kids pump their heart rate and improve balance. Trampolines are a fantastic way to release excess energy.

Things to consider. Even though trampolines are fun, they can be dangerous for young children. It is crucial to take into account the age of the children and their coordination abilities when choosing the trampoline. We considered the various sizes of trampolines, and we also looked at which ones are suitable for adults as well as those that can be used by younger children.

While it is important to follow safety guidelines when installing trampolines and supervise children when they are bouncing on them, there should also be supervision. They should discuss best practices for bouncing with caregivers.

How we picked Every trampoline We carefully selected for safety and entertainment. Additionally, trampolines were evaluated based upon their warranties and customer support. It was important to find trampolines which were well-rated by customers and that meet safety standards. Every trampoline you find here has been given at least a 4-star rating, and many have a rating of 4.5 stars and above.

We selected several styles and price ranges. Many are even suitable for interior use. The trampoline will make your family jump for joy.

best kids trampoline

These Are the Best Trampolines of 2021

These trampolines are best suited for children aged 3-7 years. You might want to look into a Big Kid trampoline 1. Original Toy Company Trampoline

This trampoline, which is great for young children, has a nice blue/yellow/red coloring scheme and it’s a popular choice. The trampoline folds down into a compact size that fits in small trunks or closets. Sometimes it’s nice to put these things away for a month or two, then take back out for renewed interest! They don’t have metal springs and instead use a set of very strong elastic straps. Elastric straps outperform bungee rope attachments which tend to wear after 8-12 month of regular use. They can last several years. It was easy to set-up and unpack in our testing living room. It was also very solidly built.

The trampoline’s 36-inch diameter is also the largest we found, at 150 pounds. Even mom may be able have fun with it! Fun! It features a large bouncing area, great elastic for trampolines, and firm enough to keep kids from jumping over. It was ranked #1 because of its use of elastic straps instead of the finicky bungee cord. Second, the trampoline has a high weight limit. Third, the 6-leg design makes it feel very strong. Finally, the assembly took only 10 minutes. There is one problem. As with many other trampolines, if your child gets bigger, they may put more weight onto the handlebar, which can cause the trampoline to lift from the ground when jumping. It is highly unlikely it will ever tip over but if your child becomes a lot heavier than 60+ pounds, you might consider adding weight to the back legs with something like a dumbell/bag of sand/rocks. Interested? You can check out the Original Toy Company trampoline here 2. Jump2It Kids Double Trampoline

It’s a mystery why trampoline manufacturers took so long to realize how fun it would be for kids to have a double trampoline. We tried it for the first time and loved it. The trampoline can be used by siblings or twins as well as playmates. It allows two children to jump at once while keeping their hands on the handle. It’s a great trampoline option for energetic kids who love to have fun together. It’s basically mini trampoline, with an oval shape to allow two children to use it. Nearly 3 feet and 4 inches in length, the longest dimensions are just above 4 feet. It rests approximately 9′ off the floor and is covered by a thick, padded mat. In terms of the bouncing surface, it’s pretty good – not as bouncy as the Bazoongi Bouncer, but still loads of fun. And when someone is jumping on the opposite side, if it’s timed correctly you’ll get a pretty big rebound effect where the other one springs up pretty high as a result of the other child’s jumping. Amazing to see this effect with a small indoor trampoline.

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It can be moved up and down in 4 inch increments from around 2 feet to 3 feet. The lowest setting is good for young toddlers, and the higher settings for kids between 3-5 years old. The 180-pound maximum weight of this trampoline means it can be used by parents even when their children are not watching. Ancheer mini double trampoline offers a more robust double trampoline, with a 220 pound weight limit. It is easy to set up, according to our testing. All you have do is unfold it and attach the legs. Finally, attach the handlebar. We were able to set it up in about 20 minutes. It was very well tested. Two units were used to test it. There are some reports of breakage, but we haven’t experienced any of them. One of the cons is that it has a 2-kid trampoline. This means that each kid’s jumping surface can be quite small, especially for children over seven years. It’s also not very buoyant, particularly for small children due to the taut trampoline surface. Interested? Jump2It Double Kids Trampoline is available for purchase here SereneLife 36” Kids Trampoline.

This trampoline is perfect for children under 3 years old. SereneLife is an excellent trampoline for children and teens. The trampoline has perimeter elastic bands instead of springs. In our opinion, elastic straps are slightly better than bungee cords for durability, and definitely safer than metal springs. It can pose a danger of pinching and can inflict severe injuries if one’s foot or leg touches the spring. We found the trampoline sturdy and well made. It doesn’t let kids bounce high and has a comfortable padded handle. You can see the handle from 24 inches away on the bouncer surface. This makes it suitable for children 4-14 years of age.

There is one downside to this trampoline. Once your toddler has reached about 40-50 lbs, or if they’re a good jumper, it may lift slightly off the ground when big jumping. We haven’t seen any reports of it tipping over, but some parents have attached something heavy to the back of it to prevent it from lifting off the ground. Another minor gripe is that it would be nice to have an adjustable handlebar height. Outside of that, we love this new addition to our list, and are happy to have tried it out! Interested? See the SereneLife trampoline for kids here. Little Tikes 36″ Toddler Trampoline.

best kids trampoline

These Are the 2021 Best Big Kid Trampolines!

Model Link to Amazon: Skywalker Adventure #2 Big Kid: Skywalker Jump Dunk #3 Big Kid: Skywalker LilyPad #4 Big Kid: My Bouncer Castle

The most durable and reliable options are the best. An alternative option to a traditional bounce-house is one that you might consider.

1. Skywalker 60″ Adventure Trampoline.

This trampoline comes in a couple different themes, with varied diameters: the seaside adventure is 60″ diameter, and the zoo animal theme has a 48″ diameter (and quite a bit lower price). We tested out the 60″ seaside version, though we assume the 48″ version is very similar. Skywalker is a trusted trampoline manufacturer with an impeccable reputation for safety. The trampoline does not disappoint. It’s suitable for children aged 3-7 and weighs in at 100 lbs. The trampoline’s 360-degree handle is padded and can be held by children when they jump for the first time. This unit uses a bungee cord rather than springs, so there’s no pinch hazard – but bungees do tend to wear out and break a bit faster than metal springs or elastic straps. We have one of these units in our back yard now for almost four years. It has not suffered any breakage and remains sturdy. While the foam vertical bar pads and white foam bars have almost disintegrated, they have all been bleached and are no longer visible. It still works well! There is a fun zippered front that makes the trampoline less frustrating than other Velcro entrances. This trampoline isn’t easy to put together. The instructions are terrible and there are tons of pieces. It also requires some tricky flexing in order to attach the inside handlebars. Skywalker trampolines is a trusted brand that will give you years of entertainment and a great reputation. Interested? Get the SkyWalker trampoline at this link. Skywalker Jump N’Dunk trampolines

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This trampoline has it all! It’s perfect for big jumping. Skywalker offers a range of “jump and dunk” trampolines. They come in sizes from 8 feet to 17 feet. The trampolines are available in regular and irregular circular shapes, as well as oval and square versions. All of them also come in a range of colors and patterns, like blue, green red and camouflage pattern. They are big, well made, and a bit expensive relative to others on this list (but cheap relative to fancier brands). The safety features remain: they are placed on the inner side of high-quality heavy duty springs. Their weight ranges between 175 and 250 pounds, depending on their size. We found overall good build quality, including strong welds as well as galvanized steel T bars at key support points. The dual-zippered opening allows for entry and exit. On the sides, vertical bars have been foam padded with curves to protect them from being bumped into during jumps. You should note that the trampoline’s overall diameter will be measured from the top of the frame. The jumping surface will therefore always be approximately 2 feet smaller. Therefore, an 8-foot trampoline looks more like a 6-foot jumping floor, whereas a 12-foot trampoline feels more like a 10-foot jumping platform. We tried the 12 foot trampoline in our testing. We took 2 hours to put together the trampoline (with 2 persons) with help from the spring-pull device. Overall, it was very well built, with great jumping. It also seemed sturdy and well made. Although the velcro-on/off basketball hoops were a great addition, we didn’t use them much so it was just removed. Over time, we expected the foam covers of the vertical bars to lose quality, the padding to fade in color, and the entrance/exit zipper to break. It has been about 8 months at the time of this writing, and the zipper hasn’t broken and foam covers haven’t broken apart yet. The color of the pad is starting to fade, even with the protection from UV, but this is normal with any item left out in bright sunlight. It is a good trampoline that will serve you well for years. Our favorite trampoline size is the 12-foot one. It has enough space to fit growing kids and enough weight capacity for parents with under 200 lbs. The parents also get half the joy by being able to bounce! It is highly recommended to purchase a trampoline that can be used outdoors. This will provide you with plenty of enjoyment for many years.

3. Skywalker 40” Lilypad Trampoline

Similar to the 60 inch Seaside Adventure, this is a great option for those with smaller spaces. The 40-inch diameter is equivalent to a 30″ jump surface. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces, but can be a bit too narrow for children. We love the 60′ version for its zippered door, inner perimeter handlebar, sturdy netting, reliable construction, high quality, and reliability. The netting attaches to the inside springs/bungee. Its 40 inch diameter makes the interior feel narrow, however, it proved to be perfect for children ages 3 through 6. Our 7 year old gave it a shot and thought it was too constrained to enjoy. You can still enjoy a lot of fun with it, even though the weight is 100 pounds less than that of its larger counterpart. As with the larger size, assembly was our only complaint. You should also note that the vertical foam padding will fall apart slightly if it is left out like the previous one. This can be purchased online for $55, and should last about 2 to 3 years, until your child is around 5-6.

.Best Kids Trampoline

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