Best Phone Watch For Kids

best phone watch for kids

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Verizon GizmoWatch II A reliable, affordable smartwatch suitable for children. You can use voice commands and limitless texting to make calls. Your child can also be tracked with this smartwatch.

TickTalk 4 Bigger and more durable, with a camera

TickTalk 4 comes with a camera to take photos or video calls and can hold up 50 contacts. The watch is durable but also big and bulky.

Amazon $190* Additional $10 discount with TickTalk Coupon $190

Best performing, most expensive

Apple Watch SE is our favorite smartwatch. However, this watch can be difficult to use and it is only accessible for iPhone users.

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best phone watch for kids

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In my research for the guide, I talked with over a dozen parents, as well as surveyed another dozen through social media about smartwatches. To get their views, I met with a few of my daughters’ friends (10-11 years). Also, I talked to a technology analyst and representatives from several devices manufacturers in an effort to gauge the market. In order to see the options available to brick-and-mortar shoppers, I went into my nearest AT&T and Verizon stores, as well as Best Buy and Target. Blog posts, reviews, and other reports regarding smartwatches, basic phones, and kids’ smartphones were all available online.

A veteran technology journalist, my reporting on tech trends has been for (San Francisco Chronicle) and the San Francisco Chronicle. Wirecutter’s Guide to Best Apps to Manage a Kid’s Smartphone and Advice on Setting up Tablets for Kids is also my book. As a parent to an 11-year old and 13-year-old I feel vested in helping them choose a tablet that isn’t too distracting and allows them to be more independent.

best phone watch for kids

These Smartwatches are Cheaper than a Phone for Kids

It’s easy to know their exact location without getting lost.

Parents don’t like the thought of strapping their children’s smartwatches to their wrists. The average child requires less screen time than a smartphone. Smartwatches made for kids that can communicate with two people, track and even geofence, as well as other functions, are great for parents. If anything, a kids phone watch lets you simplify rather than adding to the static and clutter of modern childhood. You can also use it as a digital tool to help your child gain autonomy and confidence. The ability to quickly react to an emergency is a key feature. It’s possible to get all of that benefits from a tiny piece of technology like a children’s phone watch and its military-grade GPS. This is something many parents would agree with.

You can pre-order Fatherhood now, our detailed guide to giving birth and budgeting for a successful father!

Dads who are interested in getting their child the first smart watch for them should feel secure. Smartphones have unrestricted access to internet and social media. Data charges and vulnerability to losing data can make it difficult to get lost. However, the wrist-mounted watches provide more communication options and they don’t require a browser. They also fit easily to smaller bodies. The watches can be used for calling, texting and GPS tracking. They even come with pre-approved contact lists. Granted, some do include activities, but when a child gets a taste for an iPhone or iPad, little else satisfies. Bonus: Any smartwatches will be less expensive than smartphones. They also have a lower cost of upkeep and more economical data plans. Watches on this list are simple to use and allow children and adults alike to keep in touch. The whole point.

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You can find the Vivofit Jr. #3 in many kid-themed cartoons like Marvel and Disney (shown here). The Vivofit Jr. Differing from its adult line, its battery is replaceable by the year, so your child doesn’t have to take it off (and potentially lose it). Apps can reward chores and grades, as well other measurables.

3 Activity Tracker For Kids By Fitbit

The Ace 3 offers parental control, an app designed for children, as well as accessories such as Minions themed options. This is the perfect coach to help kids get more exercise and still have fun. This device is both water and ding-resistant so they can easily handle bumps. With up to eight days’ worth of juice, the won’t have to take it off.

best phone watch for kids

The Contents

Features of Kids Smart Watch You Should Pay Attention To

GPS Tracking

Calling for SOS Alerts


Watch Round-up

With our extensive guide on the best smartphones watches, and what features to look out for when selecting a watch that will fit your child’s needs, we have made the process easier. Many people consider smartwatches an important part of their life in this technological age. Continue reading to see our review of the top GPS watches for children in 2021.

GPS Tracking

best phone watch for kids

Gadgets from High Quality Brands

Best: Find My Kids Watches Overview : The FindMyKids product line offers both 2G and 4G compatible smartwatches that come with a whole host of basic or premium features. Each FindMyKids watch is a very sophisticated yet simple device that entertains children while giving parents peace of mind.

These waterproof watches have features that vary depending on which model you choose. Purchases come with a Free Family License Plan that allows full integration to the FindMyKids App, so parents are completely in control of their kid.

FindMyKids is one of our longest-lasting smartphones watches, with some models having a capacity of 680 mAH.

Alters 3-12 Years



longest-lasting battery;

best phone watch for kids

Best Kids Smartwatch With Long Battery Life: Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 doesn’t look like your typical fitness tracker. It’s like a fun social studies/P.E. The class is a mix of social studies and P.E. right on the wrists of your kids. When they reach daily activity goals, kids can unlock games and activities that teach them about the world around them and allow them to have adventures across the globe. My son enjoyed the opportunity to travel the world and was fascinated by Egypt’s pyramids.

Vivofit allows parents to set up reminders on their phones for chores and other tasks. It was not a pleasant moment for my son to glance down at the wrist and see it was time unloading the dishwasher. But, there were five other things I could tell him.

Technical Specifications It will last for at least one year. Yes. 1 year. It’s one year. No cables to lose, chargers to be lost, or juice running low in the middle. Vivofit Jr.3 uses a replacement battery just as every other watch in the universe. And it’s revolutionary in this moment in my life of cord chaos. This activity tracker is not capable of sending messages and only connects via Bluetooth with the parent’s Android or iOS phone.

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best phone watch for kids


The MeritSoar Kids’ Smart Watch for Boys and Girls closely resembles an adult smart watch. It can take photographs and has games. Track your child’s movements with GPS. You can also use the watch to send messages.

If you child is interested in the latest technologically advanced toys, he or she will love the best futuristic toys for kids which make role playing games enjoyable.

Funntech Smart Watch for Kids stands apart with its unique style and high performance. The open design allows for the installation of a 2G GSM sim card, and you can make phone calls with it. It can also receive and send short messages – seven of which come prewritten. Parents love the Phone Watch Mode, but you still have the option to use Funntech in the SmartPhone Companion Mode or without a SIM.

Funntech Smart Watches feature a step counter for tracking steps and keeping track of the activity level. The watch also features a calculator and a sleep monitor to track sleep quality. It can also be used as a reminder device for sedentary activities. Your older child can also have access to Facebook and Twitter. Teens will be able to use the browser to conduct research on homework and school projects. This touchscreen is 1.54 inches in size and allows for easy loading of these apps via touch controls.

Funntech Smart Watch is durable, as the thick silicone used to make its face and clasps are waterproof. The watch is soft and non-irritating.

53 inch touchscreen

Multiple Applications

best phone watch for kids


The YENISEY Kids Smartwatch for Children is a good choice as a starter watch. The smartwatch comes with fun games, a camera and a simple-to-use interface. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift, this is the one.

Whether you want to track time, shoot and store images, or make phone calls on demand, the Kids Music Game Smart Watch is the best brand to use. It has a soft silicone strap that can be adjusted, making it comfortable for all users. Use a 1GB micro SD card to create ample storage space for your photos and or videos.

Your child likes to listen to music in his/her free time. The Kids Music Game Smart Watch has a built-in music player that he or she will enjoy. Simply load the desired music to a Micro SD slot and start playing it using the app.

This watch’s digital clock can be read easily and is very accurate, making it perfect for school. You can set 24/12 hour clock modes or set the alarm to help your child get an early start on those school mornings. Another notable feature is its easy-to-use games that allow for play of up to 15 minutes, 30-60 or 90 minutes. You will not feel any irritation if you wear it throughout the day.

Fun puzzle games

Comfortable design

High definition cam

best phone watch for kids

1. Xplora Go

Why we like it: It’s basically a phone on your kid’s wrist – in a good way PS99.99, Amazon This pleasant-looking, waterproof watch includes a camera, a pedometer, an alarm clock and a stopwatch. It can make and send calls straight from the watch, which really makes it stand out.

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Parents who do not want their children to own a cell phone, but need to remain in contact with them, should find this useful. Plus, the watch’s contact list is controlled from the app on an adult’s phone (and two parents can access this so little Tamantha won’t constantly be bothering just one of you to add grandma’s number to her device.) It’s possible to add contacts. However, the contact won’t be adding anybody you don’t approve.

The call quality is actually really good; the watch has a crystal clear microphone and speaker. The watch does not have a headset port so you can not use the phone for private calls.

The functionality of parental control doesn’t stop there. You can use the app to set school times on your smartphone. This will allow you to change the time of the day and notify Tamatha if necessary.

You can also use the GPS tracking feature to keep track of where your child is located. The watch can be held down by the user for a short time to send an SOS message. If you notice, trust me. Your phone lights up, the volume goes full blast, and a siren sounds. Safety zones can be set around schools, such as a 500-meter radius. If your child wanders outside of any one of these zones you will receive an alert.

Sony collaborated to bring the XPLORA GO UP to kids and offer in-game rewards to help them reach their goals.

The battery life on the XPLORA 3S, which I previously criticized, was only 36 hours. This suggests that kids might forget to charge the device. The GO comfortably lasted nearly a week before it needed to be charged. This is clearly an area that XPLORA has invested in.

best phone watch for kids

These are the 11 best kid’s GPS cell phone watches

These options are available if you’re looking to buy a new phone for your children.

1. Wonbo Kid’s GPS Tracker Smart Watch Do you need a GPS tracker smartwatch to help your child? No worry! Wonbo has brought you this one of the best and amazing kids smartwatch. You and your kids will both love the watch. Let’s now see the amazing and very useful features included in this product.

Two way calls – You can dial the watch and your child will also be able to call you via this smartwatch

GPS tracker enables and compatible with all Android and iPhones – allow you to trace your kid’s location anytime, anywhere via SMS, website, Android or iOS app

Health Tracker: Allows you track the fitness of your kid

Dual Position Mode: This doubles your safety for your kids

2. The Oaxis smartwatch is for children. This stylish and fashionable kid’s phone has GPS tracking capabilities that allow you to track the activities of your child remotely.

.Best Phone Watch For Kids

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