Best Ps3 Games For Kids

best ps3 games for kids

Carnival Island, Name of The Game

Carnival Island has a lively, supportive gameplay that is kid-friendly. A couple of games have slight violence, but it’s nothing of a concern and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

This game is made up of 35 mini games that all revolve around the carnival theme. There are many games to play, including mini bowling and basketball throws.

This game allows players to create fun mirror cut-outs in their house. These are adorable and kids will love them.

You can have the carnival-like experience of the game right at your home. The games can be enjoyed by all members of your family including kids.

for children above 5 years Genre: Parties, family, and carnival Best PS3 Games For Older Kids

As older children have better skills and understanding, you might find many PS3 games suitable for them. While you are browsing through games, make sure that the game is appropriate and does not contain any offensive elements. This list includes 7 PS3 titles that are popular with teens and older people.

best ps3 games for kids

Ps3 Games Ages 7+

Disney Sing It Think! Karaoke with Disney songs & stars What could be better?

Most people are familiar with Minecraft. Minecraft is available on almost every platform, and it’s a big hit among gamers of all ages. The gist is simple: World building and “zombie escaping.” Don’t worry they’re the world’s least scary Barbie And Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue This is a bit of a sleeper hit. This is a wonderful gift for Barbie-loving children.

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This was basically a compilation of the best Katamari games for PlayStation 3. Katamari is simply a series of silly looking characters embarking on absurd adventures. Ideal for young children who still have a good grasp of video gaming.

Portal will appeal to kids who like strategy and puzzles. Your child might have to learn patience and follow the instructions of your parents, especially if they’re not gifted in these areas.

The game of Create is one-third world building, two-thirds creativity. Children who have some knowledge of gaming are best to play this game. They will be able to understand the process and how it works. It’s great fun for the entire family to participate in solving, creating and exploring.

Little Big Planet 2 Little Big Planet is a wildly popular game series. Sackboy, a charming little character, is your main character. You will need to navigate various levels.

Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs Got a budding paleontologist in your home? Feed that thirst for science and all things dinos with Wonderbooks: Walking With Dinosaurs. This educational and interactive game let’s your little Ross Gellar explore the world when dinosaurs ruled the planet and adventure waited around every corner.

best ps3 games for kids

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Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Minecraft. PlayStation 3 LEGO Marvel, Avengers. PS3 Powerextra Wireless controller compatible with PS-3. Katamari Forever. Buy now From Amazon Katamari Forever offers the best of the Katamari titles. It is an action and puzzle game appropriate for kids of all ages.

Katamari allows players to retrieve junk from other areas and to solve puzzles.

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You can play the entire game on 34 levels. The majority of these stages are inside the brains of kings who have suffered amnesia. These scenes are in monochrome. The objective of these levels is simple – to bring back color to those scenes by collecting the junk around.

The other half of the stages feature the replacement of the king, the RoboKing, who goes on a rampage.

Katamari Forever requires a single player to play. However, it can be played online with other players.

You may find your child is less excited if he has played previous versions. Most stages of Katamari Forever are the same as the older versions. Katamari Forever will be an excellent game that you can buy for your kid.

Release date: September 2009 Rating: 7 on IGN Genre: Action Puzzle Suitable for: Ages 8 and up Portal 2 Buy Now From Amazon A highly engaging puzzle game, Portal 2 is a major hit among PS3 games users. It’s a first person action game. There is no explicit violence.

best ps3 games for kids

The Best Ps3 Games for Families

Families that play, stay together. Play these top family-friendly games on your PS3 for a fun family time.

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You can all enjoy this game, which was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where Wild Things Are.

The PS3 version of Where The Wild Things Are is completely different to the film and book.

The role of Max the angry child will require children to take on this role and guide Max in channeling his frustrations in a positive way.

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Max allows players to throw and disrupt items in his immediate environment, such as beehives, flower bushes, or gooey creatures.

Max may be swallowed by the Wild Thing Monsters from time to time, but it’s not scary enough for children.

best ps3 games for kids

Portal 2

Portal 2 is an amazing puzzle game you can play on PS3. The action game is a great choice for kids, even though it contains violence. The game features a thrilling storyline where children must play the role if one of the humanoids. For the kids to be successful in solving puzzles they must communicate with their environment.

These are great games that children should play. PS3 is the most popular gaming console for kids. Find the best games for your child to help you strengthen your brain.

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.Best Ps3 Games For Kids

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