Best Smart Watch For Kids

Best Smart Watch For Kids

best smart watch for kids

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Verizon GizmoWatch 2 A dependable, affordable smartwatch for kids This affordable smartwatch designed for kids allows for voice calls and limited texting, and it lets you track your child’s location.

TickTalk 4 Larger and stronger, using a camera

TickTalk4 includes a camera that can be used for video and photos, as well as the ability to make up to 50 contact. Although the watch is rugged, it can also be bulky and large.

Additional $10 Discount on Amazon Purchases $190 *TickTalk Price: $190

Best performing, most expensive

Apple Watch SE, the most flexible and easy-to use smartwatch we tried, is expensive and only available for iPhone users.

Might be out-of-stock Buy from Apple

best smart watch for kids

Why you should trust us

In my research for the guide I talked with over a dozen parents and conducted a survey via social media to get their opinions on smartwatches and cell phones. To get their views, I met with a few of my daughters’ friends (10-11 years). Additionally, I spoke to a technology analyst and representatives of several manufacturers in order to understand the market. For a look at what is available for brick-and mortar shoppers, I went to my local Target, Verizon and Best Buy stores. You can also find reviews on the internet, as well blog posts and reports, about smartwatches and basic phone for children.

Long-time journalist in technology, I’ve covered mobile tech news for as well as the San Francisco Chronicle. I am also the author of Wirecutter’s guide to the best apps to manage a kid’s smartphone and advice on how to set up a tablet for kids . Last but not least, being a parent of an eleven-year-old boy and a thirteen-year old girl, I have a personal interest in helping them pick the right device. This will allow me to monitor them and keep them safe as they explore new places on their feet.

best smart watch for kids

These are the 12 best smartwatches for kids who don’t need a smartphone yet

Perfect gift idea for your techie friend or teenager.

Children’s smartwatches are more cost-effective and less expensive than other models, and were specifically designed for younger age groups. Many apps and games are included in these smartwatches for kids. There’s also a built-in camera that allows you to take great selfies. Others are full-fledged communication gadgets that support phone calls, texts, and GPS tracking.

Most smartwatches for kids don’t rely on a data connection, but for teens, we’ve listed a handful of smartwatches in this guide that do sync with smartphones or have an independent data connection so that your child can send messages with their loved ones.

Smartwatches are a great middle ground option for children who want a phone but can’t find one. Although they won’t allow unlimited access to the web like a phone, some smartwatches aren’t subject to data charges. These models can be used as a transition tool to give your child greater autonomy and tech-savvy. And they are cheaper than smartphones. Check out the smartwatches that are best for children now.

best smart watch for kids


(Image credit to Fitbit) Last updated Smartwatches no longer have to only be for adults. Smartwatches now come in a variety of models that are more appealing to young people.

These smartwatches have smart fitness trackers and are among the top smartwatches.

Because during the summer holidays, you want to make sure your kids are staying active, rather than spending every day in bed playing Fortnite. You might encourage creativity with the best cameras for children. If you have a teenager, it is worth looking at the top smartwatches both for adults and teens.

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best smart watch for kids

How do you choose the best smartwatches for kids and teens?

This is a breakdown of the things to consider when choosing the right smartwatch for teens and kids.

Capabilities. The top smartwatches are not only capable of tracking your fitness, but also have additional features like step counters and Google Maps/GPS.

The battery life of these smartwatches is generally 7-10 days depending on the usage. You can also rely on the battery to keep you going for at least a full year.

Durability: Watches that are IPX or waterproof can resist liquid damage. Some watches also have a sealed case to protect against dirt and sand. You can protect your face with a scratch-resistant finish.

Band: Although the band doesn’t directly control what your watch does, children can have a hard time choosing colors or comfort when they wear it daily. There are many options for bands and straps available from most brands, which will allow you to ensure that they have the right color and design. It’s important to have a wrist strap that’s adjustable, but not too tight. Kids’ wrist sizes will change over time so it should be flexible.

Age Range: Teens are going to want different features than kids, like contactless payments, calendars, yoga and workout guidance, sleep and hydration tracking, skin temperature (for meditation and exercise), calorie counter, and storage for photos. This is a great gift idea for teens and tweens. It should have an interface that fits their life.

You can even attach the watch to it so there’s no chance of losing your cell phone.

best smart watch for kids

Best Smartwatch For Kids: Info To Help You Make A Wise Choice

TEACHER PET Little Tips Tobi Robot smartwatch Review Price An easy-to-use learning tool disguised to be a digital animal.

This smartwatch is a great buy because it offers fun features at a low price.

KEEP KIDS ON TRACK Garmin Vivofit Jr.

This stylish activity monitor counts sheep strides and strokes.

A smartwatch is a great gift idea for kids. Smartwatches help promote healthy living habits through the tracking of steps. They can teach children the responsibility of owning a cool gadget. They can provide parental peace of mind, acting as a GPS tracker for kids to monitor your child’s location (with the kid’s knowledge, of course). They can also make little ones smile and remind them of how cool their parents are sometimes. It’s not as easy as picking the perfect Fitbit or Apple Watch. The outfitting of a child comes with its own considerations. Will you use GPS, or step tracking? Is it better to have a watch that is specifically designed for children than one made for adults? Here’s how to wrap your head around picking the best smartwatch for kids.

The best GPS watch for children:

Best health tracker for kids:

best smart watch for kids

Benefits of smartwatches to kids

If you’ve ever owned a smartwatch yourself, you know how convenient and useful they are it’s no different for children. They’re a great alternative to smartphones, especially for young children.

It is a common mistake to gift a young child a cell phone. Many aren’t responsible or mature enough to have one. Smartwatches attach securely to children’s wrists and are cheaper.

Some smartwatches are designed to be worn by young children. They will allow you to track your baby while they’re with friends at school. Many allow you to make two-way phone calls so that you can stay in touch.

Also, they are great for older child. For ages 6 and up, smartwatches offer fitness trackers , timers, and calendars that can give youngsters the independence they yearn for.

Smartwatches are not recommended for children who feel distracted. Or at least, don’t let them wear it to school.

If your child spends most of their time at home alone, then a smartwatch is not necessary.

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best smart watch for kids

What To Look For In A Smartwatch For A Kid

The most crucial factor in parents considering smartwatches for keeping track of their busy kids will be GPS. Verizon Gizmosos, true smartwatches, act much more like cell phones. Parents can view a live map of where their kids are located and they have the ability to make and receive calls. Fitbit Ace 2 wearables, which are focused more on exercise tracking, might not have location services. Instead they may offer two-way communication. Not feeling like playing with apps? It is possible to get a standalone smartwatch that doesn’t need any investment.

Watches focused on physical activity do have their advantages, though. Parent who are concerned about screen time won’t be disappointed by smart fitness trackers. They can not only monitor your activity but also encourage you to move. Kids can check their step count for the day or get a reminder to stand up for a few minutes, but the most fun part is easily the on-screen celebration when a daily activity or sleep goal is met. While settings can easily be changed in the app’s parent section, setting up your own alarm and/or following your activity rules is a good way for children to learn responsibility.

A smartwatch might be replacing the need for a whole phone or tablet, but that doesn’t mean entertainment is completely off the table. Some watches geared toward younger children have games from math and numbers challenges to augmented reality mysteries, and a camera with funny face filters might pop up, too. The resolution of this small screen is amazing and will keep children busy at the counter, waiting in line, or even in their car.

Things will go a lot smoother when your kid is in on the plan. You may decide to get a watch that has GPS boundary or location tracking. Having your child know you are able to see where they are can help foster respect, even though it might initially be met with resistance.

Check out these smartwatches that kids will love in 2021.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

best smart watch for kids

Verizon Gizmowatch 2 The Best Smartwatch (And For Parents)

Verizon As the name suggests, the GizmoWatch 2 is more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker.

This watch is slightly larger and features a blue/pink strap. It also features a bright and colorful 1.4 inch screen, just like the Apple Watch. It’s water-resistant. The battery can last between 2 and 4 days depending on the usage.

The GizmoHub app is designed to be installed on a parent’s phone, and from there, they’ll be able to set up location alerts, to-do lists, step goals, “quiet times,” and more.

This will make it easier for parents to keep track of their child’s whereabouts. It is possible for the child to call or message 10 contact (including their parents) as well as other users to be designated guardians. It’s useful when both parents desire to track their children.

Easy to use for both parents and kids, the device could be the smartest watch for those who care about communication and security. Keep in mind, though, that while the tracking of health is not as advanced as some other features, the majority are beneficial for parents.

best smart watch for kids

Fitbit Ace 3: Best Kids Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Fitbit has a reputation for creating smartwatches that track steps and encourage exercise. While the Ace 3 may be more of a health tracker, its smartwatch features are excellent.

Fitbit Ace 3 follows the footsteps of Ace 2. The Fitbit Ace 3 has a large screen and easy integration to the Fitbit App. It also features a sturdy design. The bright screen, although it is large, has a black background and is not too striking. It is a good choice for children who are slightly older. The three colors available and the fun strap options, including a Minions-inspired design, help to mitigate this basic look.

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Ace 3 is a great device. It has impressive battery life (up to eight days), a solid heart rate sensor , 50-meter water resistance, robust activity tracking, sleep tracking , and some nifty features like a bedtime reminder. Its best feature is its encouragement through the various targets that help you to develop healthy habits. It does lack some of the features found on grown-up models, though. You won’t find a GPS or a countdown timer. This is still the most effective fitness tracker available for children who want to be more active.

The best fitness trackers for kids: Get your kids moving

best smart watch for kids

Apple Watch Se deserves an honorable mention

Apple Watches now have a family mode called Family Setup that lets users set up and manage a device for another user. It’s great for people who don’t own iPhones, but share a home with one. This is a great option for children who want to purchase the watch.

We called the Apple Watch SE “smartwatch most people need to buy” in our review. However, the Apple Watch SE is only suitable for children over the age of 8. Because of its complicated user interface, this is why it’s not suitable for younger children. But, the stunning display and wide selection of apps from third parties will make kids who are lucky enough to own one happy. You can also find apps for your parents that mirror the capabilities of these devices. While the Apple Watch is the smartwatch that is best for kids is the Apple Watch, the cost is still high. The UI for it is less user-friendly.

For more details about the Apple Watch SE, read our comprehensive review.

The Best smartwatches Wearables

best smart watch for kids

Kid Smartwatches with Gps

GizmoWatch allows you to monitor where your kid is at all times. You can use a GPS locator to locate GizmoWatch and the child it’s attached too. You can even set up boundaries to get an alert when they travel outside them. Quick Dial, Auto Answer and Voicemail features allow you to quickly reach your child. Up to 10 people can be added to this list. The watch can be used as a fitness monitor and watch. You can even set alarms or reminders. You can also get it in pink and blue.

TickTalk3 3 Unlocked 4GLTE Universal Kids Smart Watch

This smartwatch from TickTalk is a great way to communicate with your children without giving them a smartphone. The smartwatch is compatible with all major phone networks and supports video, voice, messaging and location tracking. TickTalk watches are compatible with the watch and can be connected over WiFi. This allows you to send and receive emojis and texts. Parents can use the app (available on iOS and Android) to preset contacts, set reminders, disable features, and more.

One reviewer

He said that the watch is “incredible in all aspects.” This watch was the most amazing item that I’ve ever purchased for my daughter. It is both high quality and easy to use the app from my smartphone. My daughter’s at the age where we want to keep tabs, but not ready to give a cellphone out. A huge bonus is the fact that I have a way to call her even if it’s not convenient for me. We love location tracking and firewalls that prevent telemarketers. 4G is working great!

You can find more inspiration on products that your family will love by visiting our Kids Gear page. We do not recommend any picks other than those we truly enjoy. However, we might earn a commission if you make a purchase through our links.

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