Best Smartwatches For Kids

best smartwatches for kids

The 12 Best Smartwatches For Kids Who Don’T Need A Smartphone Just Yet

Perfect gift idea for your techie teenager.

These smartwatches, which are designed to be used by younger children and adults, can cost less and last longer than standard smartwatches. You can load them with games and apps, while some smartwatches even include cameras for taking selfies. Some are fully-fledged communication devices that can be used to make phone calls and send texts as well as track GPS locations.

The majority of smartwatches made for kids aren’t connected to the internet. But, smartwatches meant for teens will sync with your smartphone or provide an alternative data connection. This allows you and your child to exchange messages with loved ones.

A smartwatch is an excellent middle ground for kids who are constantly begging for a smartphone. While they don’t provide unlimited internet access like a smartphone, many of the models we recommend won’t be subject to data fees. All our recommendations will help you transition to giving your child more autonomy with technology. Plus, these smartwatches cost less than smartphones. Shop the Best Smartwatches For Kids Right Now!

best smartwatches for kids

Everything We Recommend

Verizon GizmoWatch 2 A dependable, affordable smartwatch for kids This affordable smartwatch designed for kids allows for voice calls and limited texting, and it lets you track your child’s location.

TickTalk 4 Larger and stronger, using a camera

TickTalk4 comes equipped with a digital camera and allows up to 50 contacts. This watch is robust, yet bulky.

Additional $10 Discount on Amazon Purchases $190 *TickTalk Price: $190

Best performing, most expensive

Apple Watch SE is one of our favourite smartwatches. Although it has the greatest versatility and most user-friendly interface, it can only be used by iPhone users.

This product may be out of stock. Buy it from Apple

best smartwatches for kids

Our Trustworthy Advice

This guide is based on research I did with more than dozen parents. A further dozen of them were interviewed via social-media about their smartwatches or cell phones. I also convened a handful of my daughter’s friends (who were 10 to 11 years old at the time) to solicit their opinions. To get an idea of the market and to interview representatives from various device makers, I also interviewed a technology analyst. My local Target, Verizon, Best Buy and AT&T stores were my first stops to find out what was available. I also read online reviews, blog posts, and reports on kids smartwatches and basic phones.

A veteran technology journalist, my reporting on tech trends has been for (San Francisco Chronicle) and the San Francisco Chronicle. Wirecutter is my guide to best apps for managing a child’s smartphone. I also provide advice about how to set up tablets for children. Last but not least, being a parent of an eleven-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girl, I have a personal interest in finding a device that will keep them entertained with games and apps, while still allowing me to monitor them when they venture off on their own.

best smartwatches for kids

Benefits Of Smartwatches For Kids

You’re familiar with the convenience and utility of smartwatches if you have one. They are a good alternative to smartphones, especially for small children.

Giving a child a mobile phone can be a bad idea. They aren’t yet mature enough and responsible enough to afford one. Smartwatches attach securely to kids’ wrists and allow them to access restricted content.

There are many smartwatches that can be used by children. They have SOS buttons and GPS trackers. The smartwatches can be used to keep tabs on your children while they are away from home or at school. Many allow you to make two-way phone calls so that you can stay in touch.

You can also use them for your older siblings. Smartwatches can be used by children as young as 6 years old to provide them with fitness monitors, timers, and calendars. This will allow them the freedom they desire.

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You don’t want your child to be distracted by the smartwatch. You should at the very least not allow them to wear it to school.

A smartwatch may not be necessary if you have a young child who spends a lot of time at home with you.

best smartwatches for kids

How do you choose the

The 12 Best Smartwatches For Kids Who Don'T Need A Smartphone Just Yet

“>best smartwatches for kids and teens?

Let’s take a look at what you need to know when looking for the best smartwatches that teens and young people can afford.

Capabilities. The top smartwatches are not only capable of tracking your fitness, but also have additional features like step counters and Google Maps/GPS.

Battery Life: Depending on usage, these kids smartwatches generally can last a while on a single charge, ranging from about 7-10 days. The battery, which is typically designed to last for at most a year, is also important.

Durability. Waterproof and water-resistant IPX watches have the ability to resist liquid damage. Others are also sealed to repel dirt, sand, and other contaminants. An anti-scratch coating is a good choice to protect against damage to your face.

Band: Kids can be fussy about the colors and comfort of their watch when it’s worn every day. Most brands offer a wide array of straps and bands to choose from, so you can ensure it’s their favorite hue and pattern. You will want a flexible but comfortable wrist strap for your children. Their wrist sizes and preferences change.

Age range: Teens will want different features from kids like calendars and contactless payments. They also need yoga and workout guidance. Sleep and hydration tracking. Skin temperature for meditation or exercise. Calorie counter. Storage for photos. Buy this gift for teenagers or teens that has the right interface and features to suit their lives.

The watch can be attached to your phone so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

best smartwatches for kids


(Image credit: Fitbit) By Last updated Smartwatches don’t have to be just for adults; in fact, there is now a range of smartwatch models on the market that cater to a younger audience, some offering games and learning development, which can be a great reason to invest in some wearable tech for when they’re on the go.

These smartwatches can be used by kids and come with smart fitness trackers.

You want to ensure your summer holidays are active and that they don’t spend too much time in bed. The best camera is great for creativity.

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best smartwatches for kids

Looking for the Best Smartwatches For Kids?

Smartwatches that track kids’ schedules will have GPS as the main deciding factor. True smartwatches (like the Verizon Gizmo) act more like a cell phone in the sense that parents have a live tab of a kid’s location and the ability to text and call. Fitbit Ace 2, a wearable that focuses more on tracking your fitness, may not offer location services. However, it does provide the ability to communicate with other people. You don’t want to mess with any app. You don’t have to set up an app. There are also standalone smartwatches available.

While watches that are focused on activity may have their benefits, they do offer some advantages. Smartphones are less mobile-friendly than smart watches, and they encourage movement in children. Parents who have concerns about the time their kids spend on screens will find that smart trackers can be more beneficial for them. You can monitor your step count and set reminders for kids to get up every few minutes. However, the fun part of smart trackers for children is when they achieve a desired sleep or daily activity. The settings can be adjusted in the parental app. But, allowing kids to choose their own alarms and following their activity guidelines could help them take some responsibility.

The smartwatch is not replacing a full phone or tablet. However, entertainment doesn’t have to be completely eliminated. Children’s watches may have games that range from mathematics and numbers to solving augmented reality mysteries. There might also be a fun camera with face filters. Although the screen is small, it has a high resolution and can keep young children entertained in waiting rooms, at home, in cars, and in stores.

It will help things to go more smoothly when you have your kid on board. Even if you end up choosing a GPS watch or watch that tracks your location, sharing this information with them can encourage mutual respect.

Check out these smartwatches that kids will love in 2021.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

best smartwatches for kids

Fitbit Ace 3 – The Best Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Fitbit has a reputation for creating smartwatches that track steps and encourage exercise. Although the Ace 3 is a more advanced fitness tracker than a smartwatch, there are still some useful features.

Fitbit Ace 3 expands on the Ace 2 success. It has a bright screen, easy integration with the Fitbit app, and a durable design. The screen, though bright, is also black and white and not particularly eye-catching. For slightly older children, this makes the screen a more appealing choice. The simple aesthetic is mitigated by the 3 different color options and number of strap options (including the Minions style)

Ace 3 has a lot to offer. It has impressive battery life (up to eight days), a solid heart rate sensor , 50-meter water resistance, robust activity tracking, sleep tracking , and some nifty features like a bedtime reminder. One of the best parts is the motivation provided by different targets. This helps to encourage healthy lifestyle habits. However, the model lacks many of the advanced features you’d find on a grown-up model. It doesn’t have a GPS, nor a stair count. It is, however, the most useful fitness tracker that kids can use to stay active.

Find the best trackers and fitness apps for your child

best smartwatches for kids

Apple Watch Se deserves an honorable mention

Apple Watches now have a family mode called Family Setup that lets users set up and manage a device for another user. This is great for those that don’t have iPhones but live with someone who does. The watch is also great for young people who wish to have one.

Our review dubbed the Apple Watch SE as the smartwatch that most people should purchase. The Apple Watch SE, however, is not suitable for younger children. It is due to its overstuffed interface. A beautiful display with a large variety of third-party applications will make the happy childhoods of any child lucky enough to own one. The same goes for parents who will find apps which mimic features on the devices listed. The Apple Watch has been voted the best smartwatch by kids, even though the price tag is a bit high and the interface is not as child-friendly.

To learn more about Apple Watch SE, check out our complete review.

The Best smartwatches Wearables

best smartwatches for kids

The Best Smartwatch for Kids: Information To Help You Make A Sound Choice

A TEACHER PET – Little Tikes Robot Smartwatch Check price A useful tool disguised by a digital dog.

Fun features without the high price tag make this smartwatch a smart buy.

KEEP KIDS ON TRACK Garmin Vivofit Jr.

It counts strides, sheep and strokes with a stylish activity monitor.

Smartwatches are smart and smarter than you might think. By tracking your steps, smartwatches promote good habits. These smartwatches are able to help children learn the value of owning and using a technology. These devices can act as GPS trackers for children to provide security and help parents monitor their children’s locations. They will make you and your baby smile. It’s not as easy as picking the perfect Fitbit or Apple Watch. There are many things to consider when outfitting young children. Do they need GPS? Is it better to have a watch that is specifically designed for children than one made for adults? Let’s find out how to choose the best smartwatches suitable for kids.

Top GPS watch for kids:

Best kids health tracker:

best smartwatches for kids

Smartphones Are More Affordable Than Smartwatches for Children

It’s easy to know their exact location without getting lost.

The idea of attaching a kid’s smartwatch to their wrist is a bit too extreme for most parents. A child’s average screen time is less than the recommended amount. However, the top smartwatches designed for kids can allow for 2-way communication, geofencing and tracking. This allows parents to eliminate or even completely forgo certain devices, including tablets and smartphones that were once essential. If anything, a kids phone watch lets you simplify rather than adding to the static and clutter of modern childhood. The digital training wheel helps children gain autonomy, build confidence, and make their own decisions. The ability to quickly react to an emergency is a key feature. If all that benefit is ushered in by a small piece of tech like a kids phone watch (and its military-grade GPS), then it’s a compromise many parents, including us, would make in a heartbeat.

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The father who is considering buying his children a first smartwatch should know that, unlike smartphones, which offer unlimited internet access and data charges as well as the susceptibility of getting lost and unrestricted social media, they are less likely to lose it. Instead, wrist-mounted watch can be used to provide communication functions and not require the use of browsers. There is GPS tracking and calling as well texting. Most models have an approved contact list. Granted, some do include activities, but when a child gets a taste for an iPhone or iPad, little else satisfies. Bonus: Smartwatches cost less than smartphones and require little upkeep. These watches have easy-to-use touchscreens, so that both adults and kids can stay connected. The whole point.

The new Vivofit Jr.3 is available in several kid-themed cartoons (shown below), and tracks daily activities, steps, sleep and more. Its battery can be replaced by the year unlike its adult counterpart, which means your child won’t need to remove it (or lose it). Your app also allows for rewards based on chores, grades, or other measurables you decide.

Ace 3 Activity Monitor for Kids by Fitbit

This new Ace 3 has built-in parental controls and an exclusive app for kids. There are also a variety of accessories, including one that features Minions. It is water- and ding resistant, so it can handle their bumps easily. They won’t have to get it off with up to eight days’ worth of juice.

.Best Smartwatches For Kids

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