Best Telescope For Kids

Best Telescope For Kids

best telescope for kids

Best Telescopes For Kids 2021: Top Picks From Meade, Orion And Celestron

(Image credit: Getty Images) If you’re looking to buy one of the best telescopes for kids, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It’s possible to find affordable models that will be suitable for young children starting at $100. It’s easy to find sturdy and portable options so that you have a tool that can handle a lot of knocks. Most telescopes that are best for kids can be used right away from the box.

Black Friday is the perfect time to get a brand new telescope. There is still a lot of good deals available even though the whole event starts on November 26. Although there have been some delays, you will still find good discounts offered by certain manufacturers.

Aperture: Diameter of the primary mirror or lens, which allows a telescope to collect light.

Field of view is the area visible to the eyepiece from which you can see all of the sky.

Focal length describes the tube length of a telescope. For a narrow focal length, you get a larger field of view with a small image.

The telescope’s speed is also known by the focal ratio. A smaller focal ratio provides a wider field of vision, lower magnifications and brighter images.

Magnification. Relationship between telescope’s optical system, eyepiece and telescope.

best telescope for kids


The telescope’s optical system determines the magnification. Magnification is very important but it is dependent on focal length and the aperture. A high magnification eyepiece will do little good with a low aperture telescope. Most telescopes include two eyepieces for magnifications lower or higher.

Many telescopes include accessories such as a tripod, carry case, accessory tray and astronomy software, cutting down the size of the initial investment. It is nice to have an adjustable tripod – kids telescopes should come standard with this feature.

These are all important considerations when selecting a telescope that will be used by a child. There are some other things you should keep in mind, before your child explores the solar system.

The telescope of a child should be simple to use. It won’t be fun to use a complicated telescope. Telescopes that are easy to operate for children can be used quickly.

A compact size is crucial. The telescope should be small enough that a child of a small stature will not enjoy it. A kid’s telescope should be easy for a smaller person to use.

Children’s telescopes must be durable. Many small and fragile parts can easily become lost or damaged. The good news is that there are many telescopes suitable for younger astronomers.

best telescope for kids

8 The Best Telescopes For Children Of 2021

Your children should learn all they can about the concept of space.

Kids love stargazing and can imagine faraway galaxies. However, your eyes are limited. Children can use telescopes to explore the stars and planets of other worlds. This stimulates their STEM skills and imagination.

Telescopes use a lens or curving mirror to capture and focus sunlight from the skies. You can then see clearly the planets and stars. A telescope’s ability to gather light depends on the size of its lens (or mirror) and the greater the aperture.

You are worried about deciding which telescope you should buy. Trust The Good Housekeeping Institute GH Little Lab’s science-based testing. Our engineers assess toys and other science tools for accuracy. They also evaluate safety. Our toys are tested with children from all ages, so we can give honest feedback. These selections come from the best-reviewed brands, products with amazing new features, and those with glowing online reviews.

best telescope for kids

What’S The Best Telescope For My Child?

When buying a kids telescope, there are many factors to consider, but we recommend focusing on telescope type, aperture size, ease of use features, and cost. Three main types of telescopes are on offer:

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These telescopes, also known as refractive telescopes for children, are most commonly used and most inexpensive. This is a long tube with a lens that magnifies objects in either the sky or on the ground.

The curved mirror is used in refractor telescopes to provide clearer images and higher clarity.

Because they combine both reflector and refractor telescopes, compound telescopes have the most powerful combination of both. They use both mirrors and lenses to clearly see images both in space and on Earth. These are expensive tools that may not be suitable for children younger than ten years old, but they’re better suited to teens.

Discover the best telescopes and scopes for young children of 2020. Explore galaxies at close range.

best telescope for kids

Different types of telescopes

Telescopes for children come in three varieties, so it’s easy to see why.

The most fundamental type of telescope you’ll see is the refractor. They are essentially a tube with a lens at one end and an eye-piece at the other.

The convex lens on the far end of the telescope is also convex. The telescope’s light is bent by the convex lens. It focuses the beam to one end of the eyepiece. The eyepiece lens then spreads the light out again, across the retina of your eye, making the image look much bigger than it really is This type of telescope is suitable for looking at objects in the sky, and here on Earth. Refactors are a good choice, as they can be used in all aspects of stargazing, as well.

It is possible to make a trade-off. These telescopes do not work well in depth space.

Two mirrors are used in a reflector telescope. One lens is instead of the two. Mirror 1 is concave. It reflects the light from mirror 2 to its focal point. This second mirror reflects the light to the eyepiece where the image is spread out across your retina in the same way as with a refractor telescope Reflector telescopes are better for looking at distant objects than refractor telescopes. However, reflecting telescopes don’t work well for close-up viewing. These telescopes aren’t ideal for seeing objects closer to the Earth.

For magnifying the image with compound telescopes, you can use mirrors as well as lenses to create a composite.

They can also be used for space and Earth viewing. The telescopes are also known for their superior image quality.

best telescope for kids

Children’s Telescopes: The 2021 Best Telescopes

Buying a telescope for children can be a tricky task. The best telescopes are for children and teens who just want to start astronomy.

Now the competition is over. Do you want to find the first telescope for young astronomers? It shouldn’t take too much to get kids interested in astronomy. You’ll need a telescope that is easy to setup and use for children. But most importantly, a kid’s first telescope should provide glorious views of the night sky without too much fuss.

Read our advice on getting children started in astronomy , and if you feel they’re ready for their first scope, see below for our pick of 6 of the best models on the market.

For more telescope reviews, visit our main section. For younger astronomers, the Infinity-76P can be used as a starting point. You can use the box as a carry bag and stickers are included. This is a low-power telescope that can be assembled in minutes; pop the scope onto the curved base, insert the eyepiece and away you go.

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Although the motion of Infinity-76P’s mount is smooth, it cannot be locked in place. This could cause problems for small hands who grab the eyepiece or move the field of vision. Viewing quality is what you’d expect for such a small system, however, we had pleasing sights of the Moon with enough crater detail to keep young minds interested.

Bresser Junior 60/700 LAZ1 Refractor

Prices from PS89 3.0/5 star rating. The ease with which the telescope, tripod, and mount fit into a case makes this telescope a great value and adds to its portability. However, once the 60mm refractor assembly is complete, we don’t think it will be taken down. The reason being it’s constructed from about 20 parts that require assembly, making this more of a ‘Meccano mission’ than other kits.

best telescope for kids

1. Orion Observer 70Mm Ii Az Refractor

Image credit: Orion

Our favourite telescope for young children. The Orion Observer 70mm II is, in our view, one of the best telescopes our top pick in the kids category (as well as our top under $100 ) for a few reasons.

Refractors offer some of the best images at a low price. Orion Observer 7mm II – a small refractor telescope which produces crisp images – excels in this category. You will get a great view of the moon and can see the rings of Saturn and details of Jupiter, not to mention some of the Messier objects with the right night sky conditions.

Second, this telescope just looks like a telescope. You won’t disappoint your kids. Orion has provided a quality build and nice finish, and done a good job putting together a solid product for low cost.

Third, it’s easily portable by a kid and can be used in a variety of locations from your backyard to camping trips. It’s easy to use, has a traditional look, and offers excellent image quality.

best telescope for kids

4. Orion Starblast Ii Equatorial Reflector Telescope

Image Credit: Orion

StarBlast II offers great value and is a good telescope to get your kids started in astronomy. This telescope has 25mm, 10mm Sirius Plossl and 45-power viewing options. The telescope has a short focal length (450mm) and a small aperture (4.5 inches). This allows for clear views. You also get a MoonMap and reflex sight as well as a adjustable-height tripod. The quality of the tripod however is not great.

Starblast II costs a little more than other options on this list, but it is not expensive. The improved optics make it worth the extra money. The telescope will be less useful for the older elementary students, who are in their preteen years.


Good Value for Money

Great optics for a family friendly telescope

Perfect for all types of outer space objects

best telescope for kids


Celestron is one my favorites telescopes because you can get it set up quickly and it doesn’t take too much effort. Although it is a little more advanced than the model for young children, older teens will still appreciate its capabilities.

High magnification

Mid focal

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Celestron 31036 Astromaster – A great telescope to look at the night skies and other terrestrial objects. Its internal mirrors are made of glass with aluminum coating and Si02 for clear magnification. There are two eyepieces included with the telescope. They can be easily switched between so you have the right view for your needs. The 10mm- and 20mm-sized eyepieces provide 70x & 35x magnifications.

This telescope comes with a durable steel tripod that feels safe and stable. Non-slip feet provide stability and anchor the tripod to ground. A handy tray on the base of the tripod can be used to store any eyepieces and other parts. Ready to be used straight from the box?

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best telescope for kids

Three Types of Telescopes

There are three basic types of domestic scopes currently on the markets. The best telescopes are for kids and they each have a unique design. We’ll briefly go over them to show you why they could be a great choice or what to look out for.

Refractor Telescope. This is the most widely used type of telescope. This can be used to view celestial and terrestrial objects so you could use it for astronomy or ornithology.

You may choose to opt for a refractor because it is easy and quick to use for children. Refractors telescopes are easy to use and don’t require collimation, making them very child-friendly.

Refractors are usually the cheapest of the bunch, and they allow a good stargazing experience with very little upfront investment.

You can use them in many different settings, including outside, inside or elsewhere.

The refractor telescope can be set up quickly and is very easy to use.

The telescope can’t be used to see very far away objects if it is a low-end model. However, you can purchase more powerful refractors but this will require a substantial budget.

best telescope for kids

Are You Looking For The Best Telescope for Kids to Introduce Them To Stars And Planets? This Review Covers The Top Astronomical Telescopes Aimed At Children And Includes A Buyer’S Guide Too.

Telescopes are magical. With telescopes, supernovas and stars become something you can almost touch. You can view distant galaxies from the comfort of your own backyard and explore the mysteries of the universe.

Kids are often amazed at the magnificence of simple telescopes. Instead of learning about the world in textbooks they see it right before their eyes. It sparks their curiosity.

If you want to nurture or develop your kid’s interest in astronomy and space, getting them a telescope would be a nice start. They can navigate the universe by having their feet on the ground.

Here’s the big question. Which telescopes are best for children? It can be difficult to pick the right product from the many available on the market. But you don’t have to worry, because we have got you covered there.

The market is full of options for telescopes that are suitable for young children. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when so many available. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top kids telescopes. You will save a lot of time, energy, effort, and money by choosing one of those given below!

We have everything you need to help your child choose a telescope. Once you finish reading this information, you will feel less overwhelmed by the many features offered by telescopes. It will take less time to find the highlights that are important to you. As soon as your little one gets a telescope, you’ll feel secure and happy.

Let’s look at some of the most outstanding products out there.

Which Type Of Telescope Is Best For Kids?

  1. Celestron 80 mm Travel Scope Refractor Telescope.
  2. Celestron 31036 AstroMaster LT 76AZ Telescope.
  3. Emarth Refractor Telescope.
  4. MaxUSee Kids Telescope.
  5. Celestron Inspire 80AZ.
  6. Orion StarBlast 2 4.5 Equatorial Reflector Telescope.
  7. NASA Lunar Telescope for Kids.
  8. Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope.

What makes a first-time telescope a great choice?

Celestron Inspire 100AZ makes a wonderful beginner telescope. This telescope has been designed to be simple and easy to setup.

.Best Telescope For Kids