Kid Proof Car Seat Covers

Kid Proof Car Seat Covers

kid proof car seat covers

How to Choose Car Seat Covers

Let’s get started. What do you want in a car seats cover? A few key words will show you that car seat covers are made to withstand the heat of toddlers. Although it is smooth as silk, the cover will survive apple juice. And a thin cotton cover will last about five minutes against your kiddos’ daily battle for their favorite book.

You need car seat covers with a durable design and not just an aesthetic. Car seat covers for children that are child-proof should be available to anyone who is driving their family daily.

Consider dark color options. Navy or black seat covers will hide stain better than white or tan. Tan seat covers may be more durable as your kids get older. If you have super young kids or often pick up the family from muddy soccer practices a dark fabric is often the best option.

Washability. It will make your life easier. Or if you can wipe it down and let it air dry. Otherwise, you might have to dry clean the covers. Explaining that toddler barf is unacceptable after some time can become awkward. Baby-friendly car seat covers include a machine-washable option.

Water resistance. Your car’s back seat will never be dry, no matter how hard you try. First there’s water spills, and then come the exploded juice boxes, and finally comes your spilled Starbucks just as you’re pulling up to school. Waterproof and water resistant seat covers won’t let liquids penetrate to your original seats and they dry quickly.

UV resistance. Black car seat covers are the best option if you want to keep your kids safe. That means you can also expect your seats to get hot quickly if you’re not careful. UV resistance not only stops your seats from soaking up the sun, but it will keep major fading at bay so you’re not constantly replacing your seat covers.

You can’t resist. Angery children will take any opportunity they get, including the closest seat cover. The football cleats won’t be taking any prisoners. You want a seat cover that is durable, high quality, and won’t break or tear. Even when the cover is up against an angry 2-year-old. Make sure your cover doesn’t become shredded by choosing a thick fabric and additional padding.

kid proof car seat covers

7 Family Car and Suv Covers

AutoAnything carries a variety of seat covers for cars and trucks. While we don’t claim to have favorites but they are all great choices, we do recommend a few of our top-selling products for fathers and mothers. You’ll find this roundup of our best-selling seats covers. They are perfect for busy families with kids who tend to get spit on their clothes and poo. You can also check our recommendations for best pet car seats Coverking Neosupreme Seat covers Regular Price: $169.99. Available Colors: Blue/Black/Charcoal/Black/Red/Black/Wine/Black. The seat covers have the same look and feel as real neoprene but are a fraction of the price. The seat covers can be tailored to fit any SUV, so they’re very popular with family car drivers. These covers are very easy to maintain. Simply spot clean them and let dry. These covers are made of a strong polyester/cotton blend, and will not interfere with your airbags. We know you put you put safety first! These are great for people who live in rainy or sunny climates. You can find them here.

Regular price: $249.99. Color options: Tan/Black/Blue/Black/Red/Black/Red/Black. Made of real Neoprene these seats are resistant to any spillage from little ones. On top of that, they are preferred by many families because they’re machine washable and drip dry quickly. They are a great fit for families who spend time on the beach or pool. They can even be customized to fit your car seats. These covers will fit perfectly on your car’s seats and won’t slip or slide.

Regular price: $169.99. Color options: Tan, Black/Black/Charcoal, Grey/Black/Grey/Black. These 100% cotton seat covers can be machine washed and are great for small children and families. They can cover all of your seats, including head rests and arm rests. Because they are breathable and don’t get too hot, people love them. Ballistic fabric from contractors can withstand a lickin (or melted candy) while protecting your OE chairs.

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Regular price: $220-$297. Color options: Blue/Black/Red/Black/Grey/Black. These seats are stylish and elegant just like mom and dad. They won’t cry over spilled milk which makes them child-proof. More harmony in daily life means less morning battles. This cover is great for family members because it can hold a bit of stain, and because it doesn’t slip. The covers will not budge even if there are tiny kicking steps. How do you preserve your leather seats?

Regular price $199.99. Color options include black, blue stitching, red stitching and black/red staining. It upgrades the look of your car and these are padded to increase comfort. They can be cleaned with most standard fabric cleaners and a damp cloth, and the fabric doesn’t fade. These cushions are durable enough to be useful for extended families, even if they spilled Kool-Aid.

Regular Price $249.99. Colour Options: Chestnut (Sand), Steel. Vinyl covers available. The PVC covers look like leather and are water-, abrasion-, and punctureproof. Record scratch. That’s quite a task. But these vinyl covers accomplish it. Our hope is that this military-grade blend of cotton and polyester can hold up against warfare.

Kid Proof Car Seat Covers

kid proof car seat covers

Car seats for baby in winter

The JJ Cole car seats cover will keep your child snug and secure no matter the weather. This universal elastic cover is designed to fit standard-sized strollers as well as infant car seats. Baby is protected against wind and rain by the weather-resistant nylon shell. Baby remains warm thanks to the interior fleece lining.

“This is a great cover. I can keep my baby warm by just using sleepers. It is safer than wearing bulky and heavy outerwear. Because I am a crouchy person, I prefer that the cover doesn’t over-cover the car seat handle like other covers.” One Amazon customer reviews. Baby can keep cool in winter by simply unzipping their top blanket.

AMAZON – $29.99

kid proof car seat covers

Baby Car Seat Covers For Summer

JoMolly Muslin Baby Car Seat Canopy Cover Let your baby enjoy safe and secure travel with this JoMolly Baby Car Seat Canopy. This privacy canopy, made of breathable cotton, keeps germs and people out while still letting light through.

“With a baby arriving at the height of a mad flu epidemic, our family was paranoid about his health. At first, we didn’t want to take him anywhere. After I saw this, I bought it. I draped the blanket over my son’s car seat, as shown in the photo. We then took him to his destination. His pediatrician stated that if they don’t have the ability to see him they will not touch him. I absolutely love this purchase,” reviews one parent on Amazon . There are two beautiful gender-neutral styles available. For easy use, the 100% cotton muslin canopy snaps on to the handle of your infant seat.

Car Seat Covers for Kids are Multi-Use

Children N’ Such covers for baby cars are made with lightweight cotton jerseys that allow for maximum ventilation. It can cover car seats and also protect germy shopping carts. You can even use it as a discreet wrap to cover breastfeeding mothers while on-the-go.

Amazon reviews by one mother

This is a. “I like that the cover can also be used for high chairs. It is excellent quality. I’d say it’s perfect it’s a lightweight material but has that heavy feeling. This was the best cover I’ve ever seen and the reason I am so happy to have found it” Plus, Kids N’ Such has a 10,000-washes guarantee that will ensure your product lasts through toddlerhood.

Cozy Cover Sun And Bug Baby Car Seat Cover

kid proof car seat covers

For Ages Between 12 and 36 Months

1. VTech(r) 4-in-1 Learning Letters Train(tm)

Take-along toy You can check. Pull the toy. Make sure. Walker? Look. Floor play? You already know this. You know it. Oh, did we also mention VTech(r) 4 in 1 Learning Letters Train(tm), which features buttons, blocks and doors to teach toddlers numbers and letters while they play songs that won’t make your hair itch? Everyone wins!

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2. LeapFrog(r) Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot(tm)

There is nothing more exciting than baking dinner for your children! You can watch your kids cook dinner. LeapFrog(r), Choppin’ Fun learning Pot(tm), guides children in basic recipes using sweet vocal prompts. It instructs them to chop vegetables and then drop them into an adorable pot which “cooks” the creations. Choppin’ fun learning pot(tm), designed to teach toddlers about colors and vegetable names, has buttons for parents who wish to keep their kids entertained.

3. VTech (r) Sort & recycle Ride-On Truck(tm).

This VTech(r] Sort and Recycle Ride On TruckTM makes it easy to educate the next generation about the importance of protecting the environment. You can have your kids collect blocks and match them into chutes that correspond to “glass”, “plastic” or “paper”. The trucks are made of 90% recycled plastic.

4. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker Toddler Toy

kid proof car seat covers

From Age 2 to 4

5. VTech(r), Count & Win Sports Center’tm

The VTech(r) Count & Win Sports Center is a wonderful holiday gift. You can adjust the hoop to grow with your child, the LED scoreboard lets you know when each goal is reached, buttons and knobs help fine motor skills and the ball bases store the balls neatly.

6. KiwiCo Koala Crate Subscription

If you’re looking for a gift that truly keeps on giving, the Koala Crate from KiwiCo is one of the best subscription boxes around. Each month’s Koala Crate is designed for children aged between 2 and 4. It includes hands-on activities, crafts, and play-based games that will stimulate little imaginations. A story about Kellan (the namesake koala) is included in each box for some read-aloud entertainment.

7. LeapFrog (r) Count Along Basket & Scanner(tm);

The mundane routines of adulthood are enough to get children excited, but grocery shopping is the best. LeapFrog’s(r) Count Along basket and scanner(tm), which allows little ones to “shop”, using six different lists. The cute scanning scanner can identify each item and then pick it up. You can transform the basket into a cart that you can pull out to shop, while the scanner has multiple modes.

kid proof car seat covers

Alters 3-7

8. The On-The-Go Story Pa(tm), LeapFrog (r)

This one’s secretly for you. You are the tired parent that just needs your child to be able to do their thing for a while so that you can enjoy your cup of tea. LeapFrog(r); On-the–Go Story Pal(tm), an innovative device, plays songs, stories and lullabies. It can be used to keep your children entertained or ready for bed. You can make playlists or program the shut-off time.

9. Creativity and Kids Hide-and Seek Kit of Rock Painting

What makes children want to collect rocks and minerals? It is an age-old question, and there might never be an answer. All I know for sure is that right now, I carry at least four rocks around in my purse. And I don’t really know why. Creativity for Kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit makes a wonderful gift for me cave-children. Your house might need to be filled up with rocks. They can also look lovely.

10. LeapFrog(r), LeapLand AdventuresTM

LeapFrog(r),’s LeapLand Adventures(tm), is the best video game you can find. Children will enjoy the adventure to discover Clever Castle’s keys. While they will have fun learning about colors, letters and numbers along the journey, parents will appreciate the ease-of-use plug-and-play setup that allows for easy screen time and the added benefit of learning.


kid proof car seat covers

The Best Baby Car Seat Covers For Winter & Cold Weather

Baby should not be placed in a car seat with their coats on.

It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your child safe in the car. You need a winter car seat cover and potentially one to use in the spring and fall. The reason is that a coat makes it difficult for the baby to fit between the shoulders and the restraints. Baby will be exposed in an accident so make sure to get a nice, cozy cover that covers your car seat.

For babies, it’s important to choose one that is easy-to-clean. For warmth and comfort, ensure it is snug around your car seat’s outside. Also make sure that there are openings to allow for proper buckle placement.

blanket is the cheapest option but car seat covers have become almost equally as ubiquitous these days since they’re generally designed with an elastic edge that fits almost any car seat on the market. Because they are snugly secured over the seat of the vehicle, parents won’t be able to drag or drop a blanket into daycare.

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kid proof car seat covers

The Best Car Seat Covers For Colder Weather

Skip Hop Winter Car Seat Cover – Stroll &Go There’s plush fleece around your baby’s head, for extra comfort. This car seat cover is designed to fit any car seat. Also included is a roll-away rear flap to allow you easy access for your baby. This zips off completely.

Cocoon Winter Car Seat Cover by 7 A.M. Enfant

This cover fits all infant car seats and has an elastic base that fits over the seat. It features an outer shell that is lightweight, windproof and water-resistant. The removable faux fur collar is our favorite feature.

7AM Enfant Car Seat Cover

A brand known for its high-quality and high-style baby gear, 7AM Enfant delivers again with this cover. The cover features a thermal lining and a contoured fitting. It also has an elasticized base. The shoulder zippers can also be opened horizontally to allow you to access your baby’s head. It comes with an outer water-repellent shell, and is rated at -4degF/-20degC.

Winter Car Seat Cover by JJCole

This car seat cover is made from weather-resistant nylon that deflects wind and light rain, so it’s best-suited for moderate climates. JJ Cole’s blanket-style, fleece-lined seat cover is made from water-resistant nylon quilted nylon. The cover features a 3-quarter-zip front with a top flap which folds in the car and over your baby when out in the cold. It can even stretch over standard-size strollers.

kid proof car seat covers

The Best Car Seat Covers For Warmer Weather

Just because it’s not subzero out doesn’t mean you no longer need a car seat cover. Some of them keep bugs and dust away. Others can help your baby sleep better and protect them from the harsh sun. And some of them even double as nursing covers.

This zippered cover makes it easy for infants to view the outside world while awake. This cover is elastic at the bottom and made with open-weave cotton mullin. It is light enough to be used in warmer temperatures.

Star Wars Little Rebel Car Seat Cover by Milk Snob

Your baby is the Force. This Star Wars-inspired cover has four-way stretch for a great fit, plus it doubles as a nursing coverup that gives you 360 coverage. Made from rayon-blend fabric and intended to provide privacy.

Copper Pearl Baby Car Seat Cover

Copper Pearl 5 in 1 is lightweight and all-season. This cover can be used for sun/rain/snow and privacy as well. The cover is made from a water-resistant, stretchy rayon that pulls over the seat completely. There’s also a gap at the top for you to see in. There are a slew of patterns, colors and designs available.

Aden Baby Car Car Seat Cover by Aden + Anais

Kid Proof Car Seat Covers