Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

For large carpet cleaning tasks, special equipment is required such as carpet scrubbers and floor cleaners. Because of their one-time usage, it’s always better to rent equipment from hardware shops.

  • Home Depot is the largest hardware chain in America. So you’re probably wondering whether Home Depot has the ability to rent you a carpet cleaner? Let me tell you what I learned through my research.
  • Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Do Home Depot rent carpet cleaning services in 2022

    Home Depot has carpet cleaners available for rental in-store or online since 2022. You can rent carpet cleaners from Home Depot for as little as four hours or as long as four days, one to four weeks, and $50 deposits and fees depending on where and how often you need them. A penalty fee is also charged for late returns.

  • If you want to learn more about the process of renting a carpet cleaner from Home Depot, how much does it cost to hire one for different durations, and much more, keep on reading!
  • What is the best way to rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot?

    You can view the options online to find the best way to rent carpet cleaners from Home Depot.

    Once you have opened the website, set your location on the website by entering your zip code in the top left-hand corner to gain access to the available carpet cleaners in your area.

    After that, select “check availability” on the carpet cleaner that appeals to you to view how many are in stock and the total price range.

    Or, visit an authorized store and reserve your rental at a convenient time and day. To collect your rental, make sure to bring valid photo ID such as a passport.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Carpet Cleaning Services at Home Depot: What Are Their Prices?

    Home Depot will charge different rates depending on your choice of machine, what you do with it, as well as the location.

    A regular carpet cleaner can be expensive so we reviewed it online by Rug Doctor:

  • $29 for 4 Hours
  • $32 per day
  • $128 per week
  • 384 USD for 4 Weeks
  • Keep in mind that Home Depot charges a deposit worth approximately $50, which is only payable by credit card.

    What is the best place to get a used carpet cleaner from Home Depot?

    Rent a unit from any one of 1,200 Home Depot locations.

    Since large carpet cleaners are relatively hard to carry, Home Depot may deliver the machine straight to your home or cleaning site.

    The carpet cleaner may be brought along by you if you are able to transport it.

    The “How To Get It” section of the product page will allow you to determine if the carpet cleaner that you’ve chosen is eligible for delivery directly.

    Does Home Depot Carpet Cleaners Come With Cleaning Products?

    Customers often receive one bottle each of the carpet cleaners with their rental.

    You can also purchase solution and carpet shampoo if the rental includes no solution.

    To ensure safety, you should read and understand the instruction manual of your carpet cleaner before choosing a cleaning product.

    Home Depot offers solutions in 22 oz to 116 oz quantities ranging in prices from $8-$30.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Should I Rent or Buy A Carpet Cleaner From Home Depot?

    Experts recommend deep carpet cleaning once every twelve to 18 months.

    Renting a Home Depot carpet cleaner when needed can save you significant time and money.

    Home Depot offers low-maintenance carpet cleaners starting at $133.89 to $149.00 for purchase, while commercial carpet cleaners start at $1049 to $2,905.

    Since carpet cleaners can clean the carpets of a regular home within 20 minutes, you may prefer to pay $22-$30 for 4 hours of hire.

    Carpet cleaner rentals also offer additional benefits such as a reduction in the need for extra storage.

    Carpet cleaners may be preferred by customers who have to clean carpets more often.

    Home Depot also offers 6-monthly payments plans that are affordable for high-priced products such as carpet cleaners.

    Are There Other Places I Can Rent Carpet Cleaners?

    There may be other options if your Home Depot does not carry enough stock. Here are some other retailers that rent carpet cleaners.

  • Lowe’s
  • Bissell Rent
  • PetSmart
  • Giant Eagle
  • For more information, see the related article on whether Kroger rents carpet cleaning equipment, Target rents carpet cleaning equipment, and Walmart rents cleaners.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot customers can rent carpet cleaners for four hours, one day or four weeks. A $50 damage deposit and the rental period will make up your initial price.

    Late fees may apply if the carpet cleaner is not returned within the specified time. You can rent a carpet cleaner in over 1200 shops or online.

    .Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

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