Usps Assistant Rural Carrier

Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

USPS operates as a federally-owned and controlled company. Federal employers are known for providing good wages and other benefits. You might be a candidate for USPS if you are unsure.

  • Is the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier job well-paid and offers benefits? This is what I learned about the position after looking into it.
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier In 2022
  • The USPS Assistant Rural Carrier aids Rural Mail carriers in their journey as of 2022. The Assistant Rural Carrier is a part time position. They deliver mail on several routes, when full-time postal carriers are not available. This means that the hours worked by these assistant rural drivers can vary. Assistant Rural Carriers receive benefits and typically make $19-$20 an hour, and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.

  • Read on to find out more about becoming an Assistant Rural Carrier for USPS.
  • USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    What are the Job Duties of a USPS Assistant Rural Carrier

    Any job listing will include the duties and primary responsibilities of each job, as well as required qualifications, typical working hours, and hours.

    However, the majority of USPS jobs that are available will be posted to its internal web site, called eCareers. The job description is not usually readily available.

    However, after some digging, I found an additional site with great information. It includes the duties and responsibilities for a USPS Rural Assistant Carrier.

    This is the list of general duties and responsibilities in which a USPS assistant rural carrier has to perform:

    You can load the packages as they arrive in your vehicle.

    Transports parcels to customers on a predetermined route

    Send mail according to the route.

    Receipts and signatures to ensure responsible mail

    You can load mail and parcels in your vehicle.

  • Delivers mail and packages to customers along a prescribed route or as an auxiliary assistant by a vehicle
  • Collects money and receipts for accountable mail
  • Receives mail left at customers’ roadsides boxes.

    Offers information on routine matters postal to customers.

    Undeliverable or returned mail is returned. Money and receipts are submitted to Post Office.

    Prepare the time logs.

    Mail security is available at all times

    Provide a delivery vehicle to your employer if one is not available.

    You can work indoors or outdoors, in any weather.

    Some parcels and mail weighing up to 70 lbs may require the assistance of a driver who can load or unload them.

    It is essential to maintain a professional appearance.

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    What is the Average Salary for an Assistant Rural Carrier with USPS?

    USPS decides the majority of its employees’ salaries on a scale that pairs hourly wages with how long an employee worked for USPS.

    However, Assistant Rural Carriers for USPS earn an average hourly salary of $19

    Also, USPS employees typically get one to two raises a year based on how well their Post Office location performs.

    USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    How Does the USPS Assistance Rural Carriers’ Schedule Look?

    Because Assistant Rural Carriers are typically part-time positions intended to cover full-time rural carriers, the schedule can be inconsistent.

    As the Assistant Rural Carriers position is often full-time, you will need to be flexible as you may have to work when others are sick or away.

    Additionally, an Assistant Rural Carrier is a position that provides long-term relief and can be converted into a job.

    Dependent on the area and potential coverage, the time that an assistant rural carrier works can vary from one day to four days per week.

    You can still work extra hours at the Post Offices around the region, even if your facility doesn’t require you to be there for more than five hours per week.

  • However, you should always get the permission of your local Postmaster before proceeding!
  • Also, these hours fluctuate based on the time of year. Christmas is the most popular time to work for all Post Office employees, except the Assistant Rural Carriers.

    As full-time carrier, most of the day will have a weekend or holiday, assistant rural carriers are likely to be there.

    What requirements are required to become an assistant USPS rural carrier?

    First and foremost, all Assistant Rural Carriers for USPS must complete and pass the Virtual Entry Assessment- MC (474) to qualify for the position.

    On this website, you’ll find details about the assessment, study tips, and much more. Also, information about what to expect on the test, how to deal with anxiety, and the best way to prepare for it.

    You will be tested and then required to take training to prove your knowledge and skills (KSAs).

    These KSAs cover safe driving habits, driving rules, and other skills that are relevant to the carrier’s job duties.

    The applicant will be disqualified if they fail to prove any KSAs.

    In addition to the KSAs and the entry assessment, you must have a driver’s license and pass a mandatory drug screening.

    There are also certain requirements that must be met:

    Be a citizen or legal alien of the United States.

    You must be at least 18 or possess a high school diploma.

    Pass a physical examination to confirm your ability to perform the duties of the carrier position.

    USPS Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)

    How can I get an assistant rural carrier job with the USPS?

    You must create an eCareers profile to be eligible for an Assistant Rural Carerier position at USPS.

    Thre, you can find a step-by-step guide on making an eCareers account, searching for jobs, and applying to different positions here.

    Once you’ve made your eCareers account, ensure that you meet all of the requirements listed above for Assistant Rural Carrier.

    Once you apply on eCareers, you may be prompted to take the assessment. Sometimes, the process of asking you to complete an assessment may be slow.

    Once you pass the assessment, your background will be checked, drug screenings, and documentation of citizenship and driver’s licensing required.

  • All in all, the application and screening process can take as long as four months to complete, so if you don’t hear back from someone immediately, don’t get discouraged!
  • You can also go to your local Post Office and help expedite the process.

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  • Conclusion
  • A USPS Assistant Rural Carrier is a part-time, non-career relief position that primarily covers full-time carriers who cannot work their usual schedule.

    Assistant Rural Carriers typically make $19/hour, have flexible scheduling and are responsible for covering other carriers’ needs on a very short notice.

    An Assistant Rural Carrier has several duties and responsibilities, most of them surrounding the delivery and transport of various mail pieces.

    A job as an Assistant Rural Carrier requires you to be at least 18 years, legal citizen, or citizen, of the United States. You will need to be able pass background checks and drug screens.

    USPS requests that you pass an assessment after applying to eCareers.

    Do Assistant Rural Carriers Get Raises?

    Do rural carrier associates get raises? A 1.3% retroactive pay rise and three increases for the lifetime of the agreement will be given to rural letter carriers. In addition to the wage increases, they will be entitled to cost-of living adjustments. …

    Who Gets Paid More Rca Or Cca?

    CCAs are generally more successful than RCAs because they have more work hours. Jun 22, 2020

    What Does An Assistant Rural Carrier Make?

    US Postal Service Assistant, Rural Carrier (ARC), average salary: $20 per hour US Postal Service Assistant Rural Carpenter (ARC) wages can be as low as $4 per hour to $21.

    What benefits do rural carrier assistants get?

    As an RCA you’ll receive the following benefits. Annual and sick leaves (when the route is empty for longer than 90 days) or extended leave when your regular carrier is away. For all work hours exceeding 40, you will be paid overtime.

    .Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (Job Description, Pay + More)