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Changing Bag Mustela First Travel

Changing Bag Mustela First Travel
Written by Wanda James

Changing Bag Mustela First Travel

Last updated: 05/28/20

▷ Changing Bag Mustela First Travel: Review & Price

Main advantage:

The bag is a nice gift together with its large range of products for the care of the famous cosmetics brand for newborn babies. It lends itself to complete a fine gift and sought to do in a new mother.

Main drawback:

The bag itself is rather small is not ideal to carry everything you need for changing the baby. Certainly is a great way to isolate from the rest of the necessary hygiene products for infant care.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The bag has a very pleasing shape, especially since it recalls the design of the 60s that never goes out of style. It’s a nice excuse to give to a new mother the whole set of Mustela products for the bath and hygiene neonatal care. The price is very competitive and certainly more beneficial than the ability to buy everything separately.

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Our site offers many suggestions for making smart purchases or suggestions to make welcome gifts such as the changing bag (that’s the best models). This model in particular is a good opportunity to make a double gift to a new mother you want very well.

In fact, along with the bag, it includes the complete set of products for the care of babies at different stages of its development. The complete set responds to different needs and there are products that can be useful allies to counter redness, irritation, and other small problems that meet the delicate skin of the baby.

Very welcome the presence of the large tin of liquid detergent for the hygiene of hands, face, and genitals. It is indicated as suitable for use without rinsing, so it can be a viable alternative to disposable wipes. But remember that this type of product should never be in contact with the skin of the baby for too long and it is always advisable to rinse thoroughly after use.

Other features include creams against irritation, moisturizing face cream, detergent for bathing, and cleansing wipes. Nothing is missing.

▷ Changing Bag Mustela First Travel: Review & Price

All this comes in a good-looking handbag that resembles the models of the ’60s for infant care. Details reminiscent of the function of the bag give a touch of fun but simple to bag that becomes also very pleasing to the eye.

It is perfectly suitable to be used differently, perhaps to organize hygiene products or to separate some things inside a larger bag.

There is also provided a portable changing table, always present in accessory bags of this type. Its main function is precisely to contain only some of the accessories useful during the outputs. It must be attached to another larger and structured container.

The bag is made of synthetic fabric that holds up well in case you were to pour the contents of some cream or soap. Even the portable changing table is made with the same type of fabric to ensure a secure base and also not perfect for outdoor transmissions.

Inside the bag, you can also put the dirty changes without fear of dirtying the rest and always have on hand what you need in perfect order.

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