Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

With the average Walmart store built over 180,000 square feet, you’ll likely need a hand locating specific items.

  • Condoms is one particular product that’s extremely difficult to find. So if you want to know where condoms are in Walmart, we have the answers for you!
  • Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

    Walmart Condoms: Where are they?

    If you look closely at the section for condoms in Walmart, they will often be found near the men’s razors. In-store pharmacies of Walmart may also stock condoms. In packs of 10, or greater, most Walmart stores carry a variety of brand condoms like Durex, Trojan, Skyn and Durex.

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  • For Condoms, Use the Walmart App
  • If you’re still facing difficulty detecting the condoms, we recommend downloading the Walmart + App straight to your Android or Apple smartphone.

    Once downloaded, enter your Zip Code to find your nearest Walmart and type “condoms” into the search bar.

    You can check if the stock at your Walmart is sufficient. The App will also tell you where the condoms were placed.

    Access the App via Google Play and App Store on every handheld device. You will have to log in to Walmart to use the feature.

    If you don’t feel the App suits you, there are many Walmart associates who will help you find condoms.

    Is There Condoms Available in Grocery Stores & Pharmacies

    Target, Walgreens Walgreens Meijer Rite Aid CVS Pharmacy Coles Kroger and Walgreens all have condoms. These can be found near deodorant and razors in men’s healthcare. A few stores will also have locked cupboards behind the counter where condoms can be stored.

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    Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

    Walmart sells what condoms?

    Walmart stocks many brands like Durex condoms.

    There is a wide range of condom designs available. You can choose to have them Latex or Non Latex. An average pack of 10 condoms is $6-$9 while an assortment of 24 condoms runs $10.

    Walmart also sells sampler boxes containing 90 condoms starting at $15.49. Walmart has the entire catalogue of condoms available.

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    .Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?