Does Fedex Take Usps?

Does Fedex Take Usps? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

FedEx, USPS and UPS all have similarities with each other, including their many locations, competitive rates and ability to ship coast to coast.

FedEx is more than a competitor; it’s actually a partner, with a contract to collaborate on various services, since 2001.

FedEx takes USPS, despite their long-standing partnership? Below is the answer.

Is FedEx and USPS connected?

FedEx is not taking USPS, and this confusion stems from the existing partnership.

FedEx and USPS signed the 2001 contract to establish this partnership, which gave FedEx access to USPS’s international and domestic air fleets.

FedEx was granted access to the extensive range of postal services in return.

Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

Did you know that the USPS legally has to deliver every address within the U.S. regardless of road or weather conditions?

FedEx might find that appealing, having made FedEx’s Rural Access the crux for their SmartPost service.

However, in March 2021, FedEx stopped its SmartPost service and dropped this part of its partnership with USPS.

What Happens if a USPS Package is accidentally placed in FedEx Dropbox

FedEx does not have to deliver USPS packages that were accidentally dropped into FedEx dropboxes.

FedEx does deliver the packages occasionally, however.

Others possible outcomes include:

  • FedEx informs USPS about a package that is meant for their services and holds onto it until someone from USPS can come get it.
  • FedEx could even get in touch with you (if FedEx has an account), and they may be able to look up your contact information so that you are aware of the situation.
  • No matter what the outcome, FedEx doesn’t routinely throw out packages that get lost to wrong shippers.

    You should still not consider FedEx or USPS interchangeable shippers.

    FedEx can deliver USPS boxes

    Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

    Can you ship FedEx via a USPS-issued box?

    So long as USPS vestiges, such as labels or addresses, have been removed or covered, then yes.

    FedEx can treat USPS boxes like FedEx shipments. states that there is no. There may have been very rare circumstances, according to anecdotal evidence.

    But, FedEx won’t deliver USPS-made packages. That is my best guess. While the two share some services, they otherwise operate individually.

    Furthermore, it’s actually illegal for anyone other than the resident and the postal carrier to put anything inside the mailbox at any given residence.

    FedEx drivers are unlikely to commit federal crimes frequently.

    Although mix-ups are possible, if FedEx and USPS are treated as one company, they will be very different, it is not a good idea.

    Does FedEx Take USPS? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

    FedEx to Deliver USPS Labels?

    FedEx is unlikely to deliver any package with USPS markings.

    FedEx is a company with a bottom line – and they aren’t going to make any money doing the Postal Service’s work for them.

    FedEx should deliver the package to USPS in the best possible scenario. However, your recipient might experience some delays.

    If you want to know more about USPS, please visit our posts on whether USPS uses tracking numbers for reuse, if USPS a government agency and if USPS forwards government mail or other RIS.

  • Conclusion
  • FedEx is not known to be able to accept USPS mailpieces. There are however anecdotal reports.

    The existing partnership is likely to explain a lot of confusion around the shippers and the supposed interchangeability.

    Fedex can I return a usps package?

    All of our locations are open to customers. U.S. Tender options for the U.S. Postal Service Customers can leave their returns package in the post office’s collection box.

    Fedex: Can Fedex use Usps packaging?

    FedEx cannot legally use an USPS mailbox for FedEx. This could cause problems with your shipment. Although technically impossible, you can add a FedEx shipping labels. FedEx boxes can be used if the USPS label is not covered.

    What Happens If You Give Fedex A Usps Package?

    Yes. Yes. FedEx can sometimes receive the package from the local FedEx office.

    Fedex Will Accept What Type Of Boxes?

    If the boxes you receive are strong and unaffected with all flaps intact, then your packaging may be used. Chipboard boxes, such as gift or shoe boxes, must be packed into a corrugated outer box. Double-wall boxes can be used for heavy items.

    .Does Fedex Take Usps? (Returns, Packages, Boxes + More)

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