Best Breast Pumps

Best Breast Pumps


The Best Breast Pumps For 2022 And How To Choose One

“>Best Breast Pumps For 2022 And How To Choose One

Debra Rose Wilkinson, MSN. R.N. Updated by Catherine Crider on December 1, 2019. What breast pumps are? Who should they be? FAQs Share with Pinterest Illustration by Alyssa Kiffer. Only products we consider useful to our readers are included. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

Since you discovered you’re expecting a baby you have made decisions. There have been many decisions to make about a baby’s car, changing table, crib or stroller. It was necessary to select doctors and make decisions about child care.

While many moms do not need a pump for their baby, it is important to consider if your child needs one.

We get it! Decision-making can be stressful, especially in the final stretch of pregnancy. Here’s some relief: We have compiled a list containing 10 of the most popular breast pumps, along with descriptions explaining why you might choose one of these models.

Best Breast Pumps

Our Selection

Medela Harmony – The most manual breast pump. With a smooth and flexible handle, Medela Harmony makes it easy to squeeze the breasts repeatedly.

Amazon $28*

Medela Harmony uses the same parts of our runner up double-electric pick and is equally effective at extracting milk. The handle of this manual pump is the only one we have tested with it swivel-able. We found this makes it more comfortable to use over longer or more frequent pumping sessions, because you can use it from whichever hand position feels best or change hand positions frequently. Easy-to-find accessories and spare parts make it affordable.

Louder, bulkier, more popular

The popular Medela Pump in Style Advanced is louder than our pick and lacks separate controls for suction strength and speed, but it’s easier to find this popular pump’s parts and accessories.

Amazon $246*

Similar pump but in a backpack

If you prefer a backpack style of carrier over our pick (which is the more popular tote), this product includes the same pump hardware.

Amazon – Buy *The price at the time of publication was $200

The popular, time-tested Medela Pump in Style Advanced is louder and bulkier than our pick the pump comes attached to an included bag and wasn’t as well-liked by our testers. However, it has a couple advantages over the Spectra Pumps. Second, parts are more readily available in stores that have brick and mortar locations. This could prove to be a crucial advantage for frequent travelers. A tiny leakage of the pump membrane can happen when you’re far from your child. Medela replacement parts may be bought in US-based and international stores. Medela provides a greater selection of sizes, as well as more customizing options with products purchased from other companies. Medela offers three types of cases for the pump. One is the tote bag or “metro bag,” from which you can remove the pump.

Best Breast Pumps

These are the 8 best breast pumps of 2021

The editors test the products and make recommendations. For medical accuracy, healthcare professionals are required to review articles. Learn more about the. Purchases made through the links we have chosen may result in us receiving commissions.

A breast pump is an important piece of equipment for breastfeeding mothers. Shopping for one, though, can be difficult because there are so many factors to consider like how it works, how loud it is, whether or not it’s portable, and how simple it is to use. If you have plans on going back to work outside of the home, for example, a quiet and portable option is essential. It is also important to know how to effectively and quickly pump your milk.

There will be features that you love, and others that you can’t live with. According to lactation consultant Natalie Ward, IBCLC, BS, this is to be expected. There might be rave reviews on the internet for the new, flashiest pump. However, the perfect fit might not exist for you, literally as well as metaphorically. Every breast pump has pros and cons. It is important to weigh the different features to determine which one best suits your needs. We have ranked the top-rated pumps on the market.

Amazon: Our top picks Medela Style Pump with MaxFlow

This closed-system pump has 9 vacuum settings as well as 4 modes. It also includes massage, which helps stimulate breast milk flow.

This style is not attached to the pump. Instead, it attaches to the pump so you can continue your day and collect milk.

Best Breast Pumps


There are many pumps to choose from, with some having different power sources or none. Your lifestyle and the way you intend to use your pump will determine which style is best for you.

Hospital Grade If you deliver your baby at the hospital, they will most likely have a pump in the room that you can use while you’re recovering. These pumps, which are usually larger and more portable than standard pumps, can be considered hospital grade. Although they’re most frequently found in hospitals, you can rent them or buy them. Because they are a great financial investment, many rent them.

Manual Manual breast pumps are great for keeping in your bag or car in case you find yourself engorged or needing to pump but you don’t have access to your electric pump. While every model can be different, they all need to be powered manually by your hand. These single pumps are typically used to pump breasts separately.

Electric Pumps are most frequently used. This pump uses either batteries, an USB port or an outlet to generate electric current. While they are identical to hospital-grade models, most of them can be transported easily and have smaller dimensions. Some more recent models, however, attach to the breast and can be worn so you can move around while pumping hands-free.

Although they aren’t pumps, milk catchers can be used to capture your milk and keep it from going bad. These are meant to replace breast pads. The milk collected from your breasts throughout the day can then be transferred into a freezer bag or bottle.

Ward recommends that you ask the following questions depending on what type of pump you choose: Is it required to plug into the wall? Is it possible to recharge the device using a power cable? Can it be charged via USB? Does it take batteries in case you live in an area that is prone to storms or power outages? Is it rechargeable or requires batteries? How long do they last?

Best Breast Pumps

Spectra Baby Usa – S1Plus Electric Milk Pump

Buy from Amazon Buy on Target Buy online at BuybuyBaby. Moms and dads love Spectra pumps. They are lightweight, portable and very quiet. If you aren’t able to have an electrical outlet near your pump, the Spectra S1Plus comes with a plug as well as a battery. This closed system is cleaner and more convenient because it doesn’t require cleaning. The Spectra mimics breastfeeding with a massage function that replicates a baby’s naturally sucking action and adjustable suction levels. The nightlight of this pump makes it easy to use late-night pumping without disturbing your baby.

Heads up

The company’s warranty only applies to products purchased through Spectra directly. The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to pumps purchased through other retailers.

They say it is “the best pump I have ever used.” It’s the reason I was able to build my supply from 1 ounce a day to more than 20 ounces. It’s possible to increase the pump’s speed or suction power by adjusting them. “I tried many pumps. I had to give up on a hospital pump. Then, there was the Spectra. This is easily the best pump out there. It is a great pump at a good price. What I love most is how comfortable it is!” Details

One or two electric pumps

Closed system; requires no tube cleaning

Rechargeable cell

Weighs 3 pounds

Best Breast Pumps

Types Of Breast Pumps

The three major types of breast pumps are

Electric breast pumps: These models plug into a wall outlet and are typically the most powerful breast pumps you can buy. Either a dual-electric or single-electric pump will allow you to milk both breasts simultaneously. (Single-electric breast pumps are less efficient, since they essentially double the amount of time you need to spend pumping, but they tend to be more affordable than double-electric models.)

Single and double battery-operated breast pumps Some breast pumps can be operated wirelessly, which allows for hands-free operation. A battery-operated pump is smaller and easier to use than an electric one. This makes them ideal for when you don’t have power (such as while you commute to work, or on the road).

Manual breast pumps: Manual pumps are hand-operated, requiring the user to squeeze a lever repeatedly to create suction on the breast and express milk. These units are small, light and portable. There are downsides. It’s possible to do a lot more work and not receive as much milk. This is why they should be used only occasionally.

Best Breast Pumps

Here are some things to look for in a breast pump

Shopping for a breast-pump that is right for you will be a challenge. Breast pumps that work for one mother may not suit yours. Andrea Tran, a lactation consultant who is certified to recommend breast pumps that meet your needs, advises you to take into consideration these factors.

Pump frequency: How often will you be pumping? The manual pump won’t work if you pump less than once per week. A double-electric pump is a good investment. The best pump you can afford is the one you want to test exclusive pumping.

Although no breast pump can be completely silent, there are some that emit a higher level of noise than others. A quieter model is better if you are going to be around others, such as in an office, or on conference calls.

It can also be useful to carry a light weight pump, especially if you travel a lot or commute frequently.

Are there any electrical outlets nearby? A double-electric electric model with a built-in battery pack is an option. You could also opt for smaller and more portable batteries. The latest models allow you to pump with your hands free without having any visible tubing or wires.

Insurance coverage and cost: Some breast pumps can be covered under insurance, but you might want another one for your office. Or you could upgrade to a more powerful pump if it’s worth the investment.

Replacement parts: Parts like tubing and duck valves need to be replaced every so often. It’s important to choose a pump compatible with readily available replacement parts if you plan on pumping often. If you own multiple pumps, such as one for your home and one for your work, it may be convenient to get two of the same brand. That means all parts will work together (such as bottles or flanges).

Wendy Wright is a certified lactation consultant. Because you might be pumping your child for that length of time, it’s important to take into account the following: According to Wright, many moms are not aware of how time-consuming and physically exhausting pumping or breastfeeding can be. From birth, most infants consume food every 2 to 3 hours. By 6 months old, we want to know if moms have the flexibility and freedom to move around. Moms shouldn’t have to compromise their breastfeeding goals if their pump doesn’t match their active lifestyle for the length of their breastfeeding journey.

Best Breast Pumps

Different types of breast pumps

A small, motorized electric breast pump. This is an electronic pump that produces suction to extract breastmilk. Many need to be powered by a battery, but others can plug into an outlet. A double electric pump empties both breasts at the same time, while a single electric pump only extracts milk from one breast at a time.

Manual Breast Pump: An automatic breast pump uses a simple lever or handle that creates the suction. On our site, you will find the most advanced manual breast pump on the market.

Hands Free Breast Pump: This is an electric breast pumps that can be worn or used as a stand-alone device.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pump: A hospital-grade breast pump is a multi-use rental breast pump designed for mothers with medical issues preventing them from properly breastfeeding their babies, or for mothers of babies with genetic issues in the NICU. The Medela Symphony is available, which features two-phase expression technology.

Best Breast Pumps

How do I choose the right breast pump for me?

Consider these essential features when you are deciding what breast pump would be the best for your needs:

Check the suction strength of your breast pump. According to Aeroflow moms, 82.9% stated that it is important for them to choose a good one. Do you need help kick-starting your let-down reflex to stimulate milk flow? You want to produce milk more quickly? If you have trouble emptying your breasts, a pump with a higher suction power may be able to assist. If you need to increase your milk supply, then a pump which has more suction may be helpful.

The portability of your breast pump is important if you intend to use it for daily commutes. Consider a breast pumps with batteries, to ensure you have power when it is not possible to use an outlet.

You can customize the breast pumping experience with a pump that has adjustable suction and speeds. The more suction and cycle levels a breast pump offers, the closer the pump can mimic your baby’s feeding style.

Be Discretionary – Will you pump slowly? Choose a pump with an easy-to-carry motor, such as one that fits into your purse.

Simplicity – Forget the bells and whistles. A durable, reliable pump is what you want. Look at breast pumps reviews to see if there are any warranties.

Power source – It is important to know how long a battery-powered pump can last and whether it comes with standard or rechargeable batteries. It is worth checking if your pump can work in conjunction with DC power adapters.

Warranty – Breast pumps are not returnable due to their medical nature. However, all breast pumps will come warranted through the manufacturer. You should note, however that warranty terms for motor and components may vary.

Connectivity – Are you looking to know the exact number of ounces you’re pumping? Consider breast pumps that have Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to monitor your daily pumping and track it in an app for your phone.

Optional Insurance – Some moms might be interested in a free pump or an upgrade package. Upgrade bundles may include milk storage bags or baby bottles for milk collection, tote, manual silicone breast pump, cooler bags and more.

Which breast pump is best?

  1. Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump.
  2. Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-Go Tote.
  3. Medela Symphony Electric breast pump.
  4. Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump.
  5. Lansinoh Signaturepro Double Electric Breast-Pump
  6. Bellababy Electric Belly Breast Pump.

Which breast pump is easiest?

As the motor is doing the pumping work for you, electric breast pumps make it easier and more comfortable to use. 2-Phase Expression technology mimics a baby’s natural sucking behaviour. To stimulate the let-down response, baby starts each breastfeed with short, quick sucks.

Is Pumping Bad for Your Breasts?

No permanent injury should be caused by pumping.

What breast pump recommend lactation specialists?

Double expression pumps are recommended by lactation consultants. It allows you to pump simultaneously on both the left and right sides. May 28, 2021

.Best Breast Pumps

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