Best Breastfeeding Pillows

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

The best nursing pillow

Luna Lullaby strikes a great balance, being soft but supportive. With a plush, flexible cover, it is ideal for breastfeeding, stomach time and lounging.

Amazon: Luna Lullaby – $59

Though no single nursing pillow shape or design is right for everyone, the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow was the overall favorite nursing pillow among our testers. The L-shaped design allows for more options in positioning during nursing, than the more body-hugging C or U-shaped pillows. This pillow is also versatile. Its shape and soft, springy fill makes it comfortable enough to breastfeed moms. This cover has the most variety of designs and colors, making it one of our favorite and softest.


Best Breastfeeding Pillows

How To Choose The Best Nursing Pillow For You

Many styles and types of breastfeeding pillows are available. You should not add them to your baby registry. Or order one from an online seller. The fit, shape, firmness, care instructions and extra bells and whistles can differ greatly from one brand to the other.

Consider these features before you buy a pillow for nursing:

Shape. It all comes down to your personal preference. You can find nursing pillows that are U- or B-shaped and will snuggle up against your stomach. Others wrap right around your waist. You might find certain styles to be more comfortable than others.

Fit. Many nursing pillows are equipped with adjustable belts and straps that allow you to get a better, more secure fit.

Storage. While it’s not necessary, moms like nursing pillows that include a small pocket for bottles, toys, or any other items you may need during breastfeeding.

Material. Material.

Versatility. You can use pillows for more than just nursing. It’s a great idea to get one that will grow with your baby.

We have compiled this guide to help you select the ideal breastfeeding pillow, for both your own needs and those of baby. These are the top 2021 nursing pillows.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

This is How We Use It: Our Favourite Baby Nursing Pillows

Say buh-bye to back, neck and shoulder pain with these breastfeeding pillows that make it easier for mom and baby.

Third-party products have been included to assist you in navigating and enjoying life’s greatest moments. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links provided on this page.

The amazing ROI that a breastfeeding pillow offers is unmatched. A nursing pillow will be a baby item you use often, whether for hours or months. Finding the best nursing pillow for you can save your back and shoulders, help you relax and get your milk flowing all while keeping baby comfortable too. A nursing pillow is a great way to hold your baby, so that your arms are free from the strain of feeding. Sound good? You want to know how you can shop for this essential must-have?

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

How To Use A Nursing Pillow

The majority of feeding pillows can be shaped to fit around the waist and support baby in the correct height for them to access the breasts or bottles. There are many nursing positions that you can choose from. You should experiment with the position of baby and your pillow to see which one works best for you. If possible, your baby should face you with the pillow in a slightly slanted position. You can also use the pillow to give baby a boost when trying upright breastfeeding positions, like the koala hold. When you find the perfect spot, make sure your elbows and back are straightened. The baby’s nose should meet your nipple.

Don’t forget to use the best nursing pillows for feeding. Consider using the pillow as support for your sleeping while pregnant. You can also use some pillows shapes to prop baby up while he or she is holding it.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

How to Pick the Right Nursing Pillow

Even though you could nestle your baby in your arms as you breastfeed, or bottle feed, the extra weight of an 8-pound baby can drag on your shoulders. This will cause you to strain your back. Good nursing pillows are able to lift baby effortlessly to the appropriate height to feed so your posture doesn’t change. Trust the pillow’s ability to lift baby up to breastfeed and allow you to concentrate on more important things such as perfecting your latch, relaxing, and letting go of stress. Consider these factors when looking for the best nursing pillows:

* Size. Some moms prefer a sizable nursing pillow so baby has a wide spot to lie on while feeding. A smaller travel-friendly nursing pillow is preferred by others. This makes it easy to move from one spot to another while also making it easy to store for future trips. A twin pillow is also available for mothers of multiple children.

* Price. Average breastfeeding pillows cost $25-50. An upgrade can be made to the plush and monogrammed slipcovers for about $70. Looking for an organic nursing pillow or a twin nursing pillow designed to accommodate multiples? This is a closer look at $100.

* Washability. * Washability. Will the pillow need to be washed or can it be washed in the washing machine? Even though the price is lower, the slipcover is worth it if the baby is susceptible to acid reflux.

* Style and design. Nursing pillows are fabric-covered, so there are plenty of looks to choose from: solid colors, prints and even two-sided pillows featuring different patterns on either side. Shopping for one becomes more exciting with the wide variety.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

The Best Nursing Pillows For Twins, Back Support, C-Section, More

Debra Rose Wilson Ph.D. Medically reviewed. Quick Look What you should look for. How we picked our picks. Takeaway: We only include products that we believe are of value to our readers. This page may contain affiliate links. We might earn small commissions if we sell through them.

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The best twin nursing pillows:

Highest quality nursing pillows with back support.

After a C-section, the best pillow to use for nursing:

The best breastfeeding pillow for multiple positions of feeding:

As a new mom, the reality that newborn babies need to feed every 2 to 3 hours quickly sets in. That’s a lot of time spent breastfeeding!

You may find it difficult to feel comfortable and your body will begin to feel uncomfortable.

One thing that can make breastfeeding less uncomfortable and physically taxing is a breastfeeding pillow. Nursing pillows are designed to support and keep your baby at breast height. You don’t need to carry your baby’s entire weight with a nursing pillow.

You can help reduce strain in your neck, shoulders, and back by aligning your baby with the nape when sitting straight. Even if you’re bottle-feeding your baby, sometimes extra support can be nice.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Do you want to learn more about nursing pillows Find the info you are looking for below.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

Our Top Picks for Nursing Pillows

We tested the top 11 nursing pillows from Nook, Boppy, My Brest Friend, Ergobaby, and others to find the best Credit: Abriah Wofford Juliet Spurrier, MD Wendy Schmitz , and BabyGearLab Review Team Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Only if you make a purchase through one of our links does it earn us money. We never receive free product from the manufacturer.

Looking for the ideal nursing pillow? Following extensive testing, research, and careful selections we have chosen the 11 top nursing pillows for 2020. With over a decade’s worth of testing information from more than 21 different pillows, and even more hands-on nursing experience, our baby experts have been around. You will enjoy breastfeeding and success with a well-functioning nursing pillow. We have reviewed each pillow to determine its quality, functionality, cleanliness, durability, and ease-of-use.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

Ten of the Best Nursing and Support Pillows to Help Feed Your Child

Supports to ensure that your baby is correctly supported during breastfeeding. Tested by mothers for breast- and bottle feeding

This contest is over. You can use it from birth until the time you are ready to wean.

Our MFM testers have provided feedback to help us find the most effective pillows for breastfeeders and bottle-feeders.

Can I use my nursing pillow?

Specially designed with breastfeeding mothers in mind, a nursing pillow can be worth its weight in gold when you find the one that works for you. You can use them to support your back, neck, and help you position your baby for the best latch. While a regular pillow can be used to raise baby’s head as they feed, it will not provide as much support as a nursing one.

A nursing pillow is not only for breastfeeding moms. It also provides the same support that you use to reduce neck, arm and back strain when bottle feeding. You can also invest in them if your baby was born via c-section. Nursing pillows protect and ease the pressure on those muscles that are healing.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

Here are The 2022 Best Nursing Pillows

1. My Brest Friend Nursing Pilllow

The My Brest Friend is our #1 pick, and for several good reasons. The versatility of this pillow makes it great for all moms, regardless of their size, breast size, breast size, breast size, gender, breast size, as well as where you want to breastfeed (in a nursing chair, on a couch, in a bed or car). The cushion wraps around you, and the buckle secures it. It is very easy to remove with one handed (the “no-noise Velcro” version has an even easier unbuckling). Two different types of recyclable foam are glued together to make the pillow. For comfort, the bottom foam will be placed on your lap and is denser. The upper foam will support the baby’s head. This cover can be easily removed, washed in the washing machine and is removable. There are extra covers that you can purchase as well. A waterproof cover for the inner core is available from the company’s site. My Brest Friend is made out of foam so it won’t lose its shape like pillows with fillings or stuffing. Foam is used to wrap the strap around your body, providing some back support. It is only where the shoulder strap meets the pillow that the foam has a problem. This part of the pillow will continually be bent while putting it on and off and eventually the foam will tear. Even though it may be a little bit swollen, it’s still usable. These two small humps are part of the pillow. You won’t believe it, but there are two purposes for these humps. The feeding risers are called humps and elevate the baby’s head slightly. My Brest Friend incorporated these feeding risers based in part on the recommendations of lactation experts. A benefit of the feeding raisers is that although one may slightly lift baby’s heads, the other, located near baby’s butt will prevent them from rolling. You can trust that your baby will feel secure on the pillow. Also, the wrap around strap prevents slippage and keeps your baby close by.

This nursing pillow allows you to nurse your baby with one hand free or if you can do it safely, two hands free. The pillow’s unique feature is that it comes with a small pouch for all your baby necessities. It can hold a glass of water or small snacks like a granola Bar, Nipple Cream, baby pacifier, and your phone. You can also purchase this pillow in an inflatable travel, deluxe, or twin size. The My Brest Friend has two minor drawbacks. First, the zipper that covers the pillow is located on the bottom of the pillow. If you’re wearing shorts, your thighs will be exposed and the zipper may rub against your skin. It’s not a major problem, but it is worth mentioning. This pillow can be bulky and takes up space in a bag. The My Brest Friend was our top-rated nursing pillow and became our best friend for nursing. My Brest Friend, the nursing pillow that is loved by so many people! The Bump and Babylist like it as well! Interested? The My Brest Friend nursing pillows are available here. Borje Nursing Pillow.

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The Borje, not to be mistaken with Baby Bjorn! It offers comfort, cute design, good firmness, and an extra bonus. This pillow works well for both small and large moms. You may have ever purchased a pillow for sleeping, only to find that it had lost its firmness or fluffiness a couple of months later and required a replacement. Borje isn’t going to have such a problem. The great thing about the Borje’s filling is its ability to retain its shape and firmness for longer than most pillows. Other pillows will eventually lose their density. Borje’s filling is very much like a fluffy, polyester stuffed animal. This makes it easy to alter the firmness as you like by adding or removing stuffing. Borje was a master at stuffing the baby’s new diaper to just the right firmness. It is removable and machine washable. It is 100% cotton and soft. Borje pillows also come with a removable small pillow to support your baby’s head. This baby pillow supports can be easily taken off by using a Velcro strap. Now for that little extra bonus you didn’t know you needed: we were surprisingly impressed with how useful and comfortable the head pillow for the baby was. To help reduce stomach gas and digestion, the pillow raised the baby’s head enough to secure a latch. It’s also clever because you don’t have to worry about remembering which side you used the last time, as the pillow remains attached. The head pillow eliminates the need for you to lift your baby’s heads with your arms or hands. It’s the little things that can really make a difference.

The last word on the head pillows: Are you looking for some extra comfort and relief from baby’s skin? When breastfeeding while on the go, place the head pillow on either your arm or your partner’s arm. (note that the strap for the head pillow is quite long so it can wrap around your nursing pillow but is not long enough to attach to your arm). You will find that the “U-shaped” pillow does not wrap around like a C-shaped one, and instead lies straight at your side. If you’re a larger mom than average, this pillow may be too small to wrap around your waist. The ends of the pillows will also not reach the center of your body. Overall this nursing pillow is fantastic and deserves this place on our top 10 list. Mommyhood101 proudly announces that it was the first site to evaluate this type of baby gear. Interested? Borje breastfeeding pillow is now available. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow.

Boppy pillows are among the most beloved nursing pillows. Boppy pillows were invented in 1989 by a mother and have been improved and updated since then. The Boppy pillow is sold with one cover, and there are dozens of covers available to match your and your baby’s personal styles that are available for additional purchase. Both the Boppy Pillow and its covers can both be washed in the machine. This makes it easy to clean up any spills, spit-ups, or other issues. Each baby brings with it its own challenges when breastfeeding. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow is simple in design. The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow is very easy to use. This allows you to spend more time on your baby and yourself. Boppy’s versatility is amazing. This C-shaped pillow can be used to nurse, support baby while they sleep, and even help them learn how to sit. Boppy pillow has a similar feel to a regular pillow. When baby is directly placed on the pillow, it provides good support. You can use the Boppy pillow to support your arm and baby’s head while they are being held. You can use the pillow for breastfeeding, as well as your caregiver. This pillow will help you to ease the pressure of bottle feeding by supporting and holding your baby.

We all have different sizes, and the Boppy may not be the best option for bigger women. You cannot adjust the shape of the pillow (100% polyester fiber) and its material (C-shaped). A larger pillow size, such as a woman’s 12 or higher, will result in a more pronounced “U” shape. The pillow may eventually fall away. Boppy has a new crescent moon-shaped pillow that is designed to prevent the pillow from sliding. The Boppy Best Latch keeps the pillow secure and close by. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow is a timeless classic that has been beloved by mothers for over a decade. Although it costs around $40, this pillow includes one cover. The Boppy is a premium product that offers quality and reliability. Boppy sells the “Bare naked” pillow for $10 less if the price is too high or you weren’t gifted the pillow. Boppy Nursing Pillow highly recommends. The Bump and Babylist recommend the Boppy Nursing Pillow as top picks! Interested? Get the Boppy Nursing Pillow at this link. The Daddy-O Bottle Feeding Pillow.

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Do you want to encourage your dad to nurse more or do they not like the idea of a nursing pillow around their waist? The Daddy O pillow may be the perfect solution for you. The Daddy -O is a plush, supportive pillow designed to support bottle feeding and help fathers be more involved in their child’s feedings. The Daddy O features stereotypically masculine themes like football field and camouflage. It can be used in a man-cave. You don’t just have to love the fun patterns, but the Daddy O pillow can also be used for bottle feeding. The unique shape of the pillow allows for an upright breastfeeding position. The Daddy O pillows were available for us to test last year. The obvious branding of Daddy-O is masculine at first. We weren’t sure if it would work for us. After trying it out, however, we realized its appeal. It’s light, portable and can easily be popped onto your lap.

This doesn’t necessarily mean only fathers could use it or only that dads like it. In our tests, both men and ladies liked the simple design of the pillow. There are no buckles or straps to attach it. This pillow does not compete with traditional nursing pillows. While it might not be great for breastfeeding it will prevent the pain from your arm when you bottle feed. This pillow rises 2″ from a length of 6.5″. That’s about a 30 degree incline. Breastfeeding experts such as Dr. Patricia Mackin recommend a slope between 30 and 45 degrees. Our scale measured that the pillow was just 15 ounces in weight (less than 1 pound). This makes it easy to grab and put in the closet. You can even find it made in the USA. Only two drawbacks are that this is best for breastfeeding and not bottle nursing and the core material of the pillow, which is polyurethane foam. Of course, your baby will never be sleeping on this pillow, so that’s not a huge concern. Overall, we think the Daddy-O is a great option for a first-time dad who wants to get more involved with bottle feeding, and it makes a great and useful gift that can help motivate both parents to get involved in feeding the baby! Interested? You can check out the Daddy-O Pillows here 5. Bamibi Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow.

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nail Pillow is a luxurious thick nursing pillow. It is extremely soft and plush. This pillow is soft enough to be comfortable supporting your baby. This cover doesn’t have a zipper like the other pillows. It folds in one corner, just like a traditional sham. Covers come in many designs and colors so that you can personalize your pillow. You can shape the pillow in a V-shaped way so your arms and hips will meet the pillow. Since it’s not “C” or “U” shaped, you don’t have to worry about this pillow not fitting around your waist, making the Luna Lullaby Bosom a really nice nursing pillow for plus-sized moms. However, the pillow may slip around your waist, creating an opening for baby to slide into. And, if you are a smaller woman, the pillow may feel less secure against your body because the “V” shape can be very wide. It is easy to transport the pillow in your car. But, the pillows can take up much space on an airplane. Luna Lullaby Bosom could be the perfect pillow for you. It is ideal for hip pain relief during pregnancy due to its shape and thickness. You can also use this pillow to help baby sit or tummy time, as well as for supporting him/her against the wall. The most costly pillow we tried was this one, which cost between $43.00 to $59.00, depending on its fabric and cover. This pillow is nice for what it is but it did not “wow” us, and it was not any better than other pillows tested. You might consider this pillow if you are large and can purchase it at a discounted price. This pillow has nothing to be special so you may want something more within your budget or that’s more comfortable for you. Who else loves the Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow? Our friends at WhatToExpect and Babygearlab also consider it a top pick! Interested? See the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nail Pillow Here 7. Royexe Inflatable nursing pillow.

Which Nursing Pillow Should You Use?

Take our pick. Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow. The most luxurious nursing pillow. The best nursing pillow. My Brest Friends Deluxe Nursing Pillow. The most luxurious belted pillow. Great! Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow. A moldable, more stylish pillow.Sep 27, 2021

Does Breast Feeding Pillows Make Sense?

According to most breastfeeding specialists, breastfeeding pillows have caused more breastfeeding problems than they solved. If you believe you may need it, breastfeeding assistance is well worth your time. … Without the pillow, there’s more room for the baby to slide into her lap and there’s lots of body contact to waken her if that happens.Sep 23, 2019

Boppy good for breastfeeding

One of the most important items that you will use when bonding with your newborn baby is the Boppy(r). Infant Support and Feeding Pillows. Boppy(r] Best Latch(tm] Breastfeeding Pillows are the ideal pillows for babies’ first years.

How Many Nursing Pillows Do You Need?

Although gravity provides most support, one can still use the other to support the breast, or to help your baby get to their hips. Dec 5, 2018,

.Best Breastfeeding Pillows

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