Best Electric Breast Pump

Best Electric Breast Pump

Best Electric Breast Pump

Best Breast Pumps

Natural suction breast pump with the best results:

The most comfortable manual breast-pump:

Best multitasking breast pump:

Best budget hospital-grade breast pump:

Cheapest electric breast pump for women:

Product Name Type Price Type Closed. vs. portable

Spectra Plus Electric Breast Pump $$ electric Closed

Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump $ Manual N/A Yes

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump $ Manual N/A Yes

Willow Wearable Bra Pump $$$ Electric Closed

Best Electric Breast Pump


Many different pumps are available, and some have different power sources. The best style for you depends entirely on your lifestyle and how you plan to use it.

Hospital Grade If you deliver your baby at the hospital, they will most likely have a pump in the room that you can use while you’re recovering. These pumps are generally considered hospital-grade because they can handle more frequent use and are often heavier and smaller. These pumps will be most often found in hospitals but they are also available to rent or purchase. Since they can represent a significant financial investment, many opt to rent them.

The manual breast pumps make great companions for carrying in your handbag or car, in the event that you need to pump and are not able to access your electric pump. Each model will require that you manually power the pump with your hand. These pumps can only be used for one breast, so you will need to pump each breast individually.

Electric This is the most common type of pump and uses electric power, either from batteries, a USB port, or an outlet, to run the motor. Most of them are similar to hospital-grade but smaller for portability and general ease of use. However, some of the more modern models attach to breasts so you can pump while still moving.

They are not actually pumps. However, they collect the milk you drink throughout the day. You can use them instead of breastfeeding pads to collect milk throughout the day.

Ward advises you to ask these questions, depending on which pump style you have: Does it have to be plugged into the wall? Is it possible to recharge the device using a power cable? Do you think it can be charged by USB? Does it take batteries in case you live in an area that is prone to storms or power outages? How long is the battery life if it can be recharged/takes batteries?

Best Electric Breast Pump

Our Selection

Medela Harmony, The Best Manual Breast Pump With its smooth and swiveling handle it is much easier to hold than other models.

Amazon $28*

Medela Harmony, which has the exact same components as our second-place double electric pick is just as efficient at extracting milk than any manual pump. The only manual pump that we tried has a handle with a swivel. We found this makes it more comfortable to use over longer or more frequent pumping sessions, because you can use it from whichever hand position feels best or change hand positions frequently. The pump is affordable and readily available with easily-findable accessories and replacement parts.

More popular , louder, and bulkier

Medela’s Style Advanced pump is louder and has no separate controls for suction speed or strength. However, this popular pump’s accessories and parts are easier to find.

Amazon $246*

The same pump in a bag

If you prefer a backpack style of carrier over our pick (which is the more popular tote), this product includes the same pump hardware.

Amazon — The price for this product was $200 at the time it was published.

The popular, time-tested Medela Pump in Style Advanced is louder and bulkier than our pick the pump comes attached to an included bag and wasn’t as well-liked by our testers. It does have a few advantages over the Spectra pump. For frequent traveller, the Spectra pump has better access to parts in bricks and mortar stores. This can cause serious problems if you have to leave your nursing baby or lose the tiny pump membrane. Medela replacement parts are available in stores across the US and around the world. Medela offers more options for customization and a wider range of sizes in breast shields. Medela offers three types of cases for the pump. One is the tote bag or ” metro bag “. This case can only be taken out with the pump.

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Best Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby S1Plus Electric Pump

Buy at Amazon Buy at Target Buy at buybuyBaby Moms love Spectra pumps because they’re portable, very quiet, and lightweight, and they offer exceptional technology. The Spectra S1Plus comes with a plug as well as a battery. This is useful if there’s no outlet near you when pumping. This closed system is cleaner and more convenient because it doesn’t require cleaning. The Spectra replicates breastfeeding with a massage mode. This simulates a baby’s natural sucking. For late night pumping, moms love that the Spectra has a nightlight so your partner and baby don’t get up.


This warranty is only applicable to products that are purchased directly from Spectra. Your pump will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty if it is purchased from another retailer.

Parents say “This is the best pump ever. Because of it, I was able increase my daily supply by more than 1 ounce to 20 ounces. Both the suction and speed can be adjusted, so you will get more out of this pump than you could with any other. “I have tested several pumps and found the Spectra to be my favorite. This pump is undoubtedly the best. It’s an incredible pump and a value for the price. Most importantly, I love how comfy it is! See the Specifications

Electric pump

Closed system; requires no tube cleaning

Rechargeable cell

Weighs 3 pounds

Best Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby Usa – S1Plus Electric Milk Pump

Amazon. Target. Moms are fond of Spectra pumps. They’re lightweight, portable and quiet. The Spectra S1Plus has a plug and a rechargeable battery, which is helpful if you don’t always have an outlet nearby when pumping. The tubing is sealed, making it more hygiene-friendly. The Spectra is a mirror of breastfeeding. It has a massage mode to simulate a baby’s natural suction and adjustable suction levels for a natural flow. For late night pumping, moms love that the Spectra has a nightlight so your baby and partner don’t wake up.


Only products bought directly through Spectra are covered by the company’s warranty. If you buy your pump from another retailer it won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and will be subject to the return and exchange policy of that retailer.

The best pump! Parents love it. It’s the reason I was able to build my supply from 1 ounce a day to more than 20 ounces. The speed and suction power are both adjustable, and when you find the setting that’s right for you, you’re able to get much more than with other pumps.” “I’ve tried several pumps over three babies, including a hospital-grade pump, and finally the Spectra. It’s the absolute best pump. It is an amazing pump, and it’s a fantastic value. The best thing about it is the comfort! This pump has a suction that is comparable to hospital-grade pumps. It was used during lactation consultation visits. There is a setting to stimulate the pump, followed by the setting for regular suction. The device is quite quiet, and my colleagues say that they do not notice it. You can even use it to make calls at work. It’s a wonderful product that I recommend wholeheartedly. Please see the Specifications

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Double or single electric pump

Tube cleaning is not required for this closed system

Rechargeable battery

Weighs 3 pounds

Best Electric Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Amazon. The Pump in Style electric pump comes complete with all the essentials for pumping success (cooler/cold pack, bottles with lids and battery pack), power adaptor and much more. You can carry the pump in a small bag, backpack or tote. Everything packs perfectly and is easy to transport. You can adjust the speed and suction to make it your own. Medela pumps come with 2-phase expression technology. This is similar to how babies are nursed.

Heads up

Although the motor is sealed at the pump, it doesn’t completely seal the system. Mold and mildew can form if water gets into the tubes. It is possible to clean and remove the tubes from this situation, but it can prove difficult.

Parents say “I’ve been using this pump about once a day for the past two months – I’m building up supply before returning to work next week. It’s easy to use and helps me express a good amount of milk. The tote is a great tool to keep my stuff together, and make it easy to move from one place to another. “This is the best pump! I needed a pump I could use in the office, in the car, or in the field. All my requirements were met by this pump. The pump remained in place for the entire year that I breastfed. It never lost its suction. Even though it was regularly used, the bag has held up well with no visible wear or tears. This bag is highly recommended. It’s a great pump. This pump is great! I have used it daily and it has worked flawlessly. I like the cooler it comes with, and the bag to carry the pump in is well-made and convenient with plenty of room for bottles and pump parts. It is very easy to use. I am able to pump 5 ounces per side in about 10 minutes. Specifications

Electric pump

Removable cooler bag and portable battery pack

One-touch suction and speed adjustment

Dual-voltage for 110-240V, allows for use outside the U.S.

Best Electric Breast Pump

How do you choose between electric and manual breast pumps?

An electric pump would be your best choice, if the pump is going to get used more frequently than it does once daily. They do the work for you and can quickly and effectively empty your breasts, which will help keep your milk supply up over time.

Electric pumps can mimic the sucking behavior of a baby. They use short and quick sucking to get the letdown reaction, then switch to a deeper, slower sucking rhythm. This can help make your pumping easier and allow you to produce more milk.

These electric pumps weigh in at around 5 pounds. They also come with carrying bags, as well as bottles. Extra accessories can be purchased to help make life easier. These include a special bra, wipes, disinfecting bags, and bags that store breast milk.

A lot of pumps have a built in battery pack. This is a great option for pumping while on the move or at a location without an electrical outlet. Wearable breast pumps are available that can be worn inside your bra to quietly pump your breasts while you go about your daily activities.

Best baby wrap carrier

Best bottle drying rack

Best Electric Breast Pump

Types of breast pump

These are the three most common types of breast-pump:

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Electric breast pumps: These models plug into a wall outlet and are typically the most powerful breast pumps you can buy. Either a dual-electric or single-electric pump will allow you to milk both breasts simultaneously. Single-electric breast pumps tend to be less efficient than double-electric ones. However, they are more cost-effective.

The battery-operated breast pump: There are two types of battery-operated models. There are also wireless breast pumps that allow for completely hands-free pumping. The battery-operated breast pumps are usually smaller and lighter than the electric ones. They can also be carried with you when it is not possible to have an outlet.

Manual breast pumps: Hand-operated manual breast pumps. They require the user to repeatedly squeeze a lever to generate suction at the breasts and then to pump milk. These units are small, light and portable. The downside? It’s possible to do a lot more work and not receive as much milk. This is why they should be used only occasionally.

Best Electric Breast Pump

What To Look For In A Breast Pump

Shopping for the perfect breast pump is important. The one that works best for you might not suit you. Andrea Tran, certified lactation consultant and breast pump expert, suggests these key factors when researching the best breast pumps:

The frequency at which you pump: This is how frequently you will be pumping. If you plan to pump at least a couple of times a week, a manual pump doesn’t make sense, because you’ll have to expend a lot of time and energy to use it. It’s worth considering a double electric pump in this case. It’s worth looking into the top models if exclusive pumping is something you might consider.

The noise level of breast pumps varies. Some are more loud than others. A quiet model is better if you are going to be around others, such as in an office, or on conference calls.

A lightweight pump can help you lose weight if your commute to work or frequent travels.

Are you able to access an electric outlet where you will be pumping? Consider a dual-electric, battery-powered electric pump if your plans include pumping fuel in your car or bathroom. The latest models allow you to pump with your hands free without having any visible tubing or wires.

Insurance coverage and cost: Some breast pumps can be covered under insurance, but you might want another one for your office. Or you could upgrade to a more powerful pump if it’s worth the investment.

Replacement parts: Parts like tubing and duck valves need to be replaced every so often. If you’ll be pumping frequently, it pays to pick a pump that’s compatible with widely-available replacement parts. And if you have multiple pumps say one for work and one for home it can be more convenient to buy two of the same brand, since that means the parts (like bottles and flanges) will be compatible.

Wendy Wright, certified lactation consultant and Wendy Wright say that you should consider the future six- to twelve months ahead. You may be pumping for as long as 12 months. According to Wright, many moms who are new realize the amount of time it takes for breastfeeding and pumping. “Most babies eat once every two hours or three until six months, and so we ask moms to consider whether their life requires freedom, mobility, and flexibility. Mothers should not sacrifice breastfeeding because the pump they use isn’t compatible with their lifestyle.

.Best Electric Breast Pump