Best Electric Breast Pumps

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Our Pick

Medela Harmony The Best Manual Breast Pump With its smooth and swiveling handle, it is much easier to hold than other models.

Amazon. $28 *

Medela Harmony , which uses the same parts as our runner-up double electric pick, is as effective or more at extracting milk as any other manual pump we tried. This is the only manual pump to have a swiveling handle. This makes the pump more ergonomic for longer and more frequent sessions. You can also use it in any hand position you prefer, or switch between them frequently. This pump has easy to find accessories and parts, and is reasonably priced.

More popular , louder, and bulkier

Medela’s Style Advanced pump is louder and has no separate controls for suction speed or strength. However, this pump’s accessories and parts are easier to find.

Amazon: $246*

Similar pump but in a backpack

If you’re looking for a bag style carrier, this item has the same pump hardware.

Amazon: Buy Now

Medela Pump Style Advanced (popular, tried-and-true) is louder. However, the bag that comes with it has a smaller volume and was not as popular among our testers. But it offers a couple of advantages over the Spectra pumps. For frequent traveller, the Spectra pump has better access to parts in bricks and mortar stores. A tiny leakage of the pump membrane can happen when you are far from your child. Medela replacement parts will be available at most major retailers in the US, as well worldwide. Medela offers more options for customization and a wider range of sizes in breast shields. There are three options for carrying the pump: one is a bag, which Medela calls “the metro bag”, or a backpack. The only way to remove the pump from the bag is by using the zip-off zipper.

Best Electric Breast Pumps


There are several different kinds of pumps available and a lot of them have different power sources (or none at all). Your personal preference and how it will be used determine the best type of pump for you.

Hospital Grade If you deliver your baby at the hospital, they will most likely have a pump in the room that you can use while you’re recovering. These pumps are considered hospital grade because they’re more powerful and designed to handle constant use, and they’re often larger and less portable. You will find these pumps most commonly in hospitals. But they are still available for rent or purchase. These pumps can prove to be a worthwhile financial investment. Many opt for renting them.

These manual breast pumps can be carried in your purse or in your car for when you are unable to use your electric pump. Each model will require that you manually power the pump with your hand. These pumps can only be used for one breast, so you will need to pump each breast individually.

The most popular type of pump is electric. It uses electricity from either batteries or a USB port to power the motor. Most of them are similar to hospital-grade but smaller for portability and general ease of use. However, some of the more modern models attach to breasts so that they can be worn while you pump.

They are not actually pumps but collect milk through the day to ensure you don’t lose a drop. These are meant to replace breast pads. The milk collected from your breasts throughout the day can then be transferred into a freezer bag or bottle.

Ward recommends that you ask the following questions depending on what type of pump you choose: Is it required to plug into the wall? It can be charged with a power adapter. Is it possible to charge via USB? If you are in an area prone to power cuts or storms, does it have batteries? Does it have a rechargeable battery? How long will the battery last?

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Spectra Baby Usa Electric Breast Pump S1Plus

Amazon. Target. Moms love Spectra pump because they can be carried around, are quiet and light, and have exceptional technology. The Spectra S1Plus features a plug and a rechargeable lithium battery. It’s great for when there isn’t an outlet close by. It’s a closed system, which is more hygienic because the tubing stays dry and doesn’t need to be cleaned. The Spectra mimics breastfeeding closely with a massage mode which simulates a baby’s natural sucking, and adjustable suction levels that create a natural milk flow. For late night pumping, moms love that the Spectra has a nightlight so your baby and partner don’t wake up.

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Heads up

The warranty applies only to products purchased via Spectra. It won’t cover your product if the pump is bought from another retailer.

The best pump! Parents love it. It was the main reason that I was capable of increasing my supply to 1 ounce per days to more than 20. The speed and suction power are both adjustable, and when you find the setting that’s right for you, you’re able to get much more than with other pumps.” “I tried several pumps. I had to give up on a hospital pump. Then, there was the Spectra. It is the most effective pump on the market. It’s an amazing pump that is also a very good value. What I love most is how comfortable it is!” “The suction on this pump is comparable to the cost-prohibitive hospital-grade pumps, which I tried during lactation consultation visits. First, there’s the stimulating slow down setting. Then you have the normal setting to control both speed and suction. The device is quite quiet, and my colleagues say that they do not notice it. I even make calls at work with it on. I recommend it highly! Specifications

Electric pump

Tube cleaning is not required for this closed system

Rechargeable lithium battery

Weighs 3 pounds

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Medela Pump In Fashion Advanced Breast Pump The Classic Electric Pump comes With Everything You Need for Successful Pumping. Everything is compactly packed so you can take it with you. The pump can be set to adjust speed and suction so that you can personalize it. Also, to help moms pump more effectively, all of Medela’s pumps feature two-phase expression technology, which mimics how a baby nurses.

Heads up

Although the pump’s motor is sealed at the top, it doesn’t completely seal the system. The tubes can become moldy or mildewed if moisture gets in. The tubes will have to be removed and cleaned. It’s possible, but not easy.

Parents report that they use the pump at least once every day in recent months. They are building up their supply to return to work next week. It is simple to use and allows me to produce good quantities of milk. I love the tote, which helps me keep everything together and easily move it from place to place.” The best pump I have ever used! The pump was versatile enough to be used at home, work or out in the field. I was satisfied with the pump. The pump remained in place for the entire year that I breastfed. It never lost its suction. The bag held up beautifully, with no visible signs of wear and tears despite daily use. I would highly recommend this bag.” This pump is amazing! It’s great. I use it almost every day. I like the cooler it comes with, and the bag to carry the pump in is well-made and convenient with plenty of room for bottles and pump parts. It’s fast to use and it only takes me 10 minutes to pump 5 ounces on each side.” Information

Electric pump

Mobile battery pack with removable cooler bag

Suction control and adjustable speed with a single-touch button

Dual voltage for 110-240V allows you to use it outside of the U.S.

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Which Breast Pump Is Best, Manual Or Electric?

A electric pump may be the best choice for you if your daily pumping is more than one per day. They do the work for you and can quickly and effectively empty your breasts, which will help keep your milk supply up over time.

The sucking patterns of electric pumps may be modeled after that of babies. Some start by sucking quickly to induce the letdown reaction, and then go on to slow, more deep sucking. This allows you to pump more comfortably and helps produce more milk.

The electric pump weighs in at five pounds, and comes with a carrying case. You may also receive bottles with cold packs and cooler bags. For ease of use, you may want to purchase additional accessories such as an electric bra and wipes.

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Some pumps include a battery pack that can be used to charge your batteries while you are on-the-go or when there is no electrical outlet nearby. And for a fully remote option, there are wearable breast pumps that fit inside your bra and silently pump while you go about your day.

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Best Electric Breast Pumps

Types Of Breast Pumps

There’s three types of breast pump:

The most powerful electric breast pumps are the ones that plug in to a wall socket. Either a dual-electric or single-electric pump will allow you to milk both breasts simultaneously. Although single-electric breast pumps can be slower than double-electric, they’re more efficient and less expensive than double electric models.

Single and double battery-operated breast pumps There are also wireless breast pumps that allow for completely hands-free pumping. A battery-operated pump is smaller and easier to use than an electric one. This makes them ideal for when you don’t have power (for example, while you commute to work or on the road).

Manual breast pumps are manual. They require the user to press a lever repeatedly in order to suction the breasts and produce milk. These types of pumps are easy to transport and very affordable. The downside? However, you’ll have to do most of the work. You may not get as many milks as you would like.

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Here are some things to look for in a breast pump

Shopping for breast pumps is a time to be specific. Breast pumps that work for one mother may not suit yours. When researching the best breast pumps, Andrea Tran , a certified lactation consultant, says to consider these important factors:

The frequency at which you pump: This is how frequently you will be pumping. A manual pump is not a good idea if you intend to pump more than once a week. You’ll need to spend a lot of energy and time to operate it. In that case, it’s probably worth investing in a double-electric pump. If you are planning to try out exclusive pumping, it is worth investing in the most expensive model.

Although no breast pump can be completely silent, there are some that emit a higher level of noise than others. A quiet breast pump is one you can trust to be safe around others, such as in an office, or on conference calls.

Weight: If you’ll be commuting to the office or traveling often, it can be helpful to have a lightweight pump.

Are you able to access an electric outlet where you will be pumping? It’s possible to have your pump in your car while you commute to work, or even in the bathroom. If so, you might want to look into a double-electric version that has a battery pack. Or you can choose to use a more compact and portable battery-powered alternative. You can wear some of the newer models under your shirt so you don’t have to use any tubing or wires.

Coverage and costs: Although some breast pumps may be covered by your insurance, others may not. You may also want to purchase a new pump or upgrade to an older model if that’s possible.

Replacing parts such as tubing or duck valves is necessary every once in a while. If you’ll be pumping frequently, it pays to pick a pump that’s compatible with widely-available replacement parts. You can save money by buying two different brands of pumps for the home or work. The parts, like bottles and fittings, will also be compatible.

When considering the above, don’t forget to think at least six to 12 months out, says Wendy Wright, a certified lactation consultant, since you may well be using your pump for that long. “A lot of new moms don’t realize how much time (and physical effort) breastfeeding and/or pumping takes,” she says. “Most babies only eat for two or three hours every day until the age of six months. So we love to talk to moms about their flexibility and freedom to see if that is something they need. We don’t want moms to sacrifice their breastfeeding goals because their pump does not match their active lifestyle over the duration of their breastfeeding journey.”

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Best Electric Breast Pumps

There are many types of breast pumps

A small, motorized electric breast pump. This is an electronic pump that produces suction to extract breastmilk. Many need to be powered by a battery, but others can plug into an outlet. A double electric breast pump pumps milk simultaneously from each breast, while one electric breast pump is only capable of extracting milk from one breast.

Manual Breast Pump: An automatic breast pump uses a simple lever or handle that creates the suction. Our website offers the finest manual breast pumps available.

An electric breast pump, which is hands-free and wearable. It fits into the breast of your bra.

Hospital-Grade breast pumps: These are multi-use breast pumps that can be rented for use by mothers suffering from medical conditions. We carry the Medela Symphony , equipped with two-phase expression technology.

Best Electric Breast Pumps

How do you choose the breast pump that is right for you?

We recommend these key characteristics when deciding which breast pump will be best for you:

Our survey of Aeroflow mothers revealed that 82% said that suction strength is very important in choosing a breast-pump. If you want to get your milk flowing faster, do you require help with the kick-starting of your let-down reflex? Do you want to express milk faster? If you have trouble emptying your breasts, a pump with a higher suction power may be able to assist. You may need a pump of a higher suction to establish milk supply.

Portability – If you plan to consistently commute with your pump, consider the weight and the size. You may also want to consider a breast pump with a battery pack in case you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, or a wearable pump.

Modification – Breast pumps with variable suction strengths and speeds can be customized to suit your needs. Your baby will feed more closely if the breast pump has a higher level of suction or cycle.

Discretion – Do you want to pump on the down-low? Consider choosing a pump with a quiet motor that fits easily into your purse or pumping bra.

Simplicity – Forget the bells and whistles. Only want durable pumps that work. You can find breast pump reviews that offer warranties and help you choose a pump that will last throughout your breast-pumping experience.

Power source – It is important to know how long a battery-powered pump can last and whether it comes with standard or rechargeable batteries. Make sure your pump is equipped with a DC power adapter so it can be used inside a vehicle.

Warranty – Breast pumps are not returnable due to their medical nature. Breast pumps are covered by the manufacturer. The warranty for parts and motors may be different.

Connectivity – Do you want to track and monitor each ounce you pump? Then consider breast pumps with advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity to track your pumping schedule in an app on your smartphone.

Insurance Options – New moms may be interested in choosing a pump that is completely free through insurance, or you may want to consider what upgrade features or bundles are available through your insurance. Some upgrade bundles include milk storage bags for milk collection or tote bags, manual silicone breast pumps and cooler bags.

The Best Breast Pump is Electric

Best electric breast pump overall: Spectra Baby USA S1Plus Electric Breast Pump.Best wearable breast pump: Willow Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump.Best hands-free breast pump: Elvie Pump.Best double electric breast pump: Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump.More items…*Jul 2, 2021

What breast pumps can be used in hospitals?

Ameda Elite.Ameda Lact-e.Ameda SMB.Hygeia EnDeare.Medela Classic.Medela Lactina.Medela Symphony.

What’s the Best Breast pump to Reduce Low-Milk Supply?

Spectra S1Plus.This pump has a portable night light. Lansinoh Smartpump2.0 Double breast pump.

What Is the Best Electric Pump in India?

  1. Babyhug Premium Silica Manual Breast-Pump
  2. Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump.
  3. LuvLap Sunshine Electric Bra Pump
  4. Medela Swing Maxi Flex Electric 2-phase Breast Pump.
  5. Pigeon Manual Breast Pump Essential Kit.
  6. Medela Harmony Manual breast pump.

.Best Electric Breast Pumps