Best Hands Free Breast Pump

Best Hands Free Breast Pump

Best Hands Free Breast Pump

How To Choose The Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps

What can you do to choose the best breast pump? These were just a few of the things we thought about.

When it comes to suction settings, more is not necessarily better. It is easy to locate the sweet spot that pumps empty your breasts effectively while still providing comfort.

While a breast pump that is completely hands-free is lighter than a hand-held model, it still has hefty weight.

The weight of an in-bra pump is listed below. You’ll get an idea what your bag will look like if it’s empty.

Other pumps have a majority of their weight in the battery packs. Our listings assume that milk collection parts weigh about the same, so the weight listed is the battery pack.

breast pump isn’t much use if it sounds like a tractor. It is important to consider the sound quality of breast pumps in both a quiet room and one with typical background noises such as TV or talking.

None of them were silent, as some claim to be, but you can get away with using most of them without anyone asking what that weird sound is.

Best Hands Free Breast Pump

I put three of the new ‘Discreet Breast Pumps to the test

Photo: Willow breast pump working.

Electric breast pumps can be a bit expensive, mainly because there have been only two choices for women in the past: The Spectra Medela, which was neither good nor bad. (Editor’s note, we’ve already written about it) But, neither one could be considered discreet and portable. The Medela can also be described as a milk-cow experience. But in just the last year or two, a trio of innovative new breast pump options hit the market, all upending the market by promising a discreet experience quieter, portable options you can wear while getting on with the rest of your life. So I decided to test them all, including the Naya (which was not my favorite, and is now discontinued).

, it’s the same pump under a different name), and I found it to be the easiest to clean of the three. The most expensive, it’s the best. It can be used with any breast pump, including the Naya. It can be worn with any type of nursing bra and you can easily move about while it’s on. You can charge the device with standard micro USB chargers, something that even my sleep-deprived brain finds. A great thing was the eco-friendliness of the pump. You can use it to pour milk directly into containers or bags.

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Pros: It was difficult to set up. (I needed to call customer service) and the tube that fuels the pump is very long and kind of got in my way, which also means it’s not as discreet under clothing as the other hands-free options I tried. It is also not very “smart” as the control panel. (For example, for some strange reason, the 0 setting has the strongest suction. This makes it difficult to use. The one I tried was the least natural looking, making it stand out a lot more than other models.

Best Hands Free Breast Pump

Wireless Breast pumps or hands-free?

Elvie, the Willow is a wireless breast pump that can be placed into your nursing dress.

When you buy a dual pump, it is actually two pumps. One for each breast. These pumps are not connected and can be used independently. You can use either Elvie, Willow or both to pump one or both breasts.

The pumps can be turned on or adjusted by you using an app. Both pumps detect when the milk has gone and automatically change to expression mode.

There are some hands-free breast pumps that are not wireless, such as the Freemie Liberty (it fits in your bra but does have tubing and an external pump motor),A but this article focuses on the best wireless breast pumps.

Best Hands Free Breast Pump

Different Types of Breast Pumps

Electric breast pump: A motorized small pump which creates suction for breast milk extraction. The majority of electric breast pumps require an outlet for operation, some are battery powered. A double electric pump empties both breasts at the same time, while a single electric pump only extracts milk from one breast at a time.

Manual Breast pump: You need to push a button or pull the lever on a manual pump to activate it. Our website offers the finest manual breast pumps available.

A breast pump with a hand-free design: This breast pump fits easily into your existing bra.

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Hospital-Grade Breast Pump: A hospital-grade breast pump is a multi-use rental breast pump designed for mothers with medical issues preventing them from properly breastfeeding their babies, or for mothers of babies with genetic issues in the NICU. We carry the Medela Symphony , equipped with two-phase expression technology.

Best Hands Free Breast Pump


You are looking for an easy-to-use, hands-free breast pump that you can use while you travel or at work? You’ve come to the right place, mama.

We aim to help you find a quiet, discreet , yet strong wearable breast pump that you can use to express your breast milk anytime and anywhere.

It’s possible that your coworkers won’t even notice you pumping while you have a meeting, or are busy with work tasks.

Which breast pump do you think is best? Are Elvie breast pumps worth it, or is Willow better? Are you able to breast pump whilst lying down beside Elvie or Willow. Can you use standard double electric breast pumps as wearable pumps?

Below are some questions we’ll be answering.

Best Hands Free Breast Pump

There are two main differences

Did you know that there are manual breast pumps that can also be used as wearable hands-free pumps? These are just a few of the most popular choices:

BumbleBee manual

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

Silicone pumps

NatureBond Manual

Elvie Curve Manual

Let’s not forget about the wearable breast pumps that use rechargeable batteries. In a separate article, we will review the top manual breast pumps.

These are hands-free breast pumps with built-in cups that you can use in regular nursing bras (no need for a pumping bra, which is usually valued at around $20-30).

Elvie Pump

Freemie Liberty Wearable Breast Pump System

Best Hands Free Breast Pump


There are many types of pumps, and some have different power sources. The best style for you depends entirely on your lifestyle and how you plan to use it.

Hospital grade: If your baby is delivered at the hospital they’ll likely keep a pump for you to use during recovery. Hospital grade pumps have more power and are better able to withstand continuous use. These pumps can also be smaller and lighter than portable ones. They are most likely to be found in hospitals. However, they can also be purchased or rented by anyone. Since they are expensive, some rent them.

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You can keep manual manual breast pumps in your bag, car or pocket in case of an emergency. Each pump is different but you will need to manually turn it on with your hand. These are often single pumps that require you to pump each breast separately.

The most popular type of pump is electric. It uses electricity from either batteries or a USB port to power the motor. They are smaller than hospital-grade pumps, but they have the same functions. Some models are attached to the breast, so they can be worn while you pump.

Although they aren’t pumps, milk catchers can be used to capture your milk and keep it from going bad. It’s designed to be worn in place of breast pads. This means that if your breasts leak, the milk can be collected and transferred to a container or bag for freezing.

Ward suggests asking the following questions, depending upon the type pump that you purchase: Will it need to be connected to the power source? Does it need to be plugged into the wall? Do you think it can be charged by USB? Can it be charged via USB? If it is rechargeable/takes batteries, how long does the battery life last?”

What is the Best Hands-Free Breast Pump?

  1. Elvie: The hands-free breast pumps Best Quiet.
  2. Willow: Hands-Free Breastpump. Most Discreet.
  3. Medela® Flex Breast Pump. Most comfortable.
  4. Freemie: Hands-Free Breast Pump. Best Lightweight.
  5. Momcozy Single-Hands-Free Breastpump
  6. AutoTime Multimode Breast-Pump
  7. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump.Nov 30, 2021

Do Hands-Free Breast pumps really make a difference?

Hands-free breast pumps also provide improved support compared to other types of breast pumps. The wearable breast pumps not only fit well in any regular or nursing breast bra but also make it easier for mothers to breast pump in public.

Which Pumps Are Hands-Free?

Elvie Pump, the wireless best-selling breast pump.

Which Breast Pump is Best for You?

Willow Wearable Breast pumps are the Best Overall Pumps.

.Best Hands Free Breast Pump