Best Newborn Bottles

Best Newborn Bottles

Best Newborn Bottles

The Best Baby Bottle

Experts told us that the Lansinoh Omma features a gentle sloping naple. This shape is great for all babies. With just three pieces, a wider mouth and narrower opening, this bottle was easier to handle and cleaner than others.

$18* Walmart. $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Five-ounce pack of three.

bottles with many options

There are more sizes of the Philips Avent Natural bottle than we have ever seen, even a 2-ounce size. You can also get it in glass. The bottle is easy to use with just three pieces and a simple-to-screw collar. It didn’t leak during our testing. Although the nipple might not suit all babies, it may be a good fit.

Babylist: May not be in stock

Similar but with a smaller nipple

Although the Philips Avent Anticolic’s nipple shape is slightly more narrow for some babies, others may find it too big. Although the Anti-colic bottles are slightly taller than those of Natural, they’re still easy to clean and simple to use.

Amazon: $20 for a 4-ounce pack of four

The best narrow baby bottle

Traditional narrow-nipple bottles can be a good choice for newborns and young babies. Like most narrow bottles, the Evenflo Classic + Vented isn’t fancy, but it is one of the few bottles of this type that come in both plastic and glass, and unlike many narrow bottles, it is usually available for purchase online, though at the time we published this guide the plastic bottle was out of stock in the 4-ounce size.

Best Newborn Bottles

You can make feeding easy for everyone with these baby bottles

Here are some of our favourite bottles for helping you make mealtime easy, regardless if your formula is breast or bottle-fed.

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There is a steep learning curve when it comes to breastfeeding. But finding the best baby bottles whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding can help make things a lot easier (along with a supportive nursing pillow These days there are dozens of baby bottle brands to choose from, all claiming to be among the best bottles for newborns. You may not know which type of bottle you should choose, whether it’s BPA-free plastic or glass. We have the right bottle for you, whether you want to prevent colic, eliminate nipple confusion or simply need something easy to clean and store.

Baby bottles that are the best stand out amongst others because of their exceptional design, clever innovations, and ease-of-use. These are just a few options to help you get started in your research.

Best Newborn Bottles

Silicone Baby bottle: Best in Class

ChaunieBrusie/Business insider The Comotomo Natural feel Baby Bottle, a high-quality and easy-to clean silicone product for bottle-fed infants is well-priced.

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The pros: Comotomo bottles are 100% silicone. They’re also plastic-free and easy to clean. They are available in 5-ounce and 8-ounce sizes. The bottle’s shape is more wide at the top than it is at the bottom. There is squeezable silicone that mimics the feeling of breast milk.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Container has a broad neck. This makes cleaning easy. It can be possible for dishwasher debris to accumulate in bottle tops. However, the Comotomo has a wide mouth that prevents this from happening. It also features a handy tab at the top that makes it super simple to put the bottles together and take them apart for cleaning.

These nipples feature two anticolic vents. My baby gulped less air when I used this bottle. It is possible to adjust the nipple’s type and flow, as well as how it looks, for your baby.

For a silicone bottle, these bottles are reasonably priced. These bottles are extremely durable and can withstand wear. They do not crack and are safe to be thrown in the washer or dryer. But they might not fit comfortably in all diaper bags. These bottles should be able to fit in most diaper bags, so we have included the top choice for over-packers in our list of best diaper bags.

And, while the shape is designed to be helpful for breastfed babies, this bottle proved to work well for my baby who has been bottle-fed from the start.

$29.99 Walmart Bed Bath & Beyond Target

Best Newborn Bottles

The Other Things We Have Considered

Amazon; iStock Walmart Gilbert Espinoza/Insider During the testing process, we took into consideration a few baby bottles not quite meeting our expectations.

Nanobebe : This bottle designed to mimic the breast has some admirable features like it being fast warming and adaptable for breast pump use, but I found it wasn’t as practical as the other bottles I tested. The bottle is too big to fit into diaper bags, and it’s difficult to transport in a cooler. It was awkward even when I tried feeding my baby.

Evenflo Feeding Premium Proflo Venting Balance Plus Wide Neck Baby, Newborn, and Infant Bottles, 6-pack : For a budget option, this bottle has some of the premium features found in more expensive bottles, like venting technology and a wider latch. However, I was shocked at how poor the plastic felt. I thought they might break in the dishwasher.

Lifefactory 4-ounce BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle With Protective Silicone Sleeve : This bottle gets an honorable mention as a glass option, and I really liked the sleeve, which makes it easy to hold. The container was strong enough to transport it without worrying about breaking. The nipple was the problem. My daughter couldn’t get it to work. She didn’t like the shape of this bottle and it was not compatible with her other bottles. It may still be an option for those who are looking to find a glass alternative to the ones that you have.

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Best Newborn Bottles


It is important to emphasize that not all baby bottles will work for everyone. In our guide to baby bottles, this is one of the key points. Every baby’s latches and sucking patterns are different. Each baby is unique with their nipple size, width and flow. Also, each baby is more or lesser prone to gassy and colic.

You will need to be receptive and responsive to your baby’s preferences, which might change quite a bit over the first year of life. You should try as many baby bottle options as possible to determine which one is best for you. While this can make it more expensive and take up much of your time, the benefits are likely worth it in terms of your baby’s safety, comfort, and your own well-being. If you are supplementing breastfeed babies with bottle-feeding, the nipples will feel more natural than breast milk. This allows them to emulate breastfeeding, just like the Comotomo or Tommee Tippee. These bottles make excellent newborn bottles for nursing, particularly breastfed babies. A nipple that feels close to mom will make it easier for breastfeeding babies to switch from bottle to breast. Remember that every breast and nipple have its unique shape and size, so take into consideration mom’s attributes before selecting a nipple design and size.

Breastfed babies have unique requirements due to the switching between breast and bottle. You might consider the Born Free, AVENT and Dr. Brown baby bottles if your infant is exclusively bottle-fed.

For colic prevention, the anti-colic containers in this buying guide prevent air bubbles or vacuum pressure formation in bottles. The internal vents will reduce the chance of your baby gassy and puffy when they are fed. The Dr. Brown’s bottle is the best option for gas. But, it has been able to show remarkable results with babies who have been bottlefed for several years. A nursing pillow is a great way to prevent gas and spitup.

Another thing to think about is the shape of the nipple for encouraging proper tooth growth, which usually means that an orthodontic nipple has an indent where the gums and teeth meet the nipple (giving it an hourglass shape). These nipples can be found in Munchkin and Nuk. You can find great baby bottles warmers in our review of top-rated bottle warmers. However, BPA-free doesn’t mean the plastics won’t leach estrogenic compounds into your milk. This is especially true when they are heated (or microwaved). Environmental Health has published recent research that shows many BPA free products (including BPA baby bottles) still leak harmful chemicals. For example, some studies demonstrate that the plastic used in Nalgene water bottles (called Tritan) leaches estrogenic chemicals. Although it’s not possible to know the long-term or short-term effects of this, it is something worth thinking about. The study did not find any evidence that COC or COP leach chemicals from these plastics.

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Due to the possible risks of estrogenic chemical leaching from plastics, glass baby bottles are highly recommended (check out Dr. Brown’s, Joovy Boob or Avent versions).

It is possible to also find harmful chemicals in sippy cup parts. However it can be harder to locate glass sippycups than to find baby bottles.

Best Newborn Bottles

These are the Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

Colic is defined by crying for longer periods of time than usual, such as more than three hours per hour, three times per week or more than three months. And according to, up to 25 percent of babies will develop it during the young newborn stage. It can be very distressing to see your child suffering from colic. Although you may know the baby is upset, they also need to eat. For parents, this can often be overwhelming. These two anti-colic containers will ensure that your baby is happy, well-fed, and comfortable.

Dr. Brown bottles feature a vacuum-free and internal vent-system. It is specially designed to reduce colic. Spit-up, burping, gas, and other symptoms. Your baby will be able to swallow milk, not air. The controlled silicone nibble allows babies to feed comfortably and at an appropriate pace. These bottles make an excellent choice for newborns, and they can also be used with breastfeeding. When your baby has stopped colic, it is possible to remove the interior vent system.

The bottle is designed for colicky babies. With a unique anti-colic venting system, air is pulled away from the milk, ensuring that your baby isn’t drinking extra air. It also has an anti-colic nipple equipped with a flexible and natural stretch. It ensures that your baby can latch easily. The venting tube has a heat-sensing strip which will change color to pink when your baby drinks too much. Portable bottle warmers are also recommended to keep your baby’s milk warm.

In addition to using an anti-colic bottle, we also recommend checking out to see our best recommendations for babies with sensitive tummies.

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