Best Sippy Cup Best

Best Sippy Cup Best

Munchkin Miracle 360 trainer cup

Buy at Amazon Buy At BuyBuyBaby. With the Munchkin Miracle 360, kids can sip from any place on the spoutless surface by simply tilting and sucking. Once your child stops sucking, the valve reseals itself and won’t spill if your little one decides to chuck it on the floor. Parents like that it’s easy to clean, since there are no spouts, straws, or other extra parts. Children can develop drinking muscles by using this design, which is friendly to their dental health. You can even avoid plastic by using the stainless-steel version.

Heads Up

The lid has a silicon ring that can be hard to see. However, it is necessary to take the silicone ring off for cleaning to prevent mold from forming. A cup with no spout may not be easy to use for children.

Parents say “The 360 cup works really well for us. This cup is a hit with my baby! These cups are great! It gives my child experience with a large cup and teaches kids how to drink out of a cup without a straw.” It is the most useful sippy cup we own. It doesn’t splash liquids when dropped on a hard floor.” Specifications


Easygrip handles

Dishwasher safe

For babies 6 months and up

Best Sippy Cup Best

Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Hard Spot Sippy Cup

Buy at Amazon Buy at Target This cup is vacuum insulated and keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours. The cup, which is not made from plastic, weighs slightly more. However it can be easily adapted to small hands. It has a non-slip bottom that will make it more difficult for your little one to take it off of the table. The hard spout also resists minor teeth damage. It also inhibits the growth bacteria making it more convenient for parents to maintain clean.

Heads up

Although it is made out of stainless steel the lid, spout and cap are plastic. The cup can only be used to heat hot liquids.

According to their parents, the sippy cups keep their sons’ drinks cool and are spill-proof. After trying six sippy cups, we found the perfect one for our family. This is my first stainless steel cup and I won’t go back to plastic. These are so much better. We never had a stinky cup issue even when these got lost in the car for a few days; the smell washes out completely and easily.” Specifications


Top rack dishwasher safe

For toddlers aged 12 months or older

Best Sippy Cup Best

Different types of sippy cups

There are four main types of sippy cups:

Hard spout

Soft spout


Flat lid

The straw and soft spout are both popular alternatives. They are less like nipples for babies and easier to understand. Dr. Crosby says that while straws may be better for oral motor skill development, many babies are unable to learn how to use them. Dr. Crosby says that there are two types of sippy cups. One is the straw-type and one is the spout. This allows for drinking from both sides. Dr. Crosby only recommends that children drink formula, breast milk, and milk for those over one year. She also suggests that they avoid sugary drinks such as juice.

Best Sippy Cup Best

Here are some things to consider when choosing a sippy cup for your baby or toddler

There are several sippy cup features to look for:

Leak-free. The best thing about sippy cups is their ability to prevent your child from spilling the cup while they learn how to pour. Some models are truly leak-proof, while others are more what we’d call leak-resistant (but come with other appealing features). Below, you’ll find the model descriptions.

Easy cleaning. The perfect places for germs and gunk are in spouts and straws. This makes it crucial to have an easy cleaning process. For mold prevention, look for cups with a complete disintegration that can be rinsed in the dishwasher.

No harmful chemicals. The FDA does not require sippy cups to contain BPA. But there’s still concern about the possibility that other chemicals might leach into the cup. You have many options for alternative materials, such as glass, stainless steel and silicone.

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It is easy to use. You might need to give it a couple of tries before you find the right cup for you. A straw is better for some kids than a cup with a handle. Others prefer the spout. Also, look for cups with handles or grippy material that’s easy for little hands to pick up.

Best Sippy Cup Best

Pricing Guide

$0. = $5 less per 5-ounce container

$6 = $5-$8 Per 5-Ounce Cup

$5$$ = more than $8 for a 5-ounce cup

Here are our picks for the best sippy cup by age:

Babies younger than 6 months are still learning how to coordinate their movements, therefore soft spouts as well as easy-grip handles are important features for sippy cups.

Cupping at this stage is voluntary. It’s more about practice and less about actual drinking. Babies should always be supervised while using a cup or bottle.

Best Sippy Cup Best

Best Soft-Spout Cup

NUK LEARNER CUP Available in sizes 5- and 10-ounces, this NUK LEARNER Cup has removable handles so your baby can move around.

It is safe for babies up to 6 months of age and has a BPA-free design. It has a silicone cup with a soft spout and a vent that prevents baby from swallowing too many air bubbles.

The cup can be washed easily and the piece of travel that is included with it prevents any leakage when the cup’s in the diaper bag. Others say their babies had trouble getting milk out of the cup, even when sucking very hard.

Best straw sippy cup ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup The ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup is suitable for babies 9 months old or over. It features a weighted straw, so your little one can get liquid no matter how the cup is oriented.

The plastic is BPA-free and can be handwashed or run through your dishwasher for cleaning. There are also replacement straws available.

These cup-loving parents say the cups are simple to assemble. The handles also make it easy to hold by babies.

The downside is that babies might bite the straw. This is something to be aware of.

Sometimes it can be tricky to properly screw on the top, leading to potential leaks. The cup can also leak if the straw becomes damaged from biting or normal wear and tear.

Best Sippy Cup Best

The 7 Best Sippy Cups Of 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our . Our chosen links might earn us commissions.

Verywell Family / Sabrina Jiang When your little one is beyond the bottle and ready to graduate to a big kid cup , the perfect pit stop between the two is a sippy cup . American Academy of Pediatrics states babies as young as 6 months are ready for sippy cups.

We’ve collected the top sippy cups available for growing babies, including stainless- and silicone options as well as straw cups.

Amazon: Our top picks Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer cup

You can use it over and over again, and they are affordable enough that you can easily disperse between your car and home.

The perfect size is for little ones.

Best Sippy Cup Best

Best Spouted Cups

You can keep the first years Take and toss for as little as $5 for four Budget Pick Take and toss cups around the house and for traveling. You can use them again and again as they’re durable. They can be lost. No biggie.

*Note: these also come in a strawed version, which is perfect for smoothies, as the straw is a little wider and easier to slurp up thicker liquids.

NUK Gerber Fun Gips $8 each for 3 Editor’s Choice Gerber Students is a perennial favorite among parents. It’s also a personal favourite of mine. These cups, which are hourglass-shaped, can be held easily and remain stable on the table. They’re also very easy to tip. You can spillproof them with the removable valve. Wash well afterwards.

These sippy cups are too large (wider) to fit in some cup holders, such as stroller or car seats. They’re still great.

BoonSnug Snug Silly Lids for Children – $11 per 3 This top is so flexible and clever that it can fit on almost any cup to make it a sippy. A strawed model is also available. Parents love these for ease of use and simplicity, and they work pretty darn well (plus they’re dishwasher safe).

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It’s not the best product for chewers.

Re-Play Sippy Cups No Spill $15 3 This sippy cup is made of recycled milk jugs (!!) USA. They excel in leak control and are easy to maintain.

Re-Play sippies are not a problem, although some parents have complained that it can be difficult to get toddlers to drink them.

Playtex Sipsters Insulated Sipsters Cup $10 per 2. If you are looking for fun characters cups, and the like, check out Playtex Insulated Sputed Cups. The double wall insulation means they are ideal for both hot summer days and long outdoor adventures.

Do you want to know more? Want to see more? We have an extensive list of the best lunchbox ideas.

Best Sippy Cup Best

The Finalists We Tested

A large number of sippy cup offerings are available. We started with a list that ranked the top sippy cups sold at Walmart, Target, Walmart, specialty baby shops, and Amazon.

Our friends and our private parenting group made it easy for us to poll online parents to determine what we were interested in, how they like their cups, and even what we hated.

Then, we narrowed the list by looking for the most online ratings and reviews above 4 stars. We also cross-referenced the list with Reddit @ /r/beyondthebump and review site BabyGearLab. Types of transition cups sippy cups soft-spout: These cups have soft spouts that are gentle on baby’s gums and teach them how to use a sippy cup. They’re sometimes called “trainer cups” or “transition cups,” though those labels are also applied to all the other types. Often a soft spout is designed with air vents to help reduce swallowing air, and it allows much more water to flow through than a bottle nipple does. Although they are made to be comfortable for babies to grasp and use, we can’t help but think that these bottles look very much like high-quality fast-flowing bottles with handles.

Spouted sippy-cups: These are what we think about when we hear the term “sippy cup.” A child who can control the flow of liquids will not pour a full cup of milk all over his head. While spill-proof cups can save you the hassle of mopping up the floor three times daily, the interior of the silicone seal as well as the spout are difficult to clean. Studies have shown that children who use too many spouts are more likely to develop a problem with their speech, such as their tongue, mouth, or tooth positions, as well as problems with their speech pattern.

360deg/spoutless cups – This is an innovative invention. The lid prevents leaks and your child controls the flow of the liquid by sucking. This style of cup is getting a lot of attention after the freak-out about spouts. Although the learning curve for this cup isn’t quite as difficult as we were afraid, it’s recommended to be used by children over 12 months.

Straw sippy cup: The straw is another way to address the concerns about sippy-cups with a spout. It doesn’t affect your tongue as much and forces you to have a better position (since the straw must be held upside-down for it to function). The straws are easier to clean that spouts as long as there is a method to remove the inner material.

Price Product Total Score Ease-of-use Spillproof Cleaning Materials

Spoutless Cups A. Nuk – Magic 360 B. Munchkin – Miracle 360

Spot Cups C. Tommee Tippee D. Munchkin. Alphabet Sippy Cup E. Gerber graduates – Fun Gips. F. Nuk. Large Learner Cup

Straw Cups – The First Years – Take and Toss H. NuSpin Kids Zoomi I. Phillips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

Best Sippy Cup Best

Here’s How We Tested

Easy of Use Test We assessed ease-of-use with the toddlers. This included observing how easily the cups can be gripped and how they handle the cup’s weight.

Each of the sippy cup styles we tried scored 5 out of 5, except for those from Klean Kanteen or Pura. The sippy cups were “heaby”, as a two-year old girl claimed. But she finally tried the Lifefactory glass sippy. During the test period, each sippy cup contained approximately 50% of its contents.

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You will probably find yourself as puzzled when you first view the “360deg spill” cups. You can’t simply tip the cup back to pour water in your mouth using the spill-proof silicone lids. After a bit of research, we realized that you should hold the silicone lids like a regular cup. However, close your lips around the lid and suckle like you would from an ordinary spout. Surprisingly though, it was almost as easy as for us to understand.

Easy-of-use ratings for straw cups are difficult since children won’t be having any problems using them unless there is some switching between straws and spouts. If you show your kids how to use the cup in a certain way, it will become a habit. We were pleased that our children could switch between cup sizes by the end. But, we did feel sorry for them when they tried to use the Philips Avent first.

Our sippy cup ratings ranged from 1-5. One being the most leaky. The following tests were used to determine the quality of the sippy cup: upside down shaking, dropping on hard floors from 22 inches above the ground and inversion.

The Nuk Blue Turtle and Jungle Animals cups scored high in early testing, but by the end of five months the ends of the soft silicone spouts had split enough that they now drip steadily when held upside down.

These sippy cups are a type known as “spout” and have tiny, tight-fitting silicone seals. Sadly, that’s also the reason they’re so hard to clean.

Our favorite spill-prevention cup is the 360 “spoutless”, but they score only 4 because of visible water splash when dropped onto a hard surface. They also shed a lot more liquids if they’re shaken upside down than the sealed spouts cups.

The cups can be used as a water cup. They’re all great and we don’t think it was a problem to let our kids run around in the house with us or get into bed with them. As long as the water doesn’t drip, they are fine. For packing in a bag, though, we really like the flat-top shape of the 360 cups best, since any pressure on the top of the cup will just seal it better.

It was easy to clean. We looked at a variety of factors, including how big the bottles are, how large can you fit a sponge inside, what tools are needed to wash them, and are there any areas that are impossible to clean without a team of tiny janitors. Each cup was scored on a five-point scale.

What sippy cups are best for milk?

  1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup. Sippy Cup for Toddlers.
  2. MAM Trainer Cup with Handles
  3. NUK Learner Sippy Cup.
  4. MAM Starter Cup With Handles
  5. Sippy Cups are available for re-play.
  6. Philips Avent My Natural Trainer Cup
  7. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Insulated Sippy Cup
  8. NuSpin Kids Zoomi Straw Sippy Cup.

Which Sippy Cup Does Best for Children Under 7 Months?

Munchkin Miracle 360 trainer cup It contains 7 ounces. It’s also great! This sippy cup has a self-seal, making it almost spill-proof. The sippy cup has BPA-free material and a smooth, soft exterior that is easy to grip for little hands.

What is the Best Cup for an 1 Year Old?

  1. Amazon’s Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup is our Best Overall.
  2. Amazon’s First Year Take and Toss Sippy Cups are the best budget.
  3. Amazon Prime: NUK Graduates Sippy Cup Best Grip
  4. Amazon: Olababy Training Cup, Best Open Cup
  5. Amazon offers the best transitional product: NUK Active cup
  6. The best stainless steel:
  7. August 3, 2021 – Best Active Sippy Cup

What Sippy Cup Type Is the Best for Your Teeth?

A sippy cup that has a slotted opening is better than a one with a closed valve. You can let your child sip and not have to suck. This will reduce the amount of sugar and acid on the teeth.Jul 30, 2014

.Best Sippy Cup Best

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