Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Here’s How We Chosen Finalists to Test

Given the volume of sippy-cup product options, we began by compiling a list of top-rated sippy drinks available at Amazon, Target Walmart, Walmart, specialty baby shops, and Walmart.

For this reason, we surveyed our friends and members of a group for parents online. To see what else they were searching for and to learn what their children loved most about the cups.

After narrowing down our selection, we looked at which retailers had the best online reviews and ratings. Finally, we cross-referenced with Reddit at/r/beyondthebump as well as review sites BabyGearLab. While they may be called “trainer cups”, or “transition cupcakes,” these terms can also be used for all sippy cups. Often a soft spout is designed with air vents to help reduce swallowing air, and it allows much more water to flow through than a bottle nipple does. Although they are made to be comfortable for babies to grasp and use, we can’t help but think that these bottles look very much like high-flowing fast-flowing bottles with handles.

Spouted cups for sippy: This is what you think about when you hear “sippy cups.” It’s the one that most people associate with children. The spout allows a child to direct the flow, so he won’t pour half a cup on your head. The spill-proof versions of these cups will save you from mopping the floor thrice daily, but the inside of the spout and silicone seal are a pain to get clean. Some studies recently raised concerns over the effects of spouts on speech patterns, tongue-muscle development, and tooth positions in young children.

360deg/spoutless cups – This is an innovative invention. The lid prevents leaks and your child controls the flow of the liquid by sucking. This cup design is getting lots of attention following the fuss over spilled cups. This cup is recommended for children older than 12 months, but the learning curve doesn’t seem as severe as we expected.

Straw sippycups : This way you can address concerns regarding spout style sippy cups. Since the straw needs to be held up straight, it doesn’t impact your tongue position. Also, they are more simple to clean than spouts as long you can get to the interior of the straw.

Total Product Score Easy of Use Spill-proof Cleaning Material

Spoutless Cups A. Nuk-Magic 360 B. Munchkin-Miracle 360

Spout Cups C. Tommee Tippee D. Munchkin E. Gerber Graduates Fun Grips F. Nuk Large Learner Cup

Straw Cups – The First Years – Take and Toss H. NuSpin Kids Zoomi I. Phillips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

What We Tested

The ease of use was tested with our toddler volunteers. Our focus was on how easy they could grip the cups, how light the cups felt, how difficult it took to drink through the straws and spouts and any reaction to particular cups.

All sippy-cups with a spout design scored five for ease of use, apart from the Eco-Friendly sippy cups made by Klean Kanteen Pura and Lifefactory. Two-year old volunteer said each sippy cup was heavy and returned them one by one. However, she eventually rediscovered her love for the Lifefactory sippy. During the test period, each sippy cup contained approximately 50% of its contents.

The 360deg Spout Cups will amaze you. These cups are not meant to be used as a cup and poured into your mouth. It took us a few minutes to realize you hold these just like a regular cup, but seal around the lid with your lips and suck like you would from a wide, flat spout. Surprisingly our toddlers learned it almost as fast as we did.

This is a tricky rating because kids won’t have trouble with straw cups unless you alternate between straws/spouts. Once you have taught your children how to use a cup, they will expect the same from you next time. Our kids became adept at switching back and forth by the end of the test period, but we felt sorry for them trying to drink from the Philips – Avent for the first few times, since it looks and feels so much like a spout-type cup.

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A range of scores was used to rate sippy cups, 1-5 being the leanest. The tests included inversion (being held upsidedown), shaking while upsidedown and dropping onto a hard flooring from an approximate 22 inch height.

Although the Nuk Blue Turtle, Jungle Animals and cups were successful in the initial testing phase, the soft silicone drips at the ends had already split by the time the five-month mark.

These sippy cups are spout-style, and have the best results overall. They use tiny, tightened silicone seals on their tips. Unfortunately, this is also why they are so difficult to clean.

These 360 cups, also known as “spoutless”, are our favourite for spill prevention.

For a water cup, these are all pretty great; we didn’t feel bad about letting our kids walk around the house or climb into bed with any of them so long as water dribbles were the worst result. For packing in a bag, though, we really like the flat-top shape of the 360 cups best, since any pressure on the top of the cup will just seal it better.

It was easy to clean. We looked at a variety of factors, including how big the bottles are, how large can you fit a sponge inside, what tools are needed to wash them all, and can there be any areas that are impossible to clean without a team of tiny janitors. The cups were scored using a 5 point scale.

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Transition Cups and Oral Health

Two of the drawbacks to traditional sippy cups are their placement in your mouth, which can cause irritation and push on the development teeth. It’s an almost perfect transition from an open-top sippy cup to the 360 “spoutless”, which addresses both these issues.

With one of our test-toddlers, we noticed right away that she didn’t use the Magic 360 cup like a bottle when falling asleep sucking down water for comfort rather than thirst like she previously has with a spouted sippy cup. Although she still drinks if she is thirsty, it’s not a habit. It means she will be less likely to wet her overnight, which hopefully will reduce the likelihood of her bedwetting after she stops using overnight diapers.

Nuk – Magic 360 vs Munchkin – Miracle 360 Nuk has some minor advantages over Munchkin despite the similarities. As long as you don’t see Munchkin’s sippy cups while you stand in front of an aisle of sippy mugs, grab one to go and your toddler will follow you down the other aisle with a tower of basketballs. If you’ve got a chance to buy the Nuk, though, it’s our pick of the two for milk and our favorite overall.

One, the Magic 360’s transparency allows us to see what liquid it is. This will help reduce the amount of time you have to clean out spoiled milk every week.

If you are handwashing the Nuk cups, there is a channel or groove between the plastic flap and flap. This allows for a sponge to get on the entire surface. The dishwasher is quicker but the one-off household that did not test it didn’t have one and Nuk didn’t make them worry about missed grime.

This cup is a significant improvement from trying to figure out what the congealed, silicone-sealed liquid in your sippy cup looks like. The 360 cups have almost the same leak-proof performance.

Munchkin offers versions with Hello Kitty and Paw Patrol of the cup, and Nuk sells PJ Masks or TMNT. There are many options for generic but friendly designs offered by each maker. We didn’t find a cup that was identical to the one we tested from The First Years Key Takeaways:

Nuk – Magic 360’s spout-free design makes it easier to clean than a standard sippy cup.

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It’s the perfect cup to drink milk from, as you can clearly see inside.

Leak-proof enough for a bedtime water cup, though there’s a splash if you drop it.

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

What are the Top Sippy Cups to Give Babies?

After using a bunch of different sippy cups on my own son and talking to a top pediatrician about what to look for, these are the best sippy cups I’ve found.

1. It’s the NUK Learner Sippy Cup for $10. Amazon. The Nuk Disney Learner Sippy Cup Amazon This cup is by far my favourite and that of any trainer cups. This cup is very easy to handle and use. However, it doesn’t leak when dropped on the concrete.

I was raving about it. It is loved by her 13-month old son. It’s also a training cup that can be used to replace a regular cup. This makes it easier for her son, who is 13 months old at the time. It also travels well and is very easy to clean. Her recommendation helped me buy one. I also love that my son enjoys using it. It is possible for the cup to spill on impact, but this can be an issue if your child throws things all over the place (like mine).

3. Amazon Nuby 2 Pack No-Spill Soft Spout Easy Grip Cup (8-Pack), Red/Blue Amazon This cup is easy to use for little hands thanks to its grippy, contoured base. We love it! It also doesn’t leak.

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

This is our pick for the top sippy cups available to kids

1. Philips My Bendy Straw Cup 2-Pack, Amazon Philips My Bendy Straw Cup-2-Pack, Amazon. This straw cup has a lot of appeal due to its ease-of-use. Olivia Porcello Cody of Mom told me that her son loved the straw and was happy to use it as a transition. It helps ease the transition.

Rosa Nevins from Rosa’s friend, said her son (17 months) loves it the best. My friend Rosa Nevins said, “We tried all the sippy mugs.” The straw sippy cups are the easiest to use. She loves that this one can be disassembled and easy to clean.

3. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle, $20, Amazon Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy Cup, 11 ounces Amazon If you don’t want to use a plastic sippy cup, consider this stainless steel and silicone one. It was raved by a couple moms I met in a Facebook group. Lindsey Voorhees says, “We brought it in at six months. Today, at 16 months our little boy is excellent at keeping hydrated with water.” Children will feel more mature with the adult-sized bottle.

. She said that they were inexpensive and the boys enjoyed using them. They are easy to clean and they don’t get lost.

For more of our parenting favorites, be sure to check out:

According to a Pediatrician, the best helmets for children are

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Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Coffee

Buy from Amazon Buy online at BuybuyBaby. Munchkin Miracle 360 is able to allow children to enjoy a drink anywhere they like by just tilting their cup and sucking at the edge. When your child is done sucking the valve will seal and not leak if they decide to drop it on the ground. It’s simple to clean for parents, as there is no straw, spout, or any other parts. The cup is designed to be dental-health friendly, and it helps children develop their drinking muscles. And if you’re avoiding plastic, there’s a (more expensive) stainless-steel version of this cup.


The lid has a silicon ring that can be hard to see. However, it is necessary to take the silicone ring off for cleaning to prevent mold from forming. Also, some kids may need help figuring out how to use the cup since there’s no spout.

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Parents agree that the 360 cup has worked well for them. “My baby just loves the 360 cup!” I love these cups. It allows me to give my child the experience of having a large drink and also helps teach them how to use a cup. The best cup! If dropped on a hard ground, the cup won’t splash any liquids. Information



For babies 6 months and up

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

These leakproof sippy cups will help you save so much cleaning time and are available on Amazon

Margeaux Baulch Klein Babies are prone to lose things as they develop fine motor skills. Many parents choose to provide their children with sippy cups that are leak-proof. A leakproof sippycup ensures your child’s drink stays in the cup. The best option is to use a leakproof sippy cup when on-the-go, because they are the best way to protect your car and diaper bag.

But, it is not easy to find great sippy cups that won’t leak. While many sippy cups are advertised as leak-proof, very few can withstand being dropped, dropped, and even thrown vigorously.

Design is the key feature you need to look for in a leakproof coffee cup when looking. Rimless 360-degree sippy cups tend to be highly rated because they automatically seal shut when not being sipped from. There are also leakproof alternatives if you prefer sippy cups with a straw.

Best Sippy Cup For Kids

Munchkin Magic 360 Trainer Cup: The Most Outstanding Sippy Cup

This Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup has received a glowing Amazon rating and over 8,000 user reviews. These sippy cups are among the most highly rated on Amazon. A set of two seven-ounce cups comes with a 360° drinking edge. Each cup is 7 oz. Kids can drink from any part of the rim, like an adult cup which is a feature that helps kids develop their facial muscles and to one day transition away from sippy cups. The cup’s valve closes when not in use. Munchkin Miracle cups also have handles that make it easy to hold. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe and made with durable BPA-free plastic.

One reviewer says that “these are fantastic for little hands trying out to figure how to brew.” These were given to my 6-month old daughter when she was just five months. It’s been a great practice. She has gone from throwing them around (and no leaks!) She now understands that she can use the handles to get her cup up to her lips. The cups are amazing, and there is no leakage, as I’ve said before.

Is it OK for a child to stop using a Sippy cup at the age of 12?

A sampling of answers from toddler parents revealed that most of them would consider making the transition between the ages of 2 and 3. Some parents opt not to get a sippy-cup and some parents go over the limit.

Can a 5-year old use a sippy mug?

The AAP Pediatric Nutrition Manual states that children can quit sippy cups at 2-3 years old. Is it a good idea to have sippy cups for spill prevention once in a while? Perhaps not. You can allow your child to have an open-top cup, some sippy cups with straws, and a few other containers. Jun 15, 2011

What Sippy Cup Should A 2 Year Old Use?

Munchkin360 – The Best Non-Spill Munchkin 360. So many toddlers love this sippy cup. many parents. Children can drink anyplace around the rim. It is very easy to use once they understand how it works. Jun 5, 2021

What Sippy Cup Do You Use Best?

It is better to choose a sippy cup with a slotted opening instead of a valve. It will reduce liquid flow, allowing your child to drink and not suck. This will reduce the amount of sugar and acid on the teeth.Jul 30, 2014

.Best Sippy Cup For Kids

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