/ / How do you use basal thermometer for ovulation?

How do you use basal thermometer for ovulation?

How do you use basal thermometer for ovulation?

Looking for Best Body Temperature Thermometer or Best BBT thermometer? With so many thermometers available on the market it is getting more and more difficult finding the perfect body thermometer now. We looked through a lot of products to bring you our top list of best thermometer for BBT and would be considered as the best thermometers for fertility tracking and the best body thermometers for tracking ovulation. Knowing and taking note of your body temperature can enable you to track your fertility and ovulation effectively, and we looked at a few products that are considered as the top thermometer that takes care of tracking your body temperature for you. Best Thermometer

Body Thermometer Overview

body temperature is pretty much a fancy term given to the lowest possible body temperature at rest which can be measured using a body basal thermometer. In this context, the ideal rest period is during sleeping hours. An estimation of this parameter is usually obtained by measuring the body temperature immediately after sleep and before involvement in any physical activity. See our best basal thermometers review to get the right basal thermometer for you. Basal thermometers edge the conventional basal thermometers in the sense that they provide more accuracy in terms of temperature readings and can handle minor differences, which is a crucial factor when it comes to tracking ovulation. If you look at the temperature difference that comes with ovulation, it’s easy to notice that minute temperature values are involved and it will require an enhanced basal thermometer for effective monitoring. For instance, basal thermometers can nail a precise reading of 65.42 F instead of a less accurate 65.4 F reading.

Are Basal Thermometers Accurate?

What is a basal thermometer and why is it important? A body basal thermometer is used to get the lowest possible body temperature at rest. It is an ultra-sensitive basal thermometer designed for natural family planning.  It is the best basal thermometer for fertility tracking and also the best basal thermometer for tracking ovulation. Due to the rise in body temperature after ovulation, most basal thermometers are not sensitive enough to pick up this temperature increase. The best body temperature basal thermometers will be able to pick up even the slightest increase in body temperature. Body temperature jumps 0.2 °C or 0.4F and can be read using a BBT thermometer for ovulation. This rise of BBT persists for 3 days when compared to the past 6 days making the estimation of ovulation only valid within the 3 days. This temperature difference is caused by the hormonal changes that occur following the process of ovulation, and to be more specific, the dominance of a hormone called progesterone is the main cause of the difference. These temperature differences are charted over a course of time utilizing the basal thermometer either manually or with the help of a  thermometer app on mobile devices.

Best Thermometers Review 2021

Below is our list of the best and most accurate BBT thermometer of 2021:

1. Femometer Vinca II BBT Thermometer

Digital Basal Thermometer
VIEW PRODUCT Femometer Vinca II BBT Thermometer

Read Our Full Review 

Body thermometers or bbt are going smart. Femometer Vinca II BBT Thermometer fertility thermometer easily integrates with your smartphone after installing the thermometer app. This body thermometer comes in a sleek, portable body that is covered by a removable cap. It is also considered as the most accurate BBT thermometer there is today according to many thermometer reviews.
Most Accurate B Thermometer
This temperature thermometer has a high degree of accuracy enabling it to trace small changes in terms of body temperature. It incorporates a stainless steel sensor. The body thermometer is synced with a thermometer app on a mobile device that displays the readings and related information. The application has an array of features that keeps track of cervical fluid, weight, intimacy dates, and ovulation. If you are looking for this is our smart choice.

2. Easy@ home Smart BBT Ovulation Thermometer

Easy@Home Digital Basal Thermometer
VIEW PRODUCT Easy@ home Smart BBT Ovulation Thermometer The Easy Home thermometer is an ovulation and period tracker that allows you to pinpoint your most fertile or ovulation days. The Easy Home Smart thermometer comes with a lot of features for a mid-range cost. This product makes it extremely easy to track your ovulation time thereby helping you to determine the best time to conceive. It is considered one of the best memory thermometers available on the market and is the best thermometer for fertility tracking.
Best Thermometer For Tracking BBT
Read Our Full Review Here This digital basal thermometer comes with an incorporated EBT-300 Premom Ovulation Predictor app that is compatible with both Android (4.4 or later) and iOS (iOS 8.0) devices. It is Bluetooth 4.0. Enabled with a transmission distance of up to 10 feet. It comes with a large  LCD paired with a soft light. It is specifically designed for oral use. The product utilizes your oral body temperature to automatically chart your menstrual cycle with precision

3. Femometer Vinca Digital Basal Thermometer​

Basal Thermometer for Ovulation
VIEW PRODUCT Femometer Vinca Digital Basal Thermometer

The Femometer Thermometer is a top-quality product that senses the changes in your body temperature no matter how slight. It is designed to determine the pattern of your menstrual cycle which is in turn used to help you determine your fertile days. This body temperature thermometer is ideal if you are trying to conceive or prevent an unplanned pregnancy. In this temperature thermometer review, this product is considered as one of the best temperature thermometer for fertility tracking.

Best Thermometer For Fertility

This amazing digital basal thermometer comes with an accuracy of 1/100th. Although the time it takes to complete each reading is somewhat longer than that of similar products on the market, you will be glad that the result is precise and accurate. It has a body temperature measurement time of 2 minutes 30 seconds if used orally, 3 minutes 25 seconds for oxter, and about 5 or more minutes if used on other  temperature measurement parts of the body.

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The thermometer is safe to use since it comes with a flexible tip as those with rigid tips are more likely to hurt you while you use it. Also, it sports a hardcover that helps you ensure that the product is kept clean when not in use. The product features a memory recall function that allows the device to store the last body temperature you measured with it. This makes it one of the top body thermometer there is in the market today.

Furthermore, tracking your body temperature with this thermometer is effortless. All you have to do is place the device on your tongue or other parts of your body and wait for the beeping sounds which informs you that the reading is complete. Remove the device from your mouth as soon as you hear the sound. You have an option to select a Celsius and Fahrenheit display.

After the reading is completed, your body temperature will be automatically displayed on the large LCD. The product is durable and can be used daily for the efficient tracking of your menstrual cycle. The manufacturer states that the digital thermometer complied with FDA and European CE and has passed through conformity calibration and medical testing. However, the Korier Thermometer does not feature a LED light and so it may not be ideal for checking body temperatures in the dark. Also, unlike other similar products on the market, this one stores only your last reading on the device. But, looking at the budget-friendly cost of the product, one may safely conclude that it offers a good value for money, and definitely one of the best thermometer for BBT.

    • The thermometer comes with an accuracy of 1/100th.

4. Iproven Digital Basal Thermometers

Iproven Digital Basal Thermometers
VIEW PRODUCT Iproven Digital Basal Thermometers Next up on our list of top thermometers is the iProven Digital temperature thermometer. Design and Features This iProven thermometer records readings to a 100th of a degree Celsius which makes it included on the top list of most accurate BBT thermometer today. The iProven fertility thermometer has a sleek and ultra-portable body. It has a beep notification feature. It has a wide display unit that keeps the most recent temperature readings until the thermometer is turned off. It has a one-minute waiting-time to come up with temperature readings.it is 100 percent waterproof.
Best Thermometer For Body Temperature
The display unit does not come with a backlight thus rendering it difficult to use in dim areas. Though the gadget lacks some of the fancy features like advanced application features that come most top-end thermometers, the overall performance warrants its consideration. It is certainly safe to conclude that the gadget provides enough value for the money it demands. We consider this one of the best fertility thermometers you can buy. This also comes with a variant known as iProven Digital Thermometer.
  • The thermometer has a sleek and ultra-portable body.
  • These thermometers does not come with a back light.
  • Named as one of the best thermometer 2018

5. POPKA Digital Basal Thermometer

POPKA Digital Basal Thermometer
VIEW PRODUCT POPKA Digital Basal Thermometer While most of today’s BBT thermometers are being integrated with smartphones, we found the large screen and is easy to use for ranks it #2. While we do believe having a phone integrated smart thermometer is the way of the future, lots of women have reported having issues with the app integrating and have issues with updates. It is considered one of the best thermometers you can buy at an affordable price.
Best Thermometer For Ovulation
In this thermometer review, the POPKA medical thermometer is considered as one of the best body thermometer offers a great option if you are not as interested in the fancy features offered by another smart thermometer or in a normal glass basic thermometer. On an overall basis, the thermometer provides great value for the money. If you just want a simple but effective thermometer, this is what you’re looking for. It may be simple but this is also one of the best thermometer for temperature.
  • The thermometer is a great option if you are not interested in fancy features.
  • These thermometers offer great value for money if you just want a simple thermometer.

6. Clearblue Fertility Monitor

6. Clearblue Fertility Monitor
VIEW PRODUCT Clearblue Fertility Monitor If you’re like me and don’t want to track your temps or deal with integrating your thermometer with your phone and keeping apps updated, the ClearBlue monitor is the best fertility monitor available in our opinion. Yes, we know this article is about the best thermometer and you’re looking for a monitor to track your temps. If you’re planning to have a baby and want the best monitor, check out what these pregnant women had to say. Keep in mind the ClearBlue is not a cheap option.
Best Fertility Tracker
However, it is important to state that this unit does not work very well if you have higher levels of testosterone. This is definitely not the cheapest way to track your ovulation and if you’re looking for the best value for your monitor we would recommend our first pick.
  • The thermometer comes is not a cheap option.
  • These thermometers may not work very well if you have higher levels of testosterone.

7. Kindara Basal Thermometer

Kindara Basal Thermometer
VIEW PRODUCT Kindara Basal Thermometer Kindara holds the legacy of being among the pioneers in the best body thermometer manufacturing industry. A lot of hype is associated with the company’s products and we have purposed it in this review to look at its features and other factors. Let us at once move forward and put it under the magnifying glass. This best thermometer has been positively rated and reviewed by most past buyers.
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Design and Features Like the Bongmi smart start thermometer, it comes in a sleek and comfortable body that is interrupted by a display in the middle. The display incorporates a backlight designed to provide clarity in low light situations.
Best Thermometer For Fertility
It has mobile device connectivity thus equipping you with an efficient way of charting the readings. The design is based on the conventional Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM). It incorporates memory capabilities. The app incorporates a feature that allows you to connect with other tech-savvy women on issues to do with fertility awareness. Mobile connectivity allows for the effective and highly customizable display to suit your personal needs. It has a sleek and comfortable build quality. The backlight also enhances its display quality profile. Being able to use it in rooms with low lighting is a plus. The vibration is a great notification feature that simplifies your ability to identify the appropriate temperature to record. The Kindaras major shortfall is the lack of solidity in the build. The material is not as durable thus requiring extra care when in use. All in all, the Kindara provides a package that combines efficiency and modern artistry. Considering its performance, the array of associated features, and generally positive customer reviews, it is a gadget that can provide a lot of value for the money.
  • These thermometers have a sleek and comfortable build.
Whether you’re looking to get pregnant or try to avoid it, tracking your body temperature is a big part of natural family planning. It’s not the usual thermometer you used to track fever, but an extra sensitive tool to measure the body temperature precisely, even the minutest changes to detect the time of ovulation and fertility.

What Is a Basal Thermometer?

What is a thermometer and are the important factors to be considered when buying the best thermometer? If you’re trying to conceive, you can use a thermometer to track your thermometer. This is your temperature when you’re completely at rest. The thermometer is more accurate than the traditional thermometer. It also operates within a lower temperature range. Your body temperature changes throughout the month based on a variety of factors, including your hormone levels. When you ovulate, your temperature increases with progesterone. Your progesterone levels will remain high during the two-week period between ovulation and menstruation. If you are not pregnant, your progesterone (and body temperature) will drop, and menstruate. Your temperature and progesterone levels will remain elevated if you are pregnant. Having considered the basic terms and mechanisms underlying ovulation and body temperature, let’s leap forward and focus on taking your accurate temperature. Easy@ home Smart BBT Ovulation Thermometer Body temperature (BBT) refers to your body temperature when you wake up before you perform any activity. In addition to changes in luteinizing hormone levels and cervical mucus consistency, women experience changes in their temperature during each menstrual cycle that can be used to indicate ovarian function. In general, women experience a 0.2–0.5 ° C increase in BBT shortly thereafter.

What Are The Types of Basal Thermometer?

There are usually two basic types: a digital thermometer that uses batteries and takes up to 60 seconds to measure the temperature. It will have a clear display and will not break easily with careless use. Glass thermometer is based on the mercury present, which can be more accurate due to its excellent thermal conductive properties. Since mercury is toxic, it needs to be treated with proper care to protect ourselves while using it. If your temperature doesn’t go down for at least 18 days after ovulation, you’re probably pregnant. The timeframe that you are most likely to become pregnant is 2-3 days before your body temperature reaches its peak. Typically, it’s the lowest temperature point within 24 hours That’s why, if you’re trying to figure out when you’re most likely to get pregnant, measuring your BBT should be the first thing you do in the morning. Digital Thermometers These thermometers can measure one’s body temperature correctly, but rely on mercury. Be sure to compare and consider your options when selecting between mercury and digital thermometers.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using BBT Method for Conception?

The simplest and one of the most natural ways to improve your chances of conceiving is monitoring ovulation. And it has its pros and cons, just like other approaches, which will be described below. So Extremely specific. If you’re consistent and have a routine period, the BBT method will give you 99 percent precision. No pills need to be taken or something put into your body. Just place your thermometer under your tongue and wait a little while. Basically, the only items that you need to use this monitoring system are a thermometer and a map to write down your measurements. let’s begin with the good: It will be easier for you to realise if anything is not correct and quickly fix this problem as you learn to determine the key temperature trends and their correspondence to various stages of your cycle. Tracking ovulation with a fertility thermometer may not be suitable for women with irregular cycles or other medical conditions. Every day, you need to monitor the changes to get the most reliable results, with no exceptions. To understand the key trends, you should monitor at least a couple of cycles before you can actually use the BBT approach for conception. Helps you understand how your body works. This highly sensitive thermometer from Vedik, accurate to 1/100th of a degree, is an excellent tool for the natural family planning process. It has a soft and versatile tip, a last-reading recall and a beep to let you know when the measurement is complete. Before being released into the market to provide the most accurate results, this clinical thermometer underwent various medical tests.
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What is Vedik Digital Thermometer?

The body temperature tracking method is easy, but a small commitment is needed. You will take your temperature and note it on a chart every morning before getting out of bed. A special body temperature thermometer, or a wireless oral thermometer, may be used. Oral, vaginal, or rectal reading can be used. Only make sure to use the same strategy every time. Every day, take your temperature as close to the same time as you can. Maybe that means you’re going to have to set an alarm clock. Within 30 minutes of your average time, you should try to wait. Until calculation, you should have a minimum of five hours of sleep.

How can I effectively track my body temperature?

You can use an app for fertility monitoring or chart it on graph paper yourself. A pattern can begin to appear over time. Over a 48-hour period, look for a difference in your reported temperature of around 0.4 degrees. It’s possibly a sign of ovulation when this change stays steady for three days or longer. Plot the thermometer number on a chart. You will be at your most fertile two days before you expect your body temperature to rise. Bear in mind that within your body, sperm will live for up to five days. On your fertile days, you should plan to have sex. Plan to have sex on your most fertile days. In order to prevent pregnancy, if you are monitoring your body temperature, do not have sex from the first day of your cycle until several days after your body temperature increases. Thermometers Give you insight into the Body’s three hormone systems In the most fundamental sense, the temperature of your body gives insight into how much energy your body produces at rest. The greater the amount of energy you burn at rest, the more heat your body absorbs, which is expressed in the temperature of your body. What is more fascinating is that your body temperature is regulated by many hormones and therefore shows how much energy your body burns. Be careful if you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant. This is incredibly important when we talk about weight loss. And by merely preserving body functions, over 90% of the calories you burn are burned out (breathing, sleeping, eating, thinking, etc.). Many people (probably you at some point) rely on the amount of calories that are under your control that you burn – meaning the extra calories you burn with exercise. Why?- You only have less than 10 percent of the total amount of calories your body burns per day, even though you triple the number of calories you burn with exercise. Focusing on your body temperature and increasing THAT amount is much safer because it constitutes a far greater fraction of your overall burned calories. But let’s talk about these hormone systems and how they each alter the body temperature before we get too far into weight loss:

What is Basal Body Temperature, and how does it change over the course of your cycle?

Body temperature is the temperature of the body in the resting state, that is when you do not perform any physical or intellectual activity. Typically, it’s the lowest temperature point within 24 hours That’s why, if you’re trying to figure out when you’re most likely to get pregnant, measuring your BBT should be the first thing you do in the morning. Any physical activity, including cuddling with your partner or getting out of bed, is likely to increase your BBT and twist your measurements. Now, basal body temperature is affected by circadian rhythms, which may change within 24 hours. In women, basal body temperature is also affected by the menstrual cycle, so there are some monthly fluctuations as well. Let’s see how exactly this happens. In the follicular phase of the cycle, which begins on the first day of menstruation and ends on the day of ovulation, estrogen is the dominant hormone in the woman’s body. During this phase, your BBT remains within the normal range, which is between 97 and 97.7F or 97.7F. This hormone helps make the uterine liner thicker so that the fertilized egg can stick to it. Along with this, the elevated plasma levels of progesterone increase your BBT by 0.4F or 0.2C In women with a normal ovulatory cycle, this shift occurs within 1-2 days and is followed by a period of little or no changes lasting approximately 10 days or up to your next period. Thus, basically, a peak in body temperature and a plateau 2-5 days after this peak will indicate your most fertile days and increase your body temperature. Choosing the best fertility thermometer begins with a basic understanding of what body temperature works and its relationship with the process of ovulation. Along with this is the awareness of the different features associated with body thermometers which then empowers you to choose the right gadget for your budget. Having gone through this review, we believe you are aware of all the necessary facts you need to make an informed decision. Thanks for reading the best fertility thermometer review of 2020. Sources : https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/basal-body-temperature/about/pac-20393026 https://www.babycenter.com/getting-pregnant/ovulation/chart-basal-body-temperature-and-cervical-mucus_3195 https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/infertility/index.htm https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4402098/ https://academic.oup.com/aje/article/165/9/1088/90537
  • How do I clean my thermometer?

    A couple days a week, we suggest washing the thermometer. This can be achieved by properly purifying the tip of the thermometer using soap and cold water (or diluted isopropyl).
  • Do thermometers really work?

    Although diagrammatizing your basal body temperature (BBT) is a decent way to track ovulation, the low cost is the biggest advantage. A fancy thermometer is unlikely to help you get pregnant quicker. Timing sex for ovulation is the secret to becoming pregnant (if you don’t suffer from infertility).
  • Is there a difference between a regular thermometer and a body thermometer?

    Just as an ordinary thermometer, a basal thermometer tests temperature. The difference is that it calculates to 1/100th of a degree. While most thermometers measure to 1/10 .

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