Who Makes Lifeproof Flooring For Home Depot

Who Makes Lifeproof Flooring For Home Depot In 2022?

You must have seen all the flooring options available at Home Depot if you ever visited their shelves.

  • Who makes Lifeproof flooring for Home Depot, though? It is an exclusive, in-house product of Home Depot? It’s a brand that is exclusive to the retailer. Here are my findings!
  • Who Makes Lifeproof Flooring For Home Depot In 2022?

    Are You Looking for Lifeproof Flooring at Home Depot?

    Halstead New England is the manufacturer of Lifeproof flooring, sold as Home Depot since 2022. Though Halstead is an American-owned firm, production is carried out in China. Halstead New England makes its own products including Gripstrip vinyl, Allure, TrafficMaster and TrafficMaster.

  • If you want to learn more about whether Lifeproof flooring is a good brand, whether its products are made in the U.S., and what types of flooring items it offers, keep on reading!
  • What makes Lifeproof flooring a good brand?

    Lifeproof is sometimes criticized by websites for its higher price. But, Lifeproof has a lifetime warranty and 5-year warranties for commercial properties.

    The latest Volatile Organic Compounds standards have been applied to it. This means that the product is free from dangerous heavy metals or other toxic substances.

    It is important to note that the criteria for quality control are also used in the evaluation of toys for children.

    In addition, Home Depot advertises this flooring as ‘no acclimation required’, which means that you can install it straight away on any level (including basements).

    Who Makes Lifeproof Flooring For Home Depot In 2022?

    Is Lifeproof Flooring Made In The USA?

    Lifeproof flooring for Home Depot is made by Halstead New England which is situated in Norwalk, Connecticut.

    However, many reports suggest that Lifeproof flooring itself is made by manufacturers overseas in China.

    China offers low labor costs, high productivity and high profits to many businesses.

    Halstead does in fact complete other manufacturing tasks through Chinese-based manufacturing companies.

    What Are the Benefits Of Lifeproof Flooring?

    The Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring is produced with the material Halstead names ISOCORE. This is closed-cell, waterproof foam core.

    This core features an underlayment attachment of HDPE plastic 1mm thick and a noise-reducing pad.

    The wear layer is constructed with up to 8mm urethane and enhanced ceramic beads, and the design layer of the planks and tiles is embossed to create a realistic texture of wood or stone.

    The planks also have a tongue and groove design that allows you to easily snap together pieces without glue.

    While this is fine for homes, commercial establishments with heavy foot traffic may find pieces coming apart as time goes on.

    Be aware that Lifeproof Flooring’s 5-year warranty will not be honored if Lifeproof flooring is glued down to commercial property.

    Who Makes Lifeproof Flooring For Home Depot In 2022?

    What Varieties Of Lifeproof Flooring Does Home Depot Sell?

    Home Depot has both sheet and plank Lifeproof flooring. They have a wide range of widths and lengths to match any room.

    In addition, Lifeproof’s luxury plank flooring has three varieties of thicknesses available: 6.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm, each with different style options.

    The 6.5mm plank offers eight styles in a variety of colors and different wood options, such as seaside oak, seasoned wood, and shadow hickory.

    The 7mm plank is the opposite, offering five different styles, as well as a variety of wood and colors, such scratch stone, trail oak, and fresh Oak.

    Finally, the 8mm plank has minor variation, with only three styles in different colors such as Ocala oak and Alys oak.

    You can also choose from eight options with Lifeproof vinyl flooring. They come in a variety of colors, including stone or wood.

    What Other Brands Are Similar To Lifeproof Flooring?

    For the #1 spot in vinyl flooring, Lifeproof flooring faces many competition.

    Shaw, Armstrong, Mannington are just some of the brands that offer high-quality vinyl flooring.

    Shaw is a little higher in cost than Lifeproof but offers a great luxury product for the price.

    The thickness of luxury vinyl can be used to determine its quality. Shaw’s plank flooring line measures at at least 5mm thick, while their wear layers are at at least 20mm thick.

    Armstong’s top vinyl plank line is known as Luxe Plank, though it offers other selections as well.

    You can choose from a range of wood-style planks, such as oak and maple. The boards are joined together with self-stick adhesive.

    Similarly, Mannington offers its Adura brand of luxury vinyl plank for a competitive price, with plank flooring measuring 4 inches wide by 36 inches long with planks of 4 mm thickness.

    You will be pleased to know that there are many wood varieties available in order to offset the absence of flooring options.

    Home Depot is a great place to start your research.

  • Conclusion
  • Halstead New England makes Lifeproof flooring. It is sold exclusively by Home Depot by the brand. This flooring comes in both sheet and plank versions at very competitive prices.

    Lifeproof flooring is a competitive brand with excellent features and comes with a lifetime warranty for home installation, and a 5-year warranty for commercial properties.

    Lifeproof flooring is available in many styles and it’s easy to clean. Use mild detergent to get rid of large spills. Dust mops won’t remove any dirt or dust from hard floors.

    Home Depot lifeproof flooring: Who is it?

    Halstead New England makes Lifeproof flooring. It is sold exclusively by Home Depot by the brand. This flooring comes in both sheet and plank versions at very competitive prices.

    Is Lifeproof Flooring Made In China?

    Made in China LifeProof planks contain an “innovatively highly engineered PVC core” (ISOCORE), so they are extremely stiff.

    What Are the Factors That Make Lifeproof Products?

    LifeProof is an U.S. accessory company for consumer electronics. It’s headquartered in San Diego and was bought by OtterBox, in 2013. This company creates, manufactures, market, and supports smartphone functionality.

    Home Depot has Lifeproofing?

    LifeProof was created by Halstead New Hampshire Industries. Home Depot Stores in the US are exclusive sellers of the brand.

    .Who Makes Lifeproof Flooring For Home Depot In 2022?

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