What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

Amazon has established a strong brand image throughout the world with its unique and consistent logo, design, and font visible across all of its services.

  • You may have noticed Amazon’s trademark font. This is my investigation into it.
  • What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    Amazon 2022: What font does Amazon use?

    Amazon Ember became the Amazon brand’s primary font in 2022. It is easily readable and easily recognized by customers who shop online. Amazon Ember was launched in 2016 to support the Kindle Oasis ereader.

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  • What Font Types Does Amazon Use?

    The primary Amazon font types are Ember and Bookerly, with Ember primarily used in both regular or italic style for all written content on Amazon.com.

    Occasionally, depending on the connection and the fonts available on your computer, you may see Times New Roman or Arial.

    Please note that Amazon Kindle uses a different font depending on which version you have. Bookerly is the standard default on older Kindles, but Amazon Ember is also now available on newer versions.

    Ember was used to create the Amazon Oasis electronic reader and it then spread across the site.

    This font is sans serif, while Bookerly has serifs.

    The small lines at the end of the larger letter strokes in serif fonts like Brookerly enable easy, comfortable reading on the Kindle.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    Which fonts are similar to Amazon’s?

    Roboto, Lato, and Roboto fonts look much like Amazon Ember. Their clean lines make it easy to see. Ubuntu Pro Semi Bold, and Sofia Pro Semi Bold make other popular choices.

    Bookerly would be happy to use the following serif fonts for Bookerly: Apolline (Vega), Weiss (Caecilia), Caecilia and Baskerville.

    Amazon Kindle allows you to choose from the Ember and Bookerly fonts, as well as a range of other standard fonts.

    Amazon fonts are easy to read on all devices.

    This is because readability and print-like layouts are Amazon’s top priorities when designing and installing fonts for its website and gadgets.

    Have Amazon Logo Fonts Changed Over Time?

    Amazon fonts have changed several times since the company was founded in 1994. Amazon logos serve as a good example of Amazon’s development over the years.

    Amazon used six logos over its six first years, until it settled on the iconic logo that millions have recognized around the globe.

    Officina Sans Bold font, which is a sans serif font that appears above the yellow Arrow and curves upwards to create smiles, makes up Amazon’s Amazon logo font.

    Franklin Gothic and Rotis Sans Seif fonts can be found in the same style as the Officina Sans Bold used for the Amazon logo.

    Are There Different Styles Of Amazon Fonts?

    Amazon Ember (and Bookerly) have different weights. Amazon selects the one that best suits their screen resolution.

    For Ember, the available weights are thin, light, book, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and heavy. Menus, screen texts, and digital reading displays all use different weights.

    Amazon describes Ember as a soft, subtle font that is perfect for corners and edges. Its refined weights make the Ember font ideal for headlines across the website.

    Bookerly offers three types of weight: regular, light and bold. These can all be set up with the font size when reading on your Kindle.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)