Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

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Home Depot’s loyal customers can save big on tools and supplies by shopping with them regularly.

  • So if you’ve heard about Home Depot’s Pro Xtra membership, you may be curious to know more about how it works, and who can sign up? Continue reading to find out what I discovered.
  • Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022
  • Pro Xtra is Home Depot’s loyalty program which helps members save time and money, and receive members-only benefits and business tools as of 2022. Pro Xtra is a useful program that professionals can use to cut down on the overall cost of their business.

  • For more information on Pro Xtra memberships and the benefits they offer, read this article!
  • Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    Who Can Sign Up To Home Depot Pro Xtra?

    This loyalty program is intended for professionals and will be most useful to them. However, you don’t need to have a license or certification to join.

    With this membership you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of professionals, regardless if your home is large or small.

    How Does Home Depot Pro Xtra Work?

    Pro Xtra gives you many benefits, as well as the chance to see other sections of Home Depot not accessible to ordinary shoppers.

    An account for pro members will be available on the website or app. You can use it to not only keep track of your online purchases but also to redeem any offers.

    Your mobile app provides you with a Pro Xtra virtualID, reloadable Gift Cards to allow for spending restrictions and eReceipts.

    To use your account in-store, all you need to do is scan your virtual ID when you’re checking out, and make sure if you’re purchasing online that you’re logged in.

    If you fail to do this, your spending won’t get tracked and you’ll be losing out on perks.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    How much does Home Depot Pro Xtra costs?

    Home Depot Pro Xtra memberships are completely free if your intention is to just sign up for the basic membership.

    While you will be able to access a variety of benefits and personal offers, without any cost to your wallet, there are ways to earn more.

    Paint Rewards benefits, for example, allow you to get a greater paint discount for every dollar spent on paint.

    In the Home Depot Pro Xtra terms and conditions, it states that membership level on paint rewards can go from member, bronze, and silver, all the way to gold.

    These rewards include a maximum 20% discount if you spend at least $6,500 for qualifying purchases.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra – What Are the Benefits?

    Home Depot Pro Xtra includes a host of benefits, which are suitable for both professional and casual shoppers.

    Here’s a list of Pro Xtra membership benefits and rewards.

  • Volume Pricing
  • Bulk buying makes it much easier to purchase materials in bulk for your projects or jobs.

    Just make a project list and include all the necessary materials (such as paint or lumber). Then, bring the completed list to your local Pro Desk to receive a quotation.

    Overall, it can often be cheaper to buy the entire set and then just cash them in at the counter.

  • Paint Rewards
  • The Paint Rewards program is great for professional and amateur painters as well as those who just enjoy decorating their homes once in a while.

    Access to all your colors from every purchase is possible, which will make it much easier for you to track down which color magnolia was used in the last job.

    You’ll get dedicated representation and discounts depending upon how often you buy paints for your job.

    These calculations assume that you have qualified for the offer.

    See the chart below to find out more information about discounts:

  • Personalized Offers
  • For Pro Extra members, special deals on services and products that regular customers may not receive are sent to them by email, post, or through the Home Depot mobile app message center.

    The program tracks your purchases, offers discounts and coupons as well as links to other parties that provide discounts for similar products and services.

  • Purchase Tracking
  • It is designed for professionals but can be useful to anyone.

    This feature allows you to track all your orders at check-out, attach your receipts from the past, organize your purchase history by PO and job names for ease of use.

  • Text2Confirm
  • Text2Confirm allows you to authorize employees quickly in-store purchases if you have employees who need to purchase your products quickly for their jobs.

    You can easily make sure that your money is going towards the intended purchase and keep your account safe.

    You can setup cards for your employees by being a business owner. When a purchase occurs, a text will go to your cell phone.

    With a single text, you can quickly deny or authorize purchases with these cards using your smartphone.

  • Pro Xtra Perks
  • These perks can be earned by your purchases in the same manner as personalized offers.

    When you make a purchase at Home Depot you can scan your virtual ID to unlock additional perks such as free drinks and snacks.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    Home Depot Pro Xtra – How does it work with returns?

    Pro Xtra returns offer a different experience than regular Home Depot returns.

    You can return your item to Home Depot if you are unhappy about your purchase. Simply bring your receipt/shipping mail, credit card number and valid identification with you to receive a refund or exchange.

    You can view Home Depot’s Return Policy in greater detail by clicking here

    Home Depot Pro Xtra offers a discounted price

    Home Depot Pro Xtra members are eligible for a discounted price on some items.

    As mentioned earlier, the best discounts are currently through the Paints Rewards, though other benefits include being sent specific and personalized discounts to your account.

    Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

    How do I sign-up for Home Depot Pro Xtra

    Just click on the link to sign up.

    The process is simple and straightforward, and you will be rewarded with many perks.

    Home Depot provides many discounts and perks. For more information, see our post on Home Depot Senior Discount, Home Depot Improvement Card, Home Depot Military Discount and Home Depot Veteran Discount.

  • Conclusion: Home Depot Pro Xtra
  • Home Depot Pro Xtra loyalty program is a fantastic option for business professionals and customers every day. Many benefits for members include specials and discounts on various merchandise, both online and in-store.

    The returns process is also different and you can sign up for them very easily. To sign up, visit the Home Depot website or stop by the store to speak with an associate.

    Can Anyone Sign Up For Home Depot Pro Xtra?

    Pro Xtra by Home Depot is a professional program. You don’t have to be licensed or certified to enroll in the program. You can get this program if you are a regular shopper at Home Depot and/or if your project is large. 5 May 2017.

    Can Anyone Get A Home Depot Pro Account?

    Anyone who shops at Home Depot is eligible to sign up for a Home Depot Pro Account, i.e. The account is available to any person who shop at Home Depot. Home Depot has a pro account that can help you save money if you shop often at the store.

    Is There A Fee For Home Depot Pro Xtra?

    Home Depot Pro Xtra offers a free membership if you only want to sign-up and obtain the basic member. This is what it means. These perks will allow you to receive personalized offers and other perks without any cost. There are however additional ways to gain more benefits.

    Is it worth joining Home Depot Pro for a monthly fee?

    1. Pro Xtra memberships are free. You can SIGN UP now to get started. Upon arriving, The Home Depot Pro Xtra website, like many other websites, prompts you to enter your email.

    .Home Depot Pro Xtra In 2022 (Who Can Sign Up, Price + More)

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