Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

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Retail (Grocery)
Founded August 31, 1931


O’Hara Township




United States
Number of locations
474 (216 supermarkets, 202 GetGo stores, 56 Ricker’s stores)
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West Virginia






Key people

David Shapira

, Executive



Laura Shapira Karet,


and President


Products Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, liquor, lottery tickets, fuel, sushi, Western Union, money orders, dry ice, prepared foods,
Services Convenience/Forecourt Store, Other Specialty, Supermarket, Gas Stations
Revenue Decrease


8.9 billion (


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, RX-21 LLC, Ricker Oil Company, Inc., Rini-Rego Supermarkets, Inc., Seegrid Corporation.

  • You can use dry ice to keep things cool, make ice and add atmosphere at exciting events.
  • It’s not always easy to find it in your local supermarkets and definitely not for a great price.

  • Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not Walmart sells dry ice? Let me tell you what I found.
  • Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Is Walmart selling dry ice in 2022?

    Walmart currently sells dry-ice at many of their stores as of 2022. The Penguin freezers are located in front of Walmart stores where dry ice is sold. Walmart sells dry ice for $1.44 per unit.

  • You can read on to discover more about the Walmart dry ice locations, including where you can find it and other places that sell it.
  • How Much Is Dry Ice At Walmart?

    Walmart’s website states that Penguin Brand Dry Ice can be purchased for $1.44 per Pound. This is the only dry ice brand that Walmart stocks.

    This is because it’s available at the lower price point of dry-ice pricing, which typically ranges between $1.00 and $2.00.

  • Walmart has dry ice available for sale at as little as $0.01 per pound.
  • Sometimes, however, dry ice at a Walmart store will cost slightly more than the online price of $1.44.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    How To Find Out If My Local Walmart Sells Dry Ice?

    Planning ahead is a good idea if you’re looking for dry ice.

    If you want to check if dry ice is available at your Walmart, it’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure you ask. Be aware that dry Ice stock cannot be checked online.

    The handy online Store Locator tool makes it easy to find the details for your nearest store.

    Enter your ZIP code or town and click on the “Select” button to find your closest store. In the listing of details for each store will include the number to call.

    Then ask your Walmart associate for information about dry ice. Our research also shows that Walmart stores with ice bags typically sell dry ice.

    Walmart Dry Ice: Where to Find It?

    Walmart’s retail stores will carry dry ice, and these will be stored in special Penguin Brand Dry Ice freezers. They will not melt.

    These are usually located at the tills. Or, you might find them near the regular ice freezers. Walmart associates are happy to assist you with any difficulty in finding them.

    A colleague may be able to pack dry ice and help you handle it, particularly if they don’t have suitable work gloves.

    Don’t forget to transport and store any dry ice that you purchase in an insulated cooler. These can be purchased elsewhere at Walmart and online. (Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t sell Yeti products).

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Why are some Walmarts unable to sell dry ice

    Because dry ice can be more difficult to store, some Walmart stores don’t sell it.

    Dry ice is carbon dioxide frozen at -109.3oF/-78.5oC. You cannot store it with other frozen items in Walmart’s freezers.

    They, as with other commercial freezers, will be set at a temperature of around or below 0oF.

    Is Dry Ice Available Online at Walmart?

    Walmart has a Penguin Brand Dry Ice Listing, but it’s not possible for dry ice to be shipped to your doorstep from Walmart.

    This is, in part, to do with the fact that dry ice only lasts a short amount of time when not properly stored.

    Even in an air-cooled cooler, it would likely have almost completely evaporated within 24 to 36 hours. Therefore, it won’t last as long as it takes for dry ice to be delivered in a Walmart standard delivery van.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Walmart offers other Ice products

    If you find yourself in a Walmart store that does not sell dry ice, you might find yourself looking for the next best thing. Luckily, all Walmart stores stock standard bags of ices, ice trays, ice packs, and more. offers even greater selection. As well as the typical ice products, you can also find dry ice packs for coolers.

    Are there Dry Ice Stores?

    Walmart and many large grocery chains have dry ice available in certain stores. These are:

  • Safeway
  • Kroger
  • Costco
  • Meijer
  • Publix
  • It is also possible to get dry ice from smaller brands. You can expect them to use dry Ice in order for their stock to be stored at the proper temperature.

    If you are looking to learn more, you can see our related posts on whether or not Aldi sells bags of ice, if Costco sells bags of ice, and if Walgreens sell bags of ice.

    Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Conclusion: Walmart Sells Dry Ice

    Dry ice can be purchased in most Walmart locations across the nation, but it may not always be available at all stores or online. Dry ice is usually available at Walmart for $1.00 to $1.44 per pound.

    Locate the local Walmart Store Locator and phone it up to see if dry ice is sold. If the person answering the telephone can help you, it is likely that they will.

    You can also try Safeway, Kroger and Costco if you cannot find dry ice in a Walmart close to you.

    How Much Is A Block Of Dry Ice At Walmart?

    Walmart Dry Ice costs $1.00 to $1.50/lb. It rarely exceeds that price. The price is $1.44/lb on Walmart Online, however prices may vary by store.

    What is Dry Ice’s Price?

    Dry ice is generally priced by weight, but the exact cost varies from one retailer to the next. In general, dry ice costs between $1.00 and $2.00 per pound.

    Is Costco selling dry ice?

    Costco sells dry ice at some of its store locations as of 2022. The availability of dry ice varies from one store to the next. Please only go into stores that offer freezer sections. If you have any questions, please contact your local retailer in advance. Safeway, Meijer or Walmart are other options. Dry ice sells for $1.00-$2.75 per lb.

    Target Can I Buy Dry Ice?

    Target does not sell dry ice at any of its stores, however, you can buy it from other grocery stores such as Costco, Walmart, Safeway, Whole Foods, Kroger, and King Soopers.

    .Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

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