Ikea’S Slogan

Ikea’S Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

IKEA is an international retailer founded in 1943. They have been helping their customers make improvements to their homes since then.

  • It’s likely that you are a regular customer of IKEA and wondering what the slogan means. I took the time to research it and these are my findings about IKEA’s slogan.
  • IKEA’s slogan for 2022
  • IKEA’s slogan, “Let’s Make Your Home Special”, was revealed at the 70th anniversary IKEA’s very first catalogue in 2022. It refers to practical solutions that are affordable and make customers’ lives easier. IKEA’s current logo dates back to 1983.

  • If you want to learn more about what previous IKEA slogans have been, what IKEA’s tagline, brand promise, and values are, and much more, keep on reading!
  • IKEA's Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

    What is the IKEA Slogan?

    IKEA’s motto is “Let’s Make Your Home Special”. It was first introduced with their 2021 catalog release. This catalogue has now reached 70 years of publication.

    The idea of making your home special relates to IKEA wanting to improve its customers’ lives with its functional products for affordable prices.

    In addition, IKEA has relaunched their slogan to reflect the notion that IKEA’s catalogue can be used as a ‘how to’ guide for customers to improve their homes.

    This is especially relevant in light of the recent pandemic that saw many people spend their time indoors.

    What Was The Previous IKEA Slogan?

    IKEA used to advertise that its products could make life easier for people.

    IKEA’s marketing strategy has been focused on customers. It often uses its catalogue to spread brand messages and promote its products.

    IKEA's Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

    IKEA’s slogan:

    Following IKEA’s slogan of ‘creating a better life for many people,’ IKEA has adopted the tagline ‘the wonderful everyday’, which features prominently in its television advertisements.

    IKEA’s ‘Wonderful Everyday” campaign was launched in 2017 by the company. It encourages people to appreciate the little things in their lives.

    IKEA’s Brand Promise What?

  • IKEA claims that they offer an extensive range of high quality, functional and well-designed furniture products for a price so affordable that all people can afford them.
  • IKEA is also known for its brand promise, along with the slogan “let’s make you home special” and the old saying “to create a better daily life for many”,

    The brand promise can help IKEA build trust with its customers and connects to the idea of helping its customers innovate their homes by providing low-priced, high-quality products.

    By adhering to its brand promise, IKEA encourages its regular customers to return while enticing new customers to try its products.

    IKEA's Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

    IKEA’s Values What are the Key Values of IKEA?

    IKEA has listed eight core values as its foundation for a successful business. IKEA encourages people to lead by example and values those who do.

    Togetherness is a central focus at IKEA, as well as caring for the people and the planet, as it wants to be a positive change-maker in the world.

    IKEA also has the desire to sell low priced items. Cost-consciousness is one of its main values.

    As IKEA strives to empower its customers, it is important that IKEA also values giving and accepting responsibility.

    IKEA’s Smaland heritage also means that they are always striving to make their products better.

    IKEA’s ultimate goal is to think differently and create meaning. They do this by challenging established ideas, trying new things, and sometimes even questioning them.

    IKEA Logo:

    IKEA’s logo stands for Ingvar Kamprad, the founder. The founder Ingvar Kamprad was the name of the retailer. He grew up Elmtaryd on the farm and Agunnaryd nearby.

    Although the original logo was created in 1951, IKEA’s current logo has been used since 1983. It displays the IKEA blue name inside a large blue circle and within an even larger square.

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  • Conclusion
  • IKEA’s motto “Let’s Make Your Home Special”, was adopted during the 70th anniversary celebrations for the IKEA catalog.

    IKEA is committed to ensuring that its brand slogan, tagline and brand promise are consistent with the company’s aim of providing quality products for home and life at affordable prices.

    .Ikea’S Slogan In 2022 (What It Means, Evolution + More)

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