Is Ikea Coming To Iowa Or Des Moines In 2022? [Guide]

There are more than 400+ IKEA stores around the world and many millions of customers annually. You may wonder if IKEA is opening a new store in Iowa.

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  • Is IKEA Coming To Iowa Or Des Moines In 2022? [GUIDE]

    Is IKEA Coming To Iowa Or Des Moines In 2022?

    IKEA will not be opening a store within Iowa and the surrounding areas, including Des Moines or Iowa City. IKEA likes to open locations in metropolitan areas with a population of over 2 million people. Since no city in Iowa has a 2 million-plus population, it does not make financial sense to open a store.

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  • Is IKEA a good option for Iowa residents?

    Unfortunately, if you wish to make a personal trip to IKEA from Iowa, you will need to journey outside of your state.

    IKEA’s store locator helped me locate closest stores in Chicago. St. Louis, Kansas, Minneapolis and Kansas were the closest.

  • The closest IKEA location to Des Moines is the Kansas City location, which is approximately a 200-mile drive!
  • Is IKEA Coming To Iowa Or Des Moines In 2022? [GUIDE]

    Does IKEA Deliver To Iowa?

    IKEA can deliver in any location within the United States of America (including Iowa), even if it is not in that particular area.

    Delivery costs will differ depending on a variety of factors such as the items size and shipping method used, distance from nearest distribution centers, etc.

    Iowans also have options for independent delivery such as Omaha Modern. These services specialize in IKEA deliveries to other states.

    There are many other independent retailers who may offer IKEA deliveries at different rates.

  • IKEA Iowa Potential Locations
  • It is unclear where IKEA Iowa might locate its Iowa store. IKEA currently has no plans to do so.

    It is important to note that IKEA should not open in Iowa.

    Are There Any Alternatives To IKEA?

    Don’t fret if you can’t find an IKEA near your home. There are lots of other stores that offer similar products, some of them even online.

    CB2, Etsy and Dwell are some of these. Not many stores are able to offer the exact flat pack IKEA experience, but can certainly offer modern and chic furniture for affordable prices.

    To learn more, you can also see if IKEA plans on opening stores in Idaho, New Mexico, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Montana.

  • Conclusion
  • IKEA doesn’t currently plan to open an Iowa store. IKEA may find that opening a store in the state is not financially feasible, because there might not be enough local people living nearby to make it profitable.

    Iowa residents have many options. They can shop online, in-store or through a delivery service. IKEA furniture is available for pickup.

    .Is Ikea Coming To Iowa Or Des Moines In 2022? [Guide]

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