Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

Aldi, the beloved US grocery chain with its German roots has partnered up with Instacart. But if this is your first time shopping online with Instacart, you might find it a little daunting.

  • The complete Instacart guide at Aldi. This includes the tips and tricks to help make each order as smooth and profitable as possible.
  • A Quick Overview Of Using Instacart At Aldi
  • Aldi customers may choose Instacart delivery (which can be anywhere from $4-10) or pick-up (which varies between $2-5). Aldi has Instacart express, which costs $9.99/month. It offers free delivery on orders more than $25. Instacart can have higher prices in some instances for Aldi groceries.

  • Keep reading for more information about Instacar ordering on Aldi.
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    How Do You Place An Order At Aldi On Instacart?

    Instacart accounts are required to get started. Sign up at or download it from your app store. Follow these instructions to establish an account.

    For your debit or credit card, and possibly your electronic benefits transfer (EBT), card to add to your account.

    Instacart will identify your current location and show you which shops you have access to. You can choose the one you prefer, and Instacart will show you which stores you can shop from.

    Then you are able to begin creating your list. Website and app are separated by section. You will see your bake goods, fruits, frozen items, etc.

    Your first order will give you a “Buy It Again”, which contains all previous orders. It is easy to order more items each time.

    Buy It Again, a place you should go if you’ve forgotten what you paid for something weeks ago. The menu also has headings that allow you to search by department.

    Another hint while shopping: pay attention to quantity on items like product. The quantity and weight of bananas (pounds) can both be bought. The option to modify the size and quantity of the item is available by clicking the link.

  • You might think you’re ordering 10 bananas, but instead, you end up with 10 pounds worth if you’re not paying attention!
  • You can now go to check-out once your checklist is completed. To place delivery orders, there is a minimum $35 and a minimum $10 for pick-up orders.

  • You can view your shopping cart by clicking on the little white and green card icon located in the upper left corner of the app.
  • Check out to verify delivery or pick up and the time slot you choose. Please confirm all your information and confirm payment. You should also check your cart before finalizing your order.

  • This is where delivery notes can be entered, such as where the bags should go or if you would like them to knock.
  • If you scroll down past the total, you will also see “Add promo code or gift card.” That’s important not to miss, especially if you are a first-time shopper, as there are many promos available for you (just do a Google search), most commonly for free delivery.

    A confirmation message will appear on your app, website and email after your order is submitted.

    You then wait for the Aldi shopper’s start. Once someone has started, another notification will be sent to you. That’s your reminder to stay on top of your shopping cart. Aldi shoppers have a friendly nature and are often quick to reach out by the chat option.

    Aldi’s fluctuating restocking means that it is important to make sure your smartphone or internet browser is open at all times. You can then quickly respond to any question or run out of something.

    It means that even if all of your items are not in the cart, the shopper is able to help you make it work or offer a partial refund.

  • It is important to note that your pickup or delivery will be between 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. However, the pick-up time for your shopper opens at 1:05 p.m. so don’t fret about losing your item!
  • Aldi merchandise is kept at the proper temperature until delivery or collection to your vehicle.

    You will be notified via the app about each step in delivery or pick-up. If you have chosen delivery, the driver will often send you a photograph of where your items were left.

    Do Groceries Cost More On Aldi Instacart?

  • Aldi recognizes an Upcharge for Groceries when ordering from Instacart. According to their website, Instacart prices may increase in some cases so that personal delivery costs can be covered.
  • Instacart’s website explains, “While many retailers offer everyday store prices on Instacart, some retailers may set prices on the Instacart platform that are different than in-store prices.”
  • So yes, some groceries cost more on Instacart than in-store at your local Aldi, but Aldi still endeavors to keep prices lower than in rival supermarkets.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Which payment method should you use to purchase Aldi Instacart?

    Instacart allows you to sign up and add your debit/credit card. Or you can use Apple Pay. Aldi added EBT payment to Instacart recently.

    It’s worth noting that while customers can pay for their SNAP-eligible groceries with EBT, delivery/pick-up fees and other service charges must be paid for separately with a debit or credit card.

    You can find more information about Aldi Instacart or EBT payments in the guide.

    Paying with PayPal, Venmo or cash is not possible.

    Aldi will give you bags when you order Instacart?

    Aldi offers bags as part of your Instacart purchase. They do however charge for the bags.

  • This information will be visible on the finalized receipt. It states “Checkout bag tax or fee.”
  • It is an additional fee but it will be much less than $1. Depending on the quantity of bags you order, it could even come down to a dime, a nickel, or a quarter.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Do You Have To Be Home For Your Aldi Instacart Delivery?

    Aldi Instacart doesn’t require that you be present to receive your delivery. Aldi does however have no means of keeping refrigerated/freezer items chilled until you arrive home.

    You can either order non-perishable items if you’re not home or make arrangements to be present when the driver delivers your order.

    How Do You Pick Up Your Aldi Instacart Order?

    Aldi and Instacart have really streamlined the pick-up process. You can mark yourself “On My Way” in your mobile app right before you go. This allows employees to know when you are arriving and reduces the wait time.

    After you have arrived, please park in the designated pickup area. These spaces are marked in bright blue numbers (equally, any one). Each space has a sign indicating that it is a curbside pickup spot.

    You can click on the “I’m Here” button once you are parked.

    In order for customers to know the person to place the order to, you will need to also provide the vehicle make, model and colour.

  • This app will guide you through every step, from collecting your bag to bringing it out.
  • Let them know where the bags are by rolling down your window. That’s all there is to it. Instacart should send you a thank-you message on your mobile phone.

    Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Should you tip your Aldi Instacart Drivers & Shoppers?

    It is expected that you tip the person who picks up your bag curbside. It is acceptable to tip your driver after they load up your bags.

    It is another story when it comes to delivery orders. Tipping is expected as 100% of tip money goes to delivery people and makes up the majority of their salary.

    Tip in both the app and in cash. For good service, 15-20% of the total amount can be tipped in the app.

    What If You Have A Problem With Your Aldi Instacart Order?

    Instacart offers a fast and reliable way to resolve issues.

    Instacart offers an app that allows users to send issues directly.

    If you haven’t rated your most recent transaction, a pop-up will appear in the app asking you to do so. From there, you can choose “Get help” for that order; the app will walk you through the steps.

    If you’re realizing a week later (or more) that there is an issue with a past Aldi order, you can still submit a problem. Simply go into the Instacart app’s main page and choose the three horizontal lines at the top left corner.

    To view your transaction history, choose “Your orders” in the top menu. Each one will have a “Get help” button you can choose. It will take you step-by-step through the process.

    Instacart will usually issue a refund if an item is lost. If you received something you didn’t order, it’s yours to keep (stores can’t take them back), and no further action is needed besides letting Instacart know.

    If you are unhappy with the item and wish to return it, you can do this at any Aldi location.

  • Your phone and the digital receipt can be brought to registers so the cashier could assist. Read more about Aldi’s complete return policy.
  • Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

    Why can’t I find this Aldi product on Instacart

    Aldi cannot offer Instacart some items that are too big, particularly Aldi Finds.

    An entire patio set, for example, might not fit inside the shopper’s car, so they can’t put it up on the app (there’s no way to make an item available for purchase only as a pick-up).

    Does Aldi Instacart Accept Coupons?

    Aldi’s Instacart Shopping Hub does not accept coupons from manufacturers. However, Instacart may have deals for items every week.

    They can be found in the app while you shop or by checking your email. Instacart will send notifications about deals to that address.

    Instacart also offers app-wide discounts, such as $20 off orders of $100 and more. The promotion, which was launched in 2020 just before the holidays, applied to all Instacart stores, Aldi included.

    These don’t occur often, but when they do, it’s a great deal, especially at a store like Aldi, where items are already so cheap.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s Instacart shop is a convenient extension of the company’s low-priced, no-frills business model, and if its popularity is any indication, online ordering, plus delivery and pick-up at Aldi, should be here to stay.

    How Do I Use Aldi Instacart? lets shoppers fill a virtual shopping cart by going to Next, they select a delivery window, which can be anywhere from an hour to up to a week later, while at checkout. Instacart personal shoppers then pick, pack and deliver their orders.Sep 18, 2018

    Does Aldi Provide Bags For Instacart Shoppers?

    Aldi offers bags for Instacart Orders. Aldi gives you bags when you order Instacart. But, unlike in shops, they will charge for them.

    Are Instacart Prices Higher At Aldi?

    A. ALDI is your source for grocery shopping at the most affordable prices, each day. However, prices on Instacart may vary slightly from in-store prices in your area. In some instances, prices of items on Instacart may be higher to cover the cost of personal shopping for delivery.

    What is the Average Salary of Aldi Instacart Shoppers?

    Payouts for full-service shoppers depend on how many orders they receive. Instacart offers an estimate of earnings per order. It guarantees that customers will receive at least $5 in delivery-only orders and $7 to $10 in full-service orders.

    .Complete Guide To Using Instacart At Aldi (+ Tips & Tricks!)

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