Best Kindle Readers

Best Kindle Readers


Image credit to Henry T. Casey. Finding the right Kindle for you is more difficult than ever. Amazon’s recently introduced three Paperwhite Kindles, plus Barnes & Noble just came out with a new Nook (we’re working on our review right now) Our best Kindle overall, though, is still the basic Kindle Paperwhite. The new model last year had a larger display and used microUSB in place of USB-C. This gave it more battery life, display warmth and extra display temperature. And what happens if that’s not all you need?

Amazon’s cheapest ereader is its $89 entry-level Kindle. But you shouldn’t buy it just for the price. You might end up regretting it later. These are the reasons we have tested them all in order to identify the best Kindles available for every reader. Do you need waterproofing? Want the most vivid display resolution possible? How about page-turning buttons?

What to do if your Kindle is going to lose internet access? We even checked out competitors to Amazon. However, none of these have had much impact. Yes, while Amazon’s Kindles own the market, other do try and compete.

Best Kindle Readers

How we test Kindles and E-Readers

Along with evaluating the ereaders’ weight, size and battery life claims, we also test their brightness by using our lightmeter. The experience of reading on the device also plays a huge role in these reviews. The interface’s intuitiveness, library size, and special features such as web browsers and dictionaries are all important.

The Kobo Nia is another alternative to the Kindle. Although it isn’t our top pick, the interface works well for people who are focused on reading and not as much on supplementary content than Amazon’s Kindles.

Additionally, we keep track of how many hours spent reading on our Kindles, as well as the remaining battery life. This information is then compared with the estimations made by the company. Then, of course, we continue to read. There are many places to read: at home, on buses, in parks, or anywhere where the light changes.

The water-proof Kindles we drop into the dunk pool are watched as they persevere. Lastly, we try and see if Amazon’s changed anything about how Kindles work with public libraries. It’s the one thing we prefer about competitors.

Best Kindle Readers

Here are the Top Kindles For Taking Your Library Everywhere

Amazon now has six ebook readers. This is how the ebook readers stack up, and which one may be best for you.

The Kindle is one of our favorites devices. They’re simple, reliable, and perfect at what they do in one palm-sized device, you can bring thousands of books with you to the park or mountain. The battery lasts for over a month and can be subscribed to unlimited Amazon books. You can also get free books from your local library . But what’s the best Kindle? We’ll help you to distinguish between the various models.

Are you prepared to dive even deeper into Amazon devices? There are guides that will help you choose the Best Fire Tablets Best Alexa speaker, and many other guides that can be used to assist with buying.

Updated December 2021

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Best Kindle Readers


Kindle Oasis Kindle Oasis. The Kindle Oasis (left), Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle and the Kindle. Image credit: Amazon. Ereaders are slim electronic reading devices with hundreds of textual storage. Amazon’s Kindle series is the preferred choice of many book-lovers.

The current selection of options is available, and they each have different features. Knowing what the features are is helpful in choosing the perfect ereader.

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There are many Kindles that suit different needs and purposes, so you should research. For example, the basic Kindle suits casual readers and those with limited budgets (or are not sure if ebooks will be the best choice for them).

Alternatively, if you love to read in the bath or by the pool, there’s the waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite, which also has a sharper screen than the basic Kindle. If money is not a concern and you are a Kindle Oasis fan, the Kindle Oasis might be for you. It’s the most lightweight option and provides improved back-lighting amongst other features, but it’s quite a lot more expensive.

New Amazon Kindles will soon be on the market, as two years have passed since last refresh. If you don’t mind waiting, we’ve got our review of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The new Amazon Kindle Oasis will be available soon. While you wait, consider the features and storage options you prefer. There’s a lot to think about which is why we’ve broken down which is the best Kindle so extensively. If you are deciding to buy an ereader, but not certain if Kindles will be the right choice, then we have compiled a list of top ereaders, so that there is something for everyone.

We’ll show you everything about the best Kindle, right now.

Best Kindle Readers

What We Tested

We purchased four Kindles so I could compare the different models. My Kindle is my favorite device, and I have been an avid reader for years. I was able to test these devices by swapping my old one with the latest models. To test if the waterproof versions would still function, I used them on the subway and in bed.

Setting up a Kindle is extremely quick, easy, and straightforward. The process was pretty much the same for all the models (except for the Kids edition, which needs parental controls and a child’s profile) and took less than five minutes.

After using the e-readers seven times and reading for more than twenty hours, the Paperwhite proved to be the most suitable Kindle. It has the most essential features for a comfortable reading experience without being too expensive.

Best Kindle Readers

Best Overall: Kindle Paperwhite

You should consider it: For most people, it offers the best combination of price/performance.

You’ll be happy with the following: The waterproof design allows you to adjust brightness and heat.

The following information is important: This model is slightly heavier and wider than the others.

Important specs: 8GB (with a separate 32GB version), 6.8-inch screen, and 300 PPI waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is a universal device that’s likely to please most readers. The screen is crisp and high quality. It’s also more responsive than the cheaper model. The screen can be adjusted for brightness and heat, which makes it easier to use. An option is available to adjust the brightness according to an automatically set schedule.

The Kindle Paperwhite can connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers, so you can also listen to audiobooks through Audible . You can store thousands of books in the 8GB storage. However, 32GB Signature Edition offers more options for those listening to audiobooks. These files take up much more space.

Although the E-reader is slightly heavier at 7 ounces than other items on the list, it can still be easily carried in a handbag. The Paperwhite’s latest version is slightly heavier than previous generations, and you can’t use an old Kindle case with it. This Kindle is also the only one that can charge via USB-C cable. All the other Kindles on the list include micro USB ports. kindle ebook reader Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Best Kindle Readers

Also, great

Kobo Clara HD a cheaper option if you aren’t looking for an ereader by Amazon. This device is not waterproof. It doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Walmart: $119 – $120 – Kobo eReader Store

Amazon has the best ereaders. However, if Amazon doesn’t appeal to you or Amazon as a whole, the Kobo Clara HD may be the better alternative. It’s equipped with a similar, 300 ppi screen; it has adaptive backlighting; and the hardware looks and feels as good as a Kindle, with a plastic body that feels light but not cheap. You can’t toggle between listening and reading on the Kobo, which is a big advantage over Amazon’s integrated ecosystem.

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Best Kindle Readers

What is the Best E-Reader for You?

You have many options when selecting the right e-reader. We considered these important factors while researching this list.

Screen type. Most electronic devices, including TVs and smartphones, use an LCD screen. This screens reflects light which makes it difficult to see in direct sunlight. E-readers have an e-ink display, which is anti-reflective, and looks surprisingly like paper. However, e-ink display are limited to black and white. If your favorite genre contains a lot more charts, graphs or photos, this may make it difficult for you to use the e-ink display.

Display size: Reading a book on a screen with a digital resolution shouldn’t be difficult. The displays of the picks we chose have six inches or larger, which will give you a reading experience similar to that with a paperback. While e-readers allow you to adjust the text size for your personal comfort, screen size does not matter.

Life expectancy: Because they are single-use devices and have an all-black eink display, E-readers can last for weeks without needing to be charged. Even if you are only reading for one hour per day, an E-reader will last several weeks before it needs to be recharged. We made sure the picks on our list had the highest possible battery life, so you aren’t stuck on a cliffhanger in the middle of a flight.

The storage space for digital books is small, even for the larger ones. This guide includes e-readers that can hold hundreds, while others have expandable storage for more files.

Formats supported: The majority of digital books can be downloaded in EPUB format, however our selections allow you to read much more. Because you can use several digital book marketplaces in order to create your library or keep your documents, we took this into account.

Screen lighting: E-readers older than a decade had no built-in illumination. You would have to use a combination of natural and artificial light sources to see the screen. That’s not ideal if you’re reading next to a sleeping partner, or are in a crowded area like a plane or train. All of our picks have a lit screen, so you never have to worry about those problems. A lit screen consumes more power and you might have to charge it more often.

Waterproofing: You’ll need an e-reader capable of surviving a few splashes. It’s not yet standard but this feature is being developed.

Amazon Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has been a benchmark. This latest model is lighter and thinner. It also features a 300 ppi (pixels/inch) glare-free touch screen. The screen makes reading text feel almost like it’s on white paper. It’s easy on your eyes even in low light conditions (I know this because I have used Kindles for many years) and it has five backlights that allow you to read in the dark.

The Kindle Paperwhite is available in either 8GB or 32GB storage, which can store several hundred books. If you intend to attach headphones to your Kindle Paperwhite using Bluetooth (which allows you to hear audiobooks from Audible), then you will need to choose the higher storage option. This device does not allow you to play non-Audible audiobooks.

Best Kindle Readers

This is the Best E-Reader Kindle To Power Your Virtual Nightstand.

We have the perfect e-reader, no matter how fast you read e-books or how few pages you get in a day.

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You can find the list below of top kindle and ereaders to be considered in 2020. And, yes, Amazon’s Unlimited ebook Subscription is now 50% off. The Kindle was launched in 2007. It featured a full keyboard and an eink screen. Although it was more enjoyable than the previous version, which was books, in most aspects its use was not as pleasant. I desperately wanted one.

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Best Kindle Readers

Find the Top Kindle For Travel plus Other E-Readers & Tablets We Love

Maya McDowell Dan Q. Dao We have independently chosen all products on Conde Nast Traveler. We may be compensated if you purchase something via our links to retail.

Air travel with longer commutes is a great opportunity to read, and you have plenty of time to get into that book. Book bags can take up valuable space, and they are also heavy. When you need to pack light, Kindles and e-readers are the answer, especially since they are smaller, more lightweight, and more powerful than ever, holding thousands of books in a device as light as six ounces.

If you are in search of a Kindle tablet, e-reader or any other tablet that can be used for reading, then you should think about the size, storage, functionality and price. Are you looking for a bigger screen? Or a lighter device? What is your preference? Do you prefer a reading device or a device with the ability to work, surf and view movies? The best Kindles to travel are among the many that we’ve researched, as well as a handful of other e-readers or portable tablets.

This article has had new information added since it was published.

Best Kindle Readers

What does “Ad supported” mean on a Kindle?

There are many storage options for Amazon Kindle ereaders. However, there’s also another option where you can choose to have ads or not. While the Kindle e-reader is not in sleep mode, it will show personalized ads on its lock screen and at the bottom when connected to Wi Fi. A typical cost savings of $20 is achieved by purchasing an ad-supported Kindle. You may decide later to delete ads and make a one-time payment.

Amazon’s cheapest ereader, the 10-gen Kindle, is available at an average price of $89.99. This base Kindle, which was launched in 2019, includes a frontlight and 8GB of storage. It also comes with or not ad support. The latest model has a higher contrast than previous models, despite having the same resolution of 167ppi as the predecessors.

Amazon Target Best Buy currently offers a 10-gen Kindle without lock screen ads for just $89.99. That’s a significant discount from its regular retail price. Amazon also sells the Kindle without advertisements for just $109.99 If you buy either Kindle model at Amazon, you’ll also receive three months of Kindle Unlimited at no additional cost.

Amazon has a special $119.97 offer that cuts $15 from its usual price. It includes an ad-supported Kindle black or in white, three printed covers, and a USB power adapter.

Amazon’s cheapest ereader. Now includes front lights for the screen. You can also use Bluetooth headphones with the tablet, which is more comfortable than it was before.

Amazon $90 (with advertisements), Amazon $110 (without ads) Kindle Kids 2019 The Oasis, entry-level Kindles, and Oasis models also received a revamp in 2019. Amazon also launched the Kindle Kids. The Kindle Kids offers digital content suitable for children and is $109.99 less than the base Kindle MSRP.

The Kindle Kids Edition consists of five items: the device, a case, a two-year extended replacement guarantee (in the event the device breaks), and one year of Amazon Kids Plus service. The device’s biggest selling point is its ability to allow parents to provide their children with a digital library that includes kid-friendly titles such as Percy Jackson, The Hobbit and more.

Right now, it’s only available at Amazon Best Buy for $109.99, the full retail price, though, we did see it drop to $60 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon Kids Plus Membership for One Year.

£110 Amazon at Best Buy Kindle Paperwhite (2021).

.Best Kindle Readers

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