Best Kindles

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Best Kindles

Best Kindles


(Image credit Henry T. Casey). Finding which of the top Kindles you want feels more daunting than ever. Amazon recently released three Paperwhite Kindles. Barnes & Noble also just launched a new Nook. However, the basic Kindle Paperwhite is our favorite Kindle. The model introduced last year increased the size of its display, swapped microUSB out for USB-C and added extra battery life and display warmth settings. What if all that isn’t necessary?

Amazon’s cheapest e–reader, the entry-level Kindle at $89 is best. However you do not want to purchase something because it seems affordable only to find out later that it isn’t right for you. These are the reasons we have tested them all in order to identify the best Kindles available for every reader. For example, do you want waterproofing? Want the most vivid display resolution possible? You might also like page-turning icons.

Here’s how to determine if your Kindle will go offline. Also, get free ebooks! We also looked into other competitors trying to grab Amazon’s throne. Amazon’s Kindles are the dominant market players, but other companies do attempt to take their place.

Best Kindles

How We Test Kindles And E-Readers

Our light meter is used to test the brightness of e-readers. We evaluate their weight, size, battery life, design and other factors. We also take into consideration the experience of using an e-reader. We evaluate the ease of use, size and functionality of special features, such as web browsers, dictionaries, or the layout.

Alternatives to the Kindle have also been tested, including the Kobo Nia. While not our favourite, it has a great interface that allows users to keep their eyes on the book and avoid supplementary content.

In addition to tracking how many hours you spend on your Kindle, as well as the remaining battery life percentage, we compare it with the estimates made by the company. And then, naturally, we read and read and read. You can read at home or on the bus.

Watch as water-proof Kindles are dropped into the dunk tanks. It was amazing at first, but now we know what to expect. Lastly, we try and see if Amazon’s changed anything about how Kindles work with public libraries. It’s the one thing we prefer about competitors.

Best Kindles

These are the


“>Best Kindles
to Take Your Library With You

Amazon offers six ebook readers. You can see which one you might like and how they stack up.

The Kindle is one of our favorites devices. You can take thousands of books to the mountain or park with you, as they are reliable and simple. They get more than a month of battery life per charge, and you can subscribe to get unlimited books from Amazon . Free books can be obtained from the local library. How do you choose the best Kindle? We’ll help you to distinguish between the various models.

Are you willing to dive even deeper into Amazon devices? Our guides include information on Amazon’s Best Fire Tablets and Best Alexa Speakers, along with many more buying guides.

December 2021 Updated: More details have been added about the three new Paperwhites, now that we’ve tested the Standard Edition.

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Find out more. We recommend that you subscribe to WIRED.

Best Kindles


Kindle Oasis Kindle Oasis. Kindle Paperwhite is shown (Image credit Amazon). Ereaders allow you to experience the same feeling as reading a book, but with the added benefit of storing hundreds of pages. Amazon’s Kindle series is a top-rated choice for many avid book readers.

Here are the latest choices, with different features. To find the right ereader, it’s helpful to understand what these are.

With each Kindle suited to different purposes and needs, it’s a good idea to do a little research. The basic Kindle is ideal for readers who haven’t decided if ebooks for them are right for them, or for people on a budget.

You can also choose the waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite if you like to read by the pool or in the tub. It has a wider screen and is sharper than the standard Kindle. The Kindle Oasis will suit you if you are a Kindle enthusiast and don’t mind spending a lot. It’s the most lightweight option and provides improved back-lighting amongst other features, but it’s quite a lot more expensive.

New Amazon Kindles will soon be on the market, as two years have passed since last refresh. If you’re happy to wait a bit longer, check our look at what to expect from the new Amazon Kindle along with the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite new Amazon Kindle Oasis In the meantime, if you want a Kindle today, you’ll need to factor in what features you favor along with storage needs and connectivity options. There’s a lot to think about which is why we’ve broken down which is the best Kindle so extensively. If your heart is set on an ereader but you’re not sure if a Kindle is the way to go, however, we’ve also collected the best ereaders too so there’s something for every need out there.

Read on as we explain everything you need to know about the best Kindle for you right now.

Best Kindles


(Image credit Amazon/Future. By published. In our expert-guide, we have rated the best Kindles. From the quality of their reading experience to the price, and how they compare with other options.

In the past decade, Kindles are arguably the most popular eReaders. However, each Amazon device is unique in its offerings. While some come with simple features for literary purists, others boast sophisticated lighting settings and helpful extra features that might be essential for others. You can even find tablet versions for readers who wish to mix reading with other entertainment.

Each Kindle was evaluated by an expert who used it in their own homes over a couple of weeks to assess the user experience. For us, the best Kindle for most people has to be the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, as it’s easy and comfortable to use and provides a good overall reading experience. You can’t go wrong if you have a limited budget. The original Amazon Kindle will provide the greatest Kindle experience but it is more expensive.

Best Kindles

Our Test of the Best Kindles

Below is our take on which Kindles we think are the best. Each of the Kindles were tested on various criteria.

Each model offers different value for money. It was therefore important to determine if more expensive models offer better products or whether the cheaper versions are just as good.

Our reading experience was evaluated under various lighting conditions, such as sun, sunlight and bright artificial light. We also assessed the ease of turning the pages, highlighting key quotes and looking through the eBooks.

Any extra features we examined any add-on’s to the basic Amazon eReaders, such as a reading light, extended battery life, and even a handy Bluetooth connection, to work out how much these added to the overall product experience.

Best Kindles

How do I know which Kindle to buy?

In order to work out which Kindle to buy, you first have to think about your own reading preferences, as well as practical considerations like your budget.

You need to decide what features you require from your Kindle. Or do you just want a screen to view the top 2021 books? While all the Kindles listed below are great, they each have different capabilities so be sure to look at:

This is the number one factor for many, and it can determine what model you buy. Similar to other eReader brand Kindles, these Kindles are quite different in their price. This is why it’s so important that you weigh the price against other features.

Size of the screen – Unless you are looking for an iPad model that allows you to read alongside your entertainment, then size is likely to be determined by reading preferences.

Capacity Most Kindle models have a good base storage so that they will suit all readers. And the cloud function of each eReader helps to save storage as you only have to download what you’re reading. A larger capacity might be useful if you are a bibliophile, have multiple apps, or read many books simultaneously.

You should think about battery life if the Kindle is going to be taken out on the go.

When reading long hours, it is essential to consider your weight.

Is it waterproof? While this might not seem important to many, it can be very helpful for someone who is prone to injury or those who enjoy reading in the bathtub.

Extra features some Kindles come in a tablet form to offer extra entertainment features. The Amazon Fire 10 (2021), for example, offers a book-reading feature like other eReaders but also a range of apps, such as games and social media.

Best Kindles

What Is Different Between The Kindle Paperwhite & Kindle Oasis? We can help you select the Best Kindle

In the beginning, buying a Kindle was a simple job. The two models available were the Amazon Wi-Fi Kindle (and 3G-enabled Amazon Kindle), which were virtually identical, but offered different connectivity levels. Today, though, it is much more complex to choose from Kindles. There are now three distinct models with three completely different pricing. How do you choose the best Kindle for you?

The cheapest Kindle is the 6in touchscreen model , first introduced in 2016, which is available from PS70 and has recently been updated with a built-in front light under the screen. The Kindle Oasis 32GB WiFi/4G costs PS320. The Kindle Paperwhite is in between, however there are several configurations that can be used with each model.

You may be unsure which Kindle is best for you. We have made it easy by comparing every Amazon Kindle below.

Best Kindles

How We Tested

To find out how the various Kindles stack up against each other, our team purchased four models so that I could test them for a week. I’m an avid reader who never travels anywhere without my Kindle, but I swapped my go-to for these newer devices to compare them. While traveling for a weekend, I was able to read in public transportation, at night, and even dropped two of my waterproof models into the water, just to make sure they still worked.

Setting up a Kindle is extremely quick, easy, and straightforward. It was easy and quick for all models, except for the Kids edition which requires parental controls and child profiles.

The Paperwhite Kindle is my favorite e-reader after seven days of testing them. I read more than 20 hours per day and can confirm that it’s the Paperwhite. It offers the best features and is affordable for those who want a pleasant reading experience.

Best Kindles

The Kindle Oasis: Best Bells & Whistles

Source: Amazon

This is Amazon’s flagship Kindle, which comes equipped with all the additional features. The device is more flexible thanks to Bluetooth and cellular connections. You can use Bluetooth headphones, or even download books from your phone without Wi-Fi. With a sturdy aluminum frame, the Oasis is larger than most Kindles and can withstand wear well.

Oasis’s adjustable warm lighting feature is by far the most loved. Users can adjust their lighting intensity and tones to match their personal preferences. Because it helps reduce eye strain, users love this feature. Some customers report problems with the software. These issues are usually fixed by updating.

Adjustable warm lighting

Bluetooth, cellular connectivity

Durable aluminum frame

Sometimes Software is glitchy

Battery is more efficient than other models

does not support USB-C charging

Best Kindles

This is the Best Kindle for Travel, plus many other E-Readers and Tablets we Love

Maya McDowell Dan Q. Dao We have independently chosen all products on Conde Nast Traveler. If you shop through one of our retail links, however, an affiliate commission may be earned.

Air travel with longer commutes is a great opportunity to read, and you have plenty of time to get into that book. However, books can take up precious space as well as weight in your backpacks and carry-ons. Kindles and ereaders make it easy to carry light.

If you’re looking for a Kindle e-reader or other reading-friendly tablet, then size, storage, functionality and price are all important considerations. Is it a smaller screen you prefer or one with a greater weight? Are you looking for a tablet that is only designed to read, or one that can also be used to surf, browse and work on the internet? This article will help you choose the right Kindle for your travel needs.

Since its initial publication date, this article has been updated to include new information.

Best Kindles

Here are 7 of the Best Kindles for 2022

Check out these gadgets. Our editors test, review, and then recommend the top products. On purchases through the links we have chosen, you may be eligible for commissions.

The best Amazon Kindles offer a plethora of reading options, great connectivity, and hours of battery life. The selection of the best Kindle is not easy with so many models available. Some of them work only as a simple e-reading device, while others mirror a tablet with e-reader connectivity.

It is difficult to know whether you should choose the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Fire HD 10 Tab. Each Kindle is different. It’s important to review the specs and decide which one will be best for you. This could include a more powerful battery or a clear display that displays text clearly in solid pixels per inch (PPI). We’ve compiled a list with the top Amazon Kindles that are suitable for anyone who is willing to work on-the-go, read and write.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet is the most popular Kindle device on the marketplace.

.Best Kindles
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