What Oil Does Mcdonald’S Use

What Oil Does Mcdonald’S Use In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

McDonald’s Corporation
Public company





real estate



Fast food restaurant
Founded May 15, 1940

; 81 years ago





San Bernardino, California
Richard and Maurice McDonald

Ray Kroc




Number of locations
38,695 restaurants (2019)
Area served
Worldwide (119+ countries)
Key people





US$9.070 billion


US$6.025 billion


Total assets

US$32.811 billion


Total equity




Number of employees
Approx. 210,000 (


(1.9 million if franchised is included in 2015)






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McDonald’s uses oil for many reasons, much like fast-food outlets. That said, McDonald’s crew members use oil for cooking french fries, chicken nuggets, and many other items.

  • If you have any health conditions, food allergies, or concerns about oil types, it is important that you know what type the oil is. Let’s find out everything about McDonald’s oil!
  • What Oil Does McDonald's Use In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    What kind of oil does McDonald’s use 2022

    As of 2022, McDonald’s has been using canola-blend oils to cook many of its menu items. This oil is a mix of canola, corn, and soybean oil. McDonald’s fries are flavored with beef, but they’re prepared in vegetable oil blend. McDonald’s chicken nuggets come in a vegetable oil mix.

  • Here are some more details about McDonald’s Oil and the foods that can be prepared with it.
  • What Oil is McDonald’s French Fries cooked in?

    McDonald’s French Fries are prepared using a blend of canola and multiple-ingredient oils. It is important to remember that US outlets do not serve vegan french fries because they are beef-flavored.

    The following ingredients are listed on McDonald’s US website:

  • Canola oil
  • Corn oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Soybean oil hydrogenated
  • Beef flavor naturally
  • What Oil Does McDonald's Use In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Is McDonald’s ever using peanut oil?

    For those with peanut allergies, the answer to this question is of utmost importance. McDonald’s has no peanut oil and its menu items are not prepared in it.

    However, McDonald’s uses peanuts or other nuts as an ingredient in some of its desserts and other items.

    Take this into account when you order from McDonald’s, if there are any allergies.

    McDonald’s uses which cooking oil to make its Chicken McNuggets

    McDonald’s uses a canola oil blend to fry its chicken nuggets. However, it does not list beef flavoring as an ingredient, so it’s safe to use a different oil blend for its chicken nuggets.

    Additionally, it’s worth noting that McDonald’s fries its chicken nuggets in a separate cooking vat than other menu items.

    Nevertheless, it is important to keep flavors separate and helps you organize your stuff.

    What Oil Does McDonald's Use In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Mcdonald’s Burger Oil Uses

    McDonald’s doesn’t use any oil on their burgers. However, McDonald’s does not list oil in its burger ingredients.

    Instead, it appears that the burger patties are added directly to a grill and seasoned with salt and pepper.

    McDonald’s may use a similar canola oil mixture to grease its cooking grills.

    Does McDonald’s Filet O-Fish come in the same oil as chicken?

    McDonald’s does not use the same cooking vessel for fillet-o fish as for chicken. The flavors might mix in certain cases though, so it is important to be aware.

    The fish is separated from the french fries and the chicken. So, rest assured if you order a fillet-o-fish, it has been fried in its own oil and not in the same oil as chicken or fries.

    How does McDonald’s oil get clean?

    McDonald’s uses a system that allows stores to reuse the oil after it goes through a filtering process. McDonald’s uses this system to ensure that oils are filtered in the right order, to avoid them mixing.

    You can see that oil is separated for different purposes, such as frying McDonald’s cookies or frying chicken nuggets.

    Additionally, each vat is protected by the oil filtration system.

    What Oil Does McDonald's Use In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    McDonald’s uses its own cooking oil

    McDonald’s recycles its oil in a creative way that many people probably don’t know.

    For example, recycled oil fuels a relatively large percentage of McDonald’s delivery trucks in certain countries.

    A lot of oil from the scrap yard is also donated or sold to grease removal companies who recycle it.

    McDonald’s appears to make an effort to responsibly recycle oil.

    When Did McDonald’s Stop Using Lard?

    Some people might recall that at one time, McDonald’s cooked its french fries in beef fat. Ray Kroc believed the beef fat would enhance its taste.

    McDonald’s changed to vegetable oils when there were growing concerns over the use of animal fats, and how they affect health.

    McDonald’s however, still offers beef-flavored french fries.

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  • Conclusion
  • McDonald’s started to fry their chicken nuggets (french fries), fillets of fish, and other items in canola oils.

    This oil blend contains canola oil as well as soybean oil.

    McDonald’s also recycles oil in different ways. They even use used cooking oils to make fuel.

    To keep foods and flavors from mixing, McDonald’s uses separate vats filled with cooking oil to fry the chicken, fish, french fries, and other products.

    McDonald’s routinely filters oil and replaces it to assure consistent quality.

    .What Oil Does Mcdonald’S Use In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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