Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

best breast milk storage bags

Save Your Breast Milk: These are the Best Storage Bags for Breast Milk

To avoid spills, leaks and other disasters, these are the best performing breast milk bags you want to stock up on. These third-party products will help you make the most of life’s big moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission. You’re likely to have had tears over spilled milk as a mother pumping. Because pumping can be hard work, losing a little of your milk can prove to be quite devastating. Properly storing pumped breastmilk is essential in order not to spill any express milk. This is where breast milk bags come into play. Just like most baby products there are many options. We’ve collected the top breast milk storage bags to save you from the hassle of trial and error, as well as potential failures.

best breast milk storage bags

How to store breastmilk

best breast milk storage bags

Ideal Breast Milk Storage Bags Larger Sizes

Growing babies call for bigger bottles, which can present a conundrum for pumping parents. Most bags can hold only 4-6 oz. and you’re only supposed to thaw as much as you’ll use in 24 hours, parents are often left with having to dive into more than one bag and waste the extra. Unimom’s 8-ounce bags solves this problem. Breast milk storage bags are among the largest, at only $8 for 50, Unimom also offers great value for money.

Buy It: Unimom Breast Milk Storage Bags, $8 for 50, Updated July 2019 Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. It is important to consult a professional health care provider or qualified doctor about your individual circumstances.

The Bump offers more information:

What to do with breast milk safe? 21 Tips for Breast-Pumping to get you through the day. My Saved Articles has all kinds of Breast Pumping tips.

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best breast milk storage bags

How to choose the right breast milk storage bag

There are many milk storage bags on the market. Here are some key points to consider in order to find the right one for you. You need to consider durability, size, materials, usability and the possibility of adapters. These are just a few factors that can help narrow your options. This information will guide you in your search for the ideal bag for liquid gold.

When you place the item in the freezer, fridge or freezer, and it forms a hole, it will cause you to get upset. By upset I don’t mean crying. Make sure to choose milk bags that are puncture-proof, leak-proof and can withstand being packed in a tight freezer.

You can find milk storage bags in sizes ranging from 4 ounces up to 8 ounces. You should choose a smaller four-ounce size for babies who are just starting to crawl. The more your baby drinks, the bigger the bag should be.

BPA-free packaging is best. Recyclable bags can be purchased if necessary.

You want to be a mom who is as busy as you can, so there’s not as much stuff. Choose bags that make it as easy as possible. Bags that can be rolled up for easy access are recommended.

A common feature is the ability to pump directly into the bags, making the whole process a lot easier. This is possible only if the breast pump and storage bag are the same. Check to ensure that the breastmilk storage bag you’re using is compatible with your mix-match brand.

These larger bags offer more storage space than other brands. They also have double zippers that prevent breast milk from getting all over the refrigerator shelves and uninvited veggies.

best breast milk storage bags

The Bottom Line

Lansinoh was our top choice as best breastmilk storage container bag. Despite our best efforts as moms and protectors of our breast milk, spills and leaks are just a fact of life. There will be occasions when they happen, regardless of brand. The pourable spout, double zipper seal, and the bag’s unique design make leaks rare.

Lansinoh bags are the best all-purpose storage bag – they work well in both the freezer and fridge and thaw out easily- and they don’t have that horrible plastic taste or smell. Their milk holds a little bit more than others, which helps your baby grow his appetite.

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best breast milk storage bags

We have six top-rated breast milk storage bags

best breast milk storage bags

Do You Want To Pump Directly Into Breast Milk Storage Bags?

best breast milk storage bags

What are Breast Milk Storage Bags and How Do They Work?

best breast milk storage bags

The 11 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Moms Love

best breast milk storage bags

Top Breast Milk Storage Bags

These are our top picks for breast milk storage bags – based both on our own experience and the results of an Instagram poll!

In the poll that we did, these, by far, were the most popular brand mentioned. Many mothers were extremely vocal about this! Although they did have a learning curve, some mothers were still very satisfied with their products. These were praised for their durability.

Medela bags come in a two-layer, heavy-duty material that is leak-proof and has a double zipper to seal it. They lay flat and stand by themselves. The bag comes with an adapter so that you can put your baby’s bottles directly in the bag. This is great news for busy mothers.

Bags can store up to six ounces.

Kiinde allows you to pump into your baby’s bag directly. You can freeze the milk or keep it in the refrigerator. You can use your milk bottle to feed your baby when it’s time.

This one is loved by many moms according to our polls. One mother said that although she liked the idea of these, the high price means she isn’t interested in trying them.

It is easy to use. Use an adapter to attach your pumps parts to the Kiinde bag. It fits all breast pumps. Next, pump the bags as usual. Once they have been filled, drain any air out of the bags and then screw the top on the bag. Simply thaw/warm the milk inside the same bag when you’re done and then feed your baby.

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Can You Wash And Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Out of the box these types of storage bags come pre-sterilized, but after use, they are no longer sanitized and should be thrown away. You can find silicone-based reusable storage bags for breast milk. These are safe to use if you sterilize them properly.

Can Breastmilk Storage Bags be Accurate?

The milk measurements on breast milk bags (for pretty much all brands) are not particularly trustworthy. It is important that you measure your milk using a container, a spoon or a kitchen scale.

What number of breastmilk bags do I need?

For an average milk supply, you’d pump around 30 ounces per day. You’d require at least six bags per day to provide an average milk supply.

What are the requirements to sterilize breastmilk storage bags?

Safe and practical breast milk storage bags make it easy to store your breast milk. They’re easy to use, do not require sterilization and take up minimal space. Such products can be used by women who pump manually or with a breast pump.

.Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

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