Best Nursing Pajamas

Best Nursing Pajamas

best nursing pajamas

Best Nursing Loungewear

Storq’s three-piece lounge collection is the perfect choice for those who love looser styles, such as pregnant or postpartum mothers. Made from a medium-weight cotton-spandex blend that feels super luxe, the set comes with a lightweight kimono wrap, a nursing-friendly tank and very chic wide-leg cropped lounge pants that can honestly pass for regular pants (score!). Side note: about these pants, which were fully designed with mamas in mind: the elastic waistband is wide enough that it won’t dig in for all *10* months of pregnancy and beyond, and we especially love that the pants can be worn higher up by the waist or lower on the hips, depending on what’s most comfortable. Wear the tank and shawlcollar-collar shirt with your favorite jeans. You could also wear the pants daytime with loose linen clothing and slides. Made of premium, soft bamboo fabric, the Kindred Bravely Elanora Bamboo Maternity, Nursing and Lounge Dresses are comfortable and easy to wear throughout pregnancy, labor and afterwards. The nursing panel allows you to easily feed your little one. The best thing? It has pockets. It’s been awarded Mom’s Choice Awards as a winner. This dress comes in two colors: black or blush, in sizes small to large. It’s the best. The extra-soft jersey knit fabric of this long-sleeve, white and black polka dots set has a loose fit that will be comfortable for any nighttime or daytime feedings. The sizes range from small to large. $88 IN PEA IN The Podium

best nursing pajamas

Types Of Nursing Pajamas

best nursing pajamas

Best Nursing Pajamas

These cute little ones are comfortable, adorable and specifically designed for breastfeeding moms.

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The simple pleasures of living will always be appreciated more when you are taking care of newborns: drinking a cup of coffee and taking a shower following who knows how many dry-shampoo day.

In the first couple of months, you might be spending too much time in your pajamas. If you plan on breastfeeding , we recommend adding some nursing pajamas to your wardrobe. These pajamas will keep you warm and allow for easy nursing access, particularly during nighttime.

That’s because nursing pajamas are designed specifically for breastfeeding with pull-down or pull-apart fabric at the chest. This covers you so you’re not cold during the night, or gives your visitors a complete peep show. What’s more? Because of the stretchy fabrics or looser fittings, most can be worn throughout pregnancy.

We’re proud to present the top PJs for all ages, from those who love nightgowns and casual wearers of top-and bottom combos.

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best nursing pajamas

Nursing Pajamas Faq

Nursing pajamas, or pajamas with easy access to your breasts for nighttime nursing, are pajamas which allow you to do so quickly. Nursing pajamas can be worn in two ways.

You can’t wake up at night to nurse, so it is very helpful to be able and able lock your baby securely without having to change clothes. We recommend buying specific nursing pajamas or sleeping in low-cut tops with stretchy necklines.

What is the best way to choose nursing pajamas?

You should always consider your budget when choosing pajamas. Pajamas can be made from cotton, nylon, polyester or modal fabrics. Decide what kind of nursing access is best for you (strep goes down, button-down, etc.). and choose the style that works best for you.

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best nursing pajamas

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best nursing pajamas

Shop for The Best Nursing Sleepwear

Credit: Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images The best nursing sleepwear should have a three key elements: accessibility, comfort, and style.

Mothers who breastfeed often purchase nursing pajamas to make it easier for their baby. You should look for items with clasps and stretchy necklines that are compatible with your nursing bra. It’s a bonus if your sleepwear is made from moisture-wicking material to soak up dribbles, puddles, and drips. You should make sure that the fabric can withstand washing machines. Comfort: Nursing pajamas are meant to be comfortable and cozy. Elastic waistbands, forgiving fits, and seasonally-appropriate fabric make all the difference!

You want style: Nursing sleepwear can be practical but you also need to look fashionable. Our picks include a variety of fashionable options, including vibrant colors and flattering shapes.

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best nursing pajamas

The Bottom Line

best nursing pajamas

Baby Be Mine 3 In 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Gown

Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Gown is one of the best postpartum pajamas for the hospital. It has buttons that run all the way to the bottom of the back. The back can be opened so an epidural can be administered if necessary during delivery. It can be worn before, during and after delivery.

This empire waistline allows you to tie a bow over your stomach and then tighten it so that you can show more of your bump. It is ideal for both inside and outside.

This features buttons on the shoulders as well so you can let down either side for feeding, however, it is not as discreet as some other nightgowns for breastfeeding. To make contact with baby skin-to–skin, the entire front can be folded down.

This 100% Jersey knit cotton fabric is durable and can be washed well. Although it’s a 100% Jersey knit cotton, the fabric may shrink under high heat. It is also a bit stiffer that other fabrics. It also doesn’t wick away moisture as well as some other fabrics, so you’ll want to wear a nursing bra and nursing pads with this nightgown.

You should note that the only sizes you have are the S/M (or L/XL) because the design is fluid. It won’t work for all bodies. You can customize your fit by adjusting the waistline.

For moms looking for the perfect gown for pictures after delivery, this comes in a wide variety of cute styles ranging from solid colors to stripes and floral prints. Also, for photos after birth you will be able to buy baby matching hats as well as outfits in the exact same design.

To make epidural access easy, simply snap down your back

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best nursing pajamas


The material used to make the fabric of the nursing nightgown affects things like breathability, softness on the skin, washability, warmth, and more. These are some of the most common materials used in nursing nightgowns:

Cotton- Cotton nightgowns are common as sleepwear because they are breathable, soft to the touch, and easy to clean. You can use the fabric in warmer months, as well as if you like to sleep with several blankets. The downside is that cotton doesn’t make the best or warmest of fabrics. The fabric doesn’t absorb moisture well and is not the warmest. Therefore, it is crucial that your nightgown matches the neckline of your nursing dress. You might experience leaking, which can make it uncomfortable to rest in.

Bamboo- Though bamboo may be more costly than cotton, this fabric is great if you’re looking for something soft, durable, washable, and wicks moisture. Bamboo is the perfect choice for mothers searching for eco-friendly breastfeeding pajamas. Although it can be hard to find, bamboo nursing gowns are available online.

Flannel – Flannel does not refer to any type of fabric but a weave. You can make it from many materials, including nylon and cotton. Flannel has a warm, but breathable feel. It’s ability to wick away moisture depends on the material that it is made from. Flannel made from cotton is warm and absorbent.

Fleece- For mommies who are worried about being too cold, fleece is ideal because of its warmth. Fleece has a great ability to wick away moisture and can even be used in inserts for cloth diapers. You should note that fleece is not the most breathable. It is not the best choice if you overheat easily, especially while sleeping.

Nylon/Polyester: Man-made substances like polyester and nylon can often be combined together to have different properties. Although they make fabric with good wicking properties and breathability, the material isn’t as soft nor as comfortable as regular cotton.

Silk- Silk would seem to be a comfortable, cool fabric on the skin. But silk is not moisture-wicking. Silk fabrics can be difficult to wash and require special cleaning procedures. Some may also need dry cleaning. It is not one of the most practical fabrics because there are often leaks and spit up for nursing moms.

.Best Nursing Pajamas