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Best Nursing Pillows

Best Nursing Pillows

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best nursing pillows

This is the Best Nursing Pillow

Luna Lullaby is the perfect balance between softness and support. It has a luxurious cover, as well as a flexible shape which makes it great for lounging, breastfeeding and stomach time. Amazon *Buy from Amazon Although there are many nursing pillows to choose from, we found that the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow was our favorite. The L-shaped design allows for more options in positioning during nursing, than the more body-hugging C or U-shaped pillows. The shape of this pillow and its cushy, but soft fill mean it is comfortable for breastfeeding mothers. The softest, most comfortable cover available. It comes in an assortment of different colors and print options. Advertisement

best nursing pillows

For Whom This Is

According to the lactation professionals we talked to, a nursing pillow does not necessarily make it easier to breastfeed your baby. Nursing pillows can be very useful for some mothers, especially in the first few weeks. Others may find them unnecessary, or even detrimental. There are many comfortable and effective positions and postures you can use for breastfeeding, with and without pillows. This will take practice, time, and patience to learn the right position for you. It is likely that your preferences may change over time. Kelly offers breastfeeding resources. Talking to moms, attending support groups such as La Leche League or having a meeting with a lactation consultant will help you make a decision about whether or not you would like a nursing cushion.

You can breastfeed best when you are sitting up straight or partially reclined. You can use the nursing pillow to help support and balance your baby while you breastfeed.

Angela Horman, a lactation consultant said that nursing pillows are very useful in positioning a baby at the breast height. Susan Burger agreed with us, noting that using a nursing pillow will help to avoid having to reach for your baby from a hunched position. The best position for your back is to lie back. Therefore, you should be able to sit down and let your baby feed while using the pillow. Our conversations with lactation consultants revealed that breastfeeding mothers tend to stop using dedicated pillows when their babies are around 5 months. A pillow can support as much a 1-year old as it will a 2-year-old. This guide was tested on babies aged between 7 and 14 months.

No one pillow will be right for everyone. Not only are there different shapes and sizes of people, but some pillows can be better suited to older and younger babies. Anecdotally, we’ve found that many moms end up using more than one type of nursing pillows during the time they breastfeed.

Use pillows from your own home. “Don’t get too invested in seeking out the one right pillow. Burger said that you can usually make do with the pillows that are already there. She encouraged parents to try pillows and rolled-up receiving blankets to improve support and position.

This guide, as well as any other pillow types mentioned in it, is not intended to be used for infant sleeping surfaces. Consumer Reports contains additional information regarding these risks as well as details concerning the September 2021 recalls of Boppy loungers. Babies should sleep flatly on their backs.

best nursing pillows

This is the Best Nursing Pillow

Luna Lullaby is the perfect balance between softness and support. It has a super-plush covering and versatile shapes that are great for lounging, breastfeeding and stomach time.

Amazon: Buy

*The original price of the book was $57 at time it was published.

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby’s Nursing Pillow received the highest praise from our testers. The pillow’s large supportive surface, versatility and supersoft cover made it one of the top-rated. This L-shaped pillow is larger than other ones we tested, making it ideal for supporting and positioning babies. It’s also not too heavy or bulky. Luna Lullaby was easy to set up by its simple design. Although it isn’t the most supportive or firmest pillow, we found that it was comfortable for both you and your baby. The pillow’s soft, supportive, but cushy fill is versatile and can be used for both breastfeeding and for lounging. It has the most luxurious plush covers, available in a wide range of prints and colors.

Eight of our 12 breastfeeding testers selected the Luna Lullaby as one of their two favorites, which made it the best liked pillow overall. The Luna Lullaby has a L-shaped design, which is different from other lap pillows that are C- or U-shaped. This gives it a wider surface for baby to lie on. This makes it more versatile for positioning, as you can rotate the pillow to either side, or keep it centered on your body. Many testers highlighted the advantages of the Luna Lullaby’s large, wide-ranging shape. “[It] has a big, wide, flat surface. I like that to let him chill,” said the mother of a 2-month-old.

Luna Lullaby boasts a vast surface. The Luna Lullaby doesn’t hug as tightly to your body like C-shaped pillows. However, it is much more comfortable for most people who tried it. Rozette Rago. The Luna Lullaby is the best pillow for nursing. Its unique shape and fill make it versatile. The right mix of support and comfort is achieved by the fill. The Luna Lullaby is still used as a throw cushion by one of our staffers, who was using it to breastfeed her twins. Though many of the pillows we tested have covers that zip on and off, the Luna Lullaby simply uses an extra fold of fabric to keep the cover closed, meaning the pillow has absolutely no hardware to cause even the slightest discomfort.

best nursing pillows

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best nursing pillows

Here are Our Top Baby Nursing Pillows and How to Use Them.

best nursing pillows

What are Nursing Pillows?

best nursing pillows

How to Use a Nursing Pillow

best nursing pillows

How to Pick the Right Nursing Pillow

best nursing pillows

Best Travel Nursing Pillow

Which type of nursing pillow is best?

  1. Blessed Nest the Nesting Pillow
  2. Boppy Original Infant Care Pillow & Feeding Aid.
  3. Twin Z Pillow
  4. Humblebee Nurse-sling
  5. Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow.
  6. My Breast Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow.
  7. Leachco Natural Boost Adjustable Nursing Pillow.

What are the risks of breastfeeding pillows?

#2: A Breastfeeding Pillow Can Affect Positioning And Attachment. There are situations where breastfeeding pillows cause more damage than they solve. A breastfeeding pillow could pose problems if the baby is positioned too high at their breasts.

Is it necessary to feed a pillow?

Does a nursing cushion really help? It’s definitely not required to have a nursing pillow–you can breastfeed effectively using just a regular pillow. But many new moms find the special design and bonuses of nursing pillows to be super useful during the first months.Aug 9, 2021

Does the Boppy Pillow really make a difference?

Boppy pillows can be used as a support for your baby during his learning of the correct sitting position. Boppy pillows can be used to help prop up babies during their dreaded tummy time (1). … Boppy pillows can make it more enjoyable for infants, so having one around is worth the money just for that reason to me.Aug 23, 2021

.Best Nursing Pillows

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