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Best Organic Baby Formulas

Best Organic Baby Formulas

best organic baby formulas

Here are 10 of the Best Organic Baby Formulas.

Although there are no absolute baby formulas, these formulas offer a better choice than others. Click on the formula name to go to the best online retailer of the formula. It is an organic, all-natural baby formula. High quality ingredients are used to make this formula. They include a whey/casein ratio that is comparable to breast milk and vegetable oils for fat. GMOs, sugars added, starch, preservatives and synthetic nutrients are all absent.

best organic baby formulas

Holle Pre

Holle PRE ingredients are similar to Lebenswert. This formula is great for parents who do not want pre/probiotics, ARA or want to supplement their formula with it (it has DHA added). This formula is specially formulated for babies aged 0-3 months but can be used for the first 6 months of life.

Best goat milk infant formula. Uses whole A2 Goat Milk rather than skim like many other formulas. There is no palm oil, added sugars or soy. This formula is vegetarian. Prebiotics are present and the whey/casein ratio is similar to breastmilk. This allows for easier digestion. Although not certified organic by Red Tractor, this product isn’t genetically modified. Kendamil strictly follows production guidelines and does not use growth hormones from the goat farms where they get their milk. Plus, the local farmers follow responsible use of animal medicines on their farms. These beloved goats are loved by their families and receive the best care.

Baby’s Milk with Whey also contains lactose, but is made with organic skimmed and cow’s milks, as well as organic whey. This formula is completely free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients. It does contain probiotics and prebiotics but no additional sugars. It is natural extracted from egg yolks. This formula is intended to be used as a toddler formulation, but it also meets all the nutritional requirements of an infant formula, similar to Kabrita. Consult your pediatrician prior to giving it to your baby.

Non-GMO ingredients were used, including prebiotics. Also, the whey to casein ratio closely matches that of breast milk. No glucose syrup solids are used, as well as no maltodextrin or taurine. This product also does not contain palm oil. It is marketed as a toddler formula, but meets the nutritional requirements for infant formula. Before giving this formula to your baby, please consult your doctor.

Happy Baby Organic is free of gluten and corn syrup. It’s Non-GMO, and is designed for easy digestion. It also contains probiotics and prebiotics. It is made from palm oil and canola oil. But, DHA has been naturally extracted. The oil is also thin so it takes some getting used to.

Holle Bio is similar in its ingredients to Lebenswert. Holle is also great for parents who do not want pre/probiotics added or ARA to their formula, but want to add DHA (Holle has DHA). The main drawback to Holle Bio is that it has maltodextrin added.

If you’re looking for an organic goat milk product that is free from pre/probiotics and ARA, this alternative to Kabrita may be a good choice. It does contain DHA. The only problem is, as Holle Bio said, the additional maltodextrin.

best organic baby formulas

Organic Baby Formula: Ingredients You Should Avoid

US organic baby formula has more standard requirements. Because of this, some formulas are less quality. The following are prohibited ingredients in organic formula according to the National Organic Standards Board. The following ingredients are not allowed in organic formulation:

The following are processed refined sugars: Syrup solids, corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids, maltodextrin, (a hydrolyzed starch that is derived from rice, potatoes, and/or corn), or brown rice syrup. These sugars are often used in manufacturing because they cost less than lactose.

DHA, ARA: Oils obtained using hexane are crucial to include in baby formula. They are essential fatty oils that play a vital role in brain development as well as eye development. Certain types of DHA (and ARA), such as C. Cohnii (DHA), and M. Alpina (ARA), can be extracted using hexane, a non-toxic petroleum-based solvent. There are other forms of DHA and ARA that can be added to formula that do not require hexane for extraction. While the hexane is removed from the formula after processing and is non-detectable in European Formulas (see my detailed section on hexane at the end of this post), it’s worth noting that DHA and ARA do not need hexane for extraction when derived from sources other than algae and fungus. You should also note that oils listed on EU formula labels as organic cannot be extracted with hexane.

Carrageenan, which is commonly added to ready-to feed formulas in America to stabilize them; in the EU it’s banned and linked to intestinal inflammation.

Synthetic Nutrients include lutein (lutein), lycopene nucleotides taurine and l carnitine. The FDA does not require these nutrients in infant formula, however many US infant formulas do include them. These two factors are the most problematic: 1) They need to be extracted using chemicals, which is removed after processing. 2) They are prohibited in formulas in Europe, but allowed in America.

Palm Oil: This is to replicate the amount of palmitic acid found in breastmilk. Some manufacturers also add palm oil. However, palm oil acts differently to palmitic in the baby’s digestive system. Because palm oil reacts to calcium, it can create “soaps”, which can lead to digestive problems. While most formulas in the EU and US contain palm oil, there is more variety of formulas made without it.

Soy Oil: Soy protein (and soy formula) are problematic for infants because of their phytoestrogen content (check out this study about soy ). Source1 source2 Soy oil, soy lecithin and soybean oil contain very low or no phytoestrogens. Unfortunately, almost all US baby formulas have at least one of these ingredients.

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best organic baby formulas

The 10 Best Organic Baby Formulas (Details)

1. Hi. PP Dutch – The Best Overall Reasons I Love It: This formula is hands down the most organic. This formula mimics breastmilk, has a high whey to-casein ratio, is made with vegetable oils, includes prebiotics and microbiotics, as well as DHA/ARA. You won’t find any GMO ingredients or added sugars. It also doesn’t contain starch, soy, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, nor GMO ingredients. The container is easy to use and seals well.

Keep in mind: If you are concerned about hexane extraction, Hi. PP uses this method to retrieve the DHA and ARA in their formula. However, they claim that all hexane has been extracted and it is in the formulas. Given that this European brand follows guidelines that are much more stringent than those in the US, I’m inclined to believe them.

Find out the price 2. Loulouka – Best Formula with DHA and No Palm or Soy Oil

Why I love it: Loulouka is one of the few formulas that has DHA and prebiotics, but doesn’t contain soy oil or palm oil (it uses coconut oil instead!) Loulouka is full of healthy fats organically derived from grassfed cows. It’s an excellent choice for little ones, especially if they are searching for formulas that don’t have ARA or probiotics.

Keep in mind: Like Lebenswert (which appears just a few spots down), this formula has no ARA or probiotics, so you will have to supplement if you choose this for your baby.

See the Price Kendamil-Best Whole Milk Formula with Prebiotics. DHA. And ARA. I love Kendamil because it uses whole milk. Also, Kendamil does not contain any palm oil. Kendamil’s cows live on grass, are grass fed and graze on pasture. The coconut oil they use as a primary fatty acid is also non-hexane extracted DHA. ARA and Prebiotics are included in their formula.

Keep in mind: This formula does not contain probiotics, so you may have to supplement if you choose this for your baby. This formula contains taurine and l-carnitine as well as nucleotides. Kendamil uses no solvents to extract these nutrients.

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best organic baby formulas

The Best Hypoallergenic Formulas For Babies

The best hypoallergenic infant formulas are listed in this post. You will find information as to which ingredients to be careful about to ensure your baby is happy. Below is a brief summary of three hypoallergenic formulas.

The reason I love it: Hello. PP Hypoallergenic baby food is without casein. It contains protein hydrolysates which help to break down proteins in infants with sensitive stomachs. Also, it contains DHA and pre-/probiotics. You should consider this formula if you or your child have a milk allergy. The formula is richly hydrolyzed with protein (86-87% of which has been reduced), contains 100% whey and no casein, but still retains the same amount of lactose levels as non-hypoallergenic babies formulas. If your baby is severely lactose intolerant, it may not work for them.

Keep in mind: Hi. PP Hypoallergenic cannot be technically certified organic because it requires additional processing to hydrolyze the milk protein. All the other ingredients contained in this product are however organic.

Get the Price Hi. PP Comfort – Best for more severe cow’s milk protein allergies Why I love it: This is an even more broken-down formula that is worth trying for babies who don’t do well on Hi. PP HA. This is most comparable to the US hypoallergenic formulation. It has a high amount of hydrolyzed proteins (86-87% are broken down), 100% Whey (no Casein), reduced lactose, and modified oils. Technically, it is Hi. PP HA formula is hypoallergenic. Comfort does not specify that Comfort is hypoallergenic. However, Comfort has been found to be successful for parents looking for a formula with hypoallergenic properties. However, Comfort may have been successful due to its reduced lactose as well as the hydrolyzed protien.

It is 93% hydrogenated. US hypoallergenic formulations work well for babies with CMPA (cow’s milk protein allergy). You will need to change to US hypoallergenic formulas if Comfort is not tolerated by your baby.

Hi. PP Anti-Reflux – Best for Reflux

It’s why I love it: Hello. PP Anti-Reflux is EU Certified Organic and a great choice for children with sensitive stomachs. This formula uses 100% whey (and no casein) to prevent reflux or spit up. This formula contains DHA and prebiotics as well probiotics for your baby’s healthy digestive system.

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best organic baby formulas

What are the best places to buy European baby formula in America?

Want to purchase Hi. I am able to recommend a few websites that offer PP Lebenswert Holle. These online stores are either based here or they ship there in a secure and reliable manner. Since I am in direct contact with all the company owners, I can recommend them all to you.

My Organic Company was started in 2017 by Cecelia & Kevin. They are committed to making sure organic European ingredients are accessible to all parents in the US. To ensure reliable, safe and timely shipping they have several European warehouses. They have a strong supply chain that guarantees they’ll always be stock of any formula.

These formulas include all European-standard formulas such as Hi. PP Dutch High. PP UK hi. PP Germany Holle Lebenswert Goat Milk formula & the sensitive formulas Hi. PP HA. PP Comfort Anti-Reflux ); but they even have Loulouka Good Night Formula from Hi. PP – as well as Stage 3 Stage 4 formula by Hi. PP, Holle, Lebenswert and Loulouka! Their extensive selection of European formulas is the best available, with free shipping on all orders greater than $50

Another thing that makes them so great is their comprehensive mix guide.

Buy formula from My Organic Company 2. Organic’s Best Organics Best is based out of Germany and passionately advocates for organic baby formula and food worldwide. They also carry Hi. PP Netherlands Hi. PP Germany Hi. PP UK Holle Lebenswert Loulouka . You can also get Hi. PP HA. PP Comfort hi. PP AR One thing that makes this company unique is that they ship internationally for free, and they will guarantee express delivery between 1-4 business days to the US. All new customers receive 2 boxes of formula free of charge! The formulas are affordable and come with free shipping insurance. They also guarantee the availability of every formula, so there’s no need to fret about it being out of stock.

Organic’s best Formula Store Bottles & Burps Bottles & Burps has the best price for Hi. PP Holle Lebenswert Kendamil . With their free standard shipping, they can deliver all these items to US residences in as little as 1, 2 or 3 business days. Shipping is also free.

Order bundles in bulk from Germany to get even better savings. Free express shipping within 2-5 days to USA It is essential to order express shipping from Europe as alternatives may take up to 30 days, and can cause additional customs delays.

What Are The Best Organic Baby Products?

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Infant milk Powder Dairy Formula.

What Is The Closest Formula To Breast Milk?

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula, Our closest to Breast Milk – Powder, 20.5 oz Reusable Tub.

What Is The Healthiest Formula Milk?

  1. Best Overall: Gerber Good Start GentlePro.
  2. Ideal for budget-minded parents: Baby formula Powder with iron based on infant milk
  3. Happy Baby Organics Infant formula is best organic.
  4. The Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula With Iron is the Best Organic Runner Up
  5. Enfamil A.R. works best to prevent reflux

What Baby Formulas are the Best?

Similac is the top-selling brand in baby formula, and hospitals are likely to have samples.

.Best Organic Baby Formulas

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