Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

Home Depot offers everything from bathroom sinks and power tools, to cabinet handles, insulation, and even toilet bowls. Home Depot is a popular choice because of its affordable prices.

There are many options for paint, including popular brands and colours.

What about Home Depot? Does it give away free paint samples. I did some research into the topic and here is everything that I could find out.

Are You able to Sample Paint from Home Depot

Customers can get samples of paint colours and finishes from Home Depot’s painting department.

There are a variety of brands and types of paint available, so sampling your proposed color is an important step.

Customers can get free sample swatches or affordable sample paint sizes to take home.

You can purchase small samples of paint colors from for a nominal fee. These come in 8-ounce quantities for sampling.

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

Which Paint Samples Are Available at Home Depot?

Whether in-store or online, customers can take advantage of Home Depot’s paint color sampling.

Home Depot can provide help with selecting paint swatches or helping you order samples online.

For a small fee, you can purchase a small, 8-ounce can that is perfect for testing on a wall, or peel and stick paint sample kits that have a non-damaging adhesive for your convenience.

Home Depot has other technological options for discovering the next color wall. has a huge selection of sub-hues and colors.

You can also use Home Depot’s Project Color app for Android and iOS to match colors in your home using your smartphone’s camera.

How can you obtain sample paint at Home Depot

Home Depot gives you the opportunity to pick up a sample.

Samples in 8-ounce cans can be ordered from the paint department. allows customers to shop from their homes and browse a range of colors, brands and paints in small 8-ounce samples.

This is an option that works well for busy customers.

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

What does it cost to buy paint samples from Home Depot

Home Depot provides all customers with free sample swatches of paint.

For most brands, however, it starts at $3 for a Home Depot sample-size paint container.

  • Additionally, sample cans are free to ship directly to stores or delivered straight at your door.
  • Home Depot provides temporary paint samples. You can also get free delivery online for these peel-and-stick swatches starting at about $2

    Home Depot offers samples of what paints

    Home Depot carries a large array of paint colors, types, and brands.

    Some brands may only be offered as samples in store, like Behr and Glidden.

    You can only sample these brands in the 8-ounce containers available online at Or in stick and peel sample kits.

    You can also get free samples of popular brands like:

    Diamond Brite Paint

    Harris Titanium


    Get more information about Home Depot’s paint-related services. Find out whether Home Depot sells Benjamin Moore paints or Sherwin Wilkins paints. You also can see what Home Depot makes with its mix paints.

  • Conclusion
  • Yes, Home Depot does offer some free paint sample options to customers, including in-store paint sample swatches and the Home Depot color match smartphone application.

    However, for other types of paint samples, customers can expect to pay just over $3 for 8-ounce sample paint cans, or purchase peel and stick paint sample kits from for a nominal fee.

    Paint Swatches Available at Home Depot

    Paint Sample Projects The paint department at Home Depot is a gold mine when it comes to free items and services. The extensive selection of color samples is one of the best freebies. You can take all of the beautiful samples home for free. Sep 15, 2021

    Does Home Depot Give Out Free Samples?

    Home Depot’s free samples can be used to design your dream home. Free samples are available from Home Depot.

    Do You Pay For Paint Samples?

    Samples will usually need to be paid for. A paint sample should cost no more than $5 May 22, 2022

    Are you allowed to ask for paint samples?

    Home Depot paint departments allow customers to try paint colors. You can sample a wide range of colors and brands of paint, making it an essential step to choose the right color. Customers can get free sample swatches or affordable sample paint sizes to take home.

    .Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

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