Home Depot Paint Return Policy

Home Depot Paint Return Policy In 2022 (Opened Can + More)

Home Depot offers exterior and interior paints in several preset shades and custom colors to aid you in DIY or remodeling projects.

  • But what happens if the paint you ordered isn’t right? What if you have a problem with the paint? Fear not, I can provide you with all the information that I found regarding Home Depot’s paint-return policy.
  • Home Depot Paint Return Policy for 2022
  • Home Depot accepts returns of paint within 30 days after purchase. Home Depot can accept tinted and opened paint containers within the same period. However, this is up to the store manager. Returns or credits can be granted if the customer has a valid receipt.

  • You can read on to find out whether open cans can be returned, how you can send paint back without the original receipt and other details.
  • Home Depot Paint Return Policy In 2022 (Opened Can + More)

    Can opened cans be returned to Home Depot

    You can only return opened cans of paint to Home Depot as long as it is within the 30-day purchase window and you are unsatisfied with the color.

    Home Depot will also attempt to change the color of paint that is not the right shade.

    Home Depot will not accept a can of paint that is 70% full. This could be considered a ploy to get ripped off.

    Can You Return Tinted Paint To Home Depot?

    Home Depot can only allow customers to return tinted spray paint if they’ve tried the product and were not satisfied with its shade after a short period of time.

    Home Depot will try to fix the color. But, that’s all they can do as it can’t resell open tinted painting.

    If you were given the wrong paint, such as matte or gloss, you can get a full refund. This is because the associate made the mistake, and you are not responsible.

    Home Depot Paint Return Policy In 2022 (Opened Can + More)

    Which Types of Paint Are You Able To Return To Home Depot

    Home Depot will accept any kind of paint as long it has not been opened or used within the last 30 days.

    It includes exterior and interior paints such as Rust Oleum or Glidden and PPG.

    It is up to the manager whether they will accept your return. However, the paint content can have an impact on the final decision.

    Home Depot’s Paint Satisfaction Promise states that if your satisfaction is not met, you may return the product with proof (receipt, online invoice) to get a color change or an exchange.

    You should stop using any paint that is being returned once it has been decided not to be used.

    Home Depot is required to dispose off paint.

    Do you have the right to return unused paint to Home Depot?

    Home Depot shops will accept any unopened or unused paint cans as returns.

    Home Depot realizes that mistakes are possible and can sometimes send the wrong colors.

    Try to check the details on the tin before you open it to determine whether the product is correct since you are more likely to receive a full refund if you provide an unopened product.

    You can return the item by bringing your receipt to your local Home Depot.

    As an associate, we will help you return the item. Chances are you will receive either a reimbursement or an exchange with your original payment method.

    Home Depot Paint Return Policy In 2022 (Opened Can + More)

    Are Mixed Paints Returned to Home Depot

    Home Depot will gladly accept the return of mixed paint that was wrongly mixed or is of unsatisfactory quality.

    In most cases, Home Depot will only register returns due to the reasons noted above.

    You may have to talk with the manager of the store if you change your mind about the color.

    Please note that you have 30 days to return any mixed paint, as with most Home Depot paint products.

    Is it possible to return paint without a receipt from Home Depot

    You will not be able return paint at Home Depot without your receipt.

    Some shops may permit it, but store credit will not be granted for the lowest advertised price of the paint product.

    However, you can always get your receipt reprinted by an associate within 30 days of your purchase as long as you paid by debit or credit card, including a Home Depot credit card.

    You also have the option to store your receipts online for up 24 months if there is a Home Depot Pro Xtra card.

    Home Depot Paint Return Policy In 2022 (Opened Can + More)

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