Petsmart Dog Food Return Policy 2022

Petsmart Dog Food Return Policy 2022 (Opened + No Receipt)

PetSmart offers a wide array of products and services for pets and pet owners alike. PetSmart has a wide selection and low prices, making it a great place to get all of your pet essentials.

However, if you purchase the wrong kind of dog food or your canine companion sticks his nose up at it–you might be wondering, what is PetSmart’s dog food return policy like? This is what I came up with.

  • PetSmart Dog Food Return Policy In 2022
  • PetSmart offers a 2022-based return policy for wet and dry dog foods. Customers can return the food to receive a refund or an exchange. You must return dog food within 60 days if it has not been used or 14 days for opened packaging. Customer may get a store credit if the receipt is not provided.

  • You can find out more about PetSmart’s dog foods return policy. How many days do you have? What can be returned and what else, by reading on!
  • PetSmart Dog Food Return Policy 2022 (Opened + No Receipt)

    PetSmart Dog Food Return Policy.

    PetSmart follows a straightforward return policy. Generally speaking, PetSmart will either refund or exchange the product for any reason.

    It also covers certain products like dry dog food and canned dog food. There are many reasons for a pet food return, and PetSmart works to accommodate all types of reasonable returns.

    How long do you need to return your pet food?

    Like any other unused products or supplies from PetSmart, customers have 60 days from the date of the original purchase to return the unopened item.

    Customers who return items within 60 days of purchase are allowed to send them back to their manager.

    Also, dog food opened can be returned within 14 days. This 14 day period starts from the date the purchase was made, not the date the dog food was opened.

    PetSmart Dog Food Return Policy 2022 (Opened + No Receipt)

    Can You Return An Opened Bag Of Dog Food To PetSmart?

    You can send an unopened bag of pet food back to PetSmart. This includes brands like Hills, Purina and Cesar as well as Royal Canin. You can return an open bag of food to PetSmart as long as the item is returned within 14 days from its date of purchase.

    Return the dog food by sealing the packaging or the food bags to keep it sealed. Food must remain in the original packaging to be eligible for return.

    PetSmart Can I Return My Dog Food Without a Receipt

    PetSmart will accept return in-store without the original order receipt. PetSmart has two options for looking up the purchase transaction to complete a dog food return.

    The first is that employees who are part of PetSmart Treats, the company’s pet reward program, can search through the purchase history for you via your phone number.

    PetSmart also offers a way to return your item. All you need is a photo ID and the original method of purchase. PetSmart will reimburse the lowest selling price and issue you an merchandise credit card.

    Can You Return Dog Food To PetSmart That Was Purchased Online At allows customers to return dog food purchased from them.

    This is a popular option for customers who don’t want to ship their product back to PetSmart.

    Additionally, if the dog food has been opened, a physical in-store return is your only option for a refund or exchange.

    PetSmart Dog Food Return Policy 2022 (Opened + No Receipt)

    How do you get your PetSmart Reward Points when you return dog food?

    PetSmart offers its customers the opportunity to earn Treat Points, which can be used towards their purchase for further discounts.

    However, if you are returning dog food that was purchased using these reward points, you will not get these points reinstated to your account.

    Further, PetSmart will deduct the points earned from your original purchase to compensate for the return.

    PetSmart Has a Refund Policy for Dog Foods.

    PetSmart has no restrictions regarding dog food returns. However, PetSmart may require that customers return large amounts for large cash values.

    For most daily dog food returns and refunds or exchanges customers don’t have to worry about limitations if they fall within the return window.

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  • Conclusion: PetSmart Dog Food Return Policy
  • PetSmart is very accommodating when it comes to returns, especially for dog food. Whether you need to return dog food because it’s the wrong type or your dog doesn’t like it, PetSmart accepts open returns.

    PetSmart may still give store credit to customers who don’t have their receipt. offers customers the ability to exchange and return dog food products in-store.

    Petsmart Will Accept A Return without a Receipt

    If you are returning or exchanging without receipt, or with more than 60 days notice of receipt, bring your product to the store along with valid identification. You will then be issued a merchandise card detailing the sale. Any positive balance received in exchange will be returned to the original tender.

    Petco Will Take Back Dog Food Opened?

    Petco can you send open pet food back? … If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase you may return it at any one of our retail locations. Items purchased in-store can be returned with a receipt within 60 days for a full refund in the original form of tender.

    .Petsmart Dog Food Return Policy 2022 (Opened + No Receipt)

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