Petsmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

PetSmart USA is the number one pet store in America for grooming and other services.

  • If you’ve decided to get your pet groomed from PetSmart, you may be wondering – what are PetSmart’s grooming prices, and what does the service include? These are the facts that I have discovered!
  • PetSmart Grooming prices in 2022
  • PetSmart charges $76 to $89.99 for grooming medium and large dogs. PetSmart also offers a bath for dogs at a cost of $40.99 to $49.99. Included in a PetSmart dog groom service is nail clipping, teeth cleaning, shampooing, and more. Cat grooming is $15 – $60.

  • Keep reading to discover more about PetSmart’s full groom services, book your appointment and more.
  • PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    What Grooming Options Does PetSmart Offer?

    PetSmart offers several grooming services. This includes bathing and full grooming for both dogs and cats.

    PetSmart can provide unique, customized pet looks with the Pet Expressions service.

    PetSmart’s grooming methods include temporary chalking, stenciling, feathering, and stenciling.

    What Does it Cost to Groom a Dog at PetSmart?

    PetSmart prices grooming depending on the size of the puppy or dog.

    PetSmart’s cost to bathe small or medium dogs is $49.99, while it costs $49.99 for large dogs and puppies.

    PetSmart charges for a complete groom depending on size.

    For a complete grooming of small or medium-sized dogs, customers will need to spend $76 and $89.99 respectively.

    PetSmart can tell you the approximate size of your dog before you go to your grooming appointment.

    Our research shows that grooming small dogs like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds as well as medium/larger dogs like Labradors and Retrievers or Poodles (or any other breed) is very affordable.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    PetSmart: How Much Is It To Groom a Cat?

    Prices for cats start at $15 to get your kitten bathed at PetSmart and $30 to have its hair trimmed and groomed.

    You can also expect to pay $20 per PAWdicure or $26 per PAWdicure PLUS.

    Or, you could opt to get the complete grooming for your cat or kitten for just $60.

    Is Petco Or PetSmart Cheaper For Grooming?

    Petco and PetSmart have comparable prices for grooming cats and dogs. Both retailers offer the full grooming experience of a bath as well as a complete grooming service.

    PetSmart offers a bathing service for dogs of all sizes. The cost for the small, medium and large is $35.99. Petco will charge $25 for a small pet, $35 for an average dog, $45 for a large one, and $40 for a large.

    Petco charges $55, while PetSmart costs $49.99 for extra-large dogs.

    PetSmart charges $76 for small dogs, medium and large dogs, $89.99 for extra-large dogs.

    Petco offers a complete grooming service for $45 per small or medium-sized dog and $50 for large dogs. Extra-large dogs can be charged $80.

    This suggests that it is cheaper to bathe and have a full groom of smaller dogs at Petco, and larger dogs at PetSmart.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    PetSmart Complete Grooming Package:

    A full groom at PetSmart is a great option for those who want to cover all areas of their pet’s health and hygiene.

    A bath with an oxygen-infused shampoo is included, along with a shampoo that targets specific-coat issues such as shedders. The services also include a blow dry.

    Additional features of the complete groom include a 15-minute brushing session, a gentle face trim and a nail trimming at PetSmart.

    PetSmart can clean the ears of your cat/dog, remove the hair and flush the ears. PetSmart can also attend to the feet by trimming the nails and shaving the pads.

    Other than that, the PetSmart full groom also includes a sanitary trim, as well as anal gland cleaning for pets that need it.

    What Am I To Do With PetSmart Groomers’ Tip?

    Online customers have recommended that it is good practice to tip your groomer to show respect and value for their work, with $20 often being an acceptable amount.

    Alternatively, you can consider offering 10% of the bill. A tip could be $89.99 or $9 for extra-large dogs.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    Are there any fees for grooming at Petsmart

    PetSmart does not require an appointment fee or deposit for any grooming services. Customers can walk into the facilities without needing to make an appointment.

    Customers only need to pay the price for what they want, and any products that are purchased.

    If you are unsure about the type of grooming your pet requires, you may speak to a professional pet groomer through a consultation.

    PetSmart: How long does grooming take?

    PetSmart can groom your pet in as little as 2 hours. This depends on what service you chose.

    Be aware that planning your trip should take into account the time and distance involved. You should allow enough time to complete the grooming comfortably.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    What Is The Grooming Process At PetSmart?

    PetSmart grooming follows a consistent process, such as: PetSmart will perform a thorough assessment to determine the health of your pet. The process can take up 10 minutes.

    The PetSmart groomer then will spend approximately 30 minutes prepping the pet for the bath.

    Once your pet is groomed, it will be treated to a relaxing bath at PetSmart which will last up to 30 minutes.

    PetSmart groomers can use tailored shampoos and conditioners during this time to best suit your pet.

    PetSmart will dry the pet with the finest methods. It may take longer than 30 minutes.

    Finally, the groomer will give a final haircut and tailoring to your pet to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction, which may also take over 30 minutes to complete.

    What do I need to bring to PetSmart grooming?

    PetSmart grooms require that you have a harness, container or leash for your pet and evidence of all required vaccinations.

    You may want to reward and calm your pet with treats.

    Note that you can specify a style or cut for your pet by providing a reference photograph to PetSmart staff.

    Additional to that, online payment is not possible without a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.

    PetSmart has many services that you may be interested in. You can find out if PetSmart does guinea and rabbit grooming, as well as if PetSmart pays tips to groomers.

  • Conclusion
  • PetSmart offers a range of grooming services at prices to suit all budgets, including grooming such as bathing and full grooming to include bathing, drying, and styling for your pet.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that PetSmart has the ability to groom cats and dogs, as well as tailoring the experience for your pet’s breed and age.

    .Petsmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

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