Best All In One Printers

Best All In One Printers

Best All In One Printers

The Pick

HP Office. Jet Pro9015e The most versatile all-in-1 printer. Simple software, low prices, long warranties, thoughtful touches, and many other features make this printer less hassle than others. Results look sharp, too.

$250* HP manufacturer’s warranty with purchase. $250 Staples.

HP Office. This printer, the Jet Pro 9015e, is easy to set-up and is highly recommended. This printer not only prints fast, but also scans beautifully. You’ll be able to print for as low as 2.2C/page in black, or 8.9C/page in color. HP Instant Ink is a great option if you plan to print large quantities of photos. The six-month trial comes along with the initial purchase. Each color page will cost as little as 2.9C/. It looks great in any office, thanks to a clean, compact design, and it comes with a two-year warranty that’s twice as long as what you’d get with most competing printers. Our old pick, Office, was replaced by the 9015e. Jet Pro 9015e is almost identical in hardware. Only the warranty length, Instant Ink trial duration, and some software options that have been bundled with HP+ are different. If you do not want to pay extra for HP+, you may be able find the old 9015 at a reduced price.


Best All In One Printers

These are the people who need them

Consider these questions when deciding if an All-In-One is for you.

Printing is something you do not need all the time. Averaging 100 to 500 pages per calendar month. Inkjet AIOs are ideal if you print between 100 and 500 pages per month. But if you print all the time, scroll down to our upgrade pick or consider upgrading to an enterprise-grade machine. Monochrome laser printers are best for those who don’t need to print often. (Or, if you’re not stuck at home in lockdown, forget the printer completely and just use the one at work, the library, or your local Fed. This is an ex-store. You scan how often. If you both print and scan more than a few times a month or routinely need to scan both sides of a page, having an AIO is probably worth it. But if you don’t scan much, you can look for a cheap print-only machine good scanning app Do you frequently print in color or want to print the occasional glossy photo? One of the options below is best for you. If you do not have a laser AIO, you might be able to save some money by purchasing a black-and white one.

These questions show that not everyone is a good candidate for color-inkjet AIOs. A monochrome laser printer is a great choice for occasional use if you don’t have to own a printer, scan, copy, orfax often. It has been proven that inkjets dry out quickly and can clog when left unattended. Cleaning cycles to remove any remaining ink will also increase operating costs. Laser printers can sit unused for weeks or even months on end with no downside. A monochrome colour laser laser can be used if scanning is essential. We have recommendations for photo printers document scanners if you need better performance for those specific tasks.

We declared that printers were all sucky a few years back. The truth is that not all printers today can be joyous to use. Printer manufacturers are showing some promise for the future with their technological advancements. Their ink-subscription service has reduced the cost of printing and keeps manufacturers earning a steady income stream. The new models have larger ink tanks that do not need to be filled as frequently. However, wireless connections can be slow and sometimes not as reliable as they should. Both HP and Canon now support 5 GHz WiFi. HP even claims “self-healing”, which means the printers are able to detect and fix connection issues automatically. And mobile printing apps are improving all the time, reflecting smartphones’ increasing dominance over PCs.

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Despite ongoing quality concerns, AIOs remain popular because they’re a one-stop shop for home document production needs. A mid-range AIO is the best choice for someone who copies or scans on a daily basis and, occasionally, needs to fax. Although their prices have dropped since our coverage began, color laser AIOs remain much more costly than inkjets. While AIOs may be masters of many trades, and masters in a few areas, they are the most cost-effective way to fulfill all document production needs that a small or home-based business might need.

Best All In One Printers

The Way We Chosen

It was our goal to find an affordable printer with the right features that are essential for your home or office. These are the features we evaluated to help us choose the very best.

Printer type: The perfect AIO is probably an inkjet, as laser printers are still too expensive for most people. We did however test the color laser all in-ones to be able to recommend one for home and small business owners who are more demanding.

Automatic document feeder: A great AIO should feature an automatic document feeder (ADF), because it can automate big scanning and copying jobs to save you time.

AIOs have the ability to print two sides (duplex), scan, and copy. Single-pass duplex printing, scanning, and copy is the ultimate goal.

Low operating cost. Toner or ink to print black-and-white should only be a few cents per p page. While color prints can cost up to three to four times more, this is acceptable. Manufacturers that offer subscription-based ink plans are also taken into consideration.

Superior print quality and scanning: While most printers can produce high-quality prints, we believe that some models have better results than others. Some may generate sharper text or more precise colors, while others will create photos with better resolution. The printer which produces the best prints will be chosen, regardless of what else. And the same goes for scanners, where we consider both overall scan quality and how straight the ADFs manage to keep bulk scanning jobs.

Smartphone and tablet print protocols should all printers be compatible: Any printer currently being sold must have the ability to support smartphones or tablets printing protocols such Google Cloud Print, Apple Air. Mopria and Print

Best All In One Printers

Our Choice

HP Office. Jet Pro 9015e All-in-one Printer. This printer is easy to use, offers affordable ink, has a longer warranty and lots of thoughtful touches. You can also expect sharp results.

$250* HP warranty with purchase May not be in stock. $250 Staples may be out-of-stock.

HP Office. While the HP Jet Pro 9015e doesn’t have the strongest inkjet multifunction printer, it can be used by most people. This printer can be set up quickly and is easy to use. The running cost is a very reasonable 2.2C/ page to print in black and 8.9C/ color. You can also join HP’s Instant Ink Program for refills easily and lower printing costs. A six-month trial subscription to Instant Ink comes with the package. The printer stands out amongst its more clumsy competitors. This is enough to forgive the tiny touchscreen and fragile output tray. Two-year warranties are twice the standard for this type of printers.

The Office. Jet Pro 9015e has the easiest setup process of any printer we’ve tested, a trait it shares with its Office. Jet stablemates. To get it up and running, visit , enter the product name, and hit the download button to acquire HP’s Easy. The installer will be started. The AIO is connected and registered within 10 minutes. You will find that the process is modern enough and smooth to replace other brands’ slow, clunky installations. Download the HP Smart app on your phone (Android and iOS) to quickly add the printer. It is easy.

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HP Smart App is extremely easy-to-use and customizable so you see the main functions most often at the top.

The 9015e comes with enough ink in the box for roughly 850 black-and-white pages or 420 color pages. The ink will last for a good while depending on how much you use. When it’s time for refilling, the running cost of HP 962XL cartridges is about $150. They last approximately 2,000 monochrome or 1,600 colour pages. Remember that these page yield estimates only reflect the cartridge types used. Real-world results could vary as ink gets lost in cleaning cycles. Alternatively, you could opt for third-party ink , which is substantially cheaper but may not produce perfect results, especially on glossy photos.

HP has its Instant Ink subscription, where you can choose between tiers that are based on how many pages you will print every month. Instant Ink has a reasonable cost per page of 6.6C/ in the worst case and 3.6C/ the best. What’s more, printing color pages is as affordable as printing black. The service will automatically send new cartridges when ink is low. Unused pages roll over, up to three times your plan amount, and if you burn through your allotted pages (and your rollover) in a given month, extra “sets” of 10 to 15 pages cost $1 each. If you have changing needs, your subscription tier may be modified at your discretion. The 9015e currently comes with Instant Ink for six months, plus you get additional free months when friends refer.

Best All In One Printers

Flaws are not Dealbreakers

The Office. Jet Pro 9015e’s most significant flaw is its 250-sheet paper trays. The standard paper tray is 250-sheets. But it could be too small for some home and business users. You will need to change your normal plain paper every time you print something, whether that’s legal, labels or glossy photo stock. You’d prefer to use a dual tray printer, such as the Office. Jet Pro 9025e HP’s tiny slide-andfold tray is what we are least fond of. It extends to the front of your printer. The Office is one of our favorite features. Our previous choice, the Jet Pro 8720 was equipped with a separate output tray that was hidden behind its large touchscreen screen. This meant that documents are less likely to get lost and wind up scattered about your office. Not so with the new model.

At just 2.75 inches, the displays on the 9015e are quite small. Although it works well, the small screen makes it difficult to reach the most important buttons on the screen, like the gear icon, which takes you to Settings. It’s possible to make a few mistakes.

This port does not allow for the printing of Word documents. Images and PDFs are acceptable. Ben Keough Photo of left-side printer. Although the USB port is a nice feature, potential buyers need to be aware that it can only print JPEGs or PDFs. Word files cannot be printed through the USB port. Scans can also be saved as JPEGs/PDFs to USB drives.

The Office. Jet Pro 9015e has the ability to produce perfectly acceptable snapshot prints. They are sharp and bright. Unfortunately, these colors can’t be accurately reproduced. We found that glossy photos made with the 9015e displayed a lot of contrast and slightly misaligned colors in our prints. Although this issue isn’t likely to affect you if making prints for the fridge only, it will be a concern if you’re printing to take home. If, however, you love to photograph, you’ll want to invest in a photo printer. In duplex mode, the 9015e stops at each end to let ink from the previous side dry. However, this is different from other Office models. Jet Pro series printers seem to be slower than others we have tested. Although speed is a well-known concern when using a home printer, it can become a pain to stare at the message “Ink drying, please delay” especially when printing large quantities.

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Best All In One Printers

Budget Choice

Brother MFC-J805DW Brother’s entry level AIO offers the best value for money. Although it may not be the fastest or most well designed AIO, nor the easiest to use, Brother’s AIO produces beautiful scans and prints.

This item may be out of stock

Brother MFC-J805DW is a true budget pick: Its price is outstanding, but everything else about it is merely good enough. It’s not easy to find a printer affordable that is good for all purposes. People who aren’t able to afford big or who have limited productivity requirements will appreciate the combination of low upfront costs and high print quality. The MFCJ805DW has great features, such as a fast printing speed, good control, and low running cost.

Here’s what you need to know: The MFC–J805DW retails for about $120. This printer comes with 1,080 sheets of black and 720 sheets of color. This is not quite the printer you would expect from an ink-tank style printer, but the MFC-J805DW comes with 1,080 pages of black ink and 720 color pages. The HP Office has 265 monochrome or 310 colored pages. Brother offers a very generous Jet Pro 8025e. An ultra-high-yield set of cartridges for Brother’s MFC-805DW is usually around $240. This includes sufficient ink to cover 6,000 pages in black or 5,000 in colour. It works out at less than 1C/per page for monochrome printing and about 4.7C/per page for color. Aside from ink-tank-style printers, which we generally don’t love, we had trouble finding other printers that could beat those numbers.

Also, the print quality is excellent. The text we tested was clear and bright, with fonts lower than six points becoming a bit difficult to read. Graphics were vibrant, although not quite with the vibrance we would get from HP Ink. The MFC-J805DW can print bordersless photos, but it can still produce decent glossy photos. It has excellent sharpness, more realistic saturation, and contrast that HP’s accelerated output. We did notice a slightly warm, greenish cast to the colors, however, which might irk particularly sharp-eyed photographers. For most people, the results are fine for casual framing or fridge display.

The Brother installer instantly tells you that this printer is old-school. It looks like an old-fashioned Windows XP installer. The installer also adds a slew of additional applications to your system tray. We were able to get the MFC-J805DW up and running, as well as printing it. It’s easy to use the large rubber buttons and non-touch LCD. It was slightly harder than entering the Wi-Fi password via the telephone keypad, but it will only be one time.

.Best All In One Printers