Best Printer Paper

Best Printer Paper

Here are 5 Key Features About Printer Paper

Five important factors are required to determine the right size and weight of your printer paper. For legal use, however, you might need 11 x 14 inches, and if you’re printing booklets, you might need to go as large as 11 x 17 inches (because this paper folds down to 8.5 x 11 inches). Make sure you choose the appropriate size to do the job.

It is easy to see that the paper weights about as much. A ream contains five hundred sheets of 20-pound paper, each measuring 17×22 inches. (The manufacturer’s standard copy paper size) 20 pounds. For everyday use such as copying and printing emails, 20-pound papers is sufficient. If you want better-quality paper for professional use, look at 22- to 24-pound paper for proposals or presentations. A 28- to 32-pound sheet of paper is ideal for printing signs and double-sided copies without any type visible.

Brightness: Instead of getting into detail about the reflection of a particular wavelength of blue on the paper’s surface, you can simply say that the lighter the number is, the brighter it is. Most often, a higher number translates into a sharper printed image with crisp, not muddy, colors. The best white papers are those with between 92 – 100 brightness.

Coating: You might consider coating printer paper depending on what you need. It sounds like coated printer paper. This coating affects how quickly the paper absorbs ink. To make sure your photos are crisp and glossy you will require coated paper. Be sure to check that the printer supports coated paper.

Printer: Knowing the model of your printer inkjet/laser is key to getting the best results. Most manufacturers offer all-purpose paper suitable for both type of printers. However, before using specialty paper, always check the owner’s manual that came with your printer so you aren’t disappointed.

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Best Printer Paper


Q. I like texture paper. This is possible?

A. Use textured printer papers with care. Though a coarse texture on an inkjet printing device may slightly affect the image, it may cause some issues with your laser printer. Laser printers use toner, a fine powder that is made from plastic, wax, or magnetic particles. To melt into paper, the powder must be heated at a high enough temperature. A laser printer may cause problems if you print on thick or texturized printer paper.

Q. Q.

A. A. Over time, lignin causes paper to turn yellow, become brittle, and deteriorate. During manufacturing, acid-free paper is treated to neutralize these naturally occurring acids to help extend the life of the paper.

Q. Q.

A. There are a couple of reasons why recycled paper costs more than virgin paper. The main misconception is that recycled paper is easier to make since it already was paper. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. The challenge with recycled paper is that it’s collected in small amounts from a large variety of places. Once it’s been collected, sorted and cleaned, contaminants should be removed and the paper must then be de-inked and finally bleached. In addition to the extra manufacturing steps involved, recycled paper is less in demand, which can also impact the price. The best way to bring the cost down is to simply buy more recycled products to increase the demand.

Best Printer Paper

#1 Hp Brightwhite Printer Paper

We are pleased to present the HP BrightWhite Printer Paper Award as our top pick. Top Pick WHY & HOW WE LIKE IT. This paper is the highest quality laser printer paper and has a 100 brightness rating. You can print full-color documents every day with this paper.

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Best for laser printer

The best brightness

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified (environmentally-friendly)

Thinness may cause jamming in some printers

Packaging that frustrates

This printer paper has a 100 brightness rating which makes full-color prints pop. Our testing revealed clearer contrasts between the different hues of blue and green. Expect to see bolder blacks overall and better quality photos. It absorbs ink well without any smearing.

Best Printer Paper

#2 Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Paper Printer

Our #2 Pick is the Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Printer Paper Award: Honorable Mention WHY WE LIKE IT: This thin printer paper is the best printer paper for documents, featuring a 97 brightness rating and a “99.99% jam-free guarantee.”

Best for documents

Great for office printing

Great value

Easy to crumble

Not smooth enough

It has a brightness rating 97 which allows colors to come alive. We could detect slight differences in the brightness between different shades of blue during testing. The print quality of both laser and inkjet printers impressed us greatly.

Best Printer Paper

#3 Amazonbasics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Paper Award #2: Best for Copying. This printer paper is ideal for everyday copying.

This is a great option for high volumes

Finish that is acid-free

Use vivid color contrasts

Packaging that frustrates

Easy to take apart

This printer paper, aside from its AmazonBasics brand, is bright, vivid, with rich colors, dark blacks and strong contrasts. Its acid-free coating prevents it from yellowing, which is a problem with other paper. Its 20-pound weight makes the paper thinner and more resistant to paper jams. This is great news for large volume printing.

Best Printer Paper

#4 Office Depot White Copy Printer Paper

The Office Depot White Copy Printer Paper Award is our #4 pick. It’s the Best For Volume Copying. WHY WE LIKE THIS: This paper can be used in letter-size and has 500 sheets per roll.

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This is great for scrap paper

High brightness

Large box

Some users complained of torn reams

Two-sided printing can be a problem

The copy paper used for copying is much thinner than the multi-purpose or photo papers. To prevent yellowing, it works well with inkjet or laser printers. We recommend that you do not use it to print double-sided pages as they may become wrinkled.

Best Printer Paper

#5 Printworks 100% Recycled Multipurpose Printer paper

Printworks 100 percent Recycled Printer Printer Paper Award: The Best Recycled.

Excellent print quality

100% Recycled

Very bright

The high price

Flimsy papers

This isn’t suitable for double-sided printing

Best Printer Paper

#6 Canon 7981A004 Photo Paper Plus

Our #6 Pick is the Canon 7981A004 Photo Paper Plus Award: Best Budget WHY WE LIKE IT: This printer paper comes in a budget pack of 50 sheets with a matte finish. This is the perfect choice for Canon Pixma photography printing.

Ideal for photo printing

Very bright images

Instant dry prints

Some users shared photos with grainy edges

It lacks rigidity

It feels like you are holding card stock

Which Printer Paper Is the Best?

Best overall: HP Printer Paper, Premium24.Runner-up: Hammermill Premium Inkjet and Laser Paper.Best for inkjet printers: HP BrightWhite24 Printer Paper.Best for laser printers: HP Printer Paper – 8.5×11 Paper.More items…*Aug 11, 2021

What Paper is Best for Printing Documents

It measures approximately 210mm by 297mm and is most often used for printing. It comes in many weights and can be coated with multiple coatings.

.Best Printer Paper

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